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Arata Kangatari episode 6: X__X Forgot to label the episode!

So much yawn?!?! Why do I wait so late at night to get the blogging done?! XO This is unacceptable. Especially now that my late night texting friend has an early morning job and the husband has gifted me with an annual pass to DisneyWorld. That means I got to get used to waking up early in the morning so I can maximize fun. I can't lay in bed all day while I can be at a theme park living it up. would be nice to be on time to work. Maybe people will drop dead from shock. I must learn to go to bed early and wake the morning. I have lofty goals in life!
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What the hell douchebag? Is your name Ryan Lochte or something?
But before I got to bed here is my long worked over anime post, in between laundry and vacuuming and what not. Arata Kangatari episode 6. Spoilers for....well blood.
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Episode Summary: Honi stops with leading Hinohara and the gang out when Akachi asks her master Ohika to be his Sho underling. He tells Ohika that it was Kannagi who really killed the princess and that he will betray them all. Ohika says he will not leave Kannagi's side and will bear the sin with him. Akachi then reveals that all the other Sho under Kannagi has submitted to him and if he does not do the could end very badly. Fuyou the wife is threaten so Ohika agrees to submit as long as the wife and all the servants/guests on the property are untouched. Akachi agrees to Ohika gets all glowy and becomes one with his god sword and submits to Akachi, making Honi and the others cry. Fuyou is beyond upset as two servants run in to see what is going on. Akachi splatters the ladies across the drapes and does the same to Fuyou when she begs for the life of her unborn child. Hinohara gets very upset over all this death when Akachi rips open the drapes. Kanate is like um what are we doing Hinohara when Kannagi arrives. He surveys the scene and is horrified that Fuyou is dead and apparently Ohika is gone forever. Kannagi demands to know what Akachi is thinking and apparently he is thinking you die too! Akachi and his wood?/earth power go up against Kannagi and his fire power. The ground eventually takes out Kannagi's flying ship and half the building Hinohara and the others were in. Hinohara saves everyone from being squished by summoning his god sword. Hinohara stands by as if he is going to fight too. Soon the fight becomes massively one sided, with Akachi really winning. Akachi then breaks out all his god swords, revealing to Kannagi every one of his sho's submitted to him. Akachi eventually gets the upperhand and gets Kannagi's sword despite Kannagi refusing to submit. Kannagi tries hand to hand combat which does not go in his favor either. Akachi then mentions the name Emisu, the name of the person Kannagi visited earlier (the grave).
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Hinohara...just go to the corner.
A flashback shows that Kannagi and Akachi grew up together, apparently with this person. Akachi says that Kannagi deserves all that is happening to him now because of the betrayal Kannagi committed, but not necessarily the one with the Princess. Hinohara speaks up, saying that Kannagi is unarmed and the battle needs to stop. Akachi points out that Hinohara must be like him, trying to be King as he has made someone submit to him. Akachi decides to leave Kannagi alive so he can suffer and off he goes. Hinohara starts to get in with Kannagi, asking what the hell is going on and why does this King stuff have to happen. Honi begs Kannagi to bring back Ohika but Kannagi says once someone becomes one with their sword that is the end of them and they can never be human again. Honi then starts to yell at Hinohara saying he is a bad person too for doing this to Tsutsuga. After the worst segue in the history of forever Hinohara is off alone, trying to be upset when Kotoha the happy and Kanate the...confused come up to him. Kotoha doesn't want him to be sad but now Arata thinks he is just as bad and how can he be who the princess wants him to be if he has to “kill” people too. Kanate basically tells him to man up and to do what the Princess wants and she wants him to unite the people. Kotoha then magically remembers the name of Hinohara's god sword and that gives Hinohara an idea (after a brief moment of the sword sparkling). He goes to Honi and tells him since his sword is the sword to rule them all and has no attack power that maybe he can bring people back who have submitted. Something like that anyway. With renewed spirits Hinohara and gang set off as Kannagi is all alone in the world with the past filling his mind. In the real world Arata is....well walking around Hinohara's room when he sees Suguru strolling around. He follows Suguru who is surprised and makes excuses on why he was nearby. When Arata doesn't know who he is Suguru assumes it is because he is mad at him. He returns the game and runs away. In Hinohara's room there is a picture of Hinohara and Masato together so when Arata ends up going nto school he greets a pissed off Masato warmly. THE END!
