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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 2

Hello there lovely readers. My not so lovely neighbors are making all sorts of noise outside. They better cool it down soon. The husband is trying to sleep and I am trying to change my night owl ways. I have the best neighbors......at least the one with the 5 kids who slam the doors all the time are gone. Although in the grand scheme of things it is better to stay up late than be woken up too early.
 photo kamisamaepisode213_zpsbf809fb5.jpg
Yay for being best friends forever!!!!
As I wait for the neighbors to simmer down...more anime posts!!!! Up now is Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 2. Spoilers for....Ai being too trusting. She needs an adult!
 photo kamisamaepisode2_zpsb0c1dd7c.jpg
Ai. She knows what's important folks.
Episode Summary: Hampnie introduces Ai to the gravekeeper who magically appeared behind them. She says her name is Scar but Hampnie makes Scar list all the other names she has been called throughout the years: killer, murderer, death god, ect. All with a smile. Hampnie shows Ai that this is how a real peacekeeper acts, friendly but detached. Ai keeps insisting that she is a gravekeeper too. Hampnie asks Scar all the questions (in the weird fashion) that he asked to Ai earlier, about a girl dead or alive named Hanna. Scar knows of some Hannas but not the one he seeks. He deems this all worthless and tells Scar to rebury all the 47 people up the hill. Scar states that she doesn't sense anything wrong, that humans have been put to rest there properly. This shocks Hampnie as this means Ai is a real gravekeeper. Scar goes on her to keep the peace and really bury the dead while Ai follows Hampnie. Hampnie asks Ai what she is going to do now. She says she is real peacekeeper so she will go to people who need her. Hampnie tries to point out that she will need more than a job to be alive in this cruel world and knocks her around a little bit. He then goes on and on how Ai needs to get her previously “happy” life out of her head as this world is full of cruel things and it will slowly crush her spirit into nothing. When Ai states she will not forget her past Hampnie thinks it might be best to kill Ai now so she can remain herself. As he goes to shoot Hampnie is shot instead, near his left lung. Ai is like um did that hurt and he starts screaming at her it does and falls down. A sniper from a roof nearby runs by and snatches up Ai. Hampnie starts introducing the man, ending with his friend Julie. Julie is like this is my sworn enemy Ai as he killed my wife. Hampnie explains that he does not kill anyone, that the wife had been dead for nearly a year and Julie refused to have her buried. Julie insists they were happy and Hampnie ruined it all. Oh and during this all Hampnie got all better and it is explained briefly that Hampnie is immortal. Hampnie wants to know why Julie wants revenge 6 years later. Hampnie decides that the daughter must have died and Julie has no meaning in his life and wants Hampnie to kill him. Julie insists he wants revenge and threatens to kill Ai if Hampnie doesn't comply. Hampnie is like...I was just going to kill her but whatever. Hampnie agrees to a duel at dawn, to give Julie what he wants. Ai follows Hampnie who was never going through with the duel despite Julie getting ready for it. Ai says that she still wants to be a gravekeeper even if Hampnie doesn't think she will be good at it or that she is ready for the outside world.
 photo kamisamaepisode26_zps6bc2c135.jpg
This is Hampnie....helping Ai. Again.
Still Ai follows Hampnie who is trying to make good time because Julie will soon follow. Ai trips 5 seconds into the trip and Hampnie offers to piggyback her. Ai finds that embarrassing but finally agrees. Hampnie then runs and jumps and falls all over the forest. Ai is not really appreciative of this gesture but they rest for the night in a broken down fight. Ai becomes hungry and offers Hampnie some cookies. Hampnie says that he is a monster and doesn't need food. Ai is like people are people, no matter how small....or dead. Hampnie eats a cookie and that breaks the ice. Ai wants to know how Hampnie knows Julie so it is story time. Hampnie and Julie went to school together. End of the story. But Hampnie then talks about the day God left everyone hanging. Ai repeats the story that has been told to everyone after the fact, that God said heaven and hell were full and people could fend for themselves. Hampnie thinks that was made up, that the real truth is that God was trying to grant wishes. That people have a natural wish to not