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Suiseu no Gargantia episode 7

Hello there my lovely readers!!! How are you doing off this long weekend? I think the husband had a bit too much vacation. Or I say that because when he has days off he doesn't shave. XD Grizzlybear indeed! No kisses for you mountain man. Since my time off was at Disney I kinda just went shopping Sunday and chilled Monday. Tuesday was errand day. Or more shopping day. :( My poor wallet.
 photo gargantiaepisode716_zps5ca8cdff.jpg
I live to kill!
But there are still anime episodes to blog you say? Well I got that covered! Back to back posts of Suiseu no Gargantia for everyone! Well anyone who is watching the show. Up first is episode 7. Spoilers for Ledo trying to protect people who rather protect killer fish.
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There is probably a reason for that....
Episode Summary: Ledo continues to use Chamber to try and blast the Hideauze despite Bellows screaming at him to stop. She says it is whalesquid and it will do no harm. Chamber deems their weapons unable to work under water and that Bellows will be in danger if they continue. Bellows is forced to drops all of her suit's limbs so she can escape to the surface. Ledo basically bear hugs the Hideauze until it explodes all over Chamber. As usual not a damn person is happy with Ledo. Well except maybe Pinion. The captains of the different ships gather together and talk about how the crew is scared since these stupid whalesquids are regarding as something special and now people think a curse is coming their way. Add in the fact that people were leery of Ledo and people are demanding...something happen. Pinion goes to see how Ledo is doing. He is having issues with his mental fortitude but still asks Chamber to analyze some of the goo on the suit. He finds a Hideauze tooth on Chamber and starts to freak out that he might have brought the alien here. He decides that is not possible and must gather more Intel from the members of the ship. Meanwhile Doc is working on Commander Fairlock who is up there in years and maybe not in good health. Doc wants Fairlock to take it easy but the man doesn't seem to be listening. Fairlock doesn't see what Ledo did as the end of the world, just something they have to deal with. Elsewhere Pinion is trying to gather people up to salvage the area that Ledo and Bellows were in. Pinion says that someone once told him how much loot is down there in whalesquid country. Until Ledo gets on board with shooting them up no one wants to join Pinion. Bellows and Ledo are brought before Ridget. Bellows has decided it is her fault for not warning Ledo to keep calm before they went in the water. Ledo is like um no I am going to blow them all up next time. Ridget dismisses them before things get to hot and heavy with angry Ledo. Both Ridget and Bellow see Pinion talking to another captain all secret like.
 photo gargantiaepisode714_zps6684ae52.jpg
Ledo can't be right, I won't let him be right!
Amy sees Ledo after the meeting and this leads to Ledo questioning Bevel about the whalesquids. Bevel is like um is you crazy I don't know anything. Amy starts to get pissed as she doesn't want to bring a space war to Earth and Ledo needs to realize things are different here. Ledo gets pissed and leaves but not before saying he needs to kill them all and everyone is dumb. Bellows confronts Pinion about his dumb ass plan and Pinion gets really...aggressive with her. He tries to save face saying he wants revenge for his brother but really that asshole wants the treasure. Bellows says he will put them all at risk and leaves. Chamber has finished analyzing the goo and determines it is a Hideauze, just slightly different due to the conditions on the water verses space. Chamber has concluded that on Earth the humans have decided to coexist with the creatures. Ledo is like are they stupid? They need to kill them now because if they wait for the first attack it will be too late. That night the sea galaxy goes out of control and it seems to be because the Hideauze are in the water. Tons of them near the surface. Ledo gets ready for combat but Amy stops him. She tells him that she cares about him and doesn't want him in danger. Ledo says he is a soldier and has to do it. Ridget and her gun tell Ledo to back the hell down or else. Fairlock appears and after the alarm warns people he orders all noise to cease and the boats to stop. Everyone is super silence but the Hideauze leave without doing anything. Still Ledo is pissed he was not allowed to do his job. After this Pinion submits papers to be allowed to leave the fleet so he can explore the whatesquids territory. The captain he was talking to earlier also asks to leave which means most of the weapons would leave the fleet. Everyone starts getting angry and calling them greedy when Fairlock apparently has a heart attack. THE END!
 photo gargantiaepisode72_zpscfdb529e.jpg
And you were too late.