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...Close enough.
Well that was a sad little episode wasn't it? I thought maybe someone from the family would make it out alive. And I guess I was sorta right...Honi still has her arms and legs doesn't she?
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Speak calming to the insane dude in the room.
Akachi is an asshole. I really hope that he is the real villain of the show and we won't get a WOE IS HIM backstory and we will be forced to feel bad for him. That has happened before in shows. And maybe it has worked on me. Like...okay so maybe in Fushigi Yuugi there were some chopped up kids. But the chopper thought that his brother was killed by those people. The real baddie was of course super evil and got his in the end but there was a sad little back story tacked on to him too. I guess in the end it should be up the viewers to decide who is the real evil one and if the backstory matters. Like I am not a fan of my childhood was sad and I got no hugs please forgive my actions now. So while the jury might be out on Kannagi as we don't know if he really meant to kill the Princess but I think for now it is safe to say Akachi sucks yes?
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In anime there are many options that are awful and really awful.
I mean....I wanted to yell at the computer screen at Ohika. Like really dude, you are going to argue with this guy? Take out your sword and try. Or at least make it apart of the agreement that the wife and other people in the house get to escape FIRST before you submit. Not okay I agree and since you are such an upstanding guy I believe what you say. I want to think that Ohika is a smart guy and he realized that his fellow underling Shos were dead/submitted against their will. That no matter what everything was lies and if it was lies...well lets go out trying. I don't know what happens to the god sword when the owner dies so if Ohika was toast anyway at least deny Akachi his victory yes?
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Dying, knowing that a lot of people may follow despite your sacrifice.
But then....deep down...maybe Ohika knew things were really bad. That no matter what he did everyone was probably in danger. That his calm words and smile were really just drawing out the minutes until everyone died. No matter what he was going to die. And since he was going to die he would not be able to protect anyone after the fact. So making Akachi pissed was not going to help the situation at all. It would have been more satisfying had Ohika gone out that way but he was betting on the smallest of hopes that giving Akachi what he wanted would save at least his wife and baby.
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And there goes the pregnant lady...
Bloodbath all over the damn place. I guess we the viewers should have expected it given how the others were taken out, the others being people serving the underling Shos. And the viewers who are familiar with some of Yuu Watase's other works should know that no one is safe, not even 4 year old little kids. Especially 4 year old little kids. But I don't think we have seen an up close and personal...killing of a pregnant lady. Or one that was given lines and seems to be nice and important. So it was a bit...sad. Like you know that Akachi was going to lie and kill some people but maybe I thought they were going to chop up Fuyou and save the baby that was clearly way too small to live. Just gruesomeness all over the place.
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If Kannagi can't win how did Hinohara stand a chance?!
A lot of people have been giving Hinohara a hard time for standing around and not doing anything. Okay maybe the 5 people I saw before I got SPOILED on something. Okay maybe not a big spoiler but it could answer why our at least 73 year old Princess is looking kinda young. But anyway....I am not sure what good Hinohara would have done at this point. Akachi (or maybe that water guy) is going to be the final boss. Hinohara hasn't been in this country all that long. I me it seems like a week. If Ohika felt as if he had no chance of winning and he is experienced....what chance does Hinohara have? Of course Ohika has a non combat type god sword it seems but still. Hinohara is new to this game and he had other people with him. I will agree in general Hinohara is quick to act but in this situation I think is understandable. Of course I would have been escaping and not listening.
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Kinda makes you wonder why they went with this killing Princess plan. 1 in 12 odds...not so good.
