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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 3: What the hell?

So tired guys. So tired and pissed. I live near slobs. Jerks. Assholes. Apparently walking up the ramp to the garbage disposal is way too hard. The door is way too heavy to open. Trash is way too inconvenient to throw away. So people have just left it to rot all over the sidewalk and ramp. I spent an entire hour today picking up ALL THE BAGS and throwing them away. Throwing up forever. I don't think ice cream can fix this hot mess. I people want to pay MORE for their home owners fee. THROW THE DAMN GARBAGE AWAY!!!
 photo kamisamaepisode35_zpscf6f290a.jpg
Wai sad little girl face!!!!!
While scrubbing the rest of the muck off of me have another anime episode. If you aren't gagging like me. STUPID NEIGHBORS! Here is the post for Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 3. Spoilers for....well a lot of head scratching. AND SPOILERS FOR MADOKA! Major plot point discussed in this post.
 photo kamisamaepisode3_zpsbca12f0c.jpg
And we couldn't have this village with Hampnie because of his beliefs?
Episode Summary: During a brief flashback Ai and her Momma are looking out towards what becomes their village. Momma explains she wants to create a heaven on Earth but doesn't get into the details with Ai. All seems to have gone well until Hampnie shot them all up. In the present Ai is still with Hampnie as he teases her that she doesn't even know where he is walking. After some teasing and small talk Ai gets Hampnie to open up on his real mission. He wants to find his love Hana and see how she is doing despite the fact she left him high and dry. He will see how she is doing and proceed from there. Ai notes how lonely this sounds and starts to feel bad for Hampnie again, that he is not a monster. Hampnie keeps on talking, trying to explain to Ai how awful this world really is. Because no one is being born it is inevitable that he will be the last one “conscious” on Earth. He wants to find a way to off himself before that fate occurs. This leads to Ai crying more, that Hampnie is just misunderstood and what not. Hampnie stops them on a bridge and gets pissed. He kicks Ai off the damn bridge where she falls in the water and seems to pass off for quite a while. Eventually Yuri comes along and seems to rescue Ai from the water. There is some underwear antics but eventually Ai is dressed and Yuri explains to her that Hampnie blew himself up in an attempt to save himself and Ai. Still Hampnie has been captured. Ai decides that she needs to rescue him despite the fact that he did some awful things. Yuri then decides to break things down for Ai, putting aside his hate apparently FOR NO REASON. He shows Ai a picture of the woman Hampnie is looking for and Ai is shocked.
 photo kamisamaepisode317_zpscbd280b9.jpg keep thinking that Ai. XD
Hampnie wakes up and apparently the circus is in town. Freaks all over the place and Hampnie is tied up. The head freak is named Hicotz and has decided to either be Hampnie or torture him to maybe death so he him. It is quite insane and Hampnie finds it all funny. Hampnie confesses that his main goal in life is to die with his family and friends around him, with no regrets. A happy fate. Hicotz is devastated by this news that Hampnie is not insane and goes to hurt the man again when Ai, Scar, and Yuri walk in. Ai announces that the person Hampnie is looking for is her mother and that he is her father. That her mother left Hampnie many years ago to create a village full of dead people, to protect Ai or something. Thus explaining everything or nothing. Ai, Scar, and Yuri then have a mortal kombat moment, killing all the Circus freaks as Hampnie realizes this is all true, that his Hana gave birth to their kid and how wonderful none of this is. After all the freaks are killed for good Ai bends down to talk to Hampnie. He confesses how happy he is...and DIES! But since this is Dawn of the Dead Hampnie wakes up and Ai cries all over him. Hampnie was happy that he was able to get over his immortality by some MAGIC and now it is his time to actually die. So the group walks back to the village, creating happy memories for Ai as she spends time with Daddy. Then when the day ends....she buries him in the graveyard next to her mom, so he could die as himself. She does so with tears in her eyes but vows to keep on being a gravekeeper. THE END!
 photo kamisamaepisode313_zpsb77b07c0.jpg
Scar's words are usually crazy so you know....
…...I have no words. Well that is a lie. Obviously. I am person of many words. But right after watching this episode the words didn't come easily. They especially stopped flowing when I took a look online and realized a lot of people viewed this episode as positive. I was slightly...well caught off guard by this. Clearly this is the best episode of the show and this is the best anime of the season and I am just odd.
