Friday, May 31, 2013

Nendoroid Leonmitchello Galette des a mouthful!

This post is a bit late given when the gift was given. XO How can a gift sit in its original packaging for so long? Let me out let me out!
 photo Nendoroidanniversary001_zps34400027.jpg
I want the bird!!! XO Ride it!
While we were on our fabulous trip to Disney World for our anniversary the husband and I exchanged gifts. XD I love getting presents, especially when they are a surprise! Woohoo for nendoroids (even if I think the annual pass to Disney was way more than enough. XD
 photo Nendoroidanniversary002_zpse1feeea2.jpg
Oh lord this girl has a long name! Leonmitchello Galette des Rois!!!! How the heck.....and I thought my maiden name was long.
 photo Nendoroidanniversary003_zps6b614055.jpg
My internet learnings have taught me that she can be referred to as Leo. Oh and she is a cat person from a show called Dog Days. I think when this show premiered I thought it was a bit....on the fanservicy side? Or maybe I read that. In any event my husband thought the bird was cute and thought I would like it. I might have to check out the anime now!
 photo Nendoroidanniversary004_zps756e0df4.jpg
I kept having a final fantasy moment. Rides it!
 photo Nendoroidanniversary005_zpsad0e5003.jpg
Leo apparently is a princess on the opposite side of some war (the girl in pink is the main princess). Still look how cute she is. The bird is apparently a cercle mount named Daumas. What an easier name to say. XD
 photo Nendoroidanniversary006_zps0e9f4ef2.jpg
Yes that is a very nice tail. Daumas has its own stand. The tail feathers that are standing up are removable so Leo can ride him.
 photo Nendoroidanniversary007_zpsf30441c6.jpg
Leo has several weapons to slice you up with. She has many hands as well but it seems as if she can't hold all the weapons in both arms. The axe gave me a bit of problems.
 photo Nendoroidanniversary008_zpsf6ac0002.jpg
See the husband putting together his anniversary present? I love Leo's side braid. So cute.
 photo Nendoroidanniversary009_zps2d95967d.jpg
The shield broke 5 seconds after this pic was taken. :( The plastic the arm holds onto is not as sturdy as everything else in the nendoroid universe. The husband super glued it back together and it is drying right now. I think the problem is the shield was connected to the handle, instead of the handle being a separate piece.
 photo Nendoroidanniversary010_zps6b32fde8.jpg
RARW! Riding off to battle!
 photo Nendoroidanniversary011_zps6d2a3267.jpg
When you take the back feathers off you can hook the seating torso into the hole left by the feather. Helps her stay in place a bit better. RARW! Fight on!
 photo Nendoroidanniversary012_zps66c9db73.jpg
The box was taken when the shield was being glued. Oppies. A new backdrop was used. Smile on the cute animal. Daumas' wings can move.
 photo Nendoroidanniversary013_zps27c25bed.jpg
Daumas does not have a typical nendoroid neck with a jointed ball. It is more like a peg like thing.
 photo Nendoroidanniversary014_zps437e6e9d.jpg
Um...that is a special face you are making there Leo.
 photo Nendoroidanniversary015_zps6b2ab1ce.jpg
Maybe she told a funny joke?
 photo Nendoroidanniversary016_zpsfd86ae41.jpg
I will fight for my right to be cool merchandise!
 photo Nendoroidanniversary017_zps162aa5fd.jpg
Love the cute little braid. Also a better look at the kitty ears.
 photo Nendoroidanniversary018_zpsbf27b579.jpg
I will not stop even if my shield died along the way.
 photo Nendoroidanniversary019_zps58b3913c.jpg
I want an army of this bird thing!
 photo Nendoroidanniversary020_zps9d2e2e37.jpg
Now Leo looks like a mermaid riding a sea horse. XD The husband is so much better with posing.
 photo Nendoroidanniversary021_zpsb4ee53e5.jpg
And this is probably why. Here is the husband's anniversary gift. More legos. XD Maybe that is why he is good with little tiny pieces of plastic. Thank you so much for the gift love!

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