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Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 8

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Um my parents were killed, my sister and I were kidnapped, we were experimented on, and if we don't win the Evening Party we will die? But other than that nothing.
I spent over an hour wrapping presents and my cat just took a nose dive under the tree like a crazy person. She thinks she is a jet or something. Or maybe a boat. I don't know, something that is not a cat and can move at high speeds without negative things happening. This is my face. I need another cookie. Have Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 8 while I don't yell at my cat because she is way too cute for yelling. Spoilers for Loki and Raishin and being best friends now.
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Over the top bad guy outfit? Check.
Episode Summary: Raishin and Yaya look on as Loki has appeared on the scene. Things are tense.....and then Loki starts attacking the guards. Whoosh whoosh robot parts are flying all over the place. All three individuals manage to make it inside a building where Raishin asks the obvious question what is Loki doing and whose side is the boy on? Loki rolls his eyes like the answer is obvious. He just needs to show a few people what is up. It is just a happy accident that he has saved Raishin. While there are still plenty of guards and robots around Loki and Raishin spend about 34938 hours calling each other stupid over what is going on. Loki clearly wants to protect Frey and Raishin wants to help everyone. Back at the school Frey was watching over Rabbi and takes a break in the hallway. She sees Charlotte and says that she will simply die if her robot does. She wants to know where Raishin in and is informed he went to the orphanage. Kimberly appears and says if they follow a few simple rules she will take them to Raishin. Charlotte gets all blushy and says she trusts in Raishin while Frey agrees. They arrive shortly at the orphanage and watch in silence as other people join Kimberly and she slips into some robe looking outfit. After Loki and Raishin do their NO YOU ARE STUPID routine for about another hour they come to an agreement to help each other. More battling occurs and it appears that the boys might win and save the rest of the Rabbi like dogs when the ultimate boss appears. It is Bronson AKA Father AKA head of a doll company bent on world domination. This is the person that Loki wanted to make pay. How dare he use his sister in such a way, to make her go to the Evening Party even though he had no plans on letting any of the dogs live. Since this is an anime Bronson Baddie takes the time to tell everyone his plans and how this all came about. Of course he killed the parents because Loki and Frey were that unique. Of course he did experiments on them to make their powers grow. This is all for science folks. Without science and exploration the human race would mean nothing. That is why the mage school exists and the title of Wiseman, to get these kids to reach their potential so they can be studied. And even though he never wanted to keep his promise to Frey he used her anyway with the robotic parts and all. Even if the kids dies as long as advancements can be made who cares who dies. Both Raishin and Loki are pissed at this and Frey sorta cries but it touched that Raishin and Loki are fighting for her.
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Time for another round of Raishin getting his ass kicked.
Bronson brings out his robot Lucifer which is similar to Cherubim but better of course. The battle takes place and the boys start to get their asses kicked. Of course yes. Lucifer has a special circuit in him that allows it to use the wind and what not to block attacks. Bronson focuses on attacking the boys instead of their robots. Like hello that is the point of these battles. The boys start to get super injured and Yaya is crying all over the place. The boys decide they are not going to give up, for Frey and Raishin has figured out how the circuits work. They boys work together and Raishin is able to block the wind with Yaya having...explosions on her fists. Lucifer loses the weapons that was attacking the humans and soon their robots take out Lucifer. He lays in pieces on the ground as the boys both collapse. They continue to bash each other while Bronson is standing right there. He is like oh well at least I still have Loki in the Evening Party when Kimberly and her fellow cloaked people appear and surround Bronson. Turns out that Bronson went to the school once and tried to be Wiseman. He lost and now he is ahead of this doll company doing illegal experiments on kids and what not. Bronson tries to argue this is necessary and the school is actually worse. Kimberly is like um no and we have all the evidence against you. Onward to mage jail. Bronson is taken away and Kimberly looks on the ground as Loki and Raishin are barely breathing. They are taken to the clinic where they are worked on for some amount of time. They have recovered enough to insult each other STUPIDS! Yaya also tells us the situation is not so serious since she is playing the naughty nurse. Frey comes in and the boys ask how her battles are going. Apparently well and she wants them to feel better soon. Loki starts insulting/trying to kill Raishin again when Frey tells them to get along, that Raishin might be family one day. Loki is like X___X as Frey runs out embarrassed. Yaya turns into a crazy so Raishin runs to the roof to hide. There Frey finds him again and they talk about how all the doggies are okay and she is doing well. She says she needs to become Wiseman as they need the magic arts to take out the robot parts in her and Loki. He wishes her well and off she goes. Raishin tries to take a breath but he sees what looks like Charlotte trying to jump off the roof. He goes to save her but needs Yaya's help to pull it off. She starts to get mad but when this..Charlotte like person starts to lose her mind all attention is on her. She apparently wants to die and needs Raishin to do it. Or to rape her. Either way. Yaya is like NO POUNDING and that Charlotte runs off. Before Raishin can put it all together part of the school explodes and another Charlotte appears looking...all business like. Fetch my cloak indeed. THE END!!!