 photo kamisamaepisode310_zpsec0a3b7f.jpg
Also THIS was weird. Um random friendship now? When did things get worked out?
So...why is this so weird? Three episodes in and one of the main character dies? HMMMM. Now before everyone goes but Tenchi what about Madoka...hear me out. With Madoka I feel as if we really knew Mami. Knew what she was about. Her hopes and dreams. Right before she got her head bitten off she confessed to Madoka how she wasn't this brave girl, that she was scared and tired of being alone. She had some haughty moments with Homura. She took Madoka and Crazy Face under her wing. I felt even if her time was short in the first three episodes her impact was felt for the rest of the episode.
 photo kamisamaepisode37_zps74d9eec4.jpg
Best father ever!
Perhaps that will be the same with Hampnie later....but for now it does not seem the same. It all seems really....disjointed and sad and pointless. Like this was the final episode. Ai has no family. All is lost. Go get them zombies. When Mami died it showed how harsh the world was and forced Madoka to think how things were not cupcakes and rainbows. Now that Hampnie is gone now what? Like really now what? Ai is going to go out there and kill other people? Can something TOP this sad moment? I feel as if the high moment of the show has already been reached and there can't be any more tugging at heart strings.
 photo kamisamaepisode39_zpsae852952.jpg
Good thing Ai doesn't look like her mother or anything.
I I care that Hampnie died? Kicking around Ai...doesn't make me want to like him. And I hear there was more abuse in the source material. Given how....nice he apparently was supposed to be I am not feeling this. I get being a conflicted soul, I do. But take that aggression out on the dead. Or the semi dead. Or finding out how all this happened. Beating Ai around as if to toughen her up...not flying with me. Even if Ai flew through the air.
 photo kamisamaepisode312_zps971ec9da.jpg
How can you die happy knowing that Ai is still alone?!
I just...I don't feel as if there was enough of Hampnie to matter. To make what happened to him impactful. Like all his plot points WERE explained, but at the bare minimum. Not enough to make him main character status. Not enough for Ai to truly have developed feelings for him. Not enough of anything. A man looking for a girl who left him over 12 years ago. He wished to experience the feeling in the sun forever. And he hates that the dead can stay alive and pretend to be human.
 photo kamisamaepisode36_zpsec021fe0.jpg
:( Well that is a bit sad.
Okay I lied. While writing the summary I remembered there was one part of the episode that did make me feel something for Hampnie, made me feel bad for him. When he was explaining to Ai that he didn't want to be the last human on Earth. I can see why he would think that. Might be a little too soon to be thinking that way, as there are lots of humans left but maybe it will take him a while to figure this out. I mean....15 years doesn't really sound like a lot when it comes to immortality but I guess Hampnie figured out what his wish really was and needed to find his lady before it became too late. So while Hampnie and his child abusing ways were hurtful it seems as if there is a lot going on in his head. That he is very passionate about things and can get emotional at times. So.....yeah that point of the episode did touch me. Guess that was the grand finale for Hampnie.
 photo kamisamaepisode314_zpscc18b314.jpg
Here is some good news, die now!
While some of that was explained it really...wasn't. Like if Hampnie was himself immortal why did he hate the dead beyond the normal hatred? Like please don't eat my brains eventually dead people. No Hampnie acted ultra upset. Like it disgusted him on a personal level. But why is that? Not explained. Oh I see. Nor is it explained why Yuri did a complete 180, deciding to SAVE Hampnie when 5 seconds ago it was his life's mission to kill the man or be killed by the man. I mean it really isn't explained why Scar just randomly showed up but maybe real gravekeepers can do that. Of course it doesn't explain why Scar didn't show up the 6 plus years in DeadRUs village, after the momma died. See, way too fast and not enough things are explained.
 photo kamisamaepisode311_zpsdd35ae5b.jpg
You might need a new fanclub....
Who the hell were the people that captured and tortured Hampnie? Like really they didn't last long enough for me to care. Only the one who was trying to look like Hampnie mattered. Everyone else was killed in the Matrix apparently. Why the hell was he trying to be like Hampnie? I realize that all of these people were dead and probably started to lose their minds. But how famous was Hampnie? Who else knew about him? I thought it was the zombie apocalypse up in this world and people still were able to communicate that Hampnie was...happenin? I don't know, it just seemed so random. Like hello Governor, want to torture some lovely people on The Walking Dead? Forced forced and random. And crazy.