Well then. I am seeing some ungrateful people and a confused person. Oh and maybe the answer to some viewers hopes and dreams? I mean if this show was going to be rainbows and bunnies fine. I just didn't want episode after episode of boobies and fanservice. But if this series is about building up a cute story that leads to a blood bath....yep now is the time.
 photo gargantiaepisode74_zps0f9b1a97.jpg
No reason AT ALL!!!
I think Ledo acted accordingly when dealing with the whalesquid or Hideauze. Yes Bellows told him a few times to stop. Yes Bellows tried her best after the fact. But after she thought about it she realized she was at fault. Or maybe she was trying to take responsibility despite blaming Ledo. But in that moment Ledo was correct. Chamber said it was a Hideauze. It looks like one. And it did get aggressive. Of course Ledo stuck the first blow but whose to say if Ledo stayed still it wouldn't have done something.
 photo gargantiaepisode75_zps7f0cf22f.jpg
I wouldn't waste your time dude.
In any event Ledo did the right thing. I wouldn't listen to these people either. Whalesquid by any other name still killed tons of people in space. Killed his people. Got him stranded on this planet. Maybe it will be revealed later it was all a lie or a science experience gone wrong. From Ledo's point of view he did what needed to be done to protect himself and his companion. After firing the first shot the creature was not going to stop so Bellows saying stop it stop it over and over wasn't going to help anyone.
 photo gargantiaepisode73_zpsb9b0ea14.jpg was just slightly squished.
Everyone being upset at Ledo is nothing new. I guess I have come to accept it. Instead of backing up Ledo or trying to calm people down all the captains got hysterical too. Like for real. Maybe inside their private chambers the anger is okay. But I think they should have done more to calm down the people who think of these creatures as mythical creatures. Not sorta...throwing Ledo to the wolves. I think while there is only one of Ledo and he really needs to adjust to their way of life people could try and meet him halfway. Understand where he is coming from. That he has seen a lot and that he isn't just some weird kid from space. That he didn't meant to bring a bad omen on them or anything. But no it is easier just to be pissed.
 photo gargantiaepisode713_zpsb3c7bb31.jpg
Yay.....and no one cares....
For the record Ledo was right. Chamber has concluded that the whalesquid is a Hideauze. I think if Chamber had explained this to some head honchos it would have changed nothing. XD But really I think when Chamber talks people listen, even if he is a robot. People look at Ledo and they must see a reckless kid who keeps making mistakes. But this robot sounds older, knows more. Either way Ledo was right and the wheels were turning. We all know that Ledo didn't bring this creature from space. did it get here? Were these creatures the reason humans went to space in the first place? The humans left were the ones the ships couldn't take? Or do Hideauze just exist in many parts of the universe? HMMMM I want answers for this. But I am going with human experiment gone wrong for 200.
 photo gargantiaepisode78_zps1e3866eb.jpg
Does anyone own a change of clothes in the future?
Like I said I am glad that Bellows took responsibility for this issue. I just hope that she believes it. I do think that Ledo needs to work on his approach. Sorta like me. XD He is just so.....focused on him being right that he doesn't take the time to work the other person. But that makes sense. He is a soldier. He was taught to kill, kill, and kill. The art of conversation probably never came up. So if Ledo had handled the situation better maybe.....Pinion wouldn't have left? Maybe Ridget could have said Ledo could be on whalesquid duty if things got iffy. That the second things got awful he would be the one to take them out. And when Ledo said no....well have him apologize to everyone's face and let him go off once and a while to blow them up. But no, everyone was focused on making misunderstandings.
 photo gargantiaepisode76_zps0bd4d9fe.jpg
Well that is a goodbye speech. Goodbye to life...
