Sunday, May 5, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Revenge of the 5th

 photo Duffy030_zps72f059b9.jpg
I'm a Jedi...or at least my mom thinks so. XD
Hello there Star Wars fans! Today and yesterday are apparently fan made Star Wars days. And since my Duffy has a Star Wars outfit...well it is time to snap some pictures of him. That is what cute clothes are for yes? Now if only my Star Wars knowledge wasn't limited to 10 minutes of all 6 movies....
 photo Duffy031_zps4b22c51b.jpg
My giant friend that dad built. He doesn't talk though, how sad.
 photo Duffy032_zps32d14c21.jpg
Oh no! Here I was relaxing on my days off and I find myself surrounded by little....Lego Star Wars people! All in Christmas outfits!
 photo Duffy033_zpsc9718453.jpg
So mom thought you were Darth Vader but clearly you are not. You are the other guy....with a snow shovel!
 photo Duffy034_zps15694006.jpg
We shall fight to the death! Um...why did my mom buy this outfit again if she has no information on Star Wars?
 photo Duffy035_zps692c7dbd.jpg
I don't think I can fit in that plane.
 photo Duffy036_zps05d91060.jpg
There's....something on my nose. SomeTHING on my nose.
 photo Duffy037_zpsf2e6ba9b.jpg
They are multiplying! Someone save me!
 photo Duffy038_zps48bfbbf2.jpg
Clearly that robot thing is not coming to my rescue.
 photo Duffy039_zps46abd7d1.jpg
Oh there is Darth Vader! Time to fight!
 photo Duffy040_zps1c6dfa16.jpg
Um it's just a cup....
 photo Duffy041_zpse5ed7e4f.jpg
Clearly mom doesn't know anything about Star Wars. But she tried. Maybe me and dad can play this game later. Or a game that came out slightly more recently.....

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