Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Series!!! Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 1

WEEEE! Another episode for everyone out there. The husband decided to take the vaccum cleaner apart today in an effort to clean it vacuuming today. :( Woe is my productive self. We did find about 3483 hair ties in the couch when we cleaned it. I have a lot of hair, they are all needed.
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XO What could this be?!?!?!
Anime all over the place! Now we have a brand new anime show. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi. Episode 1. Spoilers for a lot of bubbles apparently. Surely this will be a fully show because of the bubble look yes? Nothing bad will happen at all......
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It's story time!!!!!
Episode Summary: Episode 1 starts the middle of the episode. A young girl is screaming at a man who apparently just killed everyone in her village. The young man smirks and says he didn't kill anyone, just stopped them from moving as this world is messed up. Then the scene switches back to the beginning of the episode as the young girl Ai is hard at work digging graves. Ever since her mom died at the age of seven the villagers appointed Ai the new gravekeeper. She was even in charge of burying her mother which results in sparkles and the other villagers looking on sadly. Ai....seems to understand the words to describe this world but doesn't fully get their meaning. Ai describes on how the first 5 days of existence god was busy working on this world. He rested on the 6th. And on the 7th, a Sunday, he was like GTFO humans. He abandoned the world, saying Heaven and Hell were full and soon Earth would be too. So when humans....”died” they still were moving. I wish there was a word for that....XD But in one last act of kindess god sent the people gravekeepers. How lovely. So each day 12 year old Ai works hard on digging everyone in her village a grave. As the only kid in the village she is dotted on by all the other villagers. Ai is rescued by her surrogate father Youki as she was being spoiled too much. He takes her home to his wife Anna and together they are a happy family. While Ai sleeps that night Anna and Youki talk about how this might be unfair to Ai, to keep her in the dark about how awful things really are. But in this world Anna and Youki are just happy to have a kid. Ai wakes up and hops to work the next day. Apparently the graves are being dug in the rockiest part of the village because after 5 years Ai has finished all 47 graves. She wonders what she will do with her life now but resolves to find a place in the village. She starts to walk home and sees that people...are not where they should be and there is tons of broken glass and such all over the place. She goes to the middle of town to see what happened when she runs into a young man, much younger than anyone in the village. He is shocked to see Ai and even more amused when she declares herself a gravekeeper. The boy asks Ai questions about a certain person named Hanna. He describes said woman and Ai can't think of anyone close to that description.
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Please don't leave! I want to talk to another young person!
Said boy looks upset at another false lead and starts to leave. Ai thinks that he is cute and wants to know more about him. He introduces himself as Hampnie Hambart and Ai loses her mind. When her mother was still alive she said her father Hampnie Hambart was out there in the world and one day would come back to see him. Ai is slightly disappointed as I guess she thought Rambo was her father. Hampnie is disappointed that Ai is dumb as there is no logical way he can be her father. Hampnie puts away this happy vibes that has crept up and asks Ai for a favor, something a gravekeeper should be able to do. He leads her to the town square where everyone including Anna and Youki are dead. Ai is very upset to say the least and accuses Hampnie of doing this all. One of the villagers missing half of his head gets up and tells Ai they have to run. Ai is not really feeling this moment and Hampnie opens fire on said villager. The villager continues to act confused but protects Ai as Hampnie kills him. Ai goes to attack butHampnie takes her out in no time. Ai wakes up later in...some house as Hampnie smokes outside. She tells Hampnie there is no way he can be her father which is eyerolling from Hampnie. He leads her to all the graves, bodies already in them and tells her to do her job. So it takes her quite a while but everyone is buried. Hampnie leaves the village and wonders why Ai is following him. She is still understandly pissed and wants to know why he did what he did. Instead Hampnie talks about how Ai is not a gravekeeper. Ai keeps insisting that she is as her mother was one before her. Hampnie then smirks, seeing that Ai doesn't understand anything. He lists the reasons why Ai is not a gravekeeper: Gravekeepers have no parents, appear out of nowhere, have no malice intent, can't attack humans ect ect. Ai then realizes she doesn't understand a word the man is saying. Hampnie is like now there is a gravekeeper as a woman his age appears out of nowhere. THE END!
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At 7? Damn that is harsh people.
XO First anime of the summer season and I am blogging it the day it came out. GO ME!!!! Trying to catch up one episode at a time. So what do I think about this start of the summer anime season? HMMMM lets find out.
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So blurry!
First off...this episode looked off. I am not sure if it was the particular episode I download or if that is just the feel of the show. Everything was just.....very blurry. Whimsical? Like I was watching it through a window that had rain coming through. Maybe that is just the style and I need time to get used to it. Just....different I suppose.
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:( Poor little girl. Surely things will look up for you later....
Our main character is Ai. Ai is a bright eyed 12 year old with the entire world in front of her. Only....she doesn't see to acknowledge there isn't much of a world left. The village she lived in seemed rather nice, typical even. But with Ai's creepy story about god and how there are NO OTHER KIDS in the village with Ai and you know things are off.
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Thanks for the snacks! I'll see you tomorrow!
