Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Peace Out 2013!

Happy Almost New Year!! 2013 is out the door and 2014 is around the corner. Everyone is one year older. Maybe some are one year wiser. Perhaps this was a good year for you. Maybe....it's good a new year is coming finally. Some babies were born, some people died. A lot of celebrities did stupid things. Politicians quarreled. Jobs were frustrating. Yet for one night almost the entire world comes together to celebrate the eve of a new year. Put aside those troubles, grab yourself a party hat, and find someone to kiss. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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It was great getting to know you.
2013 was full of ups and down for me. For everyone I'm sure. One thing that didn't happen this year was obtaining a new member of our little family. Our little Kiki passed away January 3rd 2012 and I thought we were going to give Kira a brother or sister this year. For some reason it didn't happen. Maybe this is the year we will add another fur baby into our household. I don't want Kira to be lonely but then again I don't want her to be resentful. She might be slightly spoiled. Decisions decisions. 

The biggest thing that happened to me was being fired from Mike's Pizzeria. You can read all about it here. Cliffnote version: Convicted felon co-workers scream at me, I leave out of fear, and Momager and Boss fire me over job abandonment. Woe was me. Not because Mike's Pizzeria was a good job. On no no no. It was more like...security. I worked there for about 5 years. I knew the customers. I knew the deliveries. I knew how stupid my co-workers were and how to deal with them. I knew what days would be bad. So despite it ending very badly for me and the job sucking most of the time (who needs AC?!) it was still very...upsetting? Like a part of my life was over. A chapter really. Being “top dog” (on top of my game) to being out of work/starting over was hard. 

3 weeks later my friend got me a job at a dry cleaners. And despite it all I am very grateful for work, that she put herself out there for me. At first this job SEEMED to be cupcakes and unicorn feathers. Yeah not. I traded one momager with questionable morals despite being the Jesus police for another slightly older crazy lady who hates anyone not white and Christian. Also momager worked hard (and complained no one helped her....) whereas new coworker is beyond lazy. I need a nickname for her....Anyway yeah she is 3928 kinds of horrible. How I have put up with her for 6 months is beyond me. Maybe this is a trial.....With no other co-workers around and management far, far away and unable to see just how awful this woman really is...I drift alone in an ocean of crazy. 

The other parts of my new job that don't include awful co-work...er are...well normal I guess. I have some nice customers, some rude ones, and the job itself isn't hard. It is the working by myself in the busy afternoons that drives me nuts. Especially when I get accused of not working hard enough pot-black-kettle situation. I don't have to deliver pizzas in the rain or cold anymore though. No more night time searches for mail box numbers and worrying about dogs attacking me. Also I get to be amused by what I find in people's pockets. One day I found a condom in one pocket and a bullet in the other. Another added bonus is I don't come home from work smelling awful anymore and Duffy can come with me as everything isn't covered in gross. Maybe if I had a different co-worker I be a much happier person. 

Since there is no more Mike's Pizzeria there has been no more Momager. That was the nail in the coffin. At least for now. She had done one too many things to me both at the job and in our personal lives. She was negative energy in my life. So I haven't spoken to her since. Actually this year has been very light on family interactions. I deleted almost all of my husband's family and a few others from Facebook because of the hateful things they were saying. I mean...I guess they have a different version of the Bible. One that says being a good Christian means calling our President a porch monkey. I am getting to be more and more like my husband. He lets these things roll off his back. Family is important yes. I keep hearing that from “well meaning” customers. But at some point you can only forgive so much. Can only hear so much. Can only excuse too much. Family is what you make it. So in the year 2013 I focused on the family that does matter. I do wish my youngest brother would come around more but I am doing my best to keep in contact with my other brother and sister in law in Japan. Miss them very much. Hopefully will see them in the year 2014. 

In case you haven't been keeping up with my blog I did sorta add a new family member. Really a new, expensive toy. XD Duffy the Disney Bear. Almost had him an entire year. Again hopefully I can add another one to the collect when I go to Japan next year, Shellie May! But for now I am having fun dressing a cute bear and taking lots of pictures. The husband is such a good sport about it and I think he likes it too. I just need to work on one more friend to make the Duffy circle complete. She might be a loss cause though. I hope everyone enjoyed my Duffy posts but if not...there are others. XD I know it is not everyone's thing, despite all his many, many cute clothes and adventures. Oh Duffy, so expensive...so fun. 

Obviously this year was full of Disney adventures for me. The husband surprised me with annual passes to Disney World for our anniversary. I was very touched. Tons of fun was had. Birthday trips, special days put on by Disney, and getting into this thing called Disneybounding. Much fun and picture taking took place. Lots of drives to hotels and spending of way too much money. Can I get a bit of an endorsement deal if I talk about my year full of memories Disney? Also can I blame Disney/the husband on why I got so behind on anime? No? Okay. XD But I had tons of fun. XD 

2013 was the year of minor but annoying health issues. I am not saying I got majorly sick or anything is super wrong with me. Just really tiny but annoying/painful issues that drove me mad. Like how can something so tiny be so hurtful?! Just rarw. How did this all happen? I was sick a few times this year, the most recent event being a couple weeks ago. Clearly getting sick on the job is silly and I need to tough it out. Perhaps 2014 I will get a break. Everything will work properly, not hurt, and...I will drink more water? Because eating healthy is for chumps.

I don't think the year 2013 was that amazing for anime. There were some here and there that spiked my interest. But as a whole it was just okay. Not amazing but not terrible. Sometimes I think that is why I got a bit behind on blogging anime too. That there wasn't enough AMAZING shows for me to get home and type away. A lot of shows to watch and smile about and say a few words but not enough to leave a long lasting impression or to rewatch all the time. I know animes are hit and miss and that I am slightly picky. Maybe 2014 will have stronger shows? Maybe some that don't have queerats and X__X plot twists. My car did not explode in the year 2013. It is slowly falling apart, bit by bit but no actual exploding. Cars don't last forever but I will miss it when it finally breaks down on the side of the road. We have been putting off getting much fixed knowing she is probably on her last legs. Her? Now my car is a girl? Anyway we probably do need to do some maintenance on it when the game plan is new car for Tenchi in the year 2015. Poor car. Hold out a bit longer. Let me get some gum and tape. It will all be okay. 

Um what else what else? Apparently half the people on my Facebook page had babies this year. Sonogram pictures are so scary nowadays. X__X For some reason I had to deal with way more crazy drivers. Probably because I have to deal with rush hour traffic. Our super loud and annoying neighbors moved. Our super quiet neighbors moved though and were replaced with people who like to live on their porch to smoke and talk on their phone loud. Yay me. Kira was adorable all year round. I think the husband and I grew as a couple as we learned how to communicate in more efficient and gentle ways. We saw some movies, both at the theater and on TV. 2013, the year of Sharknado folks. 

I am sure there are many other things that happened this year but now I got to finish cleaning my house, getting ready for work, and coming home from work to have a little party with my friends. Well minus one since she is busy being Patient Zero. Oh and I probably have to work at work.....I hope you all have a great New Year. Have a Designated Driver, watch the ball drop, and count your blessings, either the ones you already have or the ones coming your way. Goodbye 2013. Thanks for the memories. But now it is time for 2014. Olympics and Japan trips here I come!

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