Friday, May 31, 2013

Arata Kangatari episode 7

Hello there my lovely readers. Some major drama going on in Tenchi's world but I guess that is a topic for another post. Maybe. Hopefully. Just rarw. A whole lot of what the hell going on.
 photo arataepisode712_zpseaf034ce.jpg
A Tenchi outburst? I only wish...
After spending a lot of hours doing nothing and moping though (mopeing? I hate spelling) it is time to dust all the cat fur off the keyboard and type! Anime posts indeed! Up now is Arata Kangatari episode 7. Spoilers for Hinohara not really...having a great game plan for life.
 photo arataepisode76_zpsa6e4bf33.jpg
You need to learn your rules of...well anime! This is not a video game duh.
Episode Summary: Hinohara is slowly trying to escape Kannagi's old territory. Kotoha manages to sprain her ankle on nothing. Kanate tries to carry Kotoha to a resting spot but she rather lean on Hinohara. Kannagi watches this all go down nearby and is like HMMMM idea. In the real world Arata greets Masato and asks if he is Hinohara's friend. Masato seems to think he is getting teased and starts to get pissed. Hinohara's mother comes by and takes him to the homeroom teacher before things get ugly. Mom tries to explain that “Hinohara” still has amnesia and to be easy on him. Arata is confronted by some of Masato's people who take him to the roof. Masato is really, really pissed off about how Arata is talking to him. Arata seems more content in looking at the view from the building top. When Masato gets super pissed and tries to punch Arata the boy flattens him pretty fast and is like HAHA weakling. Back in the magic world Akachi is on a mountain top randomly killing birds because how else would we know he is the baddie? He talks about how Kannagi apparently made him do this. Inside a broken down...shack Kotoha's leg looks pretty bad. Kanate volunteers to go look for some herbs and runs off to be important. Kotoha tries to snuggle with Hinohara and confess that she is just a normal girl and all normal girls want....Hinohara makes some excuse to patrol the area and leaves the shack. He has had some blushy moments with Kotoha and thought something was starting with her. He has then realized Kotoha actually loves Arata and not him. Woe is him.
 photo arataepisode78_zpsb585b2a1.jpg
Oh so she hurt her ankle on purpose for some "alone" time. Only now both of their feelings are hurt.
As Hinohara is having his sad party the necklaces glow and Hinohara and Arata are able to talk via...a tree. Arata is caught up on what is happening in his magic world although he doesn't seem all that sad about the many dead people. Arata explains that Kotoha is like a little sister to him and that Hinohara needs to take care of her. That makes Hinohara and his crush a little happier...until Arata mentions the fact that he beat up Masato. Hinohara gets a little upset and the connection fails before Arata can learn why. Hinohara gets beyond sad when thinking about his turn coat Masato friend. While Kanate was gathering the herbs he happened upon Emisu's grave. He picks the flowers and suddenly fire springs from the ground. While Hinohara was walking back to Kotoha suddenly Kannagi springs from nowhere and demands Hinohara's god sword. Hinohara is like I don't think so buddy. More fire springs from the ground and it is explained that there is a lava flow under this area. Kannagi keeps demanding the sword, saying he needs it more that Hinohara. Hinohara defends himself but eventually can't bring himself to hurt Kannagi. Kannagi gets the sword with little trouble and is pretty pissed that Hinohara was the one chosen. Hinohara tries to point out that the god sword might not pick Kannagi even if Hinohara is dead. Kotoha was alone for far too long or 8 seconds so she went looking for Hinohara. She gets trapped in some of the fames which triggers something in Kannagi. Kanate comes across the scene too and starts to panic. Kotoha begs Hinohara to leave her but instead he jumps into the flames to protect her...Kannagi gets really upset and grabs him shoulder. A voice tells him to do something so he does....he leaps into the fire and pulls out Hinohara and Kotoha. He seems wounded himself so Kotoha tries to heal him. Everyone looks on and sees that it is not working. 