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Not your ugly face stupid.
What a special episode indeed. What is more special is my keyboard. If my inability to spell words wasn't enough now I decided that I should spill tons of cookie crumbs all over the laptop and now some of the keys don't work unless you pound them. RARW. Just sound it out folks. Let your brain see the words, not your eyes.
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Poor confused guards.
So the last we saw these fools they were busy glaring at each other and waiting for the other to make the first move. Well it turns out this was all dramatic for no reason. Or all the reason in the world because everyone loves a cliffhanger. Loki didn't even pretend to be on the guard's side. Not the I will handle this boys and backstab them. Nope it was stabbing from the front. Perhaps one has to respect that. XD Look at me, with the better robot. Just keep on fighting your futile battle. Clearly only Loki and Frey are equipped with robots and robot parts at this orphanage. Hommie Bronson just started up all these experiments. No other kid has magical powers strong enough to power a Rabbi or Cherubim. No competition indeed.
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We will be stupid together. Ah friendship.
While the guards weren't really a threat it was still a sticky situation. Yet Loki and Raishin (Yaya was there too) took the time to hide in the middle of the battle scene and hash out their differences. And by hash out I mean take turns calling each other idiots. STUPID BOYS. Like okay we get it you don't like each other. I guess this is supposed to be funny. In any other circumstances they might be friends. Or not. But now they are sworn enemies that can't stand each other. Or you know..the same exact person. Raishin wants to know why Loki is doing all of this because it looked like his position was I hate Frey. Loki wants to know why Raishin is so stupid to not see the truth. If Raishin found out the truth in such a short period of time don't you think Loki figured it out a long time ago? Silly boys. Stupid. No you are stupid. Just sit back and let me handle this.
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I want my tears to matter the most to him though. :(
While the boys were busy flirting with each other Frey was busy attending to her Rabbi. Remember he doesn't have such a great chance of living. Since Charlotte has nothing better to do in her life, like train for when it is her turn to go into the Evening Party, she is outside the door and is eager to talk to Frey. Even if she is competition for the lovely Raishin. Where is that silly boy? Why just ask Kimberly Teacher, she knows all. She knows all yet waits until the last minute to do anything about it. Such a great teacher. So she is like want to go on a field trip girls? Charlotte says she doesn't as she says she trusts in Raishin. Given how the episode ended I think there was another reason but whatever. Since this whole arc is about Frey of course she had to come too.
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Teach these kids some manners why don't ya.
Eventually the boys do stop arguing. Thankfully. There are more people to beat up. Loki does most of the fighting this time around as Yaya seems to be only good at taking out one target at a time and at close range. I sense problems in that for the future. Loki is like you are all just losers, let me get my aggressions out on you. Now if the boys hadn't been fighting so long inside the random building they could have found the dogs and left the scene. Because....where are the dogs? I assumed that Loki had already saved the dogs and this was all an elaborate show for everyone. Who knows. But all this fighting opened the doors for Bronson to show up. I mean he was going to show up anyway right? This is his place. Would he be able to attack the kids at school? Since Shouko and Bronson have been at the school before I guess the answer might be yes.
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I can't really blame Frey for not feeling the love between her and her brother.
We need to have all of this discussed to death because that is what baddies do. XD Raishin was just there to have a fit when Frey was brought up. Good thing Frey was watching all of this so she could realize just how awful her life is and that Raishin and Loki really care about her. Hopefully it means more that Loki has been fighting for her all along than Raishin since she has known him for like 47 hours. Raishin just stand back and let these two people hash things out. Or scream at each other. At least the word stupid wasn't used about a million times in this heart to heart.
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My whole life is horrible tears.
Bronson is not a nice man. Shocking I know. He had Loki and Frey's parents case there was some doubt about it. Bronson did all sorts of experiments on kids. Especially Frey. Why he even lied to Frey. LIED TO HER! Almost as bad as hugging! He was never going to save the dogs. Which I think was kinda obvious given how much they sucked in combat. Well maybe they don't SUCK but I think they are limited. Cherubim and his illegal circuit seems to be the better choice. Yet he used Frey to push her to the limit. And why is all of this occurring? Well...because Bronson is misunderstood folks. So misunderstood. He is doing this all for the good of humanity. Why can't anyone else see this? He just wants to test on little kids and do semi unethical things to make OUR lives better. Duh. Without advancements in technology and magic the world will end. We will be no better than the animals. Come and embrace the unnatural change that is Bronson.
 photo machinedollepisode811_zps621b5798.jpg
Just ungrateful these brats.
