Friday, May 10, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Movie date with Winnie the Pooh characters

Going on adventures cost money! As everyone knows going out and having fun costs mesos. Lots of mesos. So some weeks you have to stay home and watch TV and save up for fun. Everyday can't be an out of town trip yes?
 photo Duffy032_zps932a8e62.jpg
Let's go to Disney today mom. I got my outfit on and everything. Got your purse, lets go.
Well try to tell that to my spoiled Duffy bear. I guess it might be my fault he is spoiled....
 photo Duffy034_zpsb6a9c9ec.jpg
What do you mean you don't have any money?! WHERE DID IT ALL GO?!
 photo Duffy035_zps30947c58.jpg
Stupid mom using money to pay for bills and groceries and gas in her car and then pointing out I got like 6 outfits recently. Like it's MY fault!? Stupid mom. :(
 photo Duffy036_zps4f60f575.jpg
Who is this tiny Tigger and why is he bothering me when I am trying to have a tantrum?
 photo Duffy037_zps2f6064f6.jpg
What? You are saying you and the other Winnie the Pooh plushies in the house are going to watch a movie and you want to invite me? Well...since I am not going to Disney I guess I could stop and see what it is all about....
 photo Duffy038_zpsb0ba9479.jpg
This is the movie we are watching. Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie? Well I guess I know why all the Winnie the Pooh characters are invited. Guess I might as well since I am dressed for it.
 photo Duffy039_zps5a83e7ec.jpg
Oh there is a lot of them.....I hope I fit in. But yes I need a hug since we are not going out today.
 photo Duffy040_zps1344b234.jpg
Guess there is room for me. And everyone seems friendly enough. Okay I will watch the movie. XD
 photo Duffy041_zpsc3f6b380.jpg
Time to start the movie. Look you can see the other Duffys watching too.
 photo Duffy043_zps380c2d86.jpg
This is about how Lumpy the Heffalump has never celebrated Halloween before. Everyone is going to show Lumpy how to have a good time and get candy.
 photo Duffy045_zps827bb0d3.jpg
All that pouting made me thirsty. Let me get a quick drink and get back to the movie.
 photo Duffy046_zpsa5d561b8.jpg
Back to my new friends...WHOA?!??!?!
 photo Duffy047_zpseae702ea.jpg
Who are all these purple creatures?
 photo Duffy048_zpsbf5f734f.jpg
Oh they are the Lumpys from the movie! I remember mom and Scruffy's mom saying that Disney needs to get with the program and make more Lumpy stuff.
 photo Duffy049_zps3e5bf533.jpg
After playing that trick on me everyone comes back to the couch to watch the movie. Silly old bears...and other plushies.
 photo Duffy050_zps0493c812.jpg
I guess Lumpys and Tiggers can get along. We don't always have to go on adventures to have fun. We can stay home and have fun too. So I am sorry go make more money so me and my friends can go on adventures next week!

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