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Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 10

 photo machinedollepisode109_zps2c309909.jpg
Raishin the chosen one...for rescuing girls?
4th post of the day weee!!! The house is slowly getting cleaned too. Go me, so productive on my little mini vacation from work. Up now is Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 10. Spoilers for...nothing since this episode aired like a million years ago. XD
 photo machinedollepisode10_zps6cbe5870.jpg
Because you are a ban doll. Don't forget that!
Episode Summary: Yaya senses a disturbance in her disturbing relationship with Raishin. She runs/jumps as fast as she can but there is a giant hole where Raishin, Henri, the headmaster, and several other human beings should be. Yaya wants to jump in the hole and save Raishin but Kimberly stops her. Kimberly points out Raishin is not trusted right now and people are starting to show up to the scene of the crime. Kimberly asks Yaya to follow her and on they go to have a meeting with her fellow Nectar people. Basically it is just them saying their code names and talking about how they don't want to interfere with what is going on but they don't want it to spread. The other members talk about how Raishin might be the chosen one and they need to report this to Father. A new Father, not the Loki and Frey hater. They run off to inform Father of this maybe info while Kimberly tells Yaya not to worry, that Raishin is too amazing to die. Meanwhile Charlotte is busy crying her eyeballs out because she thinks she has killed people. Sigmund tries to get her to pull it together but POOF some robots come to attack her. Before Charlotte can do anything a man (according to the internets named Shin) comes and beats the robots to bits and takes her back to fancy pants kid. Charlotte talks about how she is has fulfilled her end of the bargain and to leave her family alone. The kid (named Cedric) pokes fun at Charlotte, saying she attacked in such a roundabout way and it doesn't even look like the Headmaster is dead. He also points out that Raishin and Henri have been buried in the cave in she caused what fun! Charlotte threatens Cedric but Shin is there to protect the boy. Cedric goes on and on about how hos cousin Felix is his best friend and what joy this will bring the boy. Charlotte is like you are not Cedric, you are using magic to mask your appearance. She demands to know who he is but no answer really comes. Frey is seen walking around trying to investigate the hole. Since she as the stealth of my cat she fails miserably. Loki and his broken leg tell Frey to leave Raishin alone as he only brings bad things upon people. Loki hobbles back to the clinic where Kimberly has a task for Loki. If he completes it she will allow him to make a copy of a special book that he wanted to read anyway. What could this special task be?Back in the ground Raishin has woken up and is trying to help Henri. This proves to be difficult as the girl doesn't want Raishin to help as he is a man and men are gross and men and violent. Eventually Raishin calms her down and they start to look for a way out. After rescuing Henri for the millionth time they stop and take a rest. They start talking about Charlotte and Henri's lives. Raishin figured out Blue's Clues and knows that Charlotte is after the Headmaster because Henri is being threaten. Henri was trying to kill herself so she could protect Charlotte but since they are always watching her it never worked. Henri talks about how lovely and popular Charlotte was when they were younger and that Raishin probably likes her better. Raishin sorta puts down Charlotte in silly ways and implies he doesn't like one person over the other.
 photo machinedollepisode1012_zps2b7cb0d2.jpg
But first I will rescue all the girls. Then kill him.
Before things can get too deep one of Magnus' dolls (Hotaru) appears and questions if Raishin is a threat. Magnus appears from the shadows with the Headmaster in tow so Raishin can't attack. The Headmaster basically orders them all to sit quietly until being rescued. Being so close to Magnus pisses Raishin off so he walks about 5 feet away to have a moment. Henri follows him to make the moment more awkward. Raishin explains via flashback that Magnus is his brother that was the most awesome person in the world and Raishin was the sucky younger brother. One day Raishin came to the house and it was up in flames and his sister was cut to pieces. Magnus cut her into pieces to create something (implied Hotaru) and Raishin is at the school for revenge. Henri is pleased that Raishin told her this and not her sister. The group goes to sit more but Shin comes out of nowhere to beat people around a bit. As Raishin watches he realizes Shin is a robot himself with no puppetmaster nearby. Shin eventually leaves and the group is rescued from the cave. Yaya is there to greet Raishin and Henri is sad to see Yaya all upset over Raishin being with Henri. Frey goes to visit Raishin but he is too busy being molested by Yaya to open the door. To get Yaya to stop Raishin tells Yaya he is engaged. This causes Frey to pass out and run away. Yaya is like what fiance?! Raishin said it was arranged by their parents and he has no intentions on following through on it. Just that he can't be hooking up without officially ending it. As Frey runs away in tears she runs into Charlotte who is up and riding Sigmund like nothing is wrong. Cedric has told Shin and Charlotte to take out Raishin and finish this, probably for Loki. This leads Raishin to his own plan. Frey is spying as Raishin kidnapped Henri in the middle of the night. He explains to her (as she resists) that he will free her and Charlotte from this blackmail and TADA he has lured out the head dog Shin. Yaya and Raishin get ready to fight Shin when...THE END!