Raishin and Loki were not down with that. Would anyone be down for that? So it is attack time. The boys were a bit out of sync at the beginning of the battle. Which makes sense since they just met and were busy beating each other's asses, not learning how to work together. That and since Bronson is a baddie he has to have a super power robot. I think every robot from here on out will be a ban doll or have a super circuit. Use the wind folks. Use it and crush your opponents. And by crush the opponents I mean the boys. Because in a real battle you would attack the person, not their weapon.
 photo machinedollepisode813_zpsf3c41385.jpg
Raishin has no real education but can figure out the circuits in 5 minutes of fighting weee.
Despite being super injured Raishin and Loki were able to keep on fighting. And because Raishin is super awesome he was able to figure out how the circuit worked and exploded it. I think the explosions on Yaya's arm were there to combat anything, not specifically against Loki and Bronson. Whatever Raishin, you made it work. You have defeated Lucifer. Now you can go to Disneyland. Or lay on the ground next to Loki and trade more insults. Yay bonding.
 photo machinedollepisode814_zps522a305a.jpg
Thanks for the help now. Really appreciate it.
Bronson should have kicked the boys in the head while they were having their conversation. I mean he did eventually pull out his gun to shoot up Yaya but all these pauses people! Take part in the moment and do something! Stop standing there and thinking out your plans. Le sigh. I guess Kimberly and her cult of Magi Protectors would have stopped him anyway. One would think the evidence against Bronson was obvious from the start but I guess not. They had to wait until this moment to arrest this loser. They don't understand him either folks. He just wants to help the hurting a few kids and taking out their parents. I like how Kimberly had to rub it in his face that he is 5 times a loser. Can't be Wiseman so you will steal a kid and make them Wiseman instead? I see.
 photo machinedollepisode815_zpse1afd4c5.jpg
Maybe nurse Yaya will help you next Loki?
Now that all this seriousness is over time for fun. Naughty nurse Yaya is here to make sure all of Raishin has recovered. I really can't blame Loki for wanting to stab things since he was subjected to this torture. Make it stop, make it stop!!! The pain, the craziness!!!! Of course none of this is Raishin's fault as he keeps saying I don't want this someone save me. Loki and his three things I hate speeches are fun aren't they? That might not get old but the stupids might.
 photo machinedollepisode816_zpsdaf0a2a8.jpg
I will get the job done future husband.
Frey shows up a few times to cause smiles and mayhem. Despite Loki and Raishin being 100 and 99 in the Evening Party and being in the hospital for at least a few days....the Party keeps going on. So does the rule of fighting every day not caught if you are in the hospital? I need an update please. Frey is doing well because....she has more dogs now. Cheater! Oh and Rabbi is okay folks. Frey is all better wee. Well as better as she can be since she has robot parts in her. She just wants to check up on her brother and Raishin and maybe they should get along because they will be related one day? Such happy thoughts. But she isn't going to give up on being Wiseman. She needs to win as the big sister to Loki. Robot parts aren't cool and she wants to get rid of them thus she needs to win.
 photo machinedollepisode93_zpsc0639c50.jpg
Raishin can't catch a break during his quest to kill his brother.
So between Loki screaming, Frey being bashful, and Yaya losing her damn mind Raishin needed a break. Off to the roof he goes. Of course 5 seconds into his moment of zen he sees someone who looks like Charlotte trying to kill herself. So Yaya and Raishin have to save the girl. She looks like Charlotte but acts nothing like her. She wants to die. Or feel pain. Be punished. Something. She is acting a bit like Frey when she was acting one way but saying another. Kill me with your long penis sir!!! Then as quickly as she showed up poof she is gone. Before Raishin can even defend himself against Yaya's rage a random building is blowing up and it looks like a different Charlotte is behind it? Or is going to defend it? So....yeah. That is how the episode ends. Either Charlotte has a split personality, a lot of sisters she failed to tell us about (clones? Is that you Alice or Mikasa?), or some people are looking and acting like Charlotte because that is the cool thing to do. Oh Raishin. You thought you were going to go in there and win the Evening Party with no problems. Now you are surrounded by tons of crazy girls with crazy problems. Guess I need to watch the next episode to find out about all these Charlottes. XD

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