die. Hampnie has no theory on why people can't have kids now but it would explain the gravekeepers when people changed their minds about living forever. Still life grew hard as 20k people died from zombie fever, being a large of horde the undead. Hampnie goes on to explain that when people died they are themselves for quite a while after the fact (if the wound isn't that bad). But slowly they lose who they are and become monsters. Hampnie thinks this theory is true because he is immortal. He had a condition in which he could not enjoy the sun. When he recovered he wished to stay like that forever and tada!!!! Hampnie then explains why Scar was talking about Ai the way she was. Ai is 12. People have not been born in over 15 years. How can this be? Hampnie thinks that Ai is the daughter of a gravekeeper, thus explaining her powers and why she has emotions. Ai seems satisfied with this answer while Hampnie wonders about the mom. Ai then asks why Hampnie killed the whole village. Thinking the answer is obvious Hampnie says that Ai would have figured out the secret behind the village eventually. What secret? THE END!
 photo kamisamaepisode23_zpsda5b8d63.jpg
Also sparkle sparkle sparkle.
Well.......that was a little tiny bit off. The colors seemed better this episode though. Everything wasn't as blurry as the last one. Maybe I had a bad copy of the episode. Sure there was still sparkles and the colors are very....colorful if that makes sense. Especially the background. There are still....wisps on the ground. I can't tell if that is Ai's doing or just the way the anime is drawn. Pretty much maybe confusing?
 photo kamisamaepisode212_zpsac89c692.jpg
He is just so nice to her on top of killing everyone she knows.
Another thing that is confusing is...Ai following Hampnie. It wasn't until the end of the episode that the entire dead village thing came up. In passing. Why hasn't Ai been focused on that? I mean she is 12 and these are people she has known her whole like. All dead. By this person. And she doesn't show signs of hating him or anything. It just threw me off. I know that often times people walk away from bloodbaths and dance down the street after something horrible. Just...I think those people are freaks too. Where is the mourning?! Or the hating of the killer?
 photo kamisamaepisode22_zps6335c9b3.jpg
Is expressional a word?
Instead Hampnie was more interested in teaching Ai a thing or two. I guess deep down Hampnie might be lonely or bored because it was hard to figure out why he was bothering with Ai. Just run and let her get lost in the woods. But maybe he is just trying to play the part of a rough guy and he has a big heart. Either welcome hello Scar. Thrown any family members off a cliff lately? But seriously Scar is a bit....creepy. Which is what Hampnie was trying to prove. That Ai is so emotional she can't be a gravekeeper. I thought Scar could have been less....expressional though if that made sense. More stoic.
 photo kamisamaepisode27_zpsfebf30d7.jpg
Just.....you know....way too young to even exist and I have emotions and stuff.
Either way Scar didn't do anything in this episode. She sorta just......showed up and left without rhyme or reason. Perhaps she was coming to clean up the issue with the village? That Hampnie just wanted to question these people and Scar was always the one to clean things up. Just the villagers were not happy with being found out and opened fire. But how it was presented to me Scar showed up and left. Like a crazy plot device that was too obvious for words. Just for Hampnie to make a point.
 photo kamisamaepisode24_zpsb4d195b6.jpg
Wait what you talking about Scar?
But I guess Scar did have a purpose. She did inform Hampnie that Ai was not a liar. That Ai was a real peacekeeper. Hampnie was telling Scar to finish up and bury all those people, trying to show Ai that she truly isn't a gravekeeper. Only that Scar the random person who came out of nowhere confirms that all the dead have been buried and all is good. HMMMM how can this be? Oh wait Scar is leaving? Thanks for that information, time to file it away. Ai is a gravekeeper despite it being possible.
 photo kamisamaepisode28_zps6f8343e9.jpg
If Ai has been sheltered all her life why is she okay with this treatment?
Well if Hampnie can't prove Ai wrong.......he can crush her hopes and dreams. And threaten her. All under the guise of being helpful and truthful. Um what was I saying again about Hampnie being misunderstood and maybe being a nice guy? The world has probably changed since everyone has stopped “dying” and no more kids were being born. I am sure things were bad before but all of this bleakness has added to the evil in the world. I am also sure there are still acts of kindness, that this village wasn't the only place where people worked together and protected one another. Just like this world has a lot of negatives in it...there are also positives. Hampnie just failed to mention anything positive. Oh and he pointed a gun at Ai's head. HMMMM!
