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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 6

Hello there my lovely readers. How are we doing this Monday? Probably sleeping at this point. Nothing much major to report here. Since the husband enjoys my insanity he got us Cars to watch this afternoon. Us being the human beings, the cat, and the stuffed bear Duffy. This is how my family rolls. XD Also I may or may not have been in the baby section at the store today looking for more bear clothes. BABY CLOTHES ARE EXPENSIVE! My bear is never going to grow, babies do. How can a simple outfit be so expensive?!
 photo titanepisode611_zps0f7e850d.jpg
Mikasa making more friends!
But putting aside Duffy (which is probably hard to do as my wallet reminds me) anime time!!!! Due to happiness yesterday this post got a bit pushed aside but here it is now! Shingeki no Kyojin episode 6 time weee! Spoilers for Mikasa kicking a lot of ass and people sucking.

Dear Lord I forgot my brand new post for this series on the very first post after the fact. RAWR! My Shingeki no Kyojin Speculation and Theory post! What was I thinking?! This is the thread where people can go and spoil their little hearts away while we try to figure out what direction the manga and anime is going. Sorry I forgot this at posting time, hopefully it won't happen again!
 photo titanepisode62_zps2eb61bfc.jpg
Um...I am going to go with no?
Episode Summary: Armin is busy staring off into space and hating his life as Connie screams down at him, trying to get his attention. Connie has also reached a level of upsetness that won't allow him to understand that Eren and the others are dead and keeps asking where the rest of the team is. Ymir is like um duh they are dead deal with it. She continues to question why the hell Armin was the one to survive and not the others. Connie gets pissed at Ymir's attitude and Christa tries to tell them to calm down, that emotions are high since so many people around them are dying. People calm down and Connie tells Armin to get up and come along with them. Armin decides that he is just going to join the back ranks and leaves. Ymir tells Connie he needs to forget about Armin and keep moving on. Armin is whooshing through the buildings thinking how much his life sucks when one of his hooks misses the wall and his falls to the ground. He thinks about how weak he is and that he spent his whole life trying to catch up to Mikasa and Eren. That he joined this force to become just as strong as his friends and looked where that landed Eren. Before Armin can drown in his tears he sees another classmate Hannah doing CPR on her boyfriend. She urges Armin to come help her. Armin tells Hannah they need to leave right now. Hannah gets pissed at Armin for not helping her and continues to do CPR. Armin thinks about how this life is hell as the screen pans to show the viewers (or imply) that only half of the boyfriend is on the ground.
 photo titanepisode614_zps4f9d6c06.jpg
Happiness all over this damn show.
At the wall things have sorta...stopped in regards to evacuation. The most important merchant in town is trying to push a cart full of food through but of course it is not fitting. Other citizens are yelling and the one officer around seems like he has never been in charge of anything ever. This merchant seems to think he is tough shit and doesn't care if everyone dies. He urges everyone to push the cart when an abnormal Titan comes out nowhere and rushes them, despite other soldiers trying to distract it. The citizens think they are doomed until Mikasa comes out of nowhere and kills the Titan. The merchant thinks Mikasa will help him but instead she threatens him and his men. The cart is moved and a younger girl thanks Mikasa for her help. The bells sound now that the evacuation has ended. Mikasa has permission to pull back but she goes back to the middle crew to find Eren and Armin. Mikasa starts thinking about her childhood since seeing that grateful girl from earlier. Mikasa had a loving mom and dad, living in the middle of nowhere it seems. Dr. Jaeger is going to stop by later to introduce his son to Mikasa. There is a knock at the door and three men barge in, killing the dad instantly. The mother fights so Mikasa can run away but Mikasa just watches as the mom takes an axe to the neck. She is kidnapped and taken to an house. The men fight amoung themselves as they were supposed to take the mother alive as she is a “rare” human, an Asian and that would have fetched a high price in the inner walls. Dr. Jaeger arrives at their home and tells Eren to be nice. But when they find the dead bodies panic sets in. Dr. Jaeger sends for the soldiers and tells Eren to go home. Instead he manages to find Mikasa. He poses as a lost boy and stabs one of the kidnappers right away. He turns and runs to get another weapon and takes out the second kidnapper. Like in a fit of rage die piece of shit killing spree. He then frees Mikasa like it is nothing. Mikasa matter of fact says there are three kidnappers. The third one walks in and starts to strangle Eren. Eren tells Mikasa to fight. She picks up the stray knife but doesn't think she can do it. She thinks back to her whole life and how it is has been a cycle of the strong killing the weak. Mikasa sorta...breaks and kills the kidnapper. The police are like damn and Mikasa waits for Dr. Jaeger to stop yelling at Eren to ask where she should live. Eren puts his scarf on Mikasa and it is decided that....they are going home. Mikasa starts to cry and hugs her scarf. In the present Mikasa has the same scarf on and is taking out Titans left and right, trying to reach Eren. THE END!
 photo titanepisode69_zpsaac3183d.jpg
Why so many abnormal?
