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Nagi no Asukara episode 9

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Well that doesn't look creepy at all....
Post number 3 and I think I need a snack. XO But it is too late for ice cream. :( Well not really but if one would like to be responsible it might be. I will just have a cookie instead while I post Nagi no Asukara episode 9. XD Good idea yes? Spoilers for no one having cookies in this episode though.
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It's always time for dumplings.
Episode Summary: As Hikari gets ready for school the news report is on. Mainly the weather and how it snowed sea salt briefly. Hikari wonders what this all means. Akari is more concerned about Hikari and his relationship with his dad. She thinks he should go back to the sea. Hikari expresses that she is crazy and dad sucks. Miuna interrupts this conversation by showing them a seal slug she made out of the sea salt snow. Amazing. After not caring about that onward to school where the topic of Hikari leaving the sea never is mentioned. Instead the other sea kids watch as Hikari takes inventory of the mess the adults did on their display and how he can fix it. Hikari explains it he wants to put the entire ceremony on alone, with none of the adults. The sea kids are happy and when their teacher finds out he he cries tears of spineless joy. It is decided that the building needs to take place at Tsumugu's house because his Gramps has a spare boat. The kids do wonder what this means as the adults said no but the show must go on. As the kids are assembling things under the sea life is shown going on. And going on in a negative sense. Uroko has gathered up all the older men in the village to talk to them about the calamity of the sea salt snowing on the surface. Has the time come for the prophecy to be fulfilled? Seems like it and drastic measures must be taken. On the surface Chisaki is really having a moment. Manaka is running around playing house by shopping for groceries and talking to Akari about Hikari being a sweetie. Hikari is off getting more supplies. So that just leaves Chisaki to feel bad about herself. She still likes Hikari and all this working and seeing everyone have a great time is just too much. Or maybe her ena was drying out. Tsumugu couldn't help but notice the girl was melting (sorta) and took her down to the ocean to soak. There Tsumugu asks if she needs him to be the sea slug again and if she has decided about Hikari yet. Chisaki is all dramatic and says she is going to give up on him and change like everyone else. Tsumugu acknowledges all the change but says that Chisaki should really try to be herself in this situation. Chisaki gets beyond pissed that no one is letting her have a pity party and she starts yelling. At this time Kaname has calmly found out from the little girls that Chisaki needed some salt water and goes to the sea. He sees Chisaki having a fit and follows her into the water. She goes on and on that Tsumugu is a bad person when she and Kaname see all the villagers standing in the streets holding sea fire.
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So...he left his parents and his parents didn't fetch him? Interesting.
Manaka gets back from shopping and briefly talks to Tsumugu's grandfather. Turns out that when Tsumugu was young he came on his own to live with Gramps as his parents live in the city. Manaka is touched by this information. Hikari returns from shopping and sees Chisaki cooking pork and fish together. How poetic. Manaka then decides to gush about how awesome Hikari is and that she has grown so much as a person because she knows him. Hikari can't handle all these feelings and goes outside to chant that he is just friends with Manaka. Just friends. Just friends!!! Work continues on the ship and offerings and it is looking kinda positive. Manaka returns to the sea and is also greeted by super serious faces. The next day Hikari bounces to school to see...none of his classmates. Their teacher tells Hikari that he was unable to reach any of the sea kids and was a bit worried. Hikari decides to solve this conflict all by himself and dives into the sea. He finds the streets all empty. He starts to panic when an adult finds Hikari and attempts to take him to his dad. Manaka appears and together they run back to their own school. She explains that when all three kids returned home they were taken inside and told they were not allowed to go to the surface anymore. Hikari is all gasp face as Manaka explains the kids were basically locked inside. Manaka braved trying to go back to the surface to warn Hikari because he means so much to her. Hikari is like oh hell I can't just be friends and hugs Manaka. Manaka freaks out and pushes him to the ground. Hikari has his tiny little feelings hurt and starts to run away. His dad blocks the door and starts to explain that there is something awful coming to the surface when....THE END!
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Whatever you do don't hug her!
When I go home (because for once there are no customers shocker!) I need to check how many episodes this series has. I thought it was in the 2X range. Then again that is what I thought about the Little Busters too. Because it would make more sense if this was 13 given how things are going.....
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Don't ruin my breakfast by talking about dad stuff.
So Hikari is still on land. Still not happy with how things are turning out. Briefly thought about the salt snow but his sister derailed that line of thinking. One would think snowing sea salt would be important to talk about. Does this happen often? Anyway other people talked about that later. Akari wanted to talk about Hikari staying at Boyfriend's house. Or actually leaving. Akari thinks Hikari should go back. Hikari thinks Dad should kiss his ass. I know Dad wasn't hostile, not like the other men, but he was still dismissing Hikari's feelings. No one will ever get along if this keeps on continuing. So I think Hikari has the right to be mad. If his father or Uroko couldn't explain properly their concerns he is free to think they are douchebags.
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His little heart is so touched.
Still Hikari does care. He might be big and bad he does care. He still wants Tsumugu and Manaka to have their festival. He doesn't want his dad to be perceived as a baddie. I will get him and the others to see the light. So it's not like Hikari has moved out forever and hates the sea. He just wants change and until that change happens he will have a tiny little protest. Acceptable in my book.
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We don't need any adults weee!
