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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 15

Hello there my lovely readers! I have not abandoned my blog. Just that work is a lot..harder than I thought it was going to be. A lot harder and more to do. Then I come home at night and zone out into lala land. But since I didn't work this weekend I decided to stay inside and get some blogging done. And some cleaning. Two people and 218383 loads of laundry. Vacuuming and tube scrubbing and more anime watching. No social life this weekend people. XD It gets too expensive anyway.
 photo titanepisode15_zps0b74710c.jpg
Please allow me to give you these lessons with my boot!
While watching tons of awful shark movies yesterday and lots of horrible reality shows today 5 anime posts got done!!! Go me. And a 6th episode got watched. I shall try to post them in order of the oldest. Up first is Shingeki no Kyojin episode 15. Spoilers for Eren making a new friend! Here is the link to the spoilery thread as the new opening song is a bit....hmmmming.
 photo titanepisode1518_zpse1cbbdb0.jpg
The 5 seconds of the conversation in which Eren didn't want to kill himself.
Episode Summary: After Eren is released into the custody of the Scouting Legion (really Levi) they travel to an abandon castle. One man Auruo takes the time to tell Eren how awful it is to be in the middle of nowhere because of him. Auruo seems to be full of himself but a self inflicted wound and a dressing down by another soldier named Petra takes him down a few notches. When they arrive at said castle Levi almost dies at the sight of the dirty place and demands everyone clean. While being a slave boy Eren thinks about the stats of all the other soldiers. Levi is clearly the best but there is something else to him. Petra comes in and ends up talking about Levi is still flawed despite appearing to be amazing. Why he was even a crime lord of some sorta back in the inner city. After some cleaning Levi minus his handkerchief goes to see Erwin. Erwin is very hush hush about things and Levi realizes that Erwin has figured out something about Titans. At dinner that night Eren is a bit uncomfortable around the others. There is talk about how the next mission is in a month and that they need more recruits. Levi goes to warn Eren about the dangers of a certain someone when Hange Crazy Eyes flies in, excited to see Eren. Everyone almost instantly leaves, Eren and Hange now being alone. Eren soon learns why. Hange begins to talk about the Two Titans that were captured in the latest wall breech. In her brief (Not) flashback other soldiers were scared and sick about how much Hange goes on about the Titans. She names them after a famous human cannibal and explains to Eren how they have different personalities. Eren asks how Hange can feel this way after what Titans did to them. Hange takes a moment from her crazy talk and seriously answers Eren. That Titans barely weigh anything, that they really aren't there. She almost gets sad, saying she has begun to view them different, to help better mankind at first but now she feels bad for them. After that moment is over Hange goes back on her crazy tangents of Young Bean and Sawney. She talks about all her experiments and how much they have learned. Eren realizes this woman is crazy but is super knowledgeable. Eren makes the mistake of asking Hange all she knows about Titans. 7 hours later Eren learns nothing new and probably wants to kill himself. Eren is saved when another soldier runs in, reporting that the two Titans have been killed. Hange rushes to see her beloved Titans but also they are toast. As she loses her mind all over the place people begin to speculate it was an inside job. Erwin takes the time to whisper to Eren about who the real enemy is....THE END!!!
 photo titanepisode1513_zps3e0ceeaa.jpg
How have you lived this long.....
So how was that episode? In a way Eren was still tortured. He didn't lose any of his teeth though. And Armin started the recaps AFTER the Titan attack. Perhaps we won't have to review half the series at the start of every episode. Rejoice the masses. But yes this episode had a different feel from the other episodes. No one died even. What is going on here?!?!?
 photo titanepisode1511_zpsfa2c91c4.jpg
Experiments? Titans? Where?
Also last episode we got a new opening and closing song. Like it was the end of the first part of the series and onward to new music. Just in time for the full version of the first opening to be release....and suck royally. Having read the manga I can see how spoilery the opening and closing songs are now. It also alarms me at what they are showing. Me thinks....the anime might drag on even longer than the manga. XD Like we are in for another long arc of longness. Just I appreciate the effort of the opening and closing song sorta representing what might happen.
 photo titanepisode159_zps2c97a73e.jpg
Wait why do I have these powers again....
After the trial Eren was quickly shipped off. The Scouting Legion might have custody of him but that doesn't mean everything is cupcakes and rainbows for the boy. No no, we still got people to worry about. A lot. Plus everyone on some level (minus Levi and Hange) have some level of fear about Eren. Better to get him out of the city in case someone tries to play hero and take out Eren. Not that Levi and his eyes would let that happen. Onward to a castle in the middle of nowhere, filled with new characters and no sight of the cadets. Woe is Mikasa.
 photo titanepisode152_zps78d108bb.jpg
Can someone save me from this man please?
Eren probably realized that his life was going to be hell after the first tooth was lost. But I don't think he was ready for how insane things were going to get. Right off the bat some old dude Auruo is a total asshat to Eren, that they have to stay in this horrible old castle because of Eren. Well I am sure they are used to worse and Eren is the enemy they are getting to know, not the enemy that they don't if that makes any sense. Also it seems as if Auruo is an asshole in general, bragging about his kills and trying to be like Levi. Only you know....who wants to be Levi? XD
 photo titanepisode156_zpsb7f492a0.jpg
Seems as if she didn't mean this as an insult...
Perhaps not all the people in Levi's unit are insane. Petra seems rather...well normal. A little gossipy but she doesn't like Mr. Asshole so that's points in my book you know? I guess Eren and his random fact generator/scorer did ask her. It sounds like Peta was putting down Levi but maybe she was just humanizing the man since most, including Eren, put Levi up on this pedestal when he is just as...well messed up as everyone else. Maybe asshole is the only awful one as Petra and the other two guys seemed pretty decent.
 photo titanepisode155_zps0de98664.jpg
