Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Suiseu no Gargantia episode 5

Hello there readers. My fingers are little raisins. It was a day of cleaning in the house of Tenchi. Kira was no help at all unless you count help as dragging the paper towels from their designated spots and tearing them into tiny pieces which actually makes more mess. Ah cats. Gotta love them. Because they are too cute not to. Don't believe, look up cat videos on the internets and get back to an hour. Because one video will lead to another and another and LOOK only half the cleaning gets done. XD
 photo suiseinoepisode54_zps43824d0e.jpg
Look more helpful animals!
But here is an anime episode in between the cleaning and kittens playing with string and milk rings. Up now is Suiseu no Gargantia episode 5. Spoilers for no aliens coming and killing everyone in a second.
 photo suiseinoepisode57_zpsa6db5adf.jpg
So many noes. :(
Episode Summary: Ledo is working on another Hideauze flute thing while thinking about Bevel's words, on what Ledo will do after the war is over. Ledo asks Chamber to search the ship for a job for him to do. Chamber turns up nothing, saying his database is limited as well as Ledo's skill set. Amy and her pet thingy squirrel come by to ask Ledo about his nonworking flutes and to give him his paycheck. Ledo tells Amy he is looking for work and requests her help. Amy takes Ledo out on some of her deliveries to ask various people if they have any job openings. The answer is either no I have enough or we are waiting on our ourselves. Amy has to continue her delivers so Ledo tries on his own to find work. Ledo has no luck except with dealing directly with manure which Ledo cannot handle. Discourage Ledo takes a break when a bell rings out. Amy, Bevel and Pinion take Ledo out to a barge for a BBQ. They explain to him that this is a calm, where the ships stop, repairs happen, and people can take a break here and there. Amy's friends Melty and Saya are there and when Chamber shows up he sinks the barge slightly so swimming can take place. Pinion tries to cook half a cow on his grill while Ledo is giving swimming lessons.
 photo suiseinoepisode52_zpsb03945bc.jpg
We shouldn't be partying! We should be looking for work!
The girls complain about being fat and Bevel sits in the shade with the Doc as to not die and have fun at the same time. Pinion asks Chamber to fry the meat instead and Chamber does...into tiny little pieces of nothing. Pinion sets to grill more and decides to send Ledo on a job, a mission only HE can do. Ledo runs off and Amy is asked by the higher ups to fix the power to the ship, a lever on top of a tower. She and her friends decide to use this time to race to the tower and have fun. Pinion is yelled at by Bellows and Ridgett but both girls stop to enjoy the party in progress, with the swimsuits getting smaller and smaller. Ledo has reached the seedest parts of the ship to find this thing for Pinion. He is chased by crazy hooker people who want to sell his body and he takes off running up the tower Amy was heading to. So when Ledo falls off said tower she can catch him and still win the race. The power is turned back on which must use water as a source as a huge fountain is created. Ledo seems to be touched by all of this and braves the crazy hookers again to reach the shop in question. It is run by the oldest lady ever and she seems put off by this request but wants to settle scores. She hands Ledo something and he braves his way through the hookers again. He makes it back to the party which is bursting with people eating meat off Chamber's backing suit. He learns that he has obtained sauce from the old lady and declares it good when he gets a piece. Everyone sits down and chill until the wind picks back up. Amy picks Ledo up and says this party was for him, to cheer him up over the lack of job. But now she will help him find one so everything is perfect. THE END!
 photo suiseinoepisode514_zpsa2b02733.jpg
Is this the scariest this series is going to get?
So much...sweetness....developing cavities. Must wash mouth out with ice cream.
 photo suiseinoepisode513_zps6d54cbc3.jpg
Best life ever!
Seriously folks. We were talking about in episode 4 things were going along really well and sweet and where were all the bodies? Well now episode 5 has topped that. This show is either going to be a feel good show and we should stop expecting a high body count....or that is exactly what they want us to think and BAM heads all over the place and Ledo's body hanging in the breeze.
 photo suiseinoepisode53_zpsa656502f.jpg
So much harshness!
While Ledo is clearly from a different time and might a special human he is still in a Japanese anime and he must feel useless. Like look at all these people working together. I need a job too! I need to contribute. I am sure later he will say he only wanted a job to get in close with the others on the ship, as negotiations but that will be a lie. XD He wanted to help out and feel useful. Which...I guess no matter how you are a normal human trait? We need to feel as if we contributed and were worth while? So yeah even if this society is way different to Ledo it makes sense that he has taken to this “normal” human trait.
 photo suiseinoepisode55_zps22605413.jpg
I guess the benefit package after their service was amazing?!
I love how this show is showing the Earth humans to be just as smart as Ledo. Like we aren't living off scrapes and life is so horrible. We are actually intelligent human beings that you really shouldn't feel bad for. Which is a good point since Amy and her people aren't that much more advanced than current humans. So maybe that is why I appreciate that. XD But yes Amy has said quite a few smart things, this episode it was....Where is the motivation? Ledo and the other soldiers aren't getting paid for their services. Which wouldn't matter anyway as they seem to not have any family/dependents to get their money in the event they died. So they could get paid and receive the money later but the Alliance wouldn't be out the money if they kicked it later. Still....good point Amy.
 photo suiseinoepisode56_zpsa60b5513.jpg
My eyes melted over the sad.
Ledo trying to find work...I mean it was supposed to be amazingly funny. Like look at this soldier of awesomeness and he can't even find a job. Which is probably for two reasons. One is because Ledo is an outsider and people are still thinking um....poof dead pirates. Ledo has to earn his spot and maybe no one wants to mess with someone who doesn't have a good grasp of the language or customs. The second reason being that people are assigned roles. Like we have a job and since you can't move around to a different got the same people. So I can see people getting a job while they are young and keeping it for a long time. It's about who you know and if there is no work...there is no work.
 photo suiseinoepisode58_zps845094aa.jpg
:( Poor Ledo.
On the other hand, besides the manure (so glad I saw THAT and the fields, I was like where is all the food coming from?!) it was also a little see Ledo having no luck. Or really the only thing that Ledo could do was the manure and that was sad. That Ledo, where he is from, is something...special and on Earth he is less skilled than most of the kids. But really if you think about it maybe back at home Ledo wouldn't really be skilled either. He pilots a suit that does most of the work. So....even though Ledo is from this awesome place and time he is basically a human robot with minimum program. So it really sad that Ledo can't do anything. :( Poor Ledo.
 photo suiseinoepisode59_zpsbdfc4829.jpg
A moment of silence for that huge dead cow.
While I wasn't really following the entire idea of stopping...I do think it was necessary. You can't keep chugging along and using the boats all the time with no down time. Add in the fact there is no where to dock this thing and maintenance is really necessary. Plus people need time off. They are basically working where they live and people do need time off to stay motivated and do their best. Even if everyone can't have the day off. Which is true today. Some people have to work when many people have off. Time to take a break from being on the ocean to.....
 photo suiseinoepisode510_zpsa437d476.jpg
Have a BBQ on the ocean! Enter the Pinion. Given the fact that he has suggested more than once throwing Ledo into the ocean for him to include the boy in their meat filled BBQ was special. I guess I need to learn Amy's friends though since they are still around. I mean Melty? What kind of name is Melty? I can work with Saya. So yes Doctor Ordum, his minion, sick kid Bevel, Melty, Saya, Amy, and Ledo the confused are going to have a BBQ. WOOHOO! Ledo and his confused face was cute to see. Like um I am not comfortable with this having fun thing nor do I like this shirt I am wearing.
 photo suiseinoepisode511_zps0feb3daf.jpg
A lot of the episode was devoted to the sugary, feel good moment. Even a tiny issue like the power being turned off was no sad matter. Why it made life more fun for Amy and her friends. Lets swim in the water (because I doubt that happens much) and have melt downs when Chamber blows up the food and race to turn the power back on. In the back ground Bevel is making machine fans and what not. Just lala life is great. We all work together and play together and all is well. THEN THE BLOOD?! I don't know. But Amy and her friends with the shiny joints really did have fun yes?
 photo suiseinoepisode512_zps52d4cbec.jpg
You want to do what where?!?! XO
Ledo was slightly tortured and nearly died in this episode but it was all in good fun. He was sent to get what looks like teriyaki sauce. Maybe Soy sauce. Something that is rare and can't be grown on the ships decks anyway. There are far more important things to work on apparently. Like those seedy sex shops and what not. WHAT?! They are needed, people need love that they pay for! But yes this was Pinion's way of getting back at Ledo and making sure the meat fried Chamber style was tasty. Only Ledo didn't realize he was having fun.
 photo suiseinoepisode5_zps5335d12a.jpg
Um....there was almost a party in my pants but I don't think that is what you meant.....
Nor did Ledo figure out the party was for him. I was fine with everyone eventually showing up and Pinion getting in trouble but the party for Ledo? That was a bit of a stretch. That was nice that people recognized the fact that Ledo was sad about not finding a job but I think...instead of a party he didn't understand and/or didn't know was for him I think Ledo would have liked a job. But in the end Ledo was taken in with the sparkles and fun times and decide this was acceptable fun. YAY EVERYONE!
 photo suiseinoepisode515_zps023e042f.jpg
Everyone is happy....until the aliens arrive and people die!
So much sugar. Even if most of it revolved around meat. Life is good on Earth. Ledo will next....get a job...doing something besides being a scary hooker. I am not sure what but I am sure next episode will be focused on Ledo failing at this new job and Amy wishing him luck. Chamber will spend the next episode cleaning meat bits off himself. XD Sounds like more sugar to me yes?