 photo kamisamaepisode29_zpsd9741b0b.jpg
Enter the blurriness!
Enter the Julie shooting Hampnie. At first I thought Hampnie was being all snarky about being shot, like DUH THIS HURTS STUPID! But then he was like hahaha I am immoral you must be crazy. I have to admit that part was a bit confusing as Hampnie seems....bent on running around and making sure no one else is dead and still living. But the crowning jewel of this entire stand off was when Julie threatened to kill Ai after he saved her from Hampnie. Because...Hampnie was going to shoot her. Great bargaining chip dude. So amazing this fight.
 photo kamisamaepisode211_zpsf341a718.jpg
A year?....Does she have to wear a car freshener around her neck?
So why has Julie come out of nowhere to not save Ai? He wants Hampnie to kill him. Or he wants to kill Hampnie. But probably what he really wants is for them both to take the other out, to die at the same time. There are different levels of “dead” in this world now. It isn't instant zombiefication. We don't need Daryl to shoot people once they get bit. People are still people....probably for quite a while after death has occurred. Oh just a flesh wound that should have caused you to bleed out? You still have three years. But then you start to lose your memories, slowly I assume. Then you start to look at alive people and maybe want to eat your brains. But since people, like Julie, have kept these people alive for so long, it is hard to put them down.
 photo kamisamaepisode210_zpse7efae74.jpg
Just dig the knife in deeper dude.
Which seems to piss Julie off a lot. He can't stand this fake happiness and denial and shot Julie's wife super dead. Well not really since only a Gravekeeper can do that. And has decided that Julie has returned for revenge as the last piece of hope, the daughter, has died. Hampnie then proceeds to be an asshole, taunting Julie and promising a duel to end this all. I can't say that Hampnie is wrong....just....you know...is an asshole. And what is this immortal stuff again?!
 photo kamisamaepisode25_zps01a53fa9.jpg
Hopefully far away from you?
After seeing all of this Ai still follows Hampnie. I am still confused as to why. I know the girl has no idea what to do with her life but at this point maybe she should offer to give Julie a reason to live and make a family with him. Anything other than going off with this man who can't even give piggyback rides in a nice manner. Why Ai why?!!?!?
 photo kamisamaepisode214_zps3c8a47d4.jpg
The cookies of friendship.
Because apparently Ai is a nice person. Who gives Hampnie cookies. And apparently we are supposed to like Hampnie because he hasn't killed Ai yet and ate said cookies. This means it is time to open up and make Hampnie seem more human like. By talking about how he is immortal. I like how the story was supposed to be about Julie but instead it turned into why Julie can get shot in the stomach and doesn't need cookies.
 photo kamisamaepisode215_zps0aa52279.jpg
Maybe God heard me talking smack about kids....
Which is all very interesting. I knew the story Ai said about God last week sounded....odd. Which would make sense since Ai was not there and might have been living in a town full of liars. Hampnie's theory sounds...well a bit silly but I see how he can think this. Maybe the reason why no one can have kids is EVERYONE is dead, the walking dead. And dead people can't make babies. There are just way more stages of death than Hampnie thinks. But his theory might hold water as he is walking around looking so fresh at 33. Oh and no bullet holes in him. So...yeah this might all be true.
 photo kamisamaepisode216_zpsf3e4f4dd.jpg
At the 15th hour!
The episode ends with Ai FINALLY asking why Hampnie did what he did. She should have asked him that from minute one. None of this following people around crap. HE KILLED YOUR PEOPLE! I hope that Hampnie really does explain what happened but maybe it is obvious, like he said to Ai. That the village had been dead for quite a while. Maybe some disease took them all out. Yet it was the early stages of death and everyone was putting on a happy face for Ai even though they were all slowly dying on the inside. The last dude to die was creepy looking before he lost half his face. So....yeah Hampnie. Explain yourself and stop acting like the martyr.


