Thursday, May 16, 2013

Had a bad day, taking everyone down

You know those days when you realize everything is going to go downhill and nothing can stop the madness? Well today has been one of those days for me. An epic display of I hate People and People Suck. Like this would make an amazing comedy episode or movie to laugh at. Come, read about my day of woe.
It started off with the neighbors dog that I didn't know existed barking for an entire hour. An hour before I needed to be awake. And as we all know I go to bed late, getting just enough sleep so every hour is critical. And since none of my neighbors have a backyard I am not sure where the dog was for a whole hour. Only that I laid there wanting to egg someone's house. 

GROSS ALERT! I have...something on my eye. Something gross like a sty. Not pink eye. In the night it decided to scab over and glue my eye shut. Glued shut. Painful city. I already need glasses, I can't wear an eye patch too! So I spent so much time in the shower trying to degrossify myself I was late to work and had to eat breakfast in the car. Sorry for the gross. :( 

Oh and apparently I will never clean anything ever again. I washed my car seat covered and it exploded all over my washing machine. I probably should have known it would end badly when it started to flake when I took it off the car seat. Then I cleaned the shower head yesterday. So sparkly and no limescale deposits. Well now there is barely any water pressure. Like I am at a cheap hotel or something. No wonder it took me forever to degross my eye! 

I got to work 3 minutes late and it was chaos in the streets. No really there was no where to park. I walk in and there are 10 kids and their parents in the backroom for a “party”. Aka momager threw her friends a party for free and they tipped her $20 and she got to keep all the money. So while I am running around trying to do her job and my job at the same time she is fawning all over these people. Tons of school orders coming out of the oven and when I called her over to help she ignores me. 

Can people read? Or pay attention? Because we don't open til 11:00 am. But when I came in at 10:33 there were people and they were rude on top of the intial rude of not paying attention. Like um there is no ice in the ice machine. There is no tea made. You do know that your open sign isn't on right? Well that is because.....WE AREN'T OPENED YET! We do all those things BEFORE opening the store. Can I please be allowed to lock the door now? 

So....when people call and I ask if they are going to pay cash or charge what part of that means personal check? I said no ma'am just school checks. She then goes on and on about how she has written personal checks every week for her order and I just don't know. So then she said was going to leave her credit card up at the front office. I was like no ma'am I need the numbers now to run the card. She asked why I couldn't run it when I got there. Um where THROUGH MY ASS CHEEKS?! Needless to say I didn't get a tip. 

No one I work with can count. I mean I am not the greatest speller but I might be one of the best ones in the store too. Of they were giving pies to walk up people and didn't replace the pies they were giving away. Because I realized for my big order I was missing two pies. I went to figure out which ones we needed when momager decided to take the 4 years on a tour of the employee only areas of the store. Yes. Exactly. And they were taking pictures like tourist. Did I mention it was busy?! So I couldn't reach the area I needed to count the pizzas and I was going to be late. I get upset over all this nonsense and the momager calls ma name. Real professional. It takes forever to get the pizzas from the store to my car because I was dodging kids and their inattentive parents. So much for PAYING customers. 

As I struggle to get 25 pizzas in my car I noticed what looks like the health inspector walking towards the store. Suddenly I was no longer struggling and I ran for the hills. Nothing could be blamed on me if I wasn't there right? WRONG! Am I delusional? Apparently I should have stayed in the store and helped the new guy not make mistakes I didn't know he was making. Because there aren't 5 different hand washing signs around the store. He also stuck his clean drinking cup in the ice machine to get some ice for himself and got pinged. Clearly all my fault! 

Onward with my 25 pies. 24 to one school. I get there and unload them all by myself because it is my job. It would be easier if the people near the door saying AW poor girl would open said door or move out of the way but meh. I go to give them the reciept but apparently the boss who was the one shoving the pizzas in the bag after momager lost her mind forgot to put it in despite me asking about it. No problem I know the total. They hand me...a personal check. Is this real life?!?!? I call my boss since the amount is high and he is like oh...what can you do? Um train people better? Say no? Something to stop the glares I am getting right now? Because clearly I should know they said personal check because I work every day and take every order ever. Duh. 

