Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Aventures: Downtown Disney again? Yay April trip!

Bleh. Do I have to go to work tomorrow? I mean clearly I don't have enough days off in my life I need to complain when I do work. Of course if I didn't go to work I would complain I would have no money for important things. Like cereal and ice cream and outfits for bears.
 photo Duffy001_zps51007f0d.jpg
So sleepy. But Orlando is far away. We got to get up early to go shopping!
Speaking of bears....a few weeks ago the husband took the friend and I to Downtown Disney. Back when no one was an annual passholder and this is how we had Disney fun on a budget. Of course we took our spoiled and over dressed bears with us. How much fun did Duffy and Muffy have that day? Lets find out!
 photo Duffy005_zps208db642.jpg
After lots of driving and a stop to eat some food....time for shopping. Here is the Florida Mall's Duffy section. Can I please have the train conductor outfit!?
 photo Duffy007_zps744e7067.jpg
I am going to sit here and watch TV while mom shops a bit. Since there was no train conductor outfit.
 photo Duffy009_zps66bd86bf.jpg
Up in the changing tree of cuteness. Can you see Alice and the Cheshire cat?
 photo Duffy011_zps4496a29c.jpg
Despite not getting a lot of sleep I look fabulous today!
 photo Duffy012_zps9b505e34.jpg
Mom I want all of this stuff. Mom. Mom. MOM!!!
 photo Duffy013_zpsebe36e4c.jpg
Onward to the main event, the Build a Bear store. They are so close to DisneyWorld they have way more Disney outfits than our store has. What are we going to get?!
 photo Duffy015_zpsb1e21578.jpg
Dad drives a little too fast. Muffy and I will take our own car from now on okay?
 photo Duffy018_zpse35f633c.jpg
We finally made it to Downtown Disney. In the big World of Disney store it wasn't very busy. Maybe because it was raining. But we got a good picture in front of the...."Duffy" section of the store.
 photo Duffy020_zps201b19c1.jpg
So pretty. It is very reasonably priced mom. We don't need a house to put it in duh!
 photo Duffy022_zps3bade982.jpg
We are in the expensive store with expensive statues taking pictures with them. I see indeed mom.
 photo Duffy024_zps94ce71ad.jpg
Don't put a cone on my head mom!
 photo Duffy026_zps49c04bf1.jpg
Minnie is showing off all her pins. Are any of them Duffy?
 photo Duffy030_zps19bd675b.jpg
Time to get our picture taken with the BIGGEST DUFFY EVER at the Once upon a Toy store. Can they once upon the Peter Pan outfit into my house please?
 photo Duffy032_zps34eae824.jpg
On to the Disney Store with my friend Muffy. If it was Christmas every day would I get more outfits?
 photo Duffy035_zps7cc2b364.jpg
A tiny little tree. It must be Duffy sized.
 photo Duffy037_zps0ee7cedc.jpg
This stocking me! What do you mean it is too expensive?! MOM!
 photo Duffy038_zps0da40d28.jpg
These are 3 for 50! Get them! Wait what do you mean you would have to return my outfits then?!
 photo Duffy040_zps384ea26a.jpg
Muffy's mom and my mom decided these ornaments were cute so...we needed to have a tea party.
 photo Duffy041_zpsb9c158e4.jpg
Close up of the cute ornaments and the cute Duffys.
 photo Duffy044_zps8a53cf4f.jpg
Off to work we go? Are you crazy? Duffys don't have time to work.
 photo Duffy045_zps6dd26588.jpg
Can we get this? I haven't asked for anything yet today!
 photo Duffy046_zpsb7480e88.jpg
Almost as good as my drawings.
 photo Duffy047_zps1a64283f.jpg
Mom and I decided to match today. Dad sorta matched too. XO Does that make us tourists?!
 photo Duffy088_zps7d30fb83.jpg
This is my new bodyguard. You like him?
 photo Duffy093_zps6540db11.jpg
Mom found a Duffy pin today. Woohoo! We only need a million more to make a dent. XD
 photo Duffy097_zpsa2b10e24.jpg
See? I didn't ask for anything today! I all of this because I have been a good Duffy since the last time we went to Downtown Disney. Mom is silly...she went overboard. Oh and I think she got some things for Shellie May too.
 photo Duffy101_zpsd4334d8b.jpg
Modeling my new Stitch outfit with the new Stitch plushie. We look cute don't we? This Downtown Disney trip was a success despite the rain. Maybe next time we will get there earlier so we can see the other side. XO No bowling aisle trip this time.

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Matthew Walberg said...

I am going to Disney soon so I was wanting a duff. I may sound dumb hear but can you get a duff at the big world of Disney store? And where can I buy that outfit that your Duffy had on and how much was it?