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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 7

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3rd post of the day!! Then it is off to cleaning. I am not expecting many people over for Christmas but still a clean house makes me feel mentally better. X__X And what if people stop on by that I don't know about (cough cough husband's family)?!?! TO THE BATHROOMS! But stay and enjoy this post while I clean. Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 7. Spoilers for every Fog ship being crazy!
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We are family!!!!
Episode Summary: Gunzou and his crew are on their way to their secret base...off some island. Japan is full of them. On board are Makie, Haruna, and teddy Kirishima. Haruna wonders why 401 Iona has helped them and is taking them to their super secret base that was previously hidden from Fog by extreme measures. They eventually dock and Kirishima wants to ask Iona for some nanomaterial to make her a new body. Haruna insists she stay in bear form for Makie. Haruna and Kirishima note that the cruiser Takao is docked at this base as well. She is seen snuggling against a Gunzou pillow friend. Gunzou has no idea why Takao is here either and asks Iona is Hyuuga is okay. Haruna is like how many Fog ships are here?! Iona states that Hyuuga is okay and everyone proceeds outside. The weird little robot pops up and everyone thanks Hyuuga for watching the base. A girl version of Hyuuga (apparently a new form given the reaction) appears and loves on her Iona Sister. After that goes on for a while Hyuuga briefly explains having a body will help her better understand humans and gives the new members a once over. Kirishima tries to yell at Hyuuga for siding with humans while Gunzou tries to bring the conversation back to why Takao is here. Well Takao appears and tries to act all big and bad. Gunzou asks why she is there and she starts to stutter. Hyuuga starts smiling even more like a cat as she and Takao have worked this all out. Takao will confess to Gunzou leaving Iona all alone for her. Takao messes up and demands the info on the vibrating warhead instead. As Gunzo's crew starts going AHA we knew it Hyuuga starts yelling at Takao for not following the script. The two fight until Teddy Kirishima points out everyone left. Elsewhere Kongou is thinking to herself. Why do Fog ships change when they meet humans?
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I think Kirishima needs to look around....
Back at the secret base Takao has gone to talk to Hyuuga who has started to repair 401. Hyuuga questions what Takao will do now. She suggests making a fleet with Gunzou if she is that interested in him. That he will abandon this base now that everyone seems to know about it. Takao questions how he will be resupplied and how can he be so reckless. Hyuuga says Gunzo has great faith in this new weapon and she is sticking around for Iona. Takao seems to be considering this. Dinner is rather chaotic with so many new people and I guess Haruna is touched that Hyuuga made Makie her 42983 pills. Iona is confused with the feelings flying around. After dinner Gunzou looks over all the repairs that need to do be done still. He does take the time to thank Iona which makes her FEEL things as well. Takao the stalker spy sees this and has crazy delusions in her head that Gunzou will be the head of the fleet and ride her. Gunzou catches her spying and she runs off all crazy like. She finds Hyuuga who is able to talk sanely about Iona for once. She thinks that Iona is a mutation in Fog, something very different from the others. She wants to know more about their origins of Fog and really has no interest in humans. Just that Iona being here has changed the war. This makes Takao question what she really believes. On this island there is a beach that Gunzou apparently had made for some R and R. Takao and her bathing suit self see Iona taking a break and asks what she is doing. When Iona starts talking about Gunzo allowing her to take a break Iona is both touched and jealous. Iona says that Gunzou has released Hyuuga and she can leave if she wants to. Takao points out that is a bad strategy and questions Gunzou and why Iona has left Fog. Iona tells her that her memory was blank besides the order find Gunzou so....But then Iona realizes she doesn't know how she feels about Gunzou. Gunzou talks with his human crew about carrying out their plan despite being low on supplies and having to abandon this base. He will make sure America gets this weapon to mass produce it so humans will be on equal ground with Fog and they can negotiate. Everyone is weeeee best plan ever. Of course there is the little matter that they are criminals now. As Iona thinks about her feelings word in Japan is that communications with America have been miraculously been restored. It is clear Kamikage is to be punished for 401 going MIA but he promises results. Kirishima and Haruna take a meeting with Kongou. Haruna says her life has purpose now and questions only following Fog blindly. Kirishima explains she wants to observe Haruna. Kongou thinks that Haruna following her “emotions” is a sign of needing repair but Haruna leaves the meeting. Kongou is like...Maya did you hear this? Come to me. Maya is like weee finally some action. Hyuuga takes note that Fog is coming as Kongou decides she is going to see if Gunzou is worth existing. THE END!