I do think it is pretty commendable that all the kids are putting forth the effort to fix things AGAIN to put on the festival alone. Stupid....annoying 5 men deciding the fate of the festival for all. Mr. No Spine teacher could be slightly more involved with the helping but you know. Then it wouldn't be about the kids bonding and having fun. A new generation of people coming together to change the world. Isn't that how things go in real life? Most of the time the next generation is more accepting of differences than the last, with pockets of hate coming from kids raised by still hateful parents. So we really can't have any adults being helpful. Then the kids wouldn't shine so much. I did notice there was an extra girl or two helping. Yay progress!
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Those damn land people!
So while the kids dragged all their stuff to Tsumugu's grandfather's house Uroko was having a meeting with all the sea people. Well the men at least. Stay at home little ladies, we have issues to discuss. While this sea salt snow was briefly mentioned above water below it was X__X. A bit opposite don't you think? Perhaps that might be taken as the sea people are more superstitious than the land ones. Or that the land ones have grown arrogant in their land ways that they have forgotten the mighty sea god. Either way it is going down. Exactly what I am not sure. But it is going down NOW. Thanks Akari and Hikari.
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Back at Casa de Grandpa Chisaki has a slight meltdown. I swear the boys are more level headed than the “mature” Chisaki, even when Hikari is screaming. I mean Kaname obviously has feelings for Chisaki but you don't see him crying all over the place. Maybe because he is at the tail end of this love pentagon and he doesn't feel guilty? Maybe Tsumugu will like Kaname since he is the most normal and it can be one love fail for all weee. But okay Chisaki nearly passes out and Tsumugu is the one who took care of her. Might have been quicker had he made her a salt bath but whatever. Tsumugu was OFFERING to be her friend, her sounding board, and she lost her mind. He basically said she was fine the way she was and her changing would be negative while everyone else was changing in positive ways. Like he was trying to help her and she got all pissy. Maybe because she knows he is right? She has it all wrapped in her head that she is doing this all for the good of everyone else and how dare he not let her be the martyr.
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I will just accept this and nod my head.
Kaname is a very understated character. Almost Mamoru but not really. He was very quick to make sure Chisaki was okay but isn't so in your face about it like Hikari was with the bathing suits. Just okay, I will locate Chisaki and it will be okay. He let Chisaki have her tantrum but he really didn't hate on Tsumugu. Maybe because he is right. Either way Kaname is almost annoyingly calm, nice, and there for you. Clearly he gets no romance or leftovers which is not fair or fun anyway.
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Take my hand, we will get through this together.
While that was going on Hikari and Manaka had a bit of moments too. Hikari has really taken charge of this project so off he goes for more supplies. This opens up the door for Manaka to have a moment with Tsumugu's grandfather. Turns out the parents aren't dead; they just live in the city. Thus Tsumugu's errand the other day. Anyway Manaka learns that Tsumugu just up and left home one day to live with Gramps. Manaka puts a positive spin on this WOW Tsumugu knows what he wants with his life how cool. Manaka kept the good feelings coming as she gushed all over Hikari. Being friends with you has helped me grow. Thanks for being there for me. I only got this far in life because of you. Here have some fish and pork stew as we connect the land and the sea. Manaka is just too...unaware of the situation to realize she actually hurt Hikari with all that talk. He wants it to be more and it's not. :( Poor Hikari, all heartbroken.
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I won't let them! I will punch them all in the face.
While the kids were having semi fun putting together the entire festival (thanks a lot adults) the fun times were not to continue. Once Hikari realized none of the sea kids came to school the next day he decided enough was enough. Perhaps he was going to wait until the festival was happening to talk to his dad but no more. Something is wrong. Apparently it was super serious when Kaname, Chisaki, and Manaka arrived home. All the villagers with their blue spirit flame. All 50 of them. Dear Lord the village is dying out. Hikari apparently doesn't know how to knock on doors as he raced through the village and saw no one. Manaka had to sneak out and tell him everyone was banned from going to the surface. There was no explanation given this episode and this was almost overshadowed by what happened next. Still...way anyone going to get Hikari? Has Akari been officially banished yet? And why is everyone walking to get up to the surface? Just swim up!
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Hikari was of course mad about this no more surface crap but he was completely overwhelmed by Manaka's actions. She was disobeying orders just to make sure he knew. Hikari is that important to Manaka's not in the way Hikari wants it. Like Manaka is either in love with Hikari and doesn't know it or Manaka just values friendships as much as love. Doesn't matter as Hikari was taken back by Manaka's level of commitment yet it wasn't enough. It still broke his resolve to stay in the friend zone and he did the unthinkable....he hugged Manaka. Hugged her folks. Against her will hugging and she threw him on the ground over that vile act. Or I hate Manaka for her over the top reaction to what could have been a friendship hug. Like thanks for caring about me. No no, Manaka and her over the top feelings over EVERYTHING ELSE couldn't accept anyone's appropriate feelings of actions. Seriously I don't even think if Hikari kissed her she should have acted that way. Do these friends not hug?
 photo nagiepisode9_zps57cec3e8.jpg
Are they going to turn into a giant snowglobe?!
So the episode ends with Hikari trying to run out upset but seeing his father instead. Again no real answer on what is going on under the sea but the consensus seems to not be good. No more going up to the surface. He forbids it. Be grateful that your land treasures aren't being destroyed. It looks like the sea god has finally had enough since Akari jumped ship (since this is an important family...?). So it is punishment time. How dare there be no ceremony. I will freeze you with sea salt slowly. Miuna will have more sea slugs at least. Well until next time when there is mortal danger yes?

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