Good think Kannagi showed up or Hinohara and crew would be dead. I know I just got done saying that Hinohara's inability to fight makes sense but once they were found out it was die! Fighting of course. But Kannagi and his magical flying ship arrive just in time to see all the carnage. I I feel bad for Kannagi? His actions against the Princess have not been explained yet although it is assumed he is trying to bring back Emisu. But is it really worth it to throw the entire world into chaos for one person? I would love to be rescued by someone but if it cost so many lives to bring me back...I would probably feel guilty forever. So if Kannagi is trying to help someone that is 10 points but then adding up all the chaos he has caused with his Princess killing plan...he has negative 90 points. Sure the other Shos have to shoulder the blame too but Kannagi..when you agreed to this you surely had to know this was coming.
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One giant EFF YOU!
I thought the battle between the two was going to be more even! I understand that the 12 are the most powerful Sho out there. I just figured it was a pretty even playing field. Maybe I even thought that Kannagi was the leader. But I guess being the leader doesn't always mean the strongest. But I was still expecting more of a fight. Kannagi got his ass kicked. Perhaps he was feeling pretty devastated on what just happened and that took some of the fight out of him? But maybe he could have been so upset he got extra power. Yeah...didn't happen. Didn't happen at all.
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I'll beat you one day bro!
There was a few glimpses of Akachi's and Kannagi's past, in between Hinohara saying we shouldn't be fighting at all! I really didn't think that the two grew up together as I thought each 12 Shinsho were in charge of the area they came from, their home town? But maybe they were assigned areas. Or maybe one boy came from another part of the country and they met that way. To me it seems as if Kannagi was always trying to catch up to Akachi and was always falling behind. I am sure Kannagi thought they were friends but did Akachi feel the same way?
 photo arataepisode615_zps8dcd6d3a.jpg
Um...okay. Thought her name was Emisu. Unless homegirl is in the sword too.
Whatever the case may be Emisu came between them and Akachi is taking names and kicking ass. I mean...this would be dreadful, if the fate of this world is decided on some bros before hos I saw her first crap. Akachi is implying that Kannagi committed the sin. Does Akachi think that Emisu loves him and Kannagi stole her away? I don't think that is the case but who knows. All I don't know is that Akachi is running around with Kannagi's sword now. It doesn't count unless Akachi submits right? They should be able to call them back home. Thundercats ho!!!!
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...Is everything about you?! XO And the answer is no. Duh.
After Akachi leaves Hinohara has to have a little cry. I like how he was defending Kannagi even though in his head he knew that was kinda stupid. Can someone explain to Akachi, Kannagi and the little girl that Tsutsugu was a stump. I mean....Hinohara really was putting that guy out of his misery. He was stabbed on the ground and had tubes for limbs. If Hinohara didn't absorb him what the hell was going to happen to him? So for anyone to compare what Hinohara did to what Akachi is doing and what the Shinsho might do is a little dumb. Just another excuse for Hinohara to have a cry and feel bad about himself.
 photo arataepisode619_zpsbe34df40.jpg
Based on what?!
It was a special moment when Kotoha told Hinohara what the sword's name was. Like oh by the is a piece of information that might be important. And suddenly it all made sense to Hinohara! He can bring people back from their god swords because Jesus is alive HIDE THE EGGS! How did we get from that point to this point? Did I miss something? I feel as if there was an important scene in the manga we did not get in the anime. Probably that scene included Honi feeling bad that the PREGNANT LADY IS DEAD and not just asking to bring the dude back. But yes folks. Hinohara has no idea what is going on in this country but is confident that he can bring people back from submitting because.....I don't know. And Kanate was being a brat encouraging all of this.
 photo arataepisode616_zpsf2668820.jpg
More like who are you? Barely see you dude.
So I think that is about it. Bodies over there. Killed spirits over there. Random scenes happening all over the place. I mean how off was it that people are splattered on the ground and Kotoha is SMILES and we finally see Arata in the real world connecting people. I am all for some comic relief but that was definitely not the moment. So...this series is going to have Hinohara find all the Shos, be best friends with them/fix their problems, and they will submit to him so they can be freed one day. AKA Pokemon.