Titan killer on dusting duty SIR!
You know who might be the most insane? Levi. I mean....his way of saving Eren did involve kicking in his skull. Levi also has tons of solo kills against Titans (didn't think they were keeping track) but then he seems the most...hard to live with. I am all up for being clean and such but old abandoned castles are going to be dusty. I don't know, him and his little handkerchief was cute. Probably not a thing to mention to him given his short stature. Now what was that about him being a gangsta back in the city? Was that in the manga? XD
 photo titanepisode1510_zpsc79c04df.jpg
Sorry I had to use this screenie just because of the eyes. XD
Erwin (Irwin? Seriously I am a bad speller to begin with. All these names being spelled differently on different sites)....well he seemed sort of...suspicious if you would before the event at the end of the episode. Like Erwin and Levi were having a moment and Erwin has the weight of the world on his shoulders. More like the higher ups have started to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Or that they have been listening to all the theories and started to realize certain things. That both attacks occurred near or no Scouting Mission days. Both were on GATES and not walls. Now that Eren has the power of a Titan, maybe that has answered a lot and Erwin realizes that. Still it is hard to remember that Levi isn't in charge and Erwin is.
 photo titanepisode158_zps8b54930c.jpg
I think that he might make the mood odd more often than not....
The mood was kinda odd at dinner. Eren with Levi's unit. Almost like he didn't belong. The rest have been a pretty tight group of soldiers for a while it seems. They might not like Asshole but he is one of them. Plus people don't trust Eren. I don't think Eren trusts Eren. They might logically realize that Eren is huge weapon for mankind but emotionally are having a hard time accepting this. Eren wanted to be in the Scouting Legion anyways. But I am sure he would have been in a squad with other newbies. Something they could experience together. Poor alone Eren.
 photo titanepisode1512_zpsbfaa6279.jpg
Um where is everyone going?
When Hange (Hangi?! I hate spelling!) walked in the room and everyone else walked couldn't help but feel bad for Eren and hate everyone else. Of course I am guilty of that behavior myself. Saying not it when a known crappy customer walked in, usually leaving the much slower newbie to deal with it. Of course when they did it to me I be pissed. Like hello I have paid my dues, you suck it up and deal with the jerk. So everyone in Levi's unit has had enough of Hange and it's someone else's turn to deal with her. It's just that Eren has suffered so much already......
 photo titanepisode1516_zps592d5b88.jpg
See the craziness?
Now maybe if Hange calmed down for 5 seconds and looked...better it wouldn't be so creepy. Not that I am saying people need to be hot (even if that is how the world works...). I mean brush your hair. Stop with the crazy eyes. Look presentable and you will be taken more seriously. And take a breath when you talk. It just becomes too much and you wonder how someone hasn't killed her yet and blamed it on the Titans. Very draining. Calm it down.
 photo titanepisode1517_zps17acdedb.jpg
Sounds important to me.
That being said Hange seems very knowledgeable about things. I can see that even beyond being up to date on the manga. I have a feeling she might be the one telling Erwin what is up. While her approach leaves something to be desired she has...almost figured it out. I am not sure why she didn't say it to Eren. Either she doesn't trust him or she has all the facts, just not the answer. She indeed has thought outside the box. What I took away as the most important piece of information from Hange's noncrazy speech is Titan limbs don't weigh as much as they should, almost nothing. That Titans not make sense logically....almost like they aren't there. With Eren revealed as...a Titan I think it is safe to assume and share that Titans are probably not real. Or that they are but basically function as puppets and people like Eren are the puppet master.
 photo titanepisode1515_zps04d2fb75.jpg
But I am sure half of that information got lost. Lost upon all who viewed this episode as Hange spent most of her time with Eren being a crazy person. It was like she had one moment of clarity and the rest was blasting off to the moon at the speed of light. I mean...if she knows the true nature of Titans I can see why she treats them the way she does. But she doesn't (yet) and she was going on and on about their names, how it pained her to hurt them. She spent time with them as they powered down due to lack o sun. She generally lost her ever loving mind over these two monsters who try to eat her and probably ate some of her friends. I was pretty damn crazy, her level of insanity and attachment to said creatures. I can understand being passionate about your work but this is taking it to a level that makes no sense to anyone. Or really no one can stand her enough to listen to the parts that do make sense.
 photo titanepisode1519_zpsfc08c9be.jpg
Oh poor Eren.....poor poor Eren.
Eren has realized everyone in this group is crazy. Maybe he is too. Because after Hange went on and on he wanted her to talk more. I mean that is some super duper dedication. I can see how Eren would make this mistake, being all bright eyed and new to this situation. But by the end of the conversation or 7 hours later Eren realized....all the important information happened at the beginning of the conversation. Perhaps this is why everyone has such a severe case of Liney Face.
 photo titanepisode1514_zpsec9fdc1d.jpg
Well now he is dead.
If things weren't crazy enough the Titans died. Sawney and Bean were murdered. Woe is the world. Because Hange wasn't mentally unstable enough before. Now she is crying into the morning sun. Now personally I would have wanted some revenge on Titans too. Eren appears to be human and isn't currently eating anyone. But killing both seems....too much. Of course it Hange was close to discovering the true nature of Titans it might make some sense. However if all Titans are human wouldn't the human be shown if the Titan died by sunlight deprivation, like Hange said earlier? HMMMMM unless the sun is powering up said human instead and it shrivels up into NOTHING after being slashed AND deprived of sun power.
 photo titanepisode1520_zpsfd850d70.jpg
Your eyebrows?
The episode ends with Hange screaming and Erwin watching the new Catching Fire trailer one too many times. Remember who the real enemy is indeed. He knows a lot more than he is letting on. I mean he knows about SOME of the Titans being human. Does he also know more, like WHO?! Are all fingers pointing to Eren's dad or another source. POOR BEAN!!