Ai never says straight out that there are no more kids in this world. But in most synopsis for this show it says that no one is born and no one can die. Thus it explains why Ai is dotted on in such a manner early in the episode. Like there is no other Tamako to spoil with free food, got to give it all to Ai! That and it sets up the sadness for later because all these people who seemed genuinely good and loved Ai are all missing their heads. Maybe there is more than meets the eye but yeah. All that seems to be left are older folks, Ai, and the people who raised her.
 photo kamisamaepisode14_zps75c23f1b.jpg what does that mean?
But yes Ai told us the story of this world like none of it was sad to her. Like lala it is just a story and it doesn't apply to me type of attitude. Not that she is stupid or evil but just like I read about this or I was told about it moves on. It is different for the people who lived through the disaster. Given that this is the first episode not much was explained. Just that god (not sure which deity they are referring to be I assume it is the Christian God but I feel uncomfortable capitalizing the g unless I am referring to my religious preference) watched Dawn of the Dead and was like...yep that sounds good. Heaven and Hell got full, tired of you punks, have fun with the zombies! More explanation are to come but I am sure it is a different explanation as people also can't have babies anymore. That sounds a bit off.
 photo kamisamaepisode115_zps37665cf8.jpg
So he shoots them and Ai buries them?
In the village's explanation before god left for good he gave the world one final gift to help them out: gravekeepers. This makes no sense to me at all. If everyone is to be punished why give them a way to put the zombies to rest? Again something seems off. You don't punish someone and a minute later give them the very thing you are punishing them with. Heaven and Hell will still be full if people are allowed to move on. So this might be part of the lie that Ai is told. Either way Ai seems to be normal besides that. Cried for her mother when she died, listen to the villagers, and dug 47 graves for the next 5 years. SO MANY ROCKS!!!!!
 photo kamisamaepisode19_zpsbad2931b.jpg
Well that doesn't sound very comforting....
Even if this episode was light on explanations we still saw some cracks in this happy facade. Anna and Youki were given custody of Ai as they were the youngest people left in the village, it probably looked a little natural for that family dynamic. People were probably giving Ai everything as they reminded her of once was. Sad looks in their eyes but hiding it to create a happy world for Ai to live in despite the fact she would learn the truth one day. Makes you wonder what else was going on outside the village. Even Anna and Youki thought that this was a little cruel but maybe the situation was helping them have a little happiness in a world with nothing but sorrow.
 photo kamisamaepisode110_zps67775088.jpg
HMMMMM nothing can come good can come from line of talking.
The day that Ai finishes digging the graves a stranger comes to town. One would think if she was raised in this village cut off from everyone else in the world she would have been a bit more...worried about this new guy Hampnie. Instead she was like CUTE BOY!!!! Hi how are you and why is it you are here and half the town looks messed up and no one is around?! Really the happy music with this scene was sad as the first minute of this show spoiled what was to come.
 photo kamisamaepisode112_zpsb27ac230.jpg
I hope he never describes me. X___X
Hampnie. HMMM wonder what his real name is. I don't think I would have gone with that as an alias but that is just me. But yes this Hampnie seems to be on a mission. Like well I need to find this girl named Hanna. I like how it went over Ai's head that Hampnie said TWICE it didn't matter if the girl was dead or alive. Given the aging population of the planet maybe it would be easy to find this girl. For now he seems out of luck and little pissed that Ai thinks that he is her father. Does she have eyes?
 photo kamisamaepisode113_zpsc4d1b52e.jpg
Um they still have their heads so.....
The happy music was not to last long. Ai was taken to the village square and everyone has been shot in the head. By Hampnie. Who doesn't seem to be upset in the least. Obviously more explanations are to come but before everyone was missing part of their heads everything seemed fine. Maybe they are the walking dead but for now it appears that Hampnie killed everyone for no reason. And Ai is not on board with this insanity.
 photo kamisamaepisode114_zps09ff6986.jpg
I would you are not the same. But thanks for playing.
How creepy was the dude with half a dead?! Wish we could have seen it. But it was still obvious what was going on and how awful things were. Ai kept all of this together pretty well despite...well not really protecting herself. Notice how said villager was missing half of his head but was still moving. Very zombie like. But the man himself still had pieces of his personality. He wanted to get Ai to safety and “died” to protect her. He was very confused on what was going on and knew that Hampnie was a threat. this actual zombie stuff going on here? Or are people just really unable to die and suffer through the dying process forever? More explanations to come I am sure.
 photo kamisamaepisode116_zpse618fbf4.jpg
Glad Ai got that straightened out.
Hampnie can't be all bad as he didn't kill Ai. Why leave her around to squeal on him? Maybe he doesn't know what to make of her since she is a kid in a world without kids. But something tells me he is not all that bad. Just for now Ai hates him. Even if she is following him into the unknown. Little hommie could have done a better job of looking concerned. Like you killed all my people I want revenge. Or to cry. Mostly revenge!!!!
 photo kamisamaepisode1_zps9ae49264.jpg
X____X So what is going on?!
The episode ends with Hampnie opening his mouth and a bunch of confusing things coming out of it. Was Ai prepared to hear it all though? Ai seems to think that she was a gravekeeper capable of sending people on their way to the after life. Hampnie is like um no girl and let me tell you why. He listed reason after reason why it can't be Ai. That basically her whole life is a lie. Introducing the real gravekeeper at the end of the episode means nothing for now. At the moment Ais has no idea what is going on and neither does the viewer. All the more reason to tune in next week yes? Seems like an interesting series, I shall stay tuned!