Eternia said...

As long as I remember, they really do get over people's death quickly. Oh yeah, let's revive people who have been absorbed. How about the ones who are splattered on the ground?

Also, something is bugging me the whole time, how come Hinohara is somewhat good at evading and fighting even though he came from the real wurldz and has zero battle experience? Anime magic.

Anonymous said...

As you see in this ep, a person/Sho's Hayagami power increase w/ the numbers of other Hayagami it being submitted to. So, w/ ~6 Shos been forceably submitted to Akachi (oh and by the way he can also use the power of the Hayagami he collected), Akachi is a LOT stronger than Kannagi. The one-sided battle is quite reasonable. Also, you guessed correct Akachi’s Hayagami power is Earth, so as long there is soil/earth he is in advantage.

To say you “hand it over”, you have to entrust your whole life to the Hayagamis. So yes, they are one w/ their chosen Sho. In other words, if a Hayagami is gone/destroyed/submitted, then its Sho is gone too, forever. So to become the Emperor, you must have all of the Hayagami as one. However, in Hinohara’s case is a little different, his Hayagami is the Sword of Orgin (I mean it did pass down from Hime Clan from generations to generations, so I am sure that’s why the Princess choose him, who happen to wield Tsukiyo), which is like a “Great Spirit”, where all other spirits goes when they rest, so it is not a surprise that a person’s spirit (so far only Tsutsuga) is in there

By the way, the girl’s full name is Homura Emisu.

Also, quote from Irenesharda, who I agree completely:

>I can sufficiently say that this was my favorite episode of the series thus far. The Shinsho battle was great and it may herald some more great moments to come. I don’t know why, but the drama with Ohika and his wife was more tragic in the manga than in the episode, but it was still good.
However, be that as it may, it does seem like they are switching things up a bit. They appear to be mixing Kannagi and Akachi’s arcs together, I’m guessing for time purposes. They appear to be showing you their backstory ahead of time, even though in the manga you don’t find out about them once being best friends until quite a while later. I don’t know if I like that so much, since the backstory is one of the best things about Akachi’s arc and what makes it hit so hard emotionally.

Both Aratas are seen this episode and both of them are done well. They re-did the present day stuff a bit, but it’s fine as is.

Yes, this was a good episode, and I would give it an 9/10, if not for one thing:

Why did they have to write Seo (Yes, the IMPORTANT person) out of this adaptation?!!!!! He’s one of my favorite characters in the story and he has a very important purpose! Why do they leave him out? It can’t be for time reasons since even in the manga he appears when Hinohara needs him and disappears just as fast. And now this creates a plot hole in the story. If Arata’s Grandma and Kotoha always knew the sword’s name they would have told him earlier in the beginning, since knowing the sword’s name gives you more power and will help to fully awaken the Hayagami. I mean, even for a person, who does not like to be called by the person you love/care?

It worked that Seo was the one who advised Arata on how to go about the submission battle and gave him the name of the sword, since he wasn’t a character always with Hinohara and so he never told him until that moment. Also Seo is one of those all knowledgeable characters that can both teach and inform the MC.

Was this just to give Kotoha more to do? Because I’m sorry, that girl will always be as 2D and flat as paper. It was just the way she was designed.

So because of that very annoying point, I had to deduct. So I give episode 6 an 8/10<

Anonymous said...

I think this is the best ep of the series so far---both in its own terms, and because it’s where we’re finally seeing some deviation from the manga. The anime is half over (half way already!! I know right?!?!) – as for the manga who knows (it’s about to release its 19th volume, with no signs that Watase-sensei is slowing down). This presents some interesting dilemmas both for the anime staff and for fans of the series.

Fans of Watase Yuu know that she can be surprisingly dark and grim – character armor doesn’t always apply where you think it might, and she confronts some pretty intense themes under her pretty exteriors. Like RandomC said, “Another thing Watase Yuu veterans know is that she has a tendency to give deep backstories to characters who appear to be minor players or even villains, and that poignant and powerful emotions in her series can come from places where you don’t expect them. The story of Ohika is a pretty hard-hitting one. He shows his honor when he refuses to believe the charges Akachi levels against his Lord, Kannagi, and says that even if they were true he would stay loyal and share Kannagi’s punishment rather than forsake his master. Judging by what we saw (in aftermath only) last week, it seems likely that all of Kannagi’s other Zokusho responded the same way – which reinforces both the notion that Kannagi inspired a fierce loyalty in his retainers, and that all of them suffered the same fate Ohika did”.

Anonymous said...

As a manga reader, I will now point out something, well a lot things, that are different, and they are NOT spoilers.