Eternia said...

No more sugar, pleaseeeeeee. This episode seriously made me groan and facepalm. Because it's more uneventful than Tamako Market, even.

We are introduced to space snails. We are introduced to pirates.
We saw Ledo performed senmetsu on them.
Why are we watching girls in skimpy bikini instead?
Also a cute boy in unbuttoned Hawaiian T-Shirt.

I think highly of episode 1 because it has all people on the ship pointing guns at Ledo and Chamber breaking through the roof; but now everything has gone down the drain.

Even if they want to ditch the "battle", please at least show something more interesting. Such as how they farm on top of a ship, if they eat rice/bread/vegetable other than meat, how they trade between fleet. I wonder how the girls can stay thin when they have such an unbalanced diet.

Not the beach!

Christina said...

Eternia- Clearly this episode was full of sugar because of the sugar glider squirrel thing! If that thing dies it will be game over for me. That will be the true tragedy.

This is either going to be the most epic build up to disaster ever...or by episode 12 shy little Ledo will be blushy in the corner while Amy shows him how to put a condom on. All with Chamber reciting boring facts about teenage pregnancy and what not.

Eternia said...

Or, it will be faster if she put it on for him.

Anonymous said...

LOL, the Chambergrill!

Only Pinion would look at a futuristic super-robot and think “barbecue”

Christina said...

Eternia- She will be like GOSH you poor people in the future, not having condoms and all. Chamber would start talking about lasers that temporary make people sterile until the Alliance gives them back those rights as Ledo tries to melt himself into the ground out because the new emotion embarrassment tries to kill him.

Anonymous- I love how he didn't even answer Chamber when he asked over and over again about these actions. Shhh large grill. I'm cooking!