XO Such a short first paragraph and a long second paragraph. I thought I would divide things up with what happened to Armin and what happened to Mikasa. I thought they had equal screen time but clearly I was wrong. Craziness.
 photo titanepisode63_zps7304238a.jpg
See?! Alive!
Armin has survived!!!! I mean...aren't you surprised? Since Eren has been eaten by a Titan and his arm only remains Armin is the only other male character that has gotten a lot of screen time. The threesome is now a twosome. So if Armin didn't live it would be pretty devastating to the plot yes? Like holy crap Jean is going to come in and be the driving force? Of course a show with strong female characters would be nice to watch too. Still...this anime isn't playing by the rules and Armin was just sitting there looking into space. Why didn't the Titans eat Armin? Do they have poor eyesight and Armin not moving helped him out? Or maybe he smells like a Titan since he got swallowed by one? Whatever the reason may be Armin is really, really lucky. Like for real. Yay for being alive.
 photo titanepisode65_zps2537b637.jpg
We shouldn't be fighting at all!
Of course Armin doesn't feel that way. Especially not after the others found him. Ymir was way out of line. Of course Christa does bring everyone back to reality and says they are all just being over emotional because people are dying left and right. But still. Ymir was like um they are dead shut the hell up Connie. And Armin you are a loser for being alive still. Perhaps Ymir was questioning why Armin was the one there, that everyone else died protecting Armin and THAT is a waste, that Armin shouldn't be a soldier if he needs to be protected like that. I think it is human nature to protect those who are weaker than you or to help them when you can. But when every single person is needed and their weight can't be can make a difference. Or maybe Ymir is just a bitch. But really Armin always came across as weaker but smarter so him being alive can be a shock. Connie not wanting to accept the truth makes sense too. Just a whole lot of hurt.
 photo titanepisode66_zps7eb731fa.jpg
People can be strong in different ways though...
It is hard to tell if Armin went to the back lines to help out where he could or if he was hoping that something ate him along the way. He just lost his best friend forever and his squad mates. I am sure in normal circumstances he would be taken away to medical while others went and fought. But that is not how this war can go. “War”. Hell as Armin has shown it. Every minute has been a hard life for Armin and that is not only the Titan's fault. He has had it rough with others picking on him and the rest of humanity giving up on the refugees. Well really not wanting to take them in. He just wanted to be with the people who were left, his loved ones Eren and Mikasa. He WANTED to be stronger but wanting something doesn't mean it will magical happen. I mean...maybe Armin has heard of anime magic and wanting it hard enough makes it happen more often than not. But yeah....
 photo titanepisode67_zps32f48ee5.jpg
Sorta hard to see...
While this show is violent it is clear after this episode how....much violence anime viewers are not going to see. When Armin was jumping around to get to the back lines there were blood splatters on the ground. On those blood splatters...there should have been bodies. Parts of people. Because as it has been stated Titans don't eat people for hunger purposes. We don't know WHY they do it but since it isn't for food if a body part gets left here or there it doesn't matter. Everything is way too clean. When Armin finds Hannah it is clear from the start that Hannah has lost her mind. It really, really isn't that clear in the anime but yeah. From the waist down boyfriend is gone. In this episode it was sorta hidden by Hannah doing CPR still and the view being from the shadows. Lack of legs=nom nom nom. So yes folks. Things are pretty bad and could be a lot more bloody. But I guess when all we got in Blood-C was blotches of white screen (in normal viewing) this is probably understandable.
 photo titanepisode64_zps4cc013b8.jpg
Are you badass too Ymir? Maybe you should go help Mikasa.
So while Armin is continuing having the worst life ever without Eren Mikasa is continuing to have a face without much emotion. Let's set the scene. People are losing their lives left and right, people that Mikasa has grown up with these past three years. Mikasa is forced to stay behind to protect the citizens evacuating. Instead of people going through the tiny gate some asshole merchant has to push his giant cart through and scream at people. And abnormal Titans are all over the damn placing running and jumping and heading towards citizens unable to evacuate. Enter Mikasa, the most amazing person ever despite having no field experience up until this minute. Peace out Titan.
 photo titanepisode68_zpsbee91a7d.jpg
Yeah. Because I am sure you guys will be allowed to stay into THOSE gates if you bring one cart of food. You will be the richest dead person woohoo!
So....while us manga readers have NO IDEA about anything...this episode really made me think. Think about what Titans could be used for. (Not spoilery right) but it has been speculated that Titans are actually weapons, human on humans. Or perhaps some kind of...punishment. Whatever the case may be, no matter how awful the Titans might be,....humans are pretty awful to themselves! The first few minutes of the show we see Hannes and his people not taking their job seriously and basically allowing a 9 year old to best them and get aggressive with him. Armin has been bullied for what looks like a lot of his childhood. Mikasa has NO FAMILY because people wanted to kill her father and sell her and her mom as sex slaves because they were “foreign”, 1/5 of the population was sent out to DIE because their wall came crashing down, and when faced with more shit the general response wheat is more important than all you people standing right there. Have I mentioned anything?