 photo machinedollepisode1010_zps0f70959f.jpg
Well first he is going to have a pity party on why his life has been special. Then back to the ladies.
Raishin is back folks! Back on my computer ready to save all the ladies. Sometimes boys but mostly ladies. Because we ladies need men to save us even if they are ranked stronger than said rescuer boy. Get in that ivory tower, Raishin is coming to save you.
 photo machinedollepisode106_zps4b955c58.jpg
Can someone other than Yaya rescue me? Thanks. Love Raishin.
Well you know he will rescue you once someone rescues him from the cave. Just a slight setback folks. Once he gets out of there he will be back to take care of girls and having Yaya hit him in the face over taking care of said girls. But never fear folks! There is a girl in the cave in as well. A girl he can protect and save. All is right in Raishin's world! Everything is at it should be. Carry on with this episode.
 photo machinedollepisode105_zps6f660549.jpg
Anything but a man!!!
Henri is a bit hard to protect when she is too busy hitting Raishin and making his rescue attempts harder than they need to be. I thought we were in for a woe is Henri story, that she has been hurt by a specific man in the past, and what not. But...it just seems to be a general hate/fear of all men. Nothing to see here folks. I mean there are plenty of other girls to rescue, Henri doesn't have to appreciate his attempts but she could stop the squirming. Personally I would have let Yaya try to rescue Raishin. Everyone else is running around with ban dolls, why not Raishin too. But this time gave Raishin and Henri to have a heart to heart about certain matters. See they are a younger sibling. Raishin is more the middle child which has a whole host of other problems but they still have an older sibling that seems to be more awesome than them and how can they live up to that?! Never I say! It is impossible! So they must be sad and have frowny faces.
 photo machinedollepisode1011_zps7d727c42.jpg
Um that was your sister..if you want a ban doll want not chop up a stranger?
Of course the situation is slightly more serious than that. Henri is the younger sibling being forced into the role of captive. She can't really fight back and killing herself hasn't worked out too well. All she can be is bait for Charlotte to do bad things, because her family hasn't suffered enough. Raishin...well he is out for revenge. During this heart to heart it is revealed that Headmaster and Magnus are still alive. This gave Raishin the chance to open up about his sad past, one that he hasn't told Charlotte yet. I see some jealous feelings in the near future, that one sister knows a deep secret and the other doesn't. It seems that there is no misunderstanding with Magnus. He really did kill the entire family and chopped up the younger sister to make parts for his doll Hotaru. Yeah Raishin needs to hurry up and get his revenge. X___X I mean unless this is all part of Magnus' revenge to find the real killer not seeing him walking away from this alive. What is with everyone chopping people up to make better robots?
 photo machinedollepisode108_zps36729fd3.jpg
Err what is this about?
Yaya was not there to protect Raishin. Even though she really wanted to. No no Kimberly had to stop Yaya for some reason. Yeah I know she is a ban robot and apparently we need to keep that a secret because no one else has one....yeah right. Kimberly just feels weird. Really weird. Like out of place. Aren't there adults for her to talk to? Other teachers. Maybe the Headmaster since he is training these kids too? Not Yaya, the robot of the newest kid on the block and the one she has coined Second Last. She really isn't that great at keeping her secret society Nectar a secret. Also I hate organizations that observe and do nothing to help. Like we know this could potential be bad but we will just back and watch it grow into something super bad. Because that is what we do. Also out of the blue Raishin might be the chosen one. WOOHOO didn't see that coming.
 photo machinedollepisode107_zpsdd6959d9.jpg
Loki is just so amazing, the way he sees the obvious.