Onward to my next delivery. To a junior high school. Guess what happens? I am mistaken for a student. See I was in a teacher's only area trying to find who ordered the pizza. Junior high. JUNIOR HIGH! Isn't that 14? 14?! Oh my life. At least I got tipped but for real...this isn't the first it has happened. 

Make it back to the store. Kids and health inspector gone. Blame is on me. Oh and I got yelled at for not making the kids dessert. Um when was I supposed to do that hooker? I was already doing your job and mine?! I have to deliver pizzas eventually! I go to text this all to my friend and break a nail. The time is now 12:30. What the hell?! 

The phone rings. It's our evening oven person. He is “cough cough” sick. This kid has a magical disease that flairs up every work day but never on his days off. Magical. Well this is bad. I text co-worker this and he volunteers to be the oven person. So naturally when I tell momager this she nominated the other available coworker to spite me. Because it affects me how? Phone rings. It is our evening pizza maker. He is sick. Is it Sunday yet?! 

I'm hungry. Time to eat. Only momager is on a personal call and the pizza maker is not in the store. So when the phone rings I have to get it. What break? It's someone from a school 10 miles from our store and we have a 5 mile delivery area. I tell her this nicely and it's upset city. She ordered last week (sound familiar?)!!!!! She orders all the time. Because clearly this is my first day and I know nothing. She yells more and hangs up on me. I go back to eating but then the momager yells at me for not asking what day she ordered? Probably because she didn't stupid? Oh no momager thinks the order is real and she wants to yell at someone. 

Fathead comes in. Fathead is the name I use for the other life giver. Momager and Fathead have recently finalized their divorce but things are still awful. There was a check book and yelling and they decided this needed to go down in the lobby of our store. Very professional. Have I mentioned I decided I am a starfish and just am a creature of myself, no life givers in my existence? 

Coworker that I texted came in. I try to tell him my happy news about the annual Disney pass when he tells me...he got a job somewhere else and is putting in his two weeks notice. Dead God, it's me Tenchi. WHAT THE HELL?! If he leaves I will be left with ONE other employee that will not mess up 75 percent of the time. ONE! That is it. My life started to flash before my eyes. He tried to apologize so I told him the gross story of my eye and he nearly throws up. Revenge. 

Someone comes in and orders some food to go. I ring her up and life is good. Her daughter joins her from the car and says dad has decided to eat it. So I take the ticket and write at the bottom HERE and get the plates and silverware together. When momager can't read the HERE part she decides to get an attitude and point the carry out portion of the ticket that is no longer visible, asking why someone would mess up on the ticket? So I take all the tickets off the pin from that day and start pointing out all the mistakes she had made. Suddenly it is time for me to go home. No idea why. Do you? 

And that my friends...was May 16th, 2013. Add in the fact I didn't get my Build a Bear coupons for last month in my e-mail and I have decided this day does not exist. Or that I am not allowed to have any other bad days for at least the next three months. Did I mention the AC is broken at our store?! it Sunday yet?


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Wow, your job really is nightmarish! No wonder your co-worker decided to find another job. I would have too if my manager was a jerk, co-workers irresponsible, rude customers, and everything blamed on me. It seems like you're the only one keeping the place together. Personally, I would have quit within the first three days and work at another place, somewhere more professional.

You have my sympathy for enduring days like this.

I hope your trip relieves all your stress. :)

End comments

Christina said...

Anonymous- My trip was very refreshing. XD The husband is convinced we should (when we "retire) move to Orlando and be the old people handing out buttons and such to the kids.

I think if I kept my tempter better life would go easier for me at work. But now I am seen as the angry girl. No doubt everyone knows that I am a pretty competent employee as when things go down I am the first person they go to. But then when all of this happens I know...act what I think is appropriately. ANGER!

I feel bad for the coworker who quit. He is only 18 and worked there for about 8 months. But he was a much better employee than those older than him and been then much longer. A lot of pressure for someone who just became a legal adult. So while I am :( he is leaving it makes sense. RUN! Run for the hills! XD Gotta plan more Disney trips to handle days like this.