Kannagi wakes up and apparently it become storytime, a story that Akachi seems to be reliving at this same moment too. When Kannagi was younger Akachi and this girl Emisu (unknown if she was a sister or a friend) were brought to his father's palace to work. Akachi seemed to like Kannagi enough to teach him various things. Kannagi of course was in love with Emisu and things seem okay for a while. But the workers rebelled one day and killed dad. Akachi ran with Kannagi and Emisu until they reached a pathway that could only hold two people. Akachi puts Emisu and Kannagi in that tunnel and takes on the rebels himself. Kannagi and Emisu are very upset but try and carry on. They are eventually taken in by Ohika and things seem really great there. Until one day Kannagi gets really sick and Emisu went out in the crazy...volcano weather to look for herbs. Kannagi wakes up in the middle of his fever and sees the fire all around. He magically assumes that Emisu is trapped in that crazy. Turns out she was and Kannagi gets injured trying to rescue Emisu. She ends up dying and Kannagi decides to yell at the god of fire, threatening to kill himself. That is when his god sword came to him and how he became a Sho. So since Akachi took the sword it is like he stole Emisu. Hinohara is touched by how much of this story is really about him and invites Kannagi to come with him and change this world. Everyone is like X____X THE END!
 photo arataepisode79_zpsda4971d0.jpg
And a bunch of people died. But yeah that was the main point.
How do my summaries get so long? I think to myself well that was a fairly simple episode this will be easy to blog. Then BAM! Words! Words all over the place. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!
 photo arataepisode77_zpse6181cec.jpg
Shouldn't we be crying over the dead pregnant lady?
I mean I was prepared to talk about...well the simpleness of this episode. I mean I guess it was needed after the blood and guts that was the last episode. I just thought maybe our characters would be slightly upset over it all. Instead we got more worried over Kotoha tripping over nothing. I was going to make fun of her but I run into walls all the time. So....I really can't do that. But I can comment on the fact that the conversations got a bit weird in light of what just happened...
 photo arataepisode75_zpsc8042f7f.jpg
Shut down!
But yes people are dead and Kotoha hurt her foot. It doesn't look like they made it very far but since I don't know where Emisu's grave is maybe they made it further than I thought. I kinda feel bad for Kanate. You know he is not going to get the girl and his efforts really are...well ignorable. Like oh what a cute little brother, thanks for helping out. But least he is trying right? Yay friendship! How is that Ginchi kid doing....
 photo arataepisode710_zpsa6e81c5c.jpg
I might want to tap that so I need to know since we are bros.
While Kanate is off looking for something to help Kotoha out Kotoha is trying to get it on with Hinohara. XD Okay maybe not. Oh and for the record Kotoha can't heal herself. I find this acceptable as in most animes this seems to be the case. But not the case in video games though....But anyway yes that Kotoha. It seems as if this romance that happened before the Princess murder plot was just one sided. I would make her seem less insane if this wasn't all in her head. If Arata actually liked her back. It is all wishful thinking and she seems to think this “memory loss” is ruining their relationship. Hinohara of course is stuck in the middle as he might actually like Kotoha. I am not sure why as she mainly talks about Arata. How he “used” to be. Still there are other qualities that Hinohara has seen that he likes and now it hurts that she really doesn't like him. I am sure there is a trust issue in there somewhere.
 photo arataepisode73_zpsed92ad84.jpg
In love with Hinohara?
In the real world Arata has headed to school. For some reason. I don't know why the mom didn't keep him home and talk to the teacher herself. Or really I am not understanding why Arata would want to go to school anyway. Did I miss something manga related? doesn't make sense to me. But maybe Arata got bored. Like let me see this new world. There seems to be no way for Arata to help Hinohara. And since the anime hasn't really showed how extensive the bullying got it's not like Hinohara should pour out his soul to Arata to have him fix his problems. What would I do if I was in a strange new land all alone?
 photo arataepisode74_zps36dbfd71.jpg
Did he kick the anger out of you yet?
Masato is a crazy joke right? Why the hell was he so mad? I mean we should be asking why he turned on Hinohara but I am sure that will be explained. So maybe that will explain the ANGER this morning. Like RARW how dare you talk to me, let me gather up some people and take you to the roof all dramatic like. Did Masato steal his girlfriend? Or just get a girlfriend and Masato was like noooo all my yaoi hopes and dreams, didn't you see the closing song?! I am not thinking Arata solved anything today but smacking that boy...seems necessary to me. But violence solves nothing, stay in school kids.