After killing Ohika’ pregnant wife and many of his family member, making a blood bath/shower scene, Akachi did attack Hinohara, while his earth spars cutting the curtains as his attacks goes, but Hinohara dodged them due to his good reflex, an athletic through and through. This cause Akachi to be cautious, he did not walk over pass the curtains to find Hinohara. In others words, he does not know what Hinohara look like. Hinohara did his best to evade/dodge, and keep his distance away from Akachi, away or deeper into the inner curtains, till suddenly the attack stopped. Thus Hinohara thought, “There has to be a range to the attack!” Then Kannagi comes in and the 2 starts like what you see in this ep.

While in fury, memories of Ohika flashes in Kannagi’s mind:

Ohika: “Thank you for giving us such a wonderful land,” smiling, while grateful side-by-side w/ his wife, Fuyu, “we have been gifted w/ a child. If you would, we’d like you to be the god parent.” Beaming w/ pride, “with this, I’ll become a father, Kannagi-sama”.

End of flashback

Present Kannagi ragging his anger out to Akachi, while Hinohara and the others hide behinds the tattered curtains: “Why! WHY?!!?! It wasn’t just Ohika!! Kigisu and Hitari, too………all of my Zokushou!!!! Why did you kill my ENTIRE CLAN!!!”

Akachi (clamly): “It was my greeting to you. The “cont6est for the Emperor” has begun, Kannagi. Whichever road is taken, whether slow or fast, the weak will submit, the ones like you.”

Kannagi (trying to hold his anger but failed): “I see….this is a proclamation of war against me for just that, you killed Ohika and ALL of those people!! Fine! Then let’s have a fight here! Just try to make me submit!!”

Akachi, “As you wish.”

Then the fight starts, the anime did a good job on the fighting scene. I just hope the studio have enough money for later eps.

In the manga, when Akachi taunt Kannagi, he said, “Was it mortifying to lose your Zokushou? But, those guys are still alive inside my Hayagami (he means in spirits). Shall I let you meet them?” Then, unlike what you see in the anime, which he shown Kannagi’s Zokushou’s Hayagami in front of himself in a circle, he shown those Zokushou’s Hayagamis AROUND Kannagi. It is like showing his Zokushou’s skulls all AROUND him. “Bunches of worthless Sho,” stated Akachi, “at best, they are only good for adding power to my Hayagami.” This obviously makes Kannagi snapped and attack Akachi ruthlessly.

Akachi: “Spend enternity w/ the pain of your losses, Kannagi!! I’ll carve your “sin” into that right shoulder!!” This shakened Kannagi a little, and Akachi use this chance take Kannagi’s Homura away like you saw in this ep. However, w/o “I submit” from Kannagi, his Hayagami Homura can not become one w/ Akachi’s. So that’s how the tortures started, yet still Kannagi is unwilling to submit, then decided Akachi, “sigh…. What a stubborn man. In short, I just need your mouth. It will be fine if I take 1 or 2 of your limbs!!” As more earth spars about to harm Kannagi, Hinohara blast those spars away w/ his own Hayagami and stated his entrance. The 1st time Akachi sees Hinohara and his Hayagami in real.


Anonymous said...

In the after battle, when Hinohara yelling at Kannagi:

Hinohara: “Are you feeling depressed?”

Kanate: “wait…. Arata..”

Hinohara: “……….that your own Hayagami…..that Homura was stolen by Akachi? And aside from this, that he made Ohika-san and the others Zokushou subit to him? You, (waking toward Kannagi) don’t you get it? Since it’s come to this, don’t you get it?! Weren’t you the one who slashed the Princess!! Just for the sake of a regime change, just because you wanted the “rank of Emperor?! All of the members of the 12 Shinshou betrayed the Princess!! W/o the Princess here, you’ve got to know that the Sho will go around and make others “submit” to them!! This is the result of that!! (…while looking at the blood bath scene) You Zokushou, Ohika-san, was a good person!! Even though He’d only just met me, he believed in me…(while continue raising his voice)…. he protected me!! He believed in you until the end, too. YOOOOOU!!! (grabbing Kannagi’s shirt) have betrayed all of those Zokushou who believed in you!! No matter what happened, don’t mess around and do THAT!!”


Kannagi: “What could someone like you understand, bastard!! We have always been trapped that bitch’s rule!! The Princess was weak, and even if a new one was to replace here, it would be the same thing all over!! I just wanted to use my “Homura” freely……. (images of the grave).......dammit." (walks away).

