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Little Busters Refrain episode 10: Hitting the fan via bus

Long time no post!!!! I have slightly recovered from my crazy...whatever it was. Not the flu as I was still able to move but not really a little cold. Anyway it was slightly slow at work today what with people doing last minute Christmas shopping so I finally got to rest a bit. A few Christmas movies later at home and I think I can string together a few words to catch up on some anime posts weee!
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Surely this will all work out weeee!
Long overdue is Little Busters refrain episode 11. Spoilers for....well the beginning of the end for happiness?
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I AM SO HAPPY *sniff sniff*
Episode Summary: Kengo cries a little more on the ground. Then he tells Riki he is ready to rejoin the Little Busters. Riki is overjoyed with the idea that he has become Kyousuke and brought everyone back together. He then marches the group of 4 to Kyousuke's room. Now that everyone is back together and not punching people in the face surely Kyousuke will rejoin them. Everyone knocks on Kyousuke's door and he is still sitting there on the ground looking out of it. Whoosh whoosh it is flashback time with Kyousuke narrating it. While Kyousuke is talking he is seen laying on the ground. He is bleeding heavily and clearly he was in the field trip bus that crashed. All on the ground are broken bits/memories of the other Little Busters, books and ribbons. At first it looks like Kyousuke is crawling away from the bus but he turns back despite bleeding heavily. At the beginning of Kyousuke's speech he is seen getting up and going back towards the school after the accident. This signifies the first day in the world he created for Riki and Rin, when Masato is like the day has arrived. Kyousuke doesn't know why he was able to create this world but since he could he was going to do everything he could for Riki and Rin. He felt as if Riki was too dependent on him and Rin was too shy. So he gathered p souls from the bus crash that still had regrets and recruited them to help make Riki and Rin ready for this harsh reality. Masato was ready to support Kyousuke whole Kengo was against this plan. Kyousuke used the white cat to pass notes and tasks to Riki and Rin as well form the baseball team. Then Riki was to grow as a man by helping these ladies out with their problems while Rin was to...get less shy. Because making friends with dead people will help her out. When Riki would fail to help out a certain girl Kyousuke would start THAT DAY over. Over and over until Riki got it “right”.
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Wait so everyone could be sad and miserable? Where are those versions?
Things started getting a little iffy around Noumi's story and by the time Yuiko had her turn Kyousuke started to lose his power over this world. Most of the girls left in an effort to stabilize things but Komari stayed to see things through. Riki had grown enough so Kyousuke drastically sent Rin away to test her. One week later and she was back crying. Still Kyousuke knew Rin had to grow up and was going to send her back. Kengo for some reason just wanted Riki to have fun in this world or grow up in his own way and opposed Kyousuke. Thus the trick with the patch girl. However Kyousuke didn't count on Riki and Rin running away. All his hard work failed and Kyousuke just gave up. But then....he remembered who he was fighting for and tried again. Only this time he was much weaker and things went differently. Kyousuke crawled all the way back to the bus before it could explode. He used his body to stop the gas leak by leaning on it. Thus all he could do in this world was lean on the wall. Kyousuke always wanted to help Riki but Riki decided to start help himself, first through cracked out Masato and then Kengo who still thinks Riki should be told this at all. But now Riki has stepped up as the leader of the Little Busters. He has grown and maybe Rin will be okay too. Now that Riki has returned with all his friends Kyousuke will take Rin's hand when he enters the room. That will cause the bus to explode and this world to end forever. TO BE CONTINUED!
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It all makes sense now. Or at least why this didn't make sense.
Hot damn folks. Hot damn indeed. Also...XO I was right. Well semi right. Mostly right. One might argue that after a while it was apparent what was going on but hey....I had my suspicions for a while. Let me have my moment. Hot damn though X___x
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Recap of SADNESS!
This is basically a recap episode. A recap from Kyousuke's point of view but still. Probably won't be as long as other episode posts. Also there are still three episodes left for this series. Still plenty of time for the bad thing to be reversed and what not. Like maybe Riki will stop the bus from leaving. Also maybe the final episodes will tell us how Kyousuke was able to do this. Because he doesn't seem to know and I doubt this is going to be all a dream or really Kyousuke is the only live one and Riki is testing HIM. For now we are to accept that this is magic and...that's it.
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The start of the "world" they live in.
The bus crash that happened to the other school actually happened to this one. Called it. So shocked. Riki is so trusting of Kyousuke he was like oh yeah I heard about that. Or somewhere in his heart he knows the truth and didn't want to accept it. It appears that Kyousuke was on the bus despite being in a different grade than everyone else. We can also assume all the people that Riki talked to other than the Little Busters are dead too. Although if they were playing roles they did a great job convincing me. They might be NPC's too for all I know. Except Ms. Twin. But yes. Everyone is dead or will die once the bus explodes. This includes Kyousuke, Kengo, Masato, Komari, Noumi, Haruka, Yuiko, and Mio. I have decided that Rin must be alive. Riki might have had another attack and she stayed behind to be with him. Or since she was so shy she didn't attend anyway. But Kyousuke did this world for her too so I am assuming she is also alive.
