Monday, December 30, 2013

Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 11

Post 4 for the day. Even though it is late I think I am going to reward myself with a gingerbread cookie. I am not sure how many anime posts I can get up before New Year's Day. Cleaning is scheduled for tomorrow and Tuesday is party day for me and my friends. Perhaps I can start off the New Year with lots of posts since I have Wednesday off. You know, when I eventually roll out of bed. XD Here's hoping.
 photo machinedollepisode11_zps59599576.jpg
One hell of a robot?
While it is still 2013 have another anime post. Up now is Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 11. Spoilers for everyone being lame but Raishin. Except when he is unconscious. Which is a lot.
 photo machinedollepisode1110_zps5c320ddb.jpg
I am sure Raishin didn't think of that THANKS!
Episode Summary: Raishin runs off with Henri who is kicking and screaming. Raishin says he is going to rescue her and Charlotte and Frey and anyone else who has boobies and maybe their brothers too. Henri tells Raishin to kill her, that Charlotte could probably run away without her and be safer. That she is just a burden. Given that this is Raishin he is like no, I can save everyone, watch the show. Before Henri can get her wish (or maybe this is her wish being fulfilled) Shin comes. He is like thanks for kidnapping our bait, time to serve my master your head on a silver platter. Raishin and Yaya go to work trying to beat this one hell of a butler. Raishin notes again that there is no puppeteer nearby and how can this be happening. Raishin asks why Shin's master is doing this to the sisters and while Shin never gives out any information he bit odd about everything. Raishin isn't doing so great, what with his laundry list of injuries and having to protect Henri at the same time. Loki comes out of nowhere and wants to put his two cents into this battle. Shin doesn't really have that much of a problem fighting off those two but when Frey shows up Shin takes his sarcastic self out of the fight. Raishin of course then passes out and is rushed to the clinic while Loki yells at Frey for getting involved in fights that don't concern her. Frey thanks Loki for protecting Raishin but Loki insists he was doing it because of Kimberly. Shin returns to Cedric a failure. Cedric doesn't seem to care as he has messed with Charlotte a bit. Cedric starts to talk about their plan cryptically and how that they have accidentally uncovered something amazing. But making people suffer is cool in his mind too.
 photo machinedollepisode1115_zpsb2c5201e.jpg
Life is just so sad for Charlotte.
At the clinic Raishin has woken up and Henri is all boo hoo crying over him. She explains some of her sad past, about how she was the one who let the dog loose that attacked the Prince and blah blah kill me so Charlotte can live. Henri tries to lie and says she hates Charlotte but all she wants is Raishin to save her sister. Raishin is magically better enough to get up and tell Yaya he is sorry for always getting her ass kicked. Yaya tries to apologize too but it is decided they need to go find Charlotte. After telling Frey there will be no human x dog action she lends him one of her pups. As Raishin walks outside he sees Shouko who tells him to go back inside. When he refuses she tells Yaya to come back to her. When Yaya refuses it is clear Shouko is done with Raishin and slaps him. Yaya seems to think that Shouko slapped him out of love. Elsewhere Charlotte is sitting on a roof top looking sad. Sigmund tries to point out that Cedric and company might not even keep their promises and she will kill someone for no reason. Then Sigmund starts to bring up Raishin. That Charlotte used to be all alone in the world and now she has someone that understands her. Is she willing to give that all up without trying other options? Charlotte is like too late for that now SMILE let's go kill the Headmaster. Raishin shows up and seems to think Charlotte can just stop this plan and all will be forgiven. Charlotte tells Raishin to get out of her way because she doesn't want to kill him. Sigmund gets in on the action, turning all big and dragon like to yell at him about not understanding. Raishin explains that he is Raishin, saver of woman despite the disadvantages he has during a fight. Yaya and Sigmund bounce around, fighting and what not. Raishin tries to tell Charlotte who the real enemy is so she can fire at the arena forcefield. Eventually Raishin gets through to Charlotte and the battle stops. She is still crying about this affecting Raishin when Shin appears, asking why Charlotte isn't off killing Headmasters. Shin starts to work attacking Raishin and Charlotte with his kicks. Yaya and Sigmund try fighting but he just bounces around. Charlotte starts to question how Shin can do be doing this without a puppeteer nearby. Shin gets all dramatic and announces he is...a machine doll. THE END!