Eternia said...

This show is certainly not a good show, but I will sticky around just because there are not many better shows currently anyway.

Very smart there, rifle man! Using the little girl as an hostage even though your opponent tried to kill her himself. LOL.

Anyway, it seems that Ai is really a daughter born from a gravekeeper mom and a human dad. Which makes me think that it's an irony, Hampnie called the gravekeepers monster, but in a way, they are more humane than you guys who can no longer make babies. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Your question about Scar, the LN states, according to Hampnie who try to tell that Ai is not a gravekeeper in the beginning of ep2.

When he 1st met Scar, he start to check out (by eyes, I mean) her looks, body-figure, and yes, her boobs.

“Huge. The early model? ” (remember, grivekeeper are send/create by God) Hampnie asked.

Ai is like o///////0!! “W-wait a minute, father! You’re being rude!”

“Huh?! Idiot, you’re the rude one. Gravekeepers aren’t concerned over such things. Their bodies don’t have the functions for it.” (Yes. He said it. Gravekeeper can NOT reproduce, AT ALL!!). Ai is like “the functions for it-what?” All confused…......

“Pleased to meet you. I am Hampnie Hambart, the ‘man-eating toy’.”

“What! That’s big trouble! Quickly, mama! Put the toys back” Scar faked anxiety.

“Kuh, hahaha….fufufu….” both of them start laughing at the joke.

“See, Ai, this person IS a gravekeeper.”

Ai still don’t get it, thinking “is it because I don’t have big chest area?”

“P…pleased to meet you. My name is Ai……u..um, you’re really pretty.”

“I am honored by your compliment. Pleased to meet you, my name is Scar.”

“I see…..so you are Scar-san.” Ai thinking happily that she met new people. However, Hampine just have to crash it.

“You don’t have any common sense, do you? There’s nobody w/ such a name.” Hampine said to her while smack her face. Then turn around to Scar w/ another question: “Scar, what you were called before.” Again, it was not a question but a statement.

She smile and said, “Murderer.” This started Ai, but still, Scar continues w/ a serine face, “Death God, Inhuman, Scar, Yuri, Maria, Stone Head, Death God, Scar……..” All while remain the same peaceful face feature, and Ai can’t help but feel uncomfortable.

“That’s Enough. What is your very 1st name? It should be one give to you by god.” He asked.

“There isn’t one.”

“Ha ha,” he laughed, “That’s good enough and you are fine w/ that?”

“Of course.” Answered Scar w/ a good-natured expression, yet this only brings chill to Ai.

“You see, Ai, this unbecoming attitude, she doesn’t even care what her name is.”

“…NO.” Ai screams loudly to herself, “I am different from T.H.A.T. If I am to be called like that…If I don’t have a name………I am different from a gravekeeper.”

Then something interesting happened, Hampine tried to call Scar ‘Maria’ because he thinks “Scare is a little unpleasant”, but Scar rejected and said, “No, you must definitely call me Scar”. This made him thought “You can actually reject someone…you’re quite broken too, aren’t you”.

Later, he asked the “Hanna” question and, like you see in ep2, she does not know the Hanna he seeks, Hampine half-hearty apologize for disturbing her, and she replies, “No, no, it is my duty to help deliver a good life to living people.”


Anonymous said...

Your other question w/ Scar, “Why she was there?”

In the LN it was explained by Hampine, when he wants her to buried the dead villagers again, “[gravekeeper] with their shovel, can make the dead die. When we burnt and buried them, it merely stopped them from moving.” He also stated that there are 2 types of gravekeepers wondering around: The 1st stop somewhere to handle the dead. The 2nd type like to chase the dead to the ends of the world. Scar belong to the 1st type and they, like Hampine said, “They use their noses…she must have sensed the dead here….”

However when Scar told him that “There are no dead here.” He is very surprise, thinking “My ears is not working today…” To Scar, “Sorry, what?”

Scar calmly repeat, “I do not feel the presence of the dead in the direction.”

“No Way!” Exclaimed Hampine, “They are only few meters away from where we are!”

Scar told him again there are indeed corpses but are finely buried, and “I am indeed a gravekeeper, but my destination is somewhere else. I was just passing by here.”

This makes Ai very happy, and give Hampine a in-your-face smug, “See! I am a gravekeeper! I am really a gravekeeper! What? Try rebutting like you did so confidently just now! (point her finger at him) Serves you right!”.

Since he does not need Scar anymore so he shoots her away.

“Great. You’ve earned the title of a gravekeeper.” Said Hampine (LOL, you can actually hear his not-so-great-now voice when you read that part of the novel. They should have put that line in the anime, LOL it was so funny, especially he was SOOOOOOO confident about it. > v <), “That one (Scar)’s a veteran, so I can trust her. Then, you, what are you going to do from now on?” ……..And we saw his pay-back when he start to question/hitting Ai left and right on how should she live from now on…..like where will she sleep, what will she eat, etc.

Anonymous said...


Your next question, about the “different levels of ‘dead’”:

It is not loose memories; well not really, he explained when they are near the fire, the ‘dead’ become more selfish and clingy. This often bring out a tragedy for their love ones, like “I want to live, please don’t let gravekeeper come near me.” Or “I want to stay w/you so please let me stay ‘alive’ a little longer”, or somethings like that……..