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:( So sad.
Kyousuke sees this magic as one thing. Help Rin and Riki. If he can get them ready for life past dead friends and family it will be okay if he dies. Kyousuke is really awesome for doing this or insane. Again we have no idea how Kyousuke is doing this but he is. All he had to do was get away from the bus and create his world for Riki and Rin. Was the scene all shadowy and dark to censor the dead kids or to show us how this was Kyousuke's messed up world?
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More like the in denial type.
Now clearly Kyousuke views himself as somewhat a villain as does Kengo. Now that the truth is out Kengo does look a little stupid. I thought he refused to join the baseball so Riki could collect all the right girls. Learn the right lessons. No. Kengo was just being stupid. I'm sorry but he was. What good is it going to do Riki if Kengo “protected” him for as long as Kyousuke's powers held out. First off I didn't see much of this protecting when Riki wanted to be with his friends. Second this would only hurt Riki in the long run. Once the world is over he would be on his own with Rin and they would need these lessons. So being so harsh with Riki made no sense. Have as much fun as you can because your life will be miserable soon? I think Masato might have cracked so that explains that.....
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Such a villain.
Kyousuke the villain though....with his magic he gathered up people from the bus that had regrets to help Riki and Rin grow. Since this is all magic there is no sense in wondering how he knew all these girls had problems. Maybe they were the only ones who didn't move on after death, still clinging on? Now...this might just be me.....but could Kyousuke have made Rin and Riki grow up without involving these new girls? Because it will be bad enough that Masato, Kengo, and Kyousuke are dead. But now Kyousuke has introduced Riki and Rin to other people that will be there friends. Yes for a whole month but in Riki time that's forever. So one could say Kyousuke...made this harder? Get over us being dead...and other other people you just met died too so keep on crying. Since Kyousuke loyalties lie to Riki you think he could have done this without their help. But maybe this world was formed by all their collective regrets thus explaining why Kyousuke started to lose his power near the end. Either way....more friends, more problems.
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So each day was over and over again. X___X
I was wrong in one aspect of this anime. Well probably more than one but still. I thought Kyousuke was repeating the timelines over and over again when he didn't get the right Rin results. It turns out he was really focused on Riki. He didn't let the timelines continue on until the very end and when it went badly poof start again. It was more like no you didn't make Komari better AGAIN. No you still didn't help Komari AGAIN. Komari is still crying AGAIN. How insane is that? I am surprised more of them didn't snap. Yuiko's was just the last in repeating DAYS not the anomaly at the end. Poor people repeating this all so many times. So it was only because Kyousuke's powers were weakening did Riki realize what was going on. Everyone else was used to this insanity.
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Rin couldn't handle it. :(
So Kyousuke has explained it all. Through powers unknown he was able to pull Riki and Rin into this world of the dead and helped them grow. Sorta. Giving them trials and suchies to help them grow as people. Now Kengo and his crazy self wanted Riki just to live in peace until BAM reality hits. How is that helpful? Won't Riki be more pissed at the end? At least Kyousuke was trying to help. Even if Rin wasn't ready for this harsh world. Baby steps Kyousuke. He spent so much time repeating timelines with Riki he didn't really help Rin and if he did it wasn't shown that much.
 photo littlebustersepisode1013_zpsa15b451e.jpg
Clearly Kyousuke was more in control know...I see him moving and no one else in this scene.
Mr. Villain Kyousuke eventually fell into despair. He has given all that he can but it wasn't enough and there wasn't much time to start over again. Thus the super bad start to this timeline. All hopeless. Still Kyousuke only have up for a little while. Then he crawled his broken body back to the bus to give Riki and Rin more time. So disturbing when you think about Kyousuke sitting in that position. That explains Kyousuke's behavior but no so much Masato and Kengo's. Kyousuke was thinking about helping Riki but he couldn't due to lack of energy and impending doom. Maybe he should have told Kengo and Masato what he was doing....anyway Kyousuke wanted to help but Riki actually started to do things on his own. Of course he did copy things from Kyousuke....still why change things if it works? Nothing is wrong with Riki wanting to be like Kyousuke. I just hope Kyousuke doesn't regret doing so much for Riki. That is just how some relationships are. Kyousuke being there for Riki was the right thing to do.
 photo littlebustersepisode10_zpsf7411f5d.jpg Kyousuke going to explode now?
So what exactly IS going to happen now? Riki has matured enough in Kyousuke's eyes but wasn't Rin the real issue? Like look the gang is back together and Rin is better. How will her fragile self handle the POOF they are gone? Kyousuke seems like he is going to take Riki's hand which will end it all. Will some magical force enable Riki to save them? Make it to the bus before it explodes? Or will this be the first time an anime like this (Kanon, Clannad) will have a bittersweet ending? I Riki and Rin can have meltdowns but then something magical will happen and save everyone weeee! Until next time!

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