 photo kamisamaepisode319_zps7e1a2f84.jpg
I shall forgot all that you did and that I barely know you to celebrate the fact you are my father!
From the start Ai assumed that Hampnie was her father. Despite the fact that he looked about 17. Currently. Understanding now he is not. But still...this false belief turned out to be true and it....felt off. Really off. That there wasn't enough leading up to it. Ai said you are my father and BAM it was true. Of course none of this really makes sense and Ai should still have hurt feelings. Like how Hampnie didn't sit down and explain to Ai WHY he killed the villagers. Now it all makes sense, that they were slowly dying or already dead. But since Ai lived in a bubble she didn't know all of this and should still see Hampnie as someone who is heartless. Not woohoo you are my dad!!!!
 photo kamisamaepisode316_zps10103fd2.jpg
If Hampnie felt this way before Momma met him why did she...stick around long enough to get pregnant? Maybe Momma leaving made him think this way. Or she was making the village to show him how things could change. WENT OVER GREAT!
Also why did the Momma leave Hampnie anyway? She was supposed to be a gravekeeper yes? Not knowing much about gravekeepers I doubt they can die? Or maybe she was that defective she didn't want to be around him when she did? But Ai never meet Hampnie. So Mommas was dying for years? Perhaps she loved him and was hurt about his attitude about the undead and left to start a village of the undead? I doubt that makes sense either. If this village was a haven for those “dead” why would the Momma have to die anyway? Why would Momma tell Ai about Hampnie if she feared him? None of this really makes sense and is wrapped up in OH romantic. More like stupidity.
 photo kamisamaepisode315_zpsf1fa3b80.jpg
I feel as if all the words in my head make more sense than the ones I am typing out to you all. I feel as if this episode was so off base and off. Hampnie just...loses his mortality after finding out Ai is his daughter? Because God is just granting his wish right? Well if that is the case why are there still undead all over the place? If God was in the business of granting more wishes why let this happen at all? Some say it all has to do with what really happened to Hampnie the day he got his mortality. I don't know. It just seems...odd that Hampnie could find happiness in this moment and POOF it turned into an episode of Buffy and Angel is all a demon again. I mean...what is there to be happy about? His woman is dead and had a kid without him knowing and now he will leave her all alone in this world because he killed her village. The only two people near Ai at his death are a crazy gravekeeper and someone who up until 5 minutes ago wanted him dead too. So yeah. I am not seeing the happiness. Surrounded by his friends and family, smiling indeed.
 photo kamisamaepisode320_zps2dba005c.jpg
See Hampnie gets to be happy. That is all that matters. Suck it Ai!!!!
Before anyone says this I get it. I get that Hampnie had to die. And had to die soon as it would make him a hypocrite and that is worse that leaving your daughter alone in the world unable to take care of herself. I get that he had to die on that day or his morale character would have rotted his soul. No no, Hampnie couldn't spend a few weeks with his daughter, trying to teach her how to survive in the world and getting her somewhere safe. All those hours of smacking her around were enough folks. Hampnie had to die now, happy and on his terms, next to the woman who apparently left him and broke his heart. I get that all!!!
 photo kamisamaepisode318_zps6ec358e1.jpg
Can't you see the happy ending?!
So after all this tragic mess the show is over right? OR it is only episode 3 and there is still tons and tons of this show left. I get it folks. This was never about Hampnie. It was about Ai and how she is thrown from her happy world to that of chaos and sadness. I really do understand that. It is just that people are saying this is the show of the season, mainly because someone died in seemingly a pointless way. That so much was left up in the air and unexplained the real impact of the death didn't really make sense or effect me the way it should have. I feel as if this episode was TRYING to be outrageous and talked about, not actually succeeding in doing so. That this show is TRYING to be the break out show, not letting it happen naturally. Either I am missing a lot of the original source material information or I am massively confused. Just.....Yuri is helping Hampnie, Ai is forgiving Hampnie, and Hampnie is okay with going out this way? What the hell.....