Eternia said...

An anime which is made to confuse the viewers, indeed! Only know I realized the reason why God disallows more people to be born or to die, after reading this post of yours; because Heaven and Hell are too crowded already, and God doesn't want to accept any more new residents. Whoa, am I dumb or what? How could I missed that when I watched the episode?

But most of Ai's narration went to waste, because something is definitely off. Why would you bury the zombies? Why don't you cremate them?

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ RandomC:
>A god actually tells everybody “I have failed” and leaves? What a dick! (Their god, not the original author. Probably. I dunno, I’ve never met em)<
But seriously, take some responsibility! What a loser. -__-'

Oh, as for Hampnie Hambert (Humbert Humbert), according to faerie-tale wiki, it was a toy that kept moving forever even when its clockwork was spoiled. It was used to scare children in the past, "If you don't put your toys back, the man-eating toy will come!" And he just borrowing that name.

As a LN reader, I can say, THIS WILL BE GOOD!It’s just sad that they had to cut all that child abuse and blood and put censor lights in episode 1. I expect the BD will have them as extra scenes.

I hope the anime does NOT mess it up like Arata by Yuu-sensei, like That was just sad. T_T

Anonymous said...

Actually in the LN, when Ai passes out from Hampnie’s kick in ep 1, he was burning the some of the dead because he does not believe Ai is a real gravekeeper. When Ai woke up and saw him, covered in seat and mud, focused on nothing but burning the dead w/ sincerity like (according to LN)…………….. “like, a gravekeeper….”

“Despicable.” She saw and thought, while tear trilling down her face, “You were the one (who kill everyone), yet you can wear that (respect-for-the-dead) face.”