As for the name of his Hayagami, yes, I agree the anime is too rushed, it was Seo who give him the right name, “Tsukyuo”.

Hinohara was trying to cool off/be alone after Kanate asked if he want to become an Emperor or not.
While alone try to think clearly, Hinohara met Seo, who call himself a “teacher-like figure” from Hime Clan. In the beginning, Hinohara was taken by surprise and take-out his Hayagami to defense himself. After noticing his hands on the Hayagami was shaking/tremble uncontrollably, Seo asked him what’s wrong w/ the trembling but since Hinohara can not answer that, he changed a topic.

Seo: “By conincidence, I saw the fight earlier. That was Kannagi and Akachi of the 12 Shinshou.”

Hinohara: “It was horrible.” Then he suddenly smack himself in the face. “…..I can’t forgive him, I CAN”T forgive him, for those horrible things! Right before my eyes…, he killed them…!!”

Seo: “So the “fight for the Emperor” has started…..since you , too, are a Sho, you will get caught up in this “submission contest, how dreadful.”

Hinohara (gripping his Hayagami tightly): “I’m scared…….BUT, this is more frustrating!! No matter how many Hayagami I have….I couldn’t move!! (yelling in frustration) I have no confidence…..I don’t have enough power!!”

Seo: “It’s impossible, but you want to live peacefully, right?”

Hinohara: “…………peacefully!?” (thinking: even at school, it was the same…. No matter how many times I was hurt… that was just something I didn’t like, and I waited for it to pass and get better…to have to go back to that…….) “if it’s like this, I don’t want to,” he shout desperately/desirably, “I WANT to be stronger!! And to stop, ALL of the stupid things those guys do!!”

Seo: “…..are you saying you’re going to fight?”

Hinohara: “I don’t know any other way!....But, the difference of power b/w me and Akachi is too great!” But he know for sure deep down, “I wan’t make anyone submit to me! I won’t submit to anyone!!” Look more determinately at Seo, “I will fight those guys!!”

Seo: “……………” looking at Hinohara thoughtfully, “you can do it.” Although this surprise Hinohara, he continues on, “This is something only you can do. It is your mission.”

Hinohara, shocked and cluelessly asks, “ you know another way?!”

Seo: “Don’t govern over the Sho w/ the Hayagami. But, that is different from Akachi (who is doing by fear/total control), don’t dismiss that power. Like when you changed the heart of the Shou Tsutsuga, the Hayagami can only be awakened by changes in their Sho….”


Anonymous said...

Changes scene, Kannagi, lonely, walking away from Ohika’s residence deep in thoughts, (thinking) “That’s right……Ohika and the others were taken into Akachi’s Hayagami. Once they submit to another, they can’t come back…….Wait! No! There is a way, but there’s only one Hayagami that can…….”

This is the moment Seo tell Hinohara the name of the Hayagami, “Tsukyuo”. While saying that name aloud, the Hayagami shines brightly. It is like a blazing sun that tears apart the nightmare call despair –a new dawn arrives. Seeing this light Kannagi realize the words Tstsuga told him are true. “It has been handed down generation after generations in the Hime Clan, that 1 and only Hayagami! In this way, ‘all Hayagami are born’ and the source is the Hayagami “Tsukyuo”.” And Hinohara is the successor of this Sho.

The scene w/ Hinohara and Seo:
Seo: “Most likely ‘Tsukyuo’ has been waiting for you since ancient time. To open a new world, the Sho that can create the ‘true revolution’”.

Hinohara: “The true revolution………..”

Seo: “Slaughtering people, drenched in their blood……humans cannot fight against their ‘heart’. If you are the “Emperor,” don’t get lost in the power, Never! You are the successor to the Hayagami Tsukyuo, (point his finger toward the land) you will change the world!” After that speech he disappeared again but not before give his [name].
Hinohara: “That’s right, you name….”