I kinda felt bad for Fairlock. He is not in super health and living on this planet must be hard work. But I think thanks to people like Fairlock things just look easy, so Amy can fly around and look cute all day. He must worry a lot and now that Ledo is here his worries or concerns have added up. But I think deep down Fairlock is okay with what Ledo did. That maybe things would be better with Ledo around, that he could protect the crew with his weapon. Maybe Fairlock knows that the whalesquid are pretty dangerous and that Ledo might have the right idea. But for now Fairlock is like....we will go with the flow and I will be happy with the time I have left. When people start with the I love my life speech and they are old you know their time is up. So sad.
 photo gargantiaepisode710_zps252b5b08.jpg
Err, why are you asking me?
I think that Ledo was slightly confused this episode. Or maybe a lot confused. time I checked Bevel was an expert at staying in bed and making ships from spare parts. Oh and he is like 10. Why is Ledo asking this kid about the enemy? Where their nest is, the numbers, their weaknesses? Because I am more than positive this kid does not have the answers. Oh wait? You mean Ledo asked Bevel about all of this so Amy could get mad and say something “hurtful” to Ledo? Carry on then. Carry on.
 photo gargantiaepisode711_zps104a8393.jpg
Why won't you people believe me on how dangerous this all is?!
In Amy's defense Ledo is being a headed. His intentions are right but he needs to think about the consequences. There is only one of him. If he picks a fight with these creatures and loses who will be left to pick up the pieces? That's right, everyone else. And they would lose. So while Ledo deserves to feel this way I can see how Amy would be upset about this. But she was wrong in saying this wasn't their war. Ledo's war is in space. These earth Hideauze are going to be her problem one day and Ledo is trying to handle the situation now. Again lets see all sides of the situation.
 photo gargantiaepisode79_zps965371a7.jpg
Whisper whisper greedy man.
Clearly Pinion is an asshole. While Amy is thinking about others he is thinking about himself. And I am not buying this whole revenge thing. I feel as if that was tacked on at the end, so people wouldn't think he was a total asshole. But he is. The leader of the fleet just died, Bellows could have been killed, and people are scared. Yet Pinion wants to line his pockets. He does so by painting it as bettering mankind, to get Flange on his side. But it just looks suspicious. So many lies being spun.
 photo gargantiaepisode712_zps0315f042.jpg
And then he grabbed her and I saw red and wanted him dead.
Or maybe I am just pissed because of how he mishandled Bellows. She knows that there is treasure down there. But it is safer for everyone to keep on going. Pinion knows someone who said it was awesome down there before he passed away. Great. But what if he was wrong? What if what is down there is the technology that MADE the Hideauze? No one knows. But Pinion is trying to line his pockets and manhandling people at the same time. No bueno.
 photo gargantiaepisode715_zps12ecc626.jpg
Ledo is not appreciating this caring! Begone with your feelings!
The tension was in the air as all the Hideauze swam under the ship. What did they want? They have never swam so close to the ships before. So why now? I thought they were coming for revenge and they were going to prove Ledo right by eating Ridget's face. But that was not to be. Ledo was going to save the day, Amy was going to save Ledo, Ridget was going to save everyone by blowing Ledo's face off, and the Hideauze....just kept on swimming. Like it was a test. Like okay you kill one of us. WE ARE WATCHING YOU! So those critters made the sea galaxy yes?
 photo gargantiaepisode717_zps6c053472.jpg
Thanks a lot greedy Pinion. Thanks a lot.
After all is said and done Pinion uses the fear created from Ledo's “mistake” to get Flange to request to leave the fleet. See I thought that Fairlock was the commander and appointed other captains so things stayed organized. But clearly there are ships floating around in the ocean and sometimes they come together under a treaty and can leave at any time if they ask. Only Flange has a lot of ships. Tons of ships. With firepower. Like for real why is this happening? Why couldn't they let Pinion go off on his adventure with Ledo and leave things the way they were?
 photo gargantiaepisode7_zpsda4f62ab.jpg
I am thinking...this was really bad timing.
Because that would be too simple. Seems as if this might be the turning point for this show. Like things aren't so happy. That things can get dark. The beginning of the end. Ledo will leave and either bad things will happen to Pinion or bad things will happen to those left behind? All of this maybe was too much for Fairlock and the episode end with a heart attack? X____X episode?

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