Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Suiseu no Gargantia episode 4

XO I get to go to work tomorrow! Okay....I get to make money tomorrow. XD I am feeling like a human being today so woohoo! That means it is time to go and make money for bills and trips. You know I schedule my life around when I get a break from work. Only when your break involves tissues and orange medicine that is not a fun break.
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode411_zps222e6c96.jpg
Apparently bad. Stay here on Earth kid.
For now it is anime time! What is up now? Hmmmm Suiseu no Gargantia episode 4. Spoilers for Ledo FEELING!
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode48_zpscd979790.jpg
As payment for fish of friendship.
Episode Summary: It appears that some new ships join the Gargantia. Ridgett welcomes them aboard all the while watching Ledo and Chamber...sorta make a mess. A bit of a flashback shows Amy being upset that Ledo and Chambers have to stay in steering AND have to work back to pay for the whole in the ship. Amy tries to mention the pirates but then Ridgett goes on and on about all the things Ledo is getting for free. Ledo seems okay with these terms but Chamber is a bit...well special to maneuver. Joe (some random person on the ship) asks if Chamber can be signed over to everyone and Ledo agrees to give some control to Joe. Amy and Pinion see Ledo taking a break while Joe uses Chamber more efficiently. Amy defends Ledo while Ledo wonders about the efficiency of this fleet. Amy zooms on by and asks what Ledo is working on. He is drilling holes into the teeth of a Hidiaazu. Amy thinks it is funny that Ledo is working on something he has no idea what it is. He gives her the tooth as he has another one and Amy wants Ledo to meet her brother Bevel. As they walk Ledo asks what brother means and Amy is Ledo reveals that in the future there is no family and that people who can't fight are taken out. Amy is very shocked by this and feels bad for Ledo. For some reason Amy takes Ledo to see the smartest person on the ship instead since Ledo wants information.
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode44_zpse698185e.jpg
What is a bill?
Amy leaves Ledo with doctor Ordum as she has to run off to work. Ledo wants to ask Ordum if there is a way to get in contact with the Alliance and obviously the answer is no, that the technology to do so has been long gone. Ledo then asks what the heck is up with this crazy ship and how it operates? Ordum understands the question and suggests that Ledo see Bevel as well. When Ledo asks if his information will be useful Ordum says that is up to Ledo. Amy is bonkers happy to take Ledo to see her brother even if in Ledo's world Bevel would be dead. Bevel is like WOOHOO spaceman! Amy's friends take her away before the visit can even start and she is all sad face. Ledo is unsure of what to do with Bevel and sits there uncomfortable like. Bevel asks about life in space and basically Ledo is like we fight plant monsters and people like you are not necessary. Bevel thinks he is necessary as he makes Amy happy and asks who Ledo lives for? When Ledo can't answer that Bevel also poses the question what will Ledo do once the aliens are all dead? Ledo gets really quiet but says soldiers go on standby. Bevel says that they are on standby right now. He also explains that Ledo made a flute and plays a little tune on the tooth. Ledo has a flashback of him looking down at a kid that looks an awfully lot like him making a flute but then POOF the kid is gone. Ledo starts to cry but doesn't understand why. Bevel gives Ledo back the flute and smiles at him. Ledo has to think about this all later, how he doesn't really do much here and how different it is. Bellows stops by to see how Ledo is doing and tells him that he will find his place one day. It starts to rain which startles Ledo. Bellows and the rest of the crew starts gathering it up and Chamber also aids in this water gathering. Ledo starts to realize that people do work together on this ship despite being insane. When Chamber notices a chance in Ledo he says he was just thinking how the war was going back home. Chamber says that is not important nor should Ledo have to learn more this planet to succeed is getting back home. Ledo agrees but looks sad. THE END!
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode47_zpsba59b7c2.jpg
Kids these days!
XO Could this actually be a feel good anime? Will it end with the power of friendship and Ledo accepting this way of life? Or is this a huge setup for what is to come? Bevel dead in the ocean and Amy cursing Ledo's arrival to Earth as everything is ruined again? XO What could this be?
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode45_zps402351af.jpg
Ungrateful assholes!
For now it is a bit cut throat. I was like DAMN this dude just saved your asses from pirates twice and you gave him a bill? How about he give you a bill from all the fuel he used to save everyone TWICE? How much are human lives? HMMM! I mean I guess I can appreciate Ridgett's straight forwardness. Like that's great, this is this and that is that. Ledo agreed to it to get his place on the boat but yes Amy. This is a craziness indeed. But I guess it is a different approach. It would have been WE AREN'T WORTHY levels of worship.
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode42_zpsb1af9ec5.jpg
Stop being helpful!
Ledo does look slightly lazy, at least to everyone else watching. He is telling Chamber what to do while he can sit down and take it easy. Well once the precious rope is out of the way. I am sure that housewives of olde days....not even 50 years ago would think that women (I say women as WE are still stuck with most of the housework) of today have it pretty easy. But women from 100 years ago would marvel at how easy the 50 years ago wives have it. Why it is a great big beautiful tomorrow! Technology makes life easier. I mean it can complicate things obvious but I can get an entire load of laundry done in two hours without getting hands wet. All the clothes still get washed but a woman washing it by hand would look at me and think me lazy. And that is how Ledo is looked upon in this society.
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode46_zps8e02a26f.jpg
Not sure how I feel about this....
I am not sure about Ledo giving control over to Random Joe. Like I would keep that as a trump card. Only I can make this machine move on its own. Fear me. Also I think Ledo needs to be careful using up all the power. I mean he could make it back to his home one day right? He needs all the energy he can save. But I guess Ledo is still trying to figure out how to contribute and look helpful. So yeah you can borrow my car, that is my contribution to this trip. Now let me sit back and drill holes into teeth, waiting for Amy to arrive.
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode49_zps4e9c9fc1.jpg
I ain't got time for family. I got aliens to kill.
While walking with Amy through the sad little market place Ledo revealed a great deal about life in space. And life is not good. While most of the time I want to send my family to a spaceship to the moon for NO ONE to have family at all...X___X. I just don't see the motivation at all for these people. Human beings need a purpose in life. I have things/people/Kiras that I live for. But if you are all just pod people who are dispensable what motivates people to stay alive? I understand the idea of trying to make people equal and making them into strong soldiers but this is a little extreme. And while I can SEE