Seo: “Aah…. I’m not used to being called by a name. ‘Seo’ is fine.” Which literally translated to [sensei, or teacher, someone who give guidance to]. “We’ll meet again, Arata!” (leaves)

Later, Hinohara meet his friends and Hino again and tell them (while Kannagi eavesdropping on them) that he will not make others submit, “I will gather up all of the Hayagami and deliver them back to the Princess at the Capitol! And w/ that…Ohika-san and the others can probably be revived!!”

Honi: “Really!?”

Hinohara: “Of course, I have no confidence. But, this Hayagami can do things like that!....I want to test that. I finally understand why the Princess entrusted this to me, so that no one else has to feel this sadness. I will fight!”

Honi and Kannagi: “……………………..”

In this scene, the readers also found out Kotoha, alone w/ the Uneme Clan can’t heal themselves. The anime also skipped the parts where Hinohara do not want to endanger his friends he steals Kanate’s map (when Kanate is sleeping) and do the mission himself, but failed, and end up been confessed by Kotoha (direct kiss, oh and that was Hinohara's 1st kiss too LOL). While about to comfort Kotoha from sobbing harder, Kanate steps-in and tell Hinohara, “You’re 100 million yrs too early to outwit me, Arata! LIKE I’D LET YOU 2 GO OFF ON YOUR OWN!!”

Looking at them fighting like children, Kannage said to himself, “To get Homura back, I’ll let Arata make Akachi submit to him, then I’ll be taking your Tsukuyo”.

FINALLY END..........for now T_T Did you see my face? x__________X Yes, that! and a little bit more, but I am to lazy to type them out. Sign~ I feel really sorry for you who should have just read the manga. Sign INDEED!!

Christina said...

Eternia- I KNOW! Like well that is great for the Sho holders (who have all been men up to this point). What about the servants and woman who got splattered in the mean time? If they get brought back to life won't they just be depressed that their friends and family can't be brought back? Or is Hinohara's sword really that magical?

Maybe since Hinohara has been bullied all this time he has become great at dodging blows. Running away is key to surviving!

Anonymous- I am glad that Kannagi isn't exactly weak, just obviously going to lose given what has happened. But I think the anime could have done a better job explaining that Akachi can use the fallen Sho's powers. He mainly focused on earth attacks this episode.

Since I am not a manga reader I thought the introduction of Akachi and Kannagi's backstory made sense. But I can see how it might kill some suspense later on. But yeah Kannagi being so pissed that his friend chose to attack him first in this battle for King makes much more sense. It surely makes you side with Kannagi much more and makes you understand why Hinohara will feel bad for him. Since this is Yuu Watase I am sure we will be given material that will make use feel bad for Akachi too.

Anonymous 2- I really love Yuu Watase but sometimes the tragic background of every character ever gets a bit much. Can't we get a villain that is actually just evil for being evil? Had nice parents but decided money and power was the best way to go? Why does everyone have dead relatives and was raped by the man across the street and forced to sell organs to stay alive. Quit making me care for everyone!!!! XD

Oh wait Ohika had a chance to have all that. Now he is just another tragic....stain on the legacy that is Yuu Watase. She clearly is against happiness!

Anonymous 3- I always appreciate the time and effort you put into your comments, even if my reply time leaves a lot to desire.

I do have a huge question, one that probably is answered later in the manga. But why...if Kannagi was so happy with his life and the greatest boss ever...would lead the rebellion against the Princess? Eventually all the Sho would have to be sucked up, if they were Kannagi's or not correct? So eventually Kannagi might have had to be the evil one and kill Akachi's people (if he has any). Akachi just struck first. Maybe he thought Akachi and him had an alliance going and they attack each other last.

But the point being why do this at all? Why would all the Shinsho kill the Princess so one person could live? Why not have half of your power and live on than maybe have TONS of power but tons of people are dead and hate you? Makes little to no sense, really on why anyone would want to be a minor Sho.

Yuu Watase is known for Fushigi Yuugi and the spirit guides within that show. Is that what Seo is? Maybe with such a large cast he has been set aside but yes some of the info being fueled to Hinohara feels out of place.

I just have a hard time believing that one person is worth all this trouble. I doubt this Emisu would want Kannagi to start this war for her sake. Kill half the world to bring her back (if that is possible) isn't something anyone wants on their shoulders.

All your detailed notes...something this anime needs! Why rush it all, Fushigi Yuugi was many episodes?!