Sunday, July 14, 2013

The end of Tenchi the Pizza girl: WTF quota reaching maximum output

Hello there my lovely readers. This week I have learned I might have been slightly spoiled in ONCE aspect of my other job. Just one though. Asking off days. Well really it was a two edged sword. You could ask off whenever you wanted and 99.9% of the time the answer was yes. But that meant it was yes for everyone else too. Meaning the boss would say yes and no one would fill in that gap. I sorta felt bad and made sure to at least attempt to find a replacement but often times everyone was already scheduled. Still when it worked out for me it was fine. Since we only have TWO employees at this one location....yeah. It might take some getting used to. Some effort and possible nos.

Still that is ONE thing about my old job that I miss. ONE. That and I could wear whatever I wanted. The con list was much longer. Much, much longer. I just received my third paycheck at my new job and it seems like a lifetime ago I was at Mike's Pizzeria being screamed at and melting on the ground from the lack of AC. I still haven't properly explained what happened that fateful day. Well in my blog. In person....I am sure people are tired of me. So come, walk with me as I explain after 5 loyal years of service I was cast aside for two convicted felons. I will also welcome you into my wonderful new life as a dry cleaner girl.

The story officially starts on a Friday. We had someone dramatically quit because Momager was talking shit behind his back and lying about it. I tried to calm the boy off a cliff but he was like no eff this shit. I was then told I was stirring the pot and made the 16 year old quit. Oh okay. Because that makes sense, me trying to tell the boy to calm down=making his rage quit. So we had one boy quit that night and another put in his two week notice. That meant we would be down two drivers. Keep that in mind. Momager then tells Boss she is not coming in tomorrow (notice of days off? Crazy talk!). I look at Boss and say YOU have to be here tomorrow. YOU! Because if Boss and Momager were not there.....I would be the next one with seniority and I didn't want to mess with that shit. Let me be clear. I was not a manager at all. Just that in terms of how long I worked there it would be me in line. 

Come Saturday and I walk in for my 4 o clock shift. The store should have 7 employees in it plus Boss. I count two. Two people doing ALL THE WORK! Everyone else is outside....I have no idea what they were doing. Not in the store. And everything looks a hot mess, with the two employees I did see trying to make orders now and clean up the mess the morning shift had made. I am like where the hell is Boss?! Not here. And when he called earlier in the day he made it sound like he was not coming in. I am panicking. What the hell?!?!?

I take out a piece of paper to write everyone's name on. Since no else is taking charge or has the authority to take charge I have to make sure all stations are covered and that we don't have too many people. I ask a few people when they came in so I don't accidentally make anyone work a double. Or them complain later I didn't let them go home even though they said nothing to me. One employee....I can't remember my nickname I use for him on this blog. We will go with Roid Rage. Roid Rage won't tell me when he came in. He asks why I need to know even though it is clear what I am doing. I deduce from everyone else he opened the store and write down that Roid Rage should go home no later than 7:00. Roid Rage then takes my paper and says I am not in charge, that I am a nobody. I say okay Mr. Been Here a Year. Roid Rage says Boss left him in charge and I need to stop acting like a bitch, that I know it all. I tell Roid Rage that Boss wouldn't leave him in charge since he can't read or add. That goes over well.

Sensing this will end badly I decided to call Boss. Because I don't want to be in charge. Yet with the crew I had I would be forced to take that role despite not having that title. And since most of the employees were asshole meatheads I could tell no one would listen to me. Case in point. I try to call Boss. But since Boss is the most unprofessional person ever his number is no where in the store. The only people who have Boss's number are Momager and Boss's son Pothead. I ask Pothead to either give me Boss's number of call him for me because I wanted Boss to come here and fix this NOW! 

Behind me appears Roid Rage and Convict. Convict is Pizza Maker Two's brother. This was his 5th shift at Mike's Pizzeria. During his 2nd shift he told Pizza Maker 2 to send me home since Convict could cover my shift much better than I could. Like oh okay. Both Convict and Roid Rage are felons. Roid Rage stabbed someone and Convict likes underage girls. And at this moment were telling Pothead not to call his Dad. Roid Rage assumes he was going to get in trouble whereas Convict decided since Roid Rage has a penis he was in charge despite the fact I had been there 5 times longer than Roid Rage. I told Pothead to give me the number. Pothead decided this was too real for him and ran from all of us. 

As Pothead ran from these huge two guys I was left standing there. Both assholes started yelling at me. To paint a picture I am 5'4” and is as muscular as Prim from the Hunger Games. Roid Rage....well look at his name. Convict is about 6'2” and pretty muscular. And both were leaning over in my face yelling that I was nothing and to calm my shit down and do what they say. So I told them to back off or I was leaving. I was not going to be threatened or harassed just because Boss was too lazy to work. When they wouldn't back off and kept screaming I got my stuff and walked out of the store. It was 4:16. 

This was Saturday. Got home and told my husband what happened. I was visibly shaken. I texted two of the co-workers I didn't hate to apologize for leaving. One Employee, Golden Boy, reported to me that Convict's brother Pizza Maker Two was pissed at ME for implying I was in charge. Since HE was in charge....wait what? I never wanted to be in charge. Roid Rage said HE was in charge. So how was under minding Pizza Maker Two's authority when I never knew he was in charge???! Turns out (or it's a lie from Boss) that Pizza Maker Two was never in charge. 

