Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin speculation, theory, and spoiler post!

Hello there my lovely readers. It is I, the one with knowledge. I'm telling you it's a weird feeling knowing what is going to happen in Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titans the anime as I am current on the manga. I usually go into an anime not knowing the source material. There have been very few exceptions to this rule. It might have remained that way had I not looked up an image for Shingeki no Kyojin to use in my Spring Anime List. But the first pic that came up was...shall we say...gruesome...and made me want to investigate.

So since this is one of my first times knowing what is going to happen I am...eager to talk about what I know. Or really don't know since HELLO 44 chapters in and we know 10 percent of what is going on. I guess I want to talk about theories or where we think the show is going. SO here is a post where we who are aware of the manga or those who don't mid being spoiled can talk and such. I will post this blog entry link with each new Shingeki no Kyojin episode post so we can discuss new theories and such. Now on with the speculation!

 Okay so we can all agree that Dr. Jaeger is not to blame for this Titan disaster. Clearly this has been going on for a while. But I don't think Dr. Jaeger made Eren a Titan either. As we saw in a recent chapter humans become Titans (aka Connie's mom). These seem to be the DERP ones although Connie's mother was able to talk in Titan form. There are very few Human Titans. So either Eren's father researched things and knew Eren could become this or that injection was to help him become a Human Titan and not a Derp one. 

I say this because I has suspicions that Mikasa might be a Titan but doesn't know it yet. Of course the mark on her arm could mean nothing but her mom said clan and that seems odd to say in this day in age. And it was weird the father was making a doctor's call if no one was sick. So maybe while Dr. Jaeger didn't cause the Titans he knows more of the truth than anyone else and was making sure his son didn't turn? Or that Eren's dad actually made an army of Human Titans yet didn't feel the need to tell Eren. 

What the hell do the Titans want? I mean like really. We know that Bertholt/Colossal Titan on;y breaks through the gates. Probably because all the walls are made of Titan rock and he can't break the,. There is a possibility he doesn't want to hurt the Titans in the wall but I doubt he knows them. Maybe Dr. Jaeger was in charge of making these Human Titans to make more walls? Doubtful but possible. Maybe make an army to fight the other Titans? Titans that occur after some people die? I think all the Human Titans want Eren on their side but to do that they need to take Eren to the basement. Which would have been easier had they not destroyed the wall. Or maybe the thing they need is in the basement and they need the key and clearly they are unable to break that lock! But...that is a risk since Eren could have been killed a million times over by now. 

So 44 chapters in and we don't know what the Human Titans want. How will the anime end?It seems to me most of the Human Titans can tell who is who as both Reiner and Ymir were everyone in this village got away. Other than that Ymir hasn't been really...doing much. She has lilled some people though so why would she go out of her way to protect Christa? Either because Christa is a human Titan too or all this friendship is fake and Ymir's job is to get close to the people who know the truth. Of course that makes it lopsided as there were more people working on Eren than Christa. 

So what ARE Titans? Well clearly they are humans. Or were humans. But why the change? Is it a virus, an outbreak that Hannes mentioned earlier? Like zombies but with no Daryl and amazing motorcycle? I doubt it's evolution as most Titans have been classified as males, resembling males anyway. Why is that? Why do people eat people who no reason? Are they just giant souls waiting to be sent away in a dust cloud and have no idea what is going on? I mean there has been some lying going on but to what extent? What is so important about the neck? And what was that Ape Titan? Was he a real animal? Ymir apparently has people, what does that mean? Did I cover all the info in my head yet? I guess it doesn't matter as this is meant to be a continuous post. So feel free to spoil away in the comments. Just waiting for chapter 45 to come out as something apparently is revealed? Either the anime is going to be two seasons or we are going to get an original ending since LOST has more answers than this. 

XO Just thought of something else. Who was the second person that Bertholt swallowed? We can assume Ymir is still alive and has been captured to either protect the secret by killing her or saving her. Was the other person eaten for that reason too or was it a cover? Like gotta catch a normal human to throw off the scent....


Eternia said...

I think this kind of special section is good, so that you can keep playing fool in the episode discussion post, and keep them free of spoilers.

Oh yeah. Nothing is revealed yet after 11 volumes, 44 chapters. I don't thnk this as something good. As I said, people are jumping too quickly on the hype train and rated this thing as 10/10. Isn't it disappointing, if you have watched 24 episode, and used 480 minutes (8 hours) of your life, only to find out nothing yet? Will they still rate it as 10/10? Is it worthy of 10/10?