 photo arataepisode711_zps86f06690.jpg
ONE TREE! So sneaky!
Back in magical land Kannagi has managed to sneak up on Hinohara. Which is sorta sad since there was not a damn tree besides the stump Hinohara was talking into. Just a lot of burnt area. Hinohara needs to work on his staying alive skills. Like really didn't a whole household just get slashed to pieces? Kannagi might not have his god sword but he has some fighting ability and it looks like the will to kill. Pay attention please!
 photo arataepisode713_zps01c2f6e3.jpg
Now lay down and die!
I am not sure why Hinohara wasn't trying harder to...well be alive. If there is some way to bring back the people from his god sword I think he should know trying to protect his sword. I am not saying kill Kannagi...just stab him a bit and run. Or you know....Kannagi did kill the Princess or tried to and started all this mess for some reason. He is the reason while all those people died last week. In Hinohara's mind, that is what he should think. The other 11 could have done the task but it was Kannagi. So Hinohara needs to focus on the goal, to save everyone. But I guess that is the kind of person he is, wanting to not due harm to everyone and talk it out. I am not sure how many people it will work on. Maybe the other 11 will do themselves in, in battle so Hinohara doesn't have to.
 photo arataepisode714_zps5cb92c88.jpg
Solid rescue plan.
Kotoha probably needs to work on her self preservation skills too. Like just sit there and be injured while people come help you. Now in her defense I am sure she didn't know about the random volcano vein under the ground. But once she got closer and saw the fight maybe she should have....not screamed and distracted Hinohara. Of course all of this had to happen so Kannagi could have his flashbacks. So much anime magic. Hinohara does seem to do better in battle when protecting others and not himself though.
 photo arataepisode715_zpsc459e364.jpg
So your tragic past comes before this right? We should feel badly for you too? BIRD KILLER!
In light of Kotoha in the fire and Hinohara bravely trying to protect her Kannagi has turned into a gentle killer. Which is the theme with this author. No baddie is every truly bad. Almost every character has suffered some sort of trauma in their past and they just want to fix things, selfishly sometimes. So things have to be the same with Kannagi. Now how people respond to him is a different story. Like Kotoha, where is Granny? Hinohara, aren't you a wanted man and got sent to jail? HMMMM. I smell forgiveness coming on.
 photo arataepisode716_zps556f066f.jpg
Brother and sister? Neighbors?
So after Kannagi saves Hinohara and Kotoha (because Kanate ain't that crazy) they notice there is a....current wound on Kannagi. This leads to STORY TIME! 5 seconds ago Kannagi was willing to kill Hinohara to get the god sword. But now we have to feel sorry for him. It looks like Kannagi had a nice childhood. Look at me, being the son of someone important. I am not sure if Emisu is Akachi's sister or friend from the same sad fate. Like maybe their village burnt down or something. If she was his sister Akachi would feel upset and protective over her. If he was a friend then he might have been in love with Emisu and was jealous. My yaoi colored glasses see things differently OBVIOUSLY but for what is real in the show Akachi cared for both them and could be jealous no matter what.
 photo arataepisode717_zpsac45c17a.jpg
Um...what are the boys trying to do again?
This really opens up the questions on why Akachi is doing all of this. I assumed that Emisu could be saved. But she decided that going out in the middle of the night during volcano season was a great idea and was fried. Homegirl is super dead. Like for real. She was burnt into a tiny crispy and Kannagi only has a god sword because he screamed and was going to kill himself. So...I am not sure what is his motivation is in terms of turning on the Princess. Unless being King gets you one wish. Then obviously Akachi and Kannagi have the same wish. Because killing tons of people to bring back one dead person is good math. This is all before they knew about Hinohara's sword and maybe people being brought back to life.
 photo arataepisode7_zpsfb84f349.jpg
Um......this dude did frame you for murder...lets think about this.
I usually frown on this uneven number things. Like if I died and my husband wanted to bring me back to life fine. But if that includes killing pregnant women and innocent bystanders and making an entire country turn to chaos I don't think it's worth it. But this story....which probably has the word trust in it...has touched Hinohara. Or maybe he just feels bad for the underdog, even if that person was on top 5 seconds ago and was trying to kill him. Either way it seems as if Hinohara wants to join up with Kannagi. Not sure why as eventually Kannagi will have to “die”. Details details right?!


