Monday, December 23, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Merry Christmas Disney Trip Part Four

Guess who is posting again? If you guessed I am sure she is somewhere getting caught up on anime blogging posts. Yes I am sure that is where she is. No need to worry or be concerned....
 photo ChristmasDisney2013302_zps8da279a6.jpg
I'm Buddy the Elf. Just 99.9 percent less annoying.
Are you ready for more Christmas Disney trip pictures? If you say no...what fun are you?! I mean they did take like 690 pictures on this trip. She could be posting all of them. ALL OF THEM! XD Instead she is just posting the ones that have me and my fellow Duffys in them. What part are we on again? 4? Wow that is a lot of pictures....
 photo ChristmasDisney2013303_zpsf411b2a7.jpg
Happy Holidays to all. After all that fun yesterday how can this trip get any better?!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013308_zps49c8ffcd.jpg
My feet are tired, push me around.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013309_zps0653a274.jpg
Mom decided that we would go around and look at all the fancy hotels/resorts in the Disney World areas. They cost so much money to stay in! Mom can only afford new clothes for me if we stay in tiny hotels nearby. That's okay, as long as we can go to Disney. Look who mom brought with her? It's Mitty.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013315_zps8eb35bab.jpg
The first hotel we went today was the Boardwalk. Dad lied and said we were checking in!!!! But now we get to look around so I guess that's okay...
 photo ChristmasDisney2013316_zps2a355759.jpg
The world according to dad, blur vision!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013321_zpsb2f8defd.jpg
Now we are going to look at the hotels that you can see near the Magic Kingdom. You can ride the monorail and see them without lying. This is the Polynesian. And has a bag full of Duffys! Me, Chibi Duffy, Mitty, and Puff Duff. How did they all fit in the bag?
 photo ChristmasDisney2013329_zpse9c3b633.jpg
Each resort has different trees to match their theme. Are we tropical now?
 photo ChristmasDisney2013330_zpsd9744447.jpg
It's like the tree is a giant present!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013333_zpse158ba07.jpg
The next hotel was the Grand Floridan. I think mom liked it the best. It is actually the most expensive one we saw today.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013362_zpsa52f8936.jpg
Inside the really expensive hotels were giant gingerbread displays. The Boardwalk had a little stand. This one is my favorite, an actual gingerbread house. Can I take a bite?
 photo ChristmasDisney2013371_zps08b0cef1.jpg
All the Duffys and I next to the giant tree. The Grand Floridian is so big to have such a giant tree inside! It's too big for normal sized ornaments. What? There is more fun to the day? I can't wait!!!

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