The case is different with manga since I am a fast reader, hehe.

There's not much spoiler really, since it's as you said, we barely know 10% of the information. On to speculation. I am a firm believer that the history that these kids were taught to is a lie. People inside these walls aren't the last remaining humans at all. The best proof is, the hairy ape titan didn't know about their 3D maneuver equipment. Isn't this weird? Whether he is belonged to the nobles/king, or he is part of the soldiers/citizens, or he is part of Berthold/Reiner/Annie's group, he should know about the equipment! The only answer to why he didn't know is because there is another city/kingdom out there. Maybe a kingdom of hairy people, so their Titan transformation look like apes (lol). This kingdom is in the war with our heroes' kingdom, attacking each other using Titans. Our nobles are clearly Titan users themselves, as we saw Titan peeking from inside the most inner wall.

The 3D maneuver gears, are invented by the low ranked soldiers, who don't know about the truth. And I guess it's invented not really long ago, probably 10 years at most. The derp face Titans are too stupid to report this, and the ape Titan was the first intelligent Titan who found out about their alternative fighting method.

What do you think?

Christina said...

Eternia- It is hard to be spoiler free. But to be fair when I first read the manga I didn't really notice the lack of footprints. Maybe because um people were about to go splat. Maybe that is the point.

I too think that this show is getting a really high rating out of the gate. Sorta like some movies are deemed cool because there are boobies all over the place.

I always assumed the ape Titan was an animal. Like well if there are titans maybe there are talking animals too. But I suppose it would make more sense to have a hairy person being a human titan than an animal. I also just figured that maybe some Titans are so far from this city they have never seen the gear before. According to the lying history books Titans roam the rest of the land. But at this point who knows.

A little sad that in chapter 45 it is shown that the second person swallowed was a nobody. Guess they still aren't above killing people to escape and explain things to Eren.

RARW! It looks like chapter 46 might explain some things. Are Titans weapons made to fight other humans? Some virus that effects everyone? What is going on?! I want to see how Eren fits in to all of this as getting to the basement and getting Eren on their side might have been know...without destroying the wall and sending his dad into hiding.

Gildo Cravo said...

I believe that the nobility were hiding something very important. The Titans are probably the weapon used to bring down that society and purchase the goal.

The doctor most likely in favor of this nobility, developing weapons.

Christina said...

Gildo- I think in episode 1 it set up Dr. Jaeger for being part of this Titan mess. Hannes mentions the father saved them all from the pandemic that broke out. Perhaps the father saved everyone from eventually becoming Titans? That everyone in that section of town could become a Human Titan due to the father "saving" them from what could have been perceived as the flu. Still wonder what Christa could possibly add to this hot mess, the boys should have kidnapped her too.

xpyon said...

Am I the only one who thinks that the people will be in a far worse situation if Kyojins attack during the 21st Century, when we don't actually rely on bladed weaponry anymore? /not to mention, not all nations are exactly financially abundant to invest on quicker research and whatnot

On the other hand, the black market is assumed to be large, given that in this time, there are various means of transportation and /especially/ communication. And it is easier to smuggle /if this speculation is correct/ mutation drugs sponsored by certain groups of people.

Logan C said...

Regarding berthold swallowing the second person, even though he was a nobody, Armin said berthold used that soldier's 3D gear to escape. That implies human titans must have some degree of control within their bodies as well

Christina said...

Logan C- That would be pretty weird, if he could the human could reach something in the throat of Titan him. But since Eren is new to this Titan thing we really don't know what Human Titans are capable of. :( Poor little soldier. Because taking gear off people in a non eatey fashion would be just so silly.

Christina said...

Erwin is such a bad ass. Like oh hi you ate my arm KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR EREN!!! X___X

Also if this arc goes on for any longer I might stab my eyes out. It is like they keep teasing us with information but it never comes. Stabbing Ymir too.

My ideas on what is going on in the manga change all the time. My current one is that the peasants of the world were cast off from the rich at some point in time. That Titan's were the rich's weapon/walls. Now the peasants who suffer on the outside are trying to break down the walls to force the King/the people who did this to help them. Not that this makes much sense or why they need Eren...