Anonymous said...

Actually, Emisu is Akachi's blood-related sister, they were sold as slave/workers for Lord Kannagi's father at a young age.

As for Kadowaki and Hinohara, they used to be friends in middle school and were both on the track team. Kadowaki has a lot of family problems. His father is a political/business big shot who’s never home but expected his son to live up to impossible expectations, and his mother divorced his dad, remarried and abandoned her son.

Arata was his first true friend and the first person that was actually his role model. Arata liked Kidowaki for himself and not for his power and money, he was also the only person who could beat him in track. Kidowaki was finally happy because he felt that Arata thought of him as an equal and he vowed that he would catch up to him in track and become worthy of being that equal.

Yet, one day Kidowaki and Arata were up for the same team position, and Arata wanted to please his friend so that Kidowaki could get the spotlight for once and please his family. So he threw the race and slowed down at the last second letting Kidowaki win. Kidowaki however never cared about his family and when Arata cheated and let him win, he felt betrayed. He felt that Arata no longer looked at him like as an equal and was looking down on him. After that day, Kidowaki and Arata were no longer friends. Kidowaki instead began to bully and torture Arata, angry at him and wanting Arata to fight him back. He wanted Arata to admit that he was at least good enough for Arata to fight. And yet Arata never fought back, no matter what sort of horror Kidowaki put him through. Kadowaki even upped the ante by using his influence and wealth to turn the rest of the school against Arata too. Arata couldn’t understand why his friend suddenly hated him and began to grow extreme low self-esteem from the bullying. Eventually it became too much and Arata broke psychologically. He left school completely and never returned until high school.

He thought he could start a whole new year with a whole new start and leave his memories of Kadowaki behind. However, Kadowaki surprisingly ended up at the same school and the process began all over again. This leads to where we begin in the anime series. And in the manga, Kadowaki is not only able to push Arata’s only friend into betraying him, but also bullying him too.

Eventually Kadowaki and Arata’s relationship troubles transfers over to Amawakuni and Kadowaki’s anger against Arata turns into a vicious hatred. Arata on the other hand, begins to gain self-esteem and pride and matures into a great leader as the series goes on. He no longer bows before Kadowaki and is willing to face him head on.

They say Arata’s relationship with Kidowaki is supposed to reflect that of Akachi and Kannagi. However I have to say that I always found Arata/Kidowaki’s issues a contrived mess of high school drama that could have been easily solved early on if someone had bothered to correct the misunderstandings. Akachi and Kannagi’s relationship however was much deeper and much more tragic, and there was actual betrayal involved and death and sacrifice. In comparison, Arata and Kidowaki’s incident was really child’s play.

Christina said...

Anonymous- That is almost way too much drama for me to take. This has been cleared up in recent episodes which still doesn't excuse the fact that Masato is an asshole. I am sorry his dad didn't hug him enough and in all these animes the mother never tries to take custody of the kid. Like the father doesn't pay attention to the woman so she leaves her kid behind to get the same treatment? Yeah makes no sense.

Often in anime things get blown out of proportion because people are unable to open the hole in their face to explain things. Over one race and Masato is ready to throw away the one friend he can count on? I mean I can see being a little upset. I am sure most people want to win on their own merit. Try your hardest and be glad with what results you come up with. But if Hinohara let him win I can see being semi upset...for a few weeks. Not years later and threats and bullying and using money to buy more bullies.

Really in terms of what is going on in the magical world this is all child's play. Yes I can see that being a deal for a while. Hurt pride. But then you see it for what it is. It is hard to blame Hinohara. He had no idea why there was so much anger and really if someone was bullying me all the time I wouldn't be in the mood for explaining things either.

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