Still Pizza Maker Two was mad and called Boss right when I left. Thanks Pothead. Secretly Golden Boy got the number and told Boss how I was being harassed and threatened, really stuck up for me. Golden Boy called Monday to say the entire incident had blown over and Boss/Momager knew Rode Rage is to blame. So I waited for my Thursday shift, ready to glare at Convict and Roid Rage. 

I walk in the door and go to put my stuff down when Boss tells me to walk in the back to talk to him. Not good I think. He wants to know why I am there since he texted me last night. HMMM I say, showing him my phone and that I had never received a text from him ever. Well he said he did text me and it said that due to the fact that I abandoned my shift Saturday I was being let go. That Boss and Momager had talked about it and decided this was the best course of action. I am shocked, asking why Boss didn't call ME about what happened on Saturday if he was so upset. He talked around in circles for a while, saying I had done other things besides leaving Saturday. I asked him what things. No answer was given. I tried to tell him what happened, the truth version but Boss listened for only 30 seconds to say that this wasn't working and I was fired. 

What the hell folks? Golden Boy later called me to tell me that he had no idea where this all came from as he was vouching for me and no one seemed that upset. But when I walked out the door that day Momager and Roid Rage were smirking. Like woohoo we got Tenchi out of here. What kind of unprofessional Boss doesn't ask both sides of the story? Oh probably the same one who makes it a habit of hiring Convicts who should probably still be in jail? 

To make matters worse, you know being jobless and fired from my own mother, they refused to send me my last check. You know like a normal business would. I had to go in and pick up my last check myself. And since Momager lives in a land of delusion she had no idea why I was so angry since I quit. Um how did I quit? She said I quit on Saturday night and I shouldn't be so mad. THEN WHY WAS I THERE THURSDAY?!?!?! She then said that Boss fired me and had nothing to do with it. See what level of delusions I was working with? Then Momager said she didn't have my last payment and I needed to come back later. Even though the husband had called 30 minutes before and was told it was ready. Like really.....really. 

The crowning jewel of this story is Golden Boy is the one who quit the pizza place. The second best worker after me. And that Convict was thrown in jail shortly after I was fired for......underage girls. SHOCKER!!!! I just wish that Roid Rage had been thrown back in jail too for his awful temper. But yes this was a slight bit of justice. Three out of 5 of the drivers were no longer in the store and I am sure Pizza Maker Two, who lied on me and got me in trouble, was pretty upset about this. A slight bit of justice for me but still......I know this job was awful but in the history of Mike's Pizzeria only one other employee had been fired. No matter how bad other employees became no one was fired. So clearly I am slightly bitter that out of everyone, from people who missed work weeks at a time, who lied about losing money on deliveries, and who got pulled over by the cops for driving 50 in a 10 mile school pick up zone....I was the one chosen to be fired. 

Three weeks after my sad panda routine at the house friend calls and says I have been hired by her dry cleaner place, only at another location. A quick trip (or long said adventure into I hate pants land) to the store to buy nicer work cloths and I was all ready to start searching pockets and tagging clothes. And it has been about three weeks since then. So far I have not melted from the lack of AC nor have I been nearly eaten by a misbehaving dog. No more stiffing tippers or wrong numbers on phones or houses. But I have been yelled at for charging the people the correct price on things. Guess that never changes, people thinking things are way too expensive. Oh and people think that we are miracle workers and can get out set in stains that have been there for months.

But matter how new I am at this job and that there are some customers who is way better that Mike's Pizzeria. I only have one other co-worker and we take pride in our work and strive to get things done right. I am not constantly yelled at or told I am rude. While I am still pissed at how things went down and feel disrespected on many levels, this job seems much better. At the very least...I won't have to see Roid Rage or Convict ever again. Just hope that life knocks them down a peg or two. This isn't the 1940's, have some respect for woman!


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Holy crap, your old job was horrible!

I'm so glad that you got out of that Hellhole! Conan O Brian was right: Florida is full of crazies! I've never seen so much drama at a work place before! You had to endure this for years?! I would have quit within the first week and work at Disneyland! Or Costco.

Well, at least the dry cleaner is a better place than the pizzeria. So happy that you got out of that place.

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I know I wrote a reply to this but here it still sits in my inbox.

This place...was insane. I mean I know people exhargerate to make their stories sound better and sometimes I am afraid people think that of me. But I actually have to take out details! Because in my mind people can figure out who I am and can hunt me down. XD But yes I left out some major things in all the stories I told just to keep where I work a hidden place. It was that bad and some.

The reason for sticking around....probably unpofessional but I got to take off when I wanted to. Like okay going to Japan for a month bye! Because everyone else did. I tried not to abuse as much as everyone else did but I paid my dues, I wanted to go. And while I got some crappy tips at times I got some great ones.

Other than that...clearly I was on crack. Maybe the non air conditioned heat got to my brain. Let it be known the man who did the screaming at me in this story has had his hours cut TWICE since I left because he yelled at Momager and called her a bitch (MOG didn't he do that to me and I was the one fired?!), the other man who yelled was sent back to jail for more underage sex, and his brother went into a diabetic coma (the one who said I caused the fight). HMMMMM......sometimes what comes around goes around. And it came around a lot....I rather it came around to the main yeller but yeah. X___X Full of crazies. Maybe I will pass out birthday buttons when I am old at Disney. XD

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