“Even so, I was fine w/ it! We were happy!” Julie roar at Hampine . This, I agree w/ you Tenchi, Hampine is being a huge @sshole and replied, “Oh……but I could not accept that happiness,” stare at Julie w/ a I-don’t-give-a-sh*t face, “I’ll apologize for that.” Then *Bang* Julie shoot him.

Looking back one more time to the village that rise her, Ai decides to continue living. In the LN, when Hampine asked, “What? You want to follow me? Don’t want to be a gravekeeper anymore?”

Ai replied, “No, but I am going with you. Perhaps you’ll give up, or perhaps I’m going against everyone’s wishes, but I am going with you.”


“Because that’s what I want.”


It is due to those moments that Ai realize that there is a big difference b/w “I don’t want to die” and “I want to live”. Also I think (this is just my POV from now on) the reason Ai still follow him because she still think that he could still possibly be his ‘father’ (even though she also completely states out aloud that “my father could not do something like this [killing others]; there are some translation errors, who sub this?) for that’s the only clue/person she has left for her possibly family member.

As for the secret of the village, he refuse to tell Ai because since he killed everyone there and for him to be the one tell Ai those (negative) things the villager do may be bit too crule.


Anonymous said...

Something else you may want to know:

If Hampine injured himself or his body is injured, he just kills himself and, since people can’t die, revive good as new. Like he said in the LN, “It’s convenient. If I die, then all my injuries and damages will be restored.” However this anger Ai very much.

“Don’t die just because it’s convenient!!” Ai scolded him, “As a gravekeeper, it DISPLEASES me!!”

Another thing, when he give her a piggyback rid, she was embarrassed, but giggled as he carries her.

“What’s w/ that gross sound…..(what an awful man)”

“…father is acting like a father.”


“Erm…..What’s it? You are acting all quiet?”

“No, I saw a glimpse of a sweet dream, that’s all. “

Then we saw Ai’s having the piggyback of her life. While she is on his back she keeps complaining, “This isn’t a piggyback! I’m NOT happy about it! I want a more proper family service!”

“Huh? That’s strange; I loved doing this w/ my father when I was a brat.”

“Don’t treat me like a boy!” Ai screamed, “But can you really carried me around like this for a long tim-- ” before she even finish her question, he stab himself again….

A silence, then “All right! I can STILL go on!”

Ai’s like -___-, “father, did you just do what I think you……”

“Yes, I died.” He answered shamelessly.

“NO!!! Please don’t die while carrying me!!!”

As he keep jumping around Ai fainted, and you saw what happen to them afterword in the anime.

Anonymous said...

Did she just trip over flat ground? LOL. Oh Ai-chan, good luck w/ your survival in this world. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Christina said...

Eternia- While I can appreciate the color scheme as an idea watching it is a bit hard on my eyes. And since I love me some zombies I will be sticking around.

But oh Lord....people. I know being blinded by rage can make you do stupid things but when someone threatens to do something, don't threaten them back by doing the same thing. I don't think that is how that works.

Since Hampnie is older than he looks maybe he is Ai's father? X__X And her mom changed her name and he is looking for her?

Anonymous 1- Why the hell would he stab himself while walking with her? Just for shits and giggles? I get the regeneration thing, sorta like Wolverine but more serious. But random stabbing? It's not like she weighs a million pounds.

The anime made it sound like Hampnie knew Scar a bit better than this. Now I see he just sees her from time to time, they don't actually work together. But yeah I still think it is special she was walking through for something else. I think it would have made more sense that she was coming to bury the villagers since it took a while for Ai to do it all/wake up but then realized the job was done for her and came to see what was up.

Thank you for all the insight! I can see that Hampnie is a really...special kind of person. Kicking Ai in the head, then taking care of her. Refusing to answer questions, but then explaining things. Ai should take off running at the next town but knowing animes she will be interesting in Hampnie and follow him forever.

Even though there is stuff being left out this seems to be better than Arata so far. Or at least...the major point are showing through. Even if they could stand to hammer it home a bit more.

Anonymous 2- Running into walls is my specialty. XD However when there is a variation of the zombie Apocalypse going on outside maybe one should be a little careful when traveling down a level road. Especially when there is a gun man behind you and one in front of you.

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