Monday, December 23, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Merry Christmas Disney Trip Part Five

 photo ChristmasDisney2013376_zps80e11f4f.jpg
Last hotel on the Monorail loop: The Contemporary.
What is this? One last post of Christmas pictures from our Disney trip? How did we get to the end already. I am sure there would have been more had it not been so dark at night. But here they are. XD Enjoy how cute me and the rest of the Duffys look weee!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013384_zps2cb5fe0e.jpg
That's where the monorail comes from! How neat.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013386_zpsc78fb24f.jpg
Inside the Contemporary there are lots of fancy restaurants. But there is also one that mom and dad can afford. Gotta save money for snacks later yes?
 photo ChristmasDisney2013387_zps007955d7.jpg
Like this! Real gingerbread shingles from the Grand Floridian hotel gingerbread things. The gingerbread display at this place was a Christmas tree!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013391_zpsc9c04177.jpg
This tree is ready to make you lots of yummy snacks.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013393_zps929a1bc2.jpg
Chef Mickey is a very expensive buffet restaurant. You can meet characters but it is way too much money.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013400_zps1c14e2b8.jpg
There is the Christmas gingerbread tree in the background. Can you see it?
 photo ChristmasDisney2013401_zps6d7df8fb.jpg
There is no tree on these ornaments.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013405_zpsf6b1b256.jpg
Do you like my new outfit? Mom bought it at Downtown Disney the first day of our trip.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013407_zpsce40b9cc.jpg
All of us Duffys chillin by another tree.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013414_zpscf63d9d6.jpg
On the bus to another hotel. It had beach in it's name I think. Rumor has it there was a gingerbread carousel in it so mom had to go. Also dad was buying all the gingerbread pins for mom so he wanted to go too.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013416_zps727d6ff5.jpg
This will get us to the hotel faster than the bus.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013417_zps1b5457f7.jpg
So many Christmas trees this trip.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013425_zpsdf13e70d.jpg
In the background in the carousel. It was nice. Thanks for including me in all the pics dad!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013426_zps5a8dd8ea.jpg
I am kidding dad, don't leave me behind.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013434_zpsa3b2377e.jpg
We have finally made it to the theme park! Magic Kingdom here we come. All the Duffys wanted to ride the People Mover after there was an epic fail of card collecting. WEEE!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013439_zpse631934c.jpg
Mom's dinner before the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. She said the healthy sammich was no good.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013464_zps5e791dbd.jpg
Wee it is party time. I see everyone is dressed in their best Christmas outfits.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013465_zpsbf065551.jpg
Where is the elaborate display for me though?
 photo ChristmasDisney2013466_zps7f87482e.jpg
It got a little dark outside so this is the last picture from our trip. Well there are lots of pics of me and characters but mom is in them too. Abu tried to steal me but I got to meet some very nice penguins and ducks. And Duffy was in the parade! So much fun. Merry Early Christmas to me, yay Disney Trip!

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