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Karneval episode 6

I have melted. Melted into a Tenchi Puddle. I think I have mentioned this once or twice or a million times before my the AC at my work really doesn't...well work. My boss says oh next week next week and then poof it is winter and he decides well I will just fix it next summer. One day customers will come in to find all of us staff passed out on the floor. And they will still say um it's hot in here do something to us to our dead bodies. Because my job sucks.
 photo karnevalepisode69_zps4ebf11da.jpg
A whole lotta sad this episode.
Enough with the complaining. XD I guess I can save that for another post. Right now it is anime time since I have had recovery time from my melting. Up now is Karneval episode 6. Spoilers much slowness.
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Attack of the magic hat!
Episode Summary: For about 15 hours Tsubame looks on in horror that her twin has been killed. Hirato tells Yogi to duck as he tries to kill Mr. Creepy. Mr. Creepy runs into the woods with Hirato chasing him. The snotty girl from Ship 1, Kiichi, arrives and tells Yogi he is an embarrassment to Circus and bounces away. She ends up investigating Mr. Creepy's hideout with her partner Jiki but they don't find anything connecting him with the organization Kafka. Hirato has chased down Mr. Creepy. It isn't much of a fight as Hirato turns his hat into spirit girls and pins Mr. Creepy to the ground. Tsukitachi from Ship 1 shows up and teases Hirato and also brings up a feud between Hirato and Akari. Kiichi and Jiki show up and report that they didn't find anything. Hirato thinks that he can torture the information out of Mr. Creepy. Mr. Creepy doesn't seem down with that idea. Some time later Mr. Creepy is killed.
 photo karnevalepisode610_zps136ad0d5.jpg
Thanks for stopping to help Yogi?
Back at the battle area Yogi is bleeding, Gareki is pissed, Tsubame is crying, and Nai narrates the scene like he is an alien exploring Earth. Emotions, I am feeling them. Nai hugs Tsubame who asks Gareki is he is with Yotaka's murderer. Gareki starts to explain but Yogi takes over, explaining Circus and the different types of Vagura, making sure to say that Yotaka was innocent. Tsubame then asks them to kill her. Gareki is against the idea but Tsubame points out that that is all alone as everyone has either left her, died, or is stuck in the hospital (Gramps). After talking about how they blew the ship Gareki was in as a child, Tsukitachi and Hirato arrive in time to hear Tsubame talk about being dead. Tsubame takes Tsukitachi's hand despite Gareki's protesting. It is also explained that this was all a set up, as Circus was using Gareki as bait to draw out Mr. Creepy. Elsewhere evil Grandpa and his pal Uro talk about how Mr. Creepy is dead and how sad they are not. Tsukitachi takes Tsubame to see her Grandfather so she can say goodbye. She tells him to live a long life when she hears the nurses talking about how this old guy must be special since Circus is here and a hot guy pays his medical bills. Tsubame then realizes that Gareki has been paying the hospital bills the while time. She cries but then tells Tsukitachi he can use her body however he wants so she can be of use to someone. Hirato pokes fun of Gareki by pretending to be badass when really he was protecting his family the whole time. THE END
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HMMMMMM....quick heal....are we only talking about Vagura there?
XO MOG folks! How did I write so much?! Nothing happened! This is what happens when I blog at work. I just write and write. Curse it for being slow tonight, where were all the customers?!
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5 minutes later...
But yes much not action. Does this mean this show is going to get two seasons for sure? Because some people were talking about how this show deserved more than one season for various reasons. As I watch the show if they are going to go about this slow pace there really should be more than one season yes? Because as sad as Yotaka's death just dragged on and on. AND ON! So more episodes yes? Because.....we haven't really gotten a great grasp of what the true purpose of the Vagura want/how all the characters matter yet and we are halfway through.
 photo karnevalepisode65_zps7ebac69f.jpg
:( Someone needs a hug.
While Tsubame had every right to be upset (it just took a while) hot damn poor Yogi. I mean...clearly I am about to be a hypocrite but....yeah whatever. Kiichi was not pleased with how poorly Yogi did in battle. Which is what I said too! If he doesn't want to fight why is he in Circus? His half hearted attempts to stop Yotaka really could have affected the rest of the group. And I guess it does make sense that his colleagues would be disappointed in him. And that maybe he deserves some of the harshness coming his way. I just felt bad for Yogi. You know he felt bad for many things, failing to stop Yotaka, putting Gareki in the position to almost stop Yotaka, knowing about the bait trap, and the fact that he hunts people who are really victims (well some of them). Just...I know he wasn't really doing his best or trying as hard as he could and that he should get some of the blame. Just it felt sad and mean when this Kiichi girl was doing it. Like okay we got it!!!! I don't know....I mean people at work like one co-worker because he is “nice” but he sucks at his job. At some point...something needs to happen. Still poor Yogi because I said so.
 photo karnevalepisode62_zpsc8aa1039.jpg
Yogi probably feeling guilty about the bait aspect...
So what do we think about Gareki being bait? Glad to know that Circus is really paying attention to what is going on around them. Or maybe it was obvious that something was up since Gareki wasn't turned into Vagura food or hurt at all. One cut from these things (one SCATCH!) could be enough to turn a human into a Vagura and it seems that Gareki keeps getting lucky. Maybe I am giving Circus a bit too much credit. Of course how much could Circus know if they let the twins kill so many people for so long? Like hmm most of the village is gone and these twins are covered in blood? Sure Gareki go visit your home town, we are just being nice since you have been tortured lately.
