Sunday, July 21, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy 4th of July....a few weeks later!

Hello there lovers of Duffy the Disney Bear. And people who enjoy Tenchi taking out a stuffed bear and spending tons of money on bear clothes. XD Duffy has been feeling a bit neglected with his posts being blogged late. Now that he has his own photobucket account it is time to catch up yes? Just glad the pictures don't look huge like the last time I tried to use another account.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th001_zpse0f8402f.jpg
On the road to St. Augustine!
These pictures were taking on July 4th. Happy Independence Day! Blow up a piece of the sky and wait for the aliens to land. Duffy has two military outfits but he is wearing part of that to our Disney trip in a few weeks so he stuck with the airforce one. You know, to match dad.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th002_zpsd9079aac.jpg
St. Augustine is a bit aways. Dad drives a bit fast though so we get there faster than if mom drove.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th003_zpsf6691e84.jpg
Tons of people go to St. Augustine to see the fireworks. Sometimes finding a parking space is hard. Where oh where are you free parking spots...
 photo StAugustinejuly4th004_zps16fd28ce.jpg
Mom and Muffy's mom wanted to go into some antique stores. Something about Disneybounding?
 photo StAugustinejuly4th005_zpsf3c7c73c.jpg
23 dollars?! That seems kinda steep. St. Augustine isn't that big...the old parts anyway.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th006_zps615b2e8b.jpg
Hello there fort. It is 3 pm and people are camped out all over the place. The fireworks aren't for 6 more hours!!!
 photo StAugustinejuly4th008_zps85d04e7a.jpg
Someone walked up to mom and dad and gave them a receipt. It turns out as long as you have the receipt you can go into the fort, no tickets needed. X___X Okay then. Only about 30 minutes left but lets go into the fort. Up the stairs we go!
 photo StAugustinejuly4th010_zpsb41948ac.jpg
When we got to the top it is was SO WINDY! Mom tried to pose me on top of the cannon and I flew off. Hold me tight please.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th012_zpsdfe9737c.jpg
Looking above the crowd. See how many people are down there? Not as windy down there. Hopefully I don't fall on top of anyone.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th021_zpsfbb9f3eb.jpg
I can't even see out this hole, how can a human do it?
 photo StAugustinejuly4th027_zpsf10e8982.jpg
Why hello. Just hanging around. XD Or trying to stay in mom's arms.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th032_zpsd059a02d.jpg
Dad decided everyone had the right idea and we should sit down a million hours before the fireworks. Good thing mom brought our new Build a Bear towel.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th033_zps3ce724c9.jpg
Reporting live from the river wall. Mom should have brought her Pokemon game...
 photo StAugustinejuly4th036_zpsdf5e8846.jpg
Mom and Muffy's mom got bored so they "went to the bathroom". They brought back snacks to dad though. Here, super American bear made out of beer cans!
 photo StAugustinejuly4th037_zps02306ae6.jpg
Mom wanted all of these bags. Good thing she left her wallet with dad.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th038_zps2caf08e0.jpg
Can this be my chair?
 photo StAugustinejuly4th045_zps0eed20cb.jpg
The man in the red hat decided it would be a GREAT idea to feed the birds. It wasn't.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th051_zpsb2a94266.jpg
Mom got bored again so we walked around the fort to take more pictures.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th052_zps6f199c7b.jpg
Err I can see where this is going....
 photo StAugustinejuly4th053_zpsfb01ba75.jpg
I thought we put the pizza oven behind us! Don't ruin my new outfit!
 photo StAugustinejuly4th054_zps58c90e06.jpg
Too much water to look for shells today.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th056_zps0012d3e2.jpg
So many people around the fort. Some people brought half their house outside today.
 photo StAugustinejuly4th057_zps30536f3b.jpg
I got to go in here today. XD
 photo StAugustinejuly4th060_zpsbc1b4350.jpg
Back to more sitting. See the boats?
 photo StAugustinejuly4th096_zpse90bf752.jpg
Woohoo fireworks! Sadly all the pictures of me didn't turn out too great. But I had a great time watching them. WOOHOO explosions in the sky. Happy 4th of July!

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