Anonymous said...

I think that god granted Hampnie’s wish to die peacefully, because he found out Ai was his daughter, and it just so happens that he’s bleeding to death as this happened, so god removed Hampnie’s immortality, which I guess some people could say is a little too much for coincidence, but I thought that was a rather smooth transitions than an unnnatural one.

Anonymous said...

As a LN reader, I agree w/ Mr. backbone:
>At first I thought this arc would end in episode 4, but it seems like the studio didn’t take their sweet time and rush things like mad. Hell, this episode is basically 2/3 contents of volume 1. They cut too many scenes and as the result, this episode lost much emotional impacts compared to LN:

When Julie saved Ai from drowning in river: Perhaps some people are wondering why Julie trying to save Hampnie, the person whom he wants to kill so badly. It’s because, upon saving Ai and revealing Humpnie’s real identity, he also told her that nobody may kill Hampnie but himself. Apparently his revenge Is stronger than anything else, hence he won’t let the thugs to take such privilege from him. While in anime, his only reason is because Hampnie acknowledges him as his friend.

After Hampnie dead, and reborn as undead: There Is one month timeskip where he and Ai were spending time together as father and daughter before eventually coming back to Ai’s village so he can be buried.

If people are wondering “why” an immortal like him could still die, it’s because his “wish” from God, to meet the people he loved has been fulfilled and thus cancelling his previous wish, his immortality
And the most powerful scene, that the studio forgot to adapt in anime --> When Hampnie Is about to be buried (yes, his eye is still open and "looking peacefully" at Ai!!), he gave his last message to Julie to take care of Ai upon his death. Everyone Is crying, including the robotic and emotionless scar. It’s the most emotionally powerful and tearjerking scene in this arc. And honestly I was bawling my eyes off while reading this part, while in anime, it just looked like forced drama

Overall a decent episode, but still left a lot to be desired.<

Anonymous said...

This episode would’ve been a lot better/sadder if the studio didn’t cut out quite a number of things:

1) Humpnie asked Yuri to take care off Ai.

2)The fact that most villagers were just taking advantage of Ai and her mother, because they heard that this village has a “broken grave guardian” so they would not be disposed of like in other villages which are covered by a normal grave guardian. In a way Humpnie sort of ‘saved’ Ai since those villagers will eventually break down and attack Ai. Example; About Yuri’s wife (Not show in anime) By the time Humpnie killed her , she was already reduced to condition of only growling and uttering, so even though Yuri hated Humpnie for taking his wife from him, he was living quite a painful life.

3)Ai grew up in this village of dead people and never saw a living person except her mother as she grew up , so she thought all the weird look or behavior of those dead persons were actually normal. This is why she and Humpnie got into a sharp disagreement over dead people.

Overall still a good episode though.

Eternia said...

Reading you guys' explanation makes me think, how is this a good adaptation? Yup, I complained a lot of Shingeki no Kyojin, the King of Recaps. But this anime does the extreme opposite. They rushed things too much. Even people who are not exposed to the source material can see that. Just how many things happened in one episode?
It's sad to see the only decent character in this anime disappear just like that. That one month period could be made into another episode.

Christina said...

I usually reply to everyone individually but this time I think I will do it all together since it flows together and such. All comments have been read though.

It sounds like Eternia has not read the source material. Clearly I have not. So we can only comment on what we see in this show. I am sure I sound heartless but I just wasn't feeling the moment. The explanation on God randomly granting wishes seems flimsy. Like Hampnie wants to find a way to die but when he finds a reason to live God is like oh okay I am going to grant your wish now because I can only grant wishes in awful ways now. Die happy and spend one whole day with Ai, your daughter who is now alone in the world!

I am sorry, she has Yuri apparently. Something that was completely left out. These two men were hurting each other, revenge and what not and suddenly Hampnie is going to leave what is left of his lady love with someone who hates him? I mean would it have killed the animators to show ONE scene of Yuri's wife being the crazy, so we know that Yuri KNOWS deep down this was the right thing to do?

All we saw was happy villagers who smiled a bit too much. Hampnie came out of nowhere and shot them to pieces. Ai accepted her father way too fast. She was also able to let go way too fast. This little girl should be crying her eyes out over all of this stuff.

While I am still bitter that the PV was a bit...liar face on how this show was going to go I can still get behind a different direction. Just...I can't feel emotional if it is not there. I have seen other shows where a main character...dies within the first 3 episodes. But that made me feel something, like I knew the person and that their death will make the survivors thinks about things for a long time. For Hampnie it all feels forced that Ai will be touched forever. I needed more and now it sounds like there was more, just way cut out to show more sparkles or something.

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