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Cross yo fingers, this probably won't end the way you humans want it to.
So...that was a mighty fine episode wasn't it? Or weird. I think I meant to say weird. Yes definitely weird. XD I don't think I was expecting this at all.
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Probably a very good question.
First off....we know now what Gunzou's intentions are and why he hasn't been blowing up Fog ships when he can. However you can still be Quatre We Shouldn't Be Fighting At All without...you know...being stupid. Haruna and Kirishima were just chill on the bridge. Like lala no restraints or anything. I suppose there wasn't much either of them could do in that situation but why not take some precautions? Maybe this Makie girl is just a trick. Maybe she really has been hacked by Fog and they have some super way to take over fellow Fog ships IE Iona. Allowing them to be chillin like villains is a bit odd and makes me wonder about his leadership abilities. No one else seemed to question it so maybe I should question their abilities too.
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So dangerous these newbies.
I like how everyone was like um why is Takao here...but were never really that concerned about it. I mean they were but again not at the level that I think they should have been. More like prepare for battle, release the secret weapon. Instead it was like is Hyuuga okay? Well then there must be some explanation. Everyone it is going to be okay. This is a fluffy anime. Except for the thousands of soldiers who have already died. No fluff for them apparently.
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Iona is just off in her own world....
After getting of 401 it was time meet Hyuuga. Remember that ship that has been talked about before by Fog and Gunzou but never really covered that much. This is her. And apparently up until now she has remained....in computer form? I guess it would be more like she hadn't picked a human form yet. Or chosen to walk around in one. But now she has. Just at this moment when all other Fog ships are acting weird and human life. HMMM how interesting is that. Hyuuga had some excuses that sounded valid behind this. It is easier to understand humans if you are human. Silly computer not understanding human emotions. However the real reason behind Hyuuga's new look is........
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Iona!!!! See it turns out that Hyuuga has FEELINGS towards Iona now. Which would make her more human like or less? Hmmm I will ponder that later. But yes Hyuuga loves her some sister Iona and it is hard to hold and squeeze something that has taken on human form without being human yourself. Maybe if they were both still computers it would be easier. Bring on the perverted character. Put all your questions aside about Takao and I will put all my questions aside about human child, Haruna, and teddy Kirishima. Now it is time for some Iona loving.
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I can't just out and confess right away duh!
But then Takao showed up so I guess we have to talk about her. She brought a lot of insanity to the screen the entire time she was on it. Takao is here because wants Gunzou to be the captain of her ship. Literally and sexually. However because she has Fog draw backs and is a taking on the form of a girl and we all know girls are crazy...she just can't say that. She has to pretend to be there to cause problems and such. Which was not what she and Hyuuga worked out so DIE!!! Then in every other scene Takao was jealous of Iona, trying to deny her feelings, and having weird fantasies. So clearly all of Fog is insane. It's like the War of the Worlds but instead of killing the aliens with AIDS we are killing them with FEELINGS!
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I was ordered to him but now I might care?
So who else is a Fog ship affected by this weird thing called being human? Iona. And she really must be weird and an anomaly because it has taken the other ships acting weird plus two years for her to be like this. Like I am Gunzou's ship, that is all I need to know. Now that there are other ships around maybe Iona is feeling the pressure? I kid I kid. But no she seems to be feeling the emotions off other people so maybe that is affecting her. Helping her recognize that she has had these feelings inside of her too and they are odd. I like how she stated again that she was ordered to follow Gunzou (which would make her the best Fog ship, still following orders right). I wish Takao would have been like oh so I am the better ship for making that decision but then the conversation went another way. The way in which Iona starts to think about her life choices and what it is she is feeling. Why is Gunzou thanking me so special and important? Poor Fog ships.