What was Frey doing this episode? Being sad that she is no longer the girl to be protected. Frey is so yesterday!!! Charlotte gets two chances to be protected, why not her is what she is thinking. I can't believe Felix said with a straight face that Frey needed to stay away from Raishin because he was bad news. Okay Felix. Just do Kimberly's dirty work. I mean enjoy your reward. Frey did almost get a chance to talk to Raishin after he was rescued but....not really. It was hijacked by random Yaya flirting and fiancee comments. Given that Charlotte was doing something with Frey and Frey was spying on Raishin (maybe for Cedric/Shin) and Frey was just not having a good episode.
 photo machinedollepisode102_zpsff3a6885.jpg
Charlotte was hiding in plain sight and three robots came to attack her. Why not...the rest of the school?!
What was Charlotte doing this episode? Feeling bad of course. Obviously. She went out of her way to kill people so she didn't have to see the aftermath. According to Cedric this means she sucked. Well technically she does since she failed. Not only did she fail but her long range weapon got Raishin and Henri hit and caught up in the drama. The two people she was probably trying to protect the most. So yeah...she didn't want to see the damage and she couldn't control the collateral damage. It must so be frustrating to her but maybe she will feel better when she realizes no one actually died...as impossible as that seems.
 photo machinedollepisode104_zps15e7933a.jpg
Mr. Peanut is not amused by your antics.
The person pulling the strings is tiny master Cedric and his robot Shin. Sorta creepy they live in a world where it is hard to tell the robots apart from the people. But everyone is assuming that Felix is out to get the Headmaster due to the utter embarrassment he has suffered. I would assume that too. But it turns out this entire school is full of crazy people. It sounds like someone is framing Felix who has/is framing Charlotte. Yet this Cedric (not the cousins) sounds like he wants to help Felix and wants to BE the real cousin Cedric. So it's not really framing yes? Either way he is doing this for amusement and those kinds of villains are the most dangerous. Hard to predict with such a flimsy motive.
 photo machinedollepisode1013_zps2c9b62b0.jpg
What is Shin's secret and how many minutes will it take Raishin to figure it out?
Shin the robot seems to have quite the personality. It sounds like he might not be down for all Cedric has planned but since he is the robot he has to go down with it. Seems like a very sarcastic robot. He had quite a few moments to shine this episode. Kicking butt to “rescue” Charlotte. Trying to kick Magnus' butt before...disappearing and not really accomplishing much. And then at the end of the episode he has challenged Raishin again. He really seems to be in the mood to fight right? I guess that is how it should be. Cedric is a bit of a weanie, why isn't anyone questioning Shin running around with no puppeteer nearby?
 photo machinedollepisode1015_zps8e089744.jpg
Is not Cedric behind that?
Oh and this Evening Party is a joke I think. People have to show up or else my ass. Raishin and Loki were out for days and now number 87 and 86 (some two numbers close to that anyway) haven't shown up? Yeah something is up and where are the rules. RULES folks. Maybe Cedric took them out. But you think that people would be friends with those people and would be worried and alert the other teachers at this school that seem to be doing nothing. Something is up indeed.
 photo machinedollepisode1014_zps1751298f.jpg
The suffering of Frey is great.
There were a few special moments of this episode with Yaya once Raishin was rescued. You know, after the heart to heart with Henri about dead sister Yaya has to add her insanity in. Why won't you touch me!? Well because I have a fiancee that I don't want to marry. Oh so that means another girl is going to come rolling up at this school? I noticed that Yaya did not fill Raishin in about this chosen one stuff. HMMM that might have been something important to note...just saying...
 photo machinedollepisode1016_zps7679c70e.jpg
SHHHH I am rescuing you.
The episode ends with Raishin using Cedric's bait against him. Like oh so you are using Henri to threaten Charlotte. Well let me kidnap your bait and cause you to panic. Without blackmail Cedric won't be able to control Charlotte way to go Raishin. Raishin is going to have a hard time fighting against Shin if Cedric doesn't show up. And now I want to watch the next episode right away to see who this Cedric person is. I just wish the rules to this world were a little more clear so I could better understand things...I guess until next time ya'll.


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