 photo karnevalepisode611_zpsaf1afa88.jpg
Swim Gareki swim!
But it seems as if Gareki is really the fated one to be in this group, not Nai. Like at first I thought that Gareki had just stumbled into this madness. Minding my own business, robbing some rich lady, and now I live on a flying ship with creepy sheep creatures and my new best friend is really a Pikachu dragon. But the second Gareki was sold by his parents his life was directly linked to Circus. Bully kids on the ship steal his food and it saves him from being a Vagura. Circus sinks the ship which leads Gareki to be rescued by Tsubaki, who will date Mr. Creepy later which will be flagged by Circus. I mean...did someone lie to Gareki and tell him to rob the rich lady in episode 1 so he could find Nai? Just so much magic. Circus is either really lucky or have been tracking this boy for a long time and it was only a matter of time. Is Gareki going to have even MORE to do with this later?
 photo karnevalepisode63_zpsb1b668c1.jpg
That was right to the point....
Kiichi is obviously not a very nice young lady. She seems to think she is hot shit. Too bad we haven't seen much of Tsukumo so we can see her get more of a tongue lashing. Besides saying...unkind but probably true things to Yogi she basically...well looked cute and investigated Mr. Creepy's headquarters. Her partner is looking a little CLAMP isn't he? Again don't know much about Jiki, just that he has a rotten partner.
 photo karnevalepisode67_zps67161836.jpg
Isn't our bickering cute?!
A lot of banter was going on between Hirato and Tsukitachi. Well and apparently Akari. I hope that we see more of these relationships as we are just being TOLD, almost like it is forced upon us instead of it unfolding more naturally. Like oh yeah we have problems. Aren't you funny? Yeah you have problems with Akari too. All the while Mr. Creepy is sitting there like um...can you you either kill me or get this over with? Because I got places to go.
 photo karnevalepisode612_zps579db02c.jpg
I hate everyone and everything.
Tsubame probably thinks she is having the worse life ever. We all know that Gareki really holds that title but for now Tsubame is down a twin and older sister, adopted brother is acting like a jerk, and Gramps is in the hospital and appears to not know who she is. So clearly she was not thinking straight when she asked to die. Or maybe she was. It is hard to blame Yogi for what happened but sometimes when all of this hits you at once you just...get caught up in focusing on one person. I hate you Gareki and Yogi sucks for being in Circus and everyone leaves me so just kill me. probably what they should do. Experimenting on her seems way too cruel.
 photo karnevalepisode64_zpse5b5d717.jpg
Well at least he hugged the poor girl, which is more than we can say for Gareki.
Nai was acting...well like Nai this episode. Yes I get that he is an animal and is confused and was probably acting the way someone not familiar with these situations and emotions would act. It just seemed off at times. Tsubame is crying, drip drip. Gareki is trying not to cry, sniff sniff. Yogi is bleeding out, faint faint. Like we are supposed to feel how upsetting the situation is through Nai's eyes as he doesn't really get it. But it carried on for quite a while as did Yogi's explanation of the Vaguras again. If we aren't going to get more information, just the basic stuff we already know, do that off screen.
 photo karnevalepisode613_zpse1292943.jpg
Gareki...has been helping me this whole time? SHOCKING!
Tsubame seeing her grandfather for maybe the last time was sorta sad. This man is clearing not doing well. He might have dementia or something similar if he doesn't know who Tsubame is. He probably doesn't understand that Yotaka is dead. He might not ever wake up again. But all these people are working so hard for his sake. Not that I agree with Gareki stealing to help Gramps. I am sure the old dude wouldn't like that. Like Gareki I want you and the twins to have a happy life, don't worry about me. And of course Gareki has been the one paying the bills, because Tsubame isn't feeling bad enough yet. She has blamed him all along and yet he was really helping them out. He could have done it in a different way, one that didn't make her feel so alone but animes are all about misunderstandings duh!
 photo karnevalepisode614_zps37de85ee.jpg
Errr....very dramatic. Be careful what you offer to Circus.
The episode ends with Tsubame going with Tsukitachi. She was a bit...well a bit graphic with her words. Do to my body what you want if it will help the cause. I guess that is a good thing but still. Well not a good thing. I don't want her hacked into tiny pieces crying out in pain. Safe tests are acceptable yes? Gareki also goes back to Circus, but not before he is embarrassed again by Hirato. Worst life ever? So where do we go from now? After this downer stuff I am assuming the next episode will be a bit more fluffy, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

So i guessed right the reason Gareki left the twins, woot!The purple moon gives everybody a purple tint. There’s just purple EVERYWHERE and to be honest, it’s kind of hard to see what’s going on (especially if you’ve turned down the screen brightness). Couldn’t help cheering when they came back out into the sunlight.

It never caught my attention in previous episodes, but I liked the music in this episode. Particularly as Hirato released his little flying woman army to capture the Varuga.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I get you with the purpleness! I was is hard telling all my screenies apart on Photobucket because they all look alike. Please go towards the light.

Gareki is just a huge teddy bear trying to deny how nice he really is. Not working. XD