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I am here for Makie. I will question my existence as well.
Rounding out the Fog ships who are feeling is Haruna. I don't think Kirishima is to that level yet. Which would be nice since all this feeling so suddenly is a bit bleh and I would like it if one Fog ship took their time to discover their humanity. Of course Kirishima already had a lot of feelings before she died, crazy ones....Anyway Haruna is walking around and making sure Makie is okay. Telling Kirishima to stay in teddy form for Makie's sake. And now Haruna has told Kongou to her face that she is staying with Makie. She didn't flat out say she was leaving Fog as that is not Haruna's style. She is like this is my mission and purpose now. She did throw out a bit of rebellion, what are we and why do we do what we do? Nothing too much. And Kirishima is just happy to be there. And to be a teddy. She is not going to get Kongou's wrath and is like I will spy on Haruna okay?!?!?
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I want to study her after I am done molesting her.
Circling back around to the first crazy...Hyuuga. Only after she got molesting Iona out of her system she started to make a little sense. Working on fixing Iona and other things must have mellowed her out. She gave Takao advice that really wasn't supportive of Fog despite her now claiming she doesn't care about humans. So I guess she is capable of being....fair? As I said earlier Iona might be special. Or is special in Hyuuga's eyes. I still think that it was Gunzou's father that changed her orders and made her compliant with Gunzou. But for some reason all of Fog seems to think Iona is different. In Hyuuga's case she sees her as maybe the next step in evolution, something worth suddenly. Maybe she does feel that lovely dovey about Iona but maybe some of that is an act to hide that she is really trying to find out what Fog is all about. Which is important if you are human. Know your enemy. And if you are Fog and you have thoughts like that...yeah finding out who and what you are might be important. And Hyuuga thinks being around Iona might answer that. Logical.
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So sayeth the Gunzou.
I guess I could take one whole paragraph to talk about how the humans are doing. It looks like Fog has done something to make it appear that America is back online because I find that highly suspect. Kamikage is all trying to keep his cool now that Gunzou has gone off and done his own thing. Still he has to believe in Gunzou because his head is on the line too. And what of Gunzou? Well we have found out what Gunzou's thoughts are about this war. War apparently is bad, for both sides. Gunzou believes in this Makie super weapon because it will give humans a chance. And when the enemy has a chance negotiations are more likely to happen. Gunzou was never shooting to kill, we wanted to be friends the whole time. Well except when they sunk that one ship in episode one. That was an accident. He doesn't shoot to kill ships with mental models...even if they all seem to have them, just inside the computer like they should be? Okay but Gunzou still wants to end this with as little bloodshed as possible. Good job Gunzou for not wanting revenge.
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More specifically Gunzou....
I think I will close out with Kongou. I can actually see her point of view. She thinks she is above feelings and at this point I think she is. She might get some FEELINGS later but for now she is strategic and is acting how she is programmed too. She isn't getting mad that ships are leaving her left and right. She asked them questions and listened to their answers. She feels as if everyone is malfunctioning and they need to be fixed. They are not following orders so she will find them and either bring them in for fixing or blow them and Gunzou to pieces. Makes sense to me if you are void of emotions. She has logical answers for everything and doesn't seem to have the need to question anything. I am sure that will all change and the real individuals behind Fog will be exposed. Kongou is an interesting character. Now her second banana is a little too crazy...which means she is a normal Fog ship but I am sure I can handle that. The real question is can Gunzou handle this new threat? No base, low on ammo but high on other random Fog ships? I think he will pull out a win. Yay for saving girls who aren't really girls weeee!
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Err....another crazy ship?

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