Eternia said...

It seems that I am not the only one who think that there is something wrong with the new opening song. It's hard to say clearly what's wrong with it, but, because we know what will happen next, something is clearly wrong with this song.

It was like, too cheesy! What are they? King Arthur's knights? Army of King Alexander? The song is like, lalala, we are so good, we are marching forward constantly. We slash down our opponents easily. Lalala. We are invincible. We are going straight to victory. LOL. Crazy song, indeed.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Levi is his "maid"-outfit...Pfff, Hahahahahaha, Oh LOL OMG, just LOL, I can't stop laughing.

Eternia said...

You guys have to see this, then.

Anonymous said...

OMGOMG!! LOL Can't. Stop. Laughing. Hahahahahha~ (tears in my eyes) THAT. My friend. You have just made my day brighter. > v <!

Christina said...

Eternia- What was that madness with those amazing pictures!!! It was like I could hear the Disney songs! Feel the need for Levi to be rescued by the mighty Prince Eren. Cue the yaoi fanfiction! I love how this episode should have been all about some crazy girl wearing glasses but Levi steals the show.

I think both songs are....well spoilery but I guess that is easy to see if you know what is happening next. The song SOUNDS like a national anthem. Like close your eyes and imagine the Olympics, someone getting a medal. When really the song is just so trolly. People think woohoo the tide has turned and it couldn't be further from the truth EVEN NOW!

Anonymous- Me thinks that Levi is in the wrong profession if he likes things oh so clean. Fighting and killing monsters and living on the road...yeah a bit dirty.

And that link of Eternia's...oh lord. The husband had to walk over to see what I was laughing at. I don't think he got it though. XD