 photo machinedollepisode1117_zpsf6e633d4.jpg
Believe in Raishin and forgive me. XD
One must forgive me. Or really a lot of people need to forgive me. XD My mind is a bit fuzzy on some of the details of a few anime episodes. I would watch an episode, thinking I was feeling better last week...and then I didn't. Let me search my mind and try to remember things. As best I can anyway. Oh and apparently since I watched episodes 10 and 11 back to back I added the episode 10 ending to the episode 11 beginning. Yay confusion.
 photo machinedollepisode115_zpsdbe38a1b.jpg
At least someone is grateful...
Henri wasn't too happy about Raishin rescuing her. Don't touch me you man. But then she further explained her suicidal tendencies. She seems to think if she was dead Charlotte's life would be better. and my little brain are like why doesn't Charlotte take Henri NOW and run away? Pick up mom too. Get all those robot hearts and run away. Won't that help solve the problem? I would think so but let's do this the more complicated way. FOR HONOR! Raishin wants to be hero and be all dramatic. Charlotte wants to kill an innocent person instead of coming up with a different plan maybe including her friends. And Henri wants to kill herself. Everyone has a great idea oh how to make things worse.
 photo machinedollepisode1118_zpsd8994623.jpg
Hands behind the back each time and only kicking...something is up yes?
Just as Raishin planned Shin came chasing after him. Woohoo! Shin seems to like a pretty cool robot. I am getting the feeling that given the choice Shin would not be Cedric's robot. With Sigmund and Yaya they want to help Raishin and Charlotte. Maybe help too much. Shin has a different attitude. I guess we still don't know much about these robots and how they move so to speculate on their personalities would be pointless. So...yeah Shin seems like fond of Cedric's ways. Or maybe he really is crazy in a different way. He seems to want to spill Cedric's secrets. Like well I was told to do this. I wasn't told to keep secrets. Smirk smirk face. He just looks like...a person. Seems the most people like. Like maybe he has the most free will. Maybe he can be “saved” but I doubt it with how things are going.
 photo machinedollepisode113_zps2201b2f8.jpg
Even though Loki and his special self came to help Raishin still got super hurt. Again.
Despite each battle lasting shorter and shorter Raishin keeps getting more and more injured. Of course I will just chalk that up to Raishin not healing properly from the main attack, Loki and his barely missing lung. The battle with Shin verses Yaya and Loki didn't go on for very long yet Raishin has to take a visit to the clinic. He should have his own personal bed in there. All the robots In this show have a special deal. Even if Yaya being a ban is a super secret. Raishin was able to figure out the secret rather fast last time but he will need another episode to figure out why Shin is able to move without his puppeteer nearby. On a separate note I wish Raishin would get new attacks. So boring.
 photo machinedollepisode116_zpsecf156ea.jpg
I see that Cedric is super stable. Yay little kids.
Despite failing Shin returned to Cedric in a chipper mood. Like yep I failed. There was a giant robot that turned into a giant sword. Plus this human kid won't die no matter how many times he is stabbed. I don't think Cedric was that broken up about the failure either. Because maybe he knows that Charlotte isn't thinking straight about the whole let me go to Raishin and get my sister/run act. No Cedric seems to think all is going according to his plan so he is spending his time cackling in the corner. Like I love making people sad and miserable. He should work on his insane face though. It could have been better. SUFFER THE PEOPLE! Oh and we don't know who this kid is really, just that he is claiming to be Felix's cousin and Charlotte is claiming otherwise. And that Cedric knows if this fails Felix's family will blame it on his family. WHERE ARE THE ADULTS?!
 photo machinedollepisode119_zps4a3ee2ab.jpg
Woe is everyone! But especially Henri.