Ai, of course, was still very distrustful of Hampnie; the 1st thing when she woke up was to grab her shovel and tried to attack Hampnie again, but realize what happen last time she attacked him………..well, she give up on that idea, and feel so “frustrating”. Since they are still together for the night, she kept her guard up at all time, and “I won’t sleep till I see you sleep” and “I won’t eat till I see you eat.” However, w/ the endurance of 12 yr old, she dose off while watching him rest, and wake up sees him packing and tell her to eat something, for he “already ate” (yes, he prepare her morning meal).

Ai, unwillingly, seat down at the table, looking at her food suspiciously and thinking: “[w/ all these happen] I….doubt I can eat…” took a small bite. Surprisingly, tears uncontrollably rolling down her cheeks. Then looking at the table full of food, she suddenly grab any food she sees and start eating it like a madman; bread, sausages, vegetable, fruit , juice, cheese, cream, anything and everything that’s on the table. As she finish stuff her mouth with different foods, she can’t help but cry out aloud. “I though I wouldn’t eat, but….so easily……it’s unforgiveable for me to be alive, I want to keep crying like this until I die…..but……I AM alive.”

Anonymous said...

After she buried everyone and pay respect to all of them, “So, what are you going to do from now on?” Hampine asked. Initially, Ai thoughts, “If I don’t hate him…….” but her thoughts was cut by Hampnie.

“……If you don’t have anywhere to go, I’ll write a letter of introduction for you.”


“Yeah, to get you adopted or something. I have some influence, despite how I look.”

“……you’ll help me?

“Do I look like someone who’d abandon a brat in such a place.” This is not a question, but a statement, “Don’t worry, there’re good people even in this world.”

“…..But, I’m a gravekeeper, you know?”


Then he states all the reason why she is NOT a gravekeeper like you saw in ep1, and continue w/ “Your parents even told you that your father was the man-eating toy, how absurd.” And this, little Ai got even more depressed.

“Do you want to kill me?” suddenly he asked.

“Why do you have to ask? OF COURSE I--!!” Ai thoughts strongly, but then……… “….But I can’t…..he buried everyone (w/me). This person is my father…. I don’t have proof, but..but…..”

“If you’re a gravekeeper you’d never have hated me,” he said to her w/ a pitiless stare, “If you’re a gravekeeper you wouldn’t have fought for the living. You’re no gravekeepr. You’re human.”

“Even so, I’m …..a gravekeeper.”

Then that’s where Scar comes in (ep2)

Christina said...

Eternia- It is hard to trust what Ai says as she is an unreliable main character. She can only repeat what she has been told and apparently this village is full of liars. Clearly something has gone wrong though. XD You're not dumb though. Sometimes there is so much dialogue in new episodes it is hard to focus on everything, especially in a show with so many sparkles. X___X

In most zombie shows a shot to the end takes the zombie out. Burning the bodies afterwords lowers the risk of something really bad happening. But unless that shovel is magical I am not seeing what is going on either. BRAIINS!

Anonymous 1- One would think if you are mighty enough to create everything you are mighty enough to create a place to hold everyone after they die. More likely something REALLY bad happened and humans are blaming God as the alternative is much worse? Better to blame it on someone else than yourself yes?

If someone told me that story as a kid I still be scared for life. I mean it makes sense after seeing episode two why he uses that name but seriously. Adults are messed up. What happened to clean your room or else...I throw all your shit away?

It was hard to tell the censor lights from the sparkles in this episode. So blurry!

Anonymous 2- It is good to hear that Ai does protest more in the original source. I can see it a bit in the anime but clearly it was a far cry from the rage she should be feeling. I mean who cares if someone buried the people he killed (as that is what Ai thinks)? If someone who purposely runs me off the road and crashes my car offers me a ride I am still pissed at them. One tiny right doesn't make up for all the wrong.

However Ai still is only 12 and is dependent on others. She feels guilty about that or so it sounds. And really Ai couldn't do much to the man. Now Hampnie offering to find Ai a family...that might have been slightly important to show. Well an explanation of why he did all of this would help more. But attacking Ai...hmmmm abuse.