 photo titanepisode610_zpsd66c85d1.jpg
So this situation wasn't bad enough for you? You have to make it worse?
The point being...this Titan invasion has really not brought together humanity. Sometimes awful things happen and people/dominate species band together and fight off this other evil. So whatever the Titans may be they themselves don't seem to be aware of the damage they are causing. The humans do though. Perhaps they are like Ymir and are trying to blow off steam because they know how bad life is and they can't take it out on the Titans. Just that while Titans are eating people for no reason we have greedy and hatefulness being committed by the humans, in just as many instances. HMMMM who deserves to live?
 photo titanepisode612_zpscd388974.jpg
Um...yeah we will go with this folks. Stitching hmmmmm.
After Mikasa witnesses all of that the citizens are saved and she could have joined them. But since she thinks Eren and Armin are still out there she goes to join the battle again. Because she is the best warrior ever. Dead Titan here, more dead Titans there. How is Mikasa so great at killing when Eren and his TEAM were taken out so quickly? What makes Mikasa so awesome? Seeing that girl means that we got a walk down memory lane because Mikasa isn't Eren's sister know...why does she live with him?
 photo titanepisode613_zpsde8469c8.jpg
What a world this is indeed.
I am really starting to think that this is going to be a one season show. Something was changed in this episode regarding Mikasa. Something that was so minor, it might have been throw away in the manga but they changed it in the anime for some reason. So maybe a different direction is being taken. But everything else was kept the same which is horrible. Mikasa and her family were living in peace, Eren was going to make a new friend, and all of that was taken away because Mikasa and her mother are Asian. We got to live in walls to protect us from Titans but lets make sure to make life extra shitty by selling people?
 photo titanepisode615_zps8803c27a.jpg
Um......this is pure crazy yes?
While I am sure everyone was cheering Eren on for finding Mikasa and killing those two men...I think that scene was supposed to show us something else. I am not above speaking ill of the dead. The truth is the truth. Eren had a lot of crazy rage in him way before the Titans ate his mother. Yes those guys were horrible. Yes they deserved to die. And Eren probably had never seen anything so awful before. But stab stab STAB STAABBBBBBBBBBB CRAZY EYES! Something in Eren was scary and awful. Like he went above and beyond what was necessary and it was another factor in the humans are the real evil explanation.
 photo titanepisode616_zps2e41ec64.jpg
Such concentrated power. X___X
Mikasa probably deserved that rage, that hatred. Instead she thought about animals acting in instinct and her father kill animals to provide food and supplies for their families. How life has always been like this, the strong killing the weak. And she sorta...snapped. I mean later it is shown she is/was a scared girl alone in the world crying into the scarf but clearly she has to keep that part of herself down inside. So as she is whizzing by and killing Titans because she isn't scared. She thinks she can win so she will. There is really no doubt, she sees the Titans as really nothing, and life moves on. So Mikasa has a great reason to be messed up and full of rage but she was content on living in town with Eren having the good life.
 photo titanepisode6_zpsc117ec9a.jpg
Better hold onto the scarf tight since that is all you have left of Eren...unless you can find that arm?
I wonder if that is going to change now that Eren is dead. How long will it take for her to find out? Will she stumble across Armin stuck with an equally upset Hannah or will she find the really uncaring Ymir and company? She is not going to handle the news well so for everyone's sake it would probably be best for her to find know after everyone has left the city and they are “safe and sound”. They need that great warrior to kill all those Titans left. But yeah...Mikasa better find Armin quick or she will only have that scarf for family.


Eternia said...

The cart scene is really too dumb to be taken seriously, yes? Seeing how it didn't move forward for even an inch, I bet that it's too big and it can never fit through anyway. So what's with the ruckus, "Push! Push!"

Also I said it before, the censor is really getting to me. Does this show aired on, what, 9 am in the morning? Why it can't be shown that his lower half is gone? Let's hope that it won't escalate even more. Who knows, after several episode, all we see are probably splats of red paint, and the dismembered bodies are never shown. Meh.

Christina said...

Eternia- There really should have been more soldiers at that gate making sure things were going smooth. Not some lone green soldier who doesn't have the balls to say no. Of course I think some of the men should have attacked the merchant and his goons. There wasn't that many of them.

I think that some media in Japan has been under fire for being...too much lately? In terms of violence of course. See in Japan they can show underage tits and ass but now the limbs of dead people. Here in the U.S. we have the walking dead taking out humans and zombies alike but ALL ZOMBIES HAVE CLOTHES ON. None of that nakedness, perish the thought! The scene would have been much better had Armin been looking down at half the body and the ride over showing the real hell, half eaten soldiers.