Raishin eventually wakes up. Rather fast too given he is Raishin and amazing. There to greet him is Henri who is still feeling guilty about everything. She hates herself and pretends to hate Charlotte. I can understand that. Like I feel like crap and let me pretend to hate someone I love because the situation is so bad. It is easy to say you hate someone when you are trying to separate yourself from the situation. We will never see each other again type of mentality. Of course she doesn't mean it and of course Raishin will make her explain herself. Like I am the man in this situation and I will not let you talk about your sister that way. Confess your real feelings to me as I need heart felt tears to power up my superness. Also Henri is responsible for the dog going out of control? Don't believe it. Probably just too young to control the puppet and people should have chilled out instead of assuming the worse.
 photo machinedollepisode1112_zpsb2904e19.jpg
Yaya forgives Raishin forever.
Before Raishin could go out and save Charlotte he had to check in with his two other ladies. Yaya was feeling down in the dumps because Raishin keeps saying she is the best doll ever and he keeps getting hurt. Probably because he isn't strong enough to have 6 dolls of his own and has to use his own body? Just a thought there Yaya, don't blame yourself. After calming her down Raishin asked Frey for help. But just a dog mind you. No no, we have to have Raishin save Charlotte himself. Lets not ask Frey for actual help. After the bestiality talk it was on to the rescue.
 photo machinedollepisode1113_zpsaf1bbf02.jpg
How dare you not listen to me!
Well not before Shouko arrived with her two cents. She is not happy with Raishin running around saving people. Well maybe if there were adults around helping these teenagers Raishin wouldn't have to do it all. Shouko seems more than capable of helping yet she seems to do nothing. All the adults don't want to get involved while all this crap is going on. So what is someone with a strong conviction supposed to do? Apparently follow Shouko's plan. Emotions are for chumps. Granted Shouko probably just wants to protect Raishin for harm but I would think keeping the Headmaster alive would be important to whatever Shouko's master plan is. Have a slap and go away.
 photo machinedollepisode1114_zps7694e42f.jpg
The friendship of 2 weeks is solid and soul saving!
Charlotte was having a cry on the roof top. Because no one was really looking for her. Sigmund was trying to bring Charlotte up. I think he could have tried harder with the lets think of another plan tactic. Because really this will only lead to sorrow if Charlotte goes through this. I mean how will Henri be able to live in society with the stigma of her sister being a killer? Also these people might be LIARS shock. When this didn't work Sigmund went to tactic of....Raishin. What of Raishin. I mean you have known him for two weeks, someone understands you. How can you throw such a lifelong friendship away. WOE IS YOUR HEART! So yeah...that almost worked but then Charlotte went back to all is sad and I have to do this, peace out Headmaster.
 photo machinedollepisode1116_zps4c561d4b.jpg
I am the one here to save Charlotte, get that through your head.
Raishin appears because of some super Frey smelling dog and tried to talk Charlotte out of this stupid plan. Really he probably was thinking let me save you and sit back and watch me be amazing. Maybe that is why Charlotte got mad. Sigmund got pretty pissed even though he was saying some of the same things Raishin was. You don't understand her feelings! NOT THE FEELINGS! Since this show is about battling Charlotte and Raishin had to fight it out. Don't save me, let me save you FIGHT YAYA AND SIGMUND! Eventually Raishin repeated himself enough that Charlotte gave up and let Raishin agree to help. Or save her. Either way.
 photo machinedollepisode112_zps2f6bd754.jpg
A machine doll?! Say it ain't so!
This tiny victory didn't last long as Shin appeared to attack our heroes. Good thing Charlotte and Raishin didn't hurt each other too bad when they were working out their differences. The battle ended the episode. While fighting Charlotte too realizes that Shin must be special, running around with no puppeteer. How can he be possible? Easy folks. Shin explains that he is a....doll machine. Um aren't they all? What is the big deal? The series even has doll machine in the title. Clearly I am missing something because Shin said this so dramatically. I mean...what is going on here folks? Guess I will have to find out next time because now I am confused. Until next time “machine doll”.

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