Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tenchi Movie Review: Frozen

Sometimes I can go months without seeing a movie then BAM each week or two a new movie comes out I want to see. Maybe it's like that with everyone. Summer and around the winter holidays. Pull out some dollars, it is time to go to the movies and sit next to annoying people weee.
 photo frozenmovie_zps4f5ea5e0.jpg
XO Tiniest Disney Palace ever?
Up now in the Tenchi Movie Review is Disney's latest movie Frozen. Many years in the making and with quite a few changes to the plot of the movie....here it is people. Not one but TWO Disney Princesses at once. Take that Ariel's super nonimportant sisters. Elsa was originally supposed to be a baddie but Disney was like MOG we could sell twice as many princess dresses this way. But dressing as villain would be fun too...
 photo frozenmovie6_zps76a4a0ca.jpg
It's all so magical.
On with the movie yes? First off...this movie was visually gorgeous. Again many people might confuse a gorgeous movie with a good movie. You are so caught up in all the lights and sparkles you tend to overlook weak plot points and useless characters. Like anime. So yes. The movie is eye candy. It should be given how much money it cost to make. You want ice castles and snowflakes? 10K a second please. Snow is easy to make look awesome so I can't say the movie outshines Tangled and the boat scene.
 photo frozenmovie2_zps04c33209.jpg
But....my nose....
If you haven't seen the movie (then why are you reading this spoiler face!) and have been deterred by Olaf the annoying snowman...go see it. Seriously I am not sure what Disney was thinking with these awful trailers. Unlike Catching Fire and their trailers that showed too much Frozen showed too little. There are light hearted moments in the movie as it is Disney but there are serious ones too. And Olaf is...well a snowman. But he is actually a representation of something very important. He is quite funny and not like how the trailers made him out to be. He isn't all up in the movie or a main character but he adds to the talking animal thing Disney has going on. Baby Sven was super cute but grown up Sven was...well like a large dog XD Kristoff like him enough but Olaf is much better in the movie playing off other characters rather then being all alone in the trailer looking annoying.
 photo frozenmovie7_zps5f64e289.jpg
Obviously the best song of the movie.
There was a lot of singing. A loooooooooot. Coming from a girl who has seen many Disney movies filled with songs....this one might have taken the cake. Maybe there weren't more songs than usual. Maybe they were all just crammed near the beginning. Most of them aren't going to become songs one can sing along to. More like songs instead of talking when talking would have been better. Like removed from the situation it doesn't make much sense. Let It Go is obviously the main song for this movie but I wish Elsa was a bit more...remorseful or crazy. Like okay no more Ms. Proper crazy girl laugh. Maybe she was crazy because she was quick to embrace this new life despite her old life consisting of protecting her sister. Olaf does get a song near the middle to help jazz things up again. The troll song was the worse.
 photo frozenmovie10_zpse27c52ac.jpg
Just stupid. Could have taken them out and added more relevant stuff in.
Oh speaking of trolls.....they were the worse part of the movie. I fully understand trolls are an important part of Germany folklore. But no. If one actually thinks about it they made things worse. Elsa's powers weren't out of control when she hit Anna. She aimed wrong. But Mr. Head Troll was all like with great power comes dead uncles and whiny girlfriends. Maybe Elsa was naturally going to become better at her powers had she used them more freely and not worried about going out of control. They put the fear into her parents and it trickled downwards. Mr. Troll was like oh make Anna forget all about the magic for NO REASON and messed with her memories. I mean why not offer help to the family instead of a doom and gloom warning. Don't get me started on them wanting Kristoff to marry Anna. They didn't know Hans and they were talking about getting rid of him! XO Like whoa there trolls, time to roll on out of here. You is evil.
 photo frozenmovie4_zpsbb0c2b4d.jpg
Let's talk about Hans for a second. I actually am disappointed in how this situation turned out. For once we have TWO Disney Princesses. Does that not mean we need Two Princes? I thought there was a guy for each girl, especially when Kristoff was like MOG look at all this ice. Elsa makes ice, Kristoff sells ice LOVE. He could understand her and not be scared of her powers. So when Kristoff was all I love Anna I went no. Anna is with Hans. I mean was it all over the top how they fell in love? Yes. But hello this is a Disney movie. I thought this out guys. Simba from the Lion King actually knew Nala for the longest and would have what would be considered the most normal relationship despite being giant cats. Then it goes Belle for an undisclosed amount of time but a considerable amount of time. If we were to include Mulan she would fit in this time period, at least a month. Ariel is next because I don't count her stalker ways before Eric actually saw her. So I would estimate their I see you relationship is around 3 days. Jasmine is around the time frame of three days too. Next we have Rapunzel at the 2 day mark. It's hard to tell with Pocahontas bit I think she is in the Jasmine and Rapunzel range. Then Tiana with about 24 hours. We got Cindy with maybe 6 whole hours. And rounding up the creep factor is Sleeping Beauty and Snow White who did not know their Princes. AT ALL.
 photo frozenmovie8_zps631feb24.jpg
She's heart broken too. I would have accepted this pairing too!
What I am trying to say...most Disney Princesses fall in love in less than a week. More like a weekend. Maybe Frozen was trying to play up that troop with Kristoff getting all X___X you have known him for one day?! But then he went and fell in love with her too in that time frame. But this is about Hans. My husband immediately said bad guy when he popped up on the screen. No. Hans could have been a good guy. Should have been good. Why is it okay for Anna to be silly and insanely happy but not a boy? Maybe Hans wanted real attention, just like Anna. Both had become neglected in their respected kingdoms. He didn't have to want the throne. Hello Ana was the second Princess and he didn't know Elsa had powers. I mean...this is just me being heartbroken because things didn't work out. Hans did so much good! He didn't have to go out of his way to protect Elsa and try to bring the sister's home. The husband and friend argued that he did that all to look good in front of the kingdom but HELLO if Elsa had died on the mountain then what? They were just magically going to nominate him King? I think not. There was too many factors going on to make sense of why Hans just lost his mind and twirled his nonexistent mustache. I wanted to believe in Disney magic. I wanted love at first sight while Elsa and Kristoff took some time to grow together. Ultimately the boys would sit back and watch the girls and their sisterly love take over the plot but be there when needed you know? Just heartbroken. I WANTED TO BELIEVE!
 photo frozenmovie11_zpsfb9dfc83.jpg
I guess he is okay....acceptable.
Since Hans was not meant to be...Kristoff wasn't really that bad. I mean I love me some Flynn Rider but he was a thief. It is like Kristoff is Flynn Rider but with a job. Doesn't really want to help Anna but her antics grow on him. He goes rushing back to save her and one of them is “killed” in the process. He has jokes, he has serious faces, and he loves ice. Did I mention that Elsa and him could have been a couple? I like how the movie ended with the focus being on the girls though and Kristoff was there but not center of attention. Family love Disney style. He can ride his new sled for a bit while Elsa and Anna work things out and get the kingdom back to a state of happy.
 photo frozenmovie13_zpsd22152a9.jpg
I want a meet and greet with Flynn and Rapunzel looking like this.
Speaking of which did you SEE Rapunzel and Flynn Rider?! Yeah I didn't either but they were there. Walking up to see the new Queen. Rapunzel wasn't wearing her crown and Flynn got some new threads but they were there. I will make my husband take me again just for one scene!
 photo frozenmovie12_zps09e6a542.jpg
I'm here for you sister!
While the movie was a bit rushed (wish the kingdom was frozen for a lot longer) I think there were a lot of great points/social issues in this movie. Elsa broke free and became the person she wanted to be. Having super powers isn't all it's cracked up to be but after Elsa worked hard at it she was able to control them. Not all baddies are evil with funny mustaches and acting all obvious. Anna got burned by letting someone into her heart so quickly but she didn't become bitter and was able to meet someone better for her. The principle of supply and demand applies in Disney movies. Chicks before....boys. XD
 photo frozenmovie9_zps308c1f91.jpg
WEEE maybe my sister will love me one day!
Of course one could say that Anna really should have given up on Elsa after all that time.....or that Hans should have got what was coming to him. But hello snow flakes. LET IT GO! Sparkly castles and baby reindeer. But if someone tries to say this movie is better than Tangled I will cut them. With Tangled I feel as if the movie was complete. With Frozen I think it could have been longer and shown more of Elsa. Like her growth a bit more. We saw Anna grow up remain herself deep down. Elsa just POOF got better with her powers which makes her isolation for all those years that much sadder and unnecessary. But this movie does a great job of showing two sides of the coin. A princess sorta needs rescuing but not really. Another girl does the main rescuing. Even when an act of love (true love's kiss) could have happened between the Princess and the boy said Princess chooses to save the other girl. At some parts it is formulaic and then at other parts it really does scream girl power. While people of all ages can appreciate this film I think it's a great movie for young girls, positive role models if you would. Now if the movie was only 30 minutes longer to flesh things out....


Dan O. said...

Good review Christina. Kids will love it and the parents will probably enjoy themselves as well. As if their own kids being happy wasn't enough for a moment of pleasure.

Josh F. said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought the end was rushed. It was just all like: "Woo true love! *Poof* Hey look I know exactly how to solve everything all of a sudden!" Secondly, going on the belief that Han's was indeed an intelligent mastermind intent to play everyone to get the throne, then why did he rush asking Anna to marry him, knowing that he would need the approval of her much wiser sister? It just doesn't make sense.