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Arata Kangatari episode 11

Hello there my lovely readers. It is I the late one. Last week when I worked...at work there were lots of SLOW times. We had two people each shift and things got a bit boring. Now that there are times when there is only one person a shift (IE me) it is like the customers are coming out of the wood works. Like oh Tenchi is trying to figure out her blogging schedule now, lets make sure she has no idea what is going on. Maybe since it was payday these past few days might have been super busy and maybe it will taper off until next pay day. I mean...it's not like I can complain about free time at work since I should be working. Work comes first but then when there is down time I will take advantage of the boring by blogging. Maybe even catching up.
 photo arataepisode117_zps98b9ee6b.jpg
Well well well at least I have both of my eyes.
For now here is an episode of Arata Kangatari. Episode 12 to be exact. Spoilers for....well people getting more and more special as the series goes on.
 photo arataepisode11_zps158babae.jpg
That's a nice palace....
Episode Summary: The gang has made it to Yorunami's palace. After commenting that his is better Kannagi...watches as Kanate goes to patrol the area. Kannagi does later join the boy leaving Kotoha and Hinohara alone. Hinohara is probably thinking of the battle ahead but Kotoha is like no worries, I am sure you have someone you love back home and entire life...I will just watch over you giggle giggle. She runs off and Hinohara realizes that he hasn't thought about returning home, that promising the Princess he would do her mission was the most important thing in life. Before he can get too lost in thought Kotoha screams. Hinohara runs to see what is wrong and sees that Kotoha has been trapped in a water bubble by Yorunami. Hinohara takes off towards the palace at the speed of fast, leaving Kannagi and Kanate bringing up the rear. Kanate informs Kannagi that there was no guards what so ever at palace de Yorunami. They arrive to see Kotoha trapped in some complicated sphere thing. Yorunami appears and says that Kotoha will be freed once one of them submits. Kannagi and Kanate are forced to watch this fight as they are nobodies. Yorunami calls forth his mom so she can watch this battle. All of Yorunami's Shos are present and try to aid Hinohara which was probably a bad idea. While there is fighting Yorunami thinks of how he needs to show his mother a perfect battle. In the past she has been super harsh on him and tells him to always try harder. This makes the fight much more intense and suddenly....Yorunami can magically use time...magic and water magic. He traps Hinohara in a time bubble and starts to sink him to the bottom of the lake? At that moment..well okay earlier in the show we saw Akachi chillin and being updated on what was happening with Hinohara and company. He then thinks back to Masato asking for help and poking out his damn eye. After Masato stops screaming Akachi says that Masato has to lose everything before he can gain power. Since Masato wants to stab Hinohara into tiny pieces he agrees to this insanity. So Akachi does the logical thing and takes one of his eyes and puts it in Masato skull. That way they can be connected FUNS!
 photo arataepisode1112_zps33ee4995.jpg
Mom isn't the one who I trust...it's Kotoha. My bright light who is in love with someone else.
On his ship Masato was thinking about this and his new eye and how he can kill Hinohara now. Only when he gets to the battle Hinohara is sinking to the bottom of the lake. Masato gets super pissed he can't kill Hinohara so Yorunami starts to sink Masato too. While under water Yorunami starts to slowly shrink Hinohara, bringing up painful memories from his past. In these memories his mother tries to comfort him and encourages him to take the easy way out. Slowly Yorunami tries to get Mom to tell Hinohara to say the submit speech. But no matter how far back Yorunami goes Hinohara does not want to say those words. Eventually he decides to not listen to his mom and stand up for himself. Or you know...Kotoha calls out to him despite drowning herself and makes Hinohara powered up enough to release himself and her .Yorunami gets pissed that Hinohara would go against said mother and POOF Hinohara is released. Everyone is impressed as Yorunami readies to attack again. Nothing comes out and it is said that Yorunami's sword god no longer wants to fight. Yorunami done loses his damn mind and starts crying that he is not perfect and runs to his mother. Only it turns out she DIED like a long time ago and what Yorunami was talking to was just her clothes. Even though no one really cares Yorunami explains that his whole life he tried to get his mother to be proud of him. She was just super strict and a hater, wanting him to be perfect. When she died Yorunami thought maybe if he became King of the Sho he could finally make her proud. Clearly nonsense. Kannagi points out that there is something of his mother left, some sorta of box. Yorunami is like no mom gave me this box before she died I can't open it. Knowing the mother very well Hinohara is like open the box! So Yorunami does. Turns out that it is the bracelet he made for his mother many years ago and she treated like trash. An old dude comes forward and says that the mother really loved her son and was worried for his future so she pushed him super hard, even if that made him hate her. WOE IS HER! Yorunami now sees the light and that he has been super bad and can everyone forgive him if he makes cookies for everyone. It really got that touching. But before the baking can begin Masato returns and is like HOW DARE YOU FORGET ME DIE! THE END!!!!!!!
 photo arataepisode1114_zpsf27b3367.jpg
Oh...so it all makes sense. You really are crazy.
My brain has totally been melted by....all of this. Or drown. Maybe given the nature of this episode I should say drown. In any event....is this “real” anime life? Like really people.
 photo arataepisode116_zps8e744515.jpg
Maybe he has a tight budget and can't afford guards.
First off....I love how no one in anime lately wants to guard their shit. Like for real. I know that Yorunami was expecting a battle and likes perfection but still. It is better to not underestimate your opponent. Things can still happen. So this whole no one is here and everyone can enter is super lame. What if the other Shinsho took advantage of this situation and walked in too? Lame.
 photo arataepisode113_zpsbd9ac658.jpg
Um...did that fly out of your brain Hinohara? Forget about your home?
Kotoha and Hinohara had to have a talk while Kanate was scouting the unguarded palace. As Kannagi is along for the free beer or something. But Kotoha has decided that one day Hinohara will return to his world. Something that Hinohara has forgotten about? Like seriously I know he has a tough school life back at home but he has some family members that really love him. I guess when you are running around trying to protect yourself from magical people you can forget about your normal life. Still...Kotoha is like I will protect you until you go back home and that got Hinohara back on the OH NO something else to worry about track.
 photo arataepisode114_zps91ea55de.jpg
Can you stay out of trouble for one second?!?!?!
Okay maybe Kotoha didn't say protect. Hopefully she didn't say protect. The words were watch over, I remember. However Kotoha needs to stop watching The Walking Dead. Apparently her favorite character is Carl. JUST STAY PUT!!!! I mean...they were surrounded by water and Yorunami is the Sho of water it seems. Maybe she would have gotten kidnapped no matter what but at least it would be Hinohara's fault then. STAY PUT! Dear lord!
 photo arataepisode119_zps3291b314.jpg
Thanks for being obvious.
Yorunami was ready to fight. None of this cat and mouse thing. I like that Kannagi and Kanate just sat there and watched, like they were listening to Yorunami instead of being unable to fight at all. Yorunami's Sho were cheering on Hinohara. I think they are lucky they didn't get stabbed in the face or something. They can hope and wish things go their way but keep your mouths shut if you want to live! Are they all dumb?
 photo arataepisode1110_zps2bf4ff7a.jpg
What does this have to do with water?
I really wasn't a fan of Yorunami having some magical new power. Even if this show is about people who have magical powers. But Yorunami has been shown having water powers this entire time. Adding in time at the last hour seems like a cop out if you know what I mean. Unless I am totally wrong and water and time go together. It just seems lame to add on another power to Yorunami without any explanation. Like he made a Sho submit early on and now has his powers. Maybe we are supposed to assume that but it wasn't made super clear in the anime.
 photo arataepisode118_zps125f812a.jpg
X_____X at all of this.
Masato....what the hell. Like that should just be the entire paragraph about him for the rest of the series. What more can I say about this douchebag. Akachi was being rather special too. I mean...really folks! Is this X/1999 up in this anime? Not only are we poking out eyeballs we are taking them out of our own skulls and placing them back in and they function. Magical. SUPER MAGICAL! Maybe the magical part is that Masato seems to be okay with all of this nonsense. I would think poking out my damn eye would be more of a reason to hate someone than a race my friend let me win. But what do I know. Akachi sees Masato for who he is...insane. Masato and his insane self are super sad that they arrive at the battle and Hinohara is already underwater with the time spell. This kid just can't catch a break.
 photo arataepisode1111_zpsc7c90223.jpg
What you talkin bout mom?
The time spell thing was interesting. Given the incantation for the submitting thing it is hard to see how Hinohara's mom could have convinced Hinohara what needed to be done. All of the things Yorunami was showing Hinohara were sad. I can see the boy giving up on life. But those things had nothing to do with being a Sho. Perhaps it would have been better had Yorunami shown Hinohara visions of the other Sho growing up and having problems. Since Hinohara likes to make other people's problems his own.
 photo arataepisode1113_zps46f42945.jpg
Oh I lost. Guess Hinohara is the best person ever.
This is not to be because Yorunami and his problem are mother focused. Thus the visions Hinohara got were all mommy related. This is where the episode to a sky dive into what the hell town. Yorunami....to say he has mommy issues would be an understatement. Norman Bates has some competition here. This mom person that Yorunami has been talking to....dead. Super dead. For a while now according to some people. The reason why Yorunami wants to be King....to make mommy finally proud of him. Because you know how the dead can give their approval on things. And despite thinking this craziness for so long he puts it all away once Hinohara opens his mouth. How can you be so far gone in the crazy that you can see the light after 5 minutes? Maybe that is why the whole story seems insane.
 photo arataepisode1115_zpsfd0996ad.jpg
Mom of the year award.
I mean....old dude steps up and tells Yorunami that his entire life is a lie. Like mommy dearest really just wanted the best for Yorunami. Which meant treating him like shit, taking one for the team. What a giving mother, telling her son he sucked and he needed to try harder. All the while crying in the hallway that she has to be so harsh to mold her son into a person who could take care of himself. This is me...rolling my eyes all the way out of my head. Maybe Masato can have that eye too. Maybe instead of being an asshole to your son you could mold him into being a strong man by other means. Because...you know...it could have turn him into a crazy person....OH WAIT!
 photo arataepisode1116_zpsaa0a7c2b.jpg
What about OUR bond?!
After Yorunami learns this truth he doesn't lose his mind like I would have if I learned my life was a lie. Instead he is like...how funny life is. He does question Hinohara a bit about his actions but not enough for me. There should have been more but this show needs to go at the speed of fast. Like I accept you Hinohara...please kill me. I mean make me submit....eyeroll. But the good times are not to last as Masato has emerged from the water...pissed off again. Like seriously. Hinohara mentions the word bind and Masato loses his damn mind. So that means the last episode will be about Masato crying about bonds and Hinohara trying to keep his cool together. Yorunami will probably submit so the two will be equal power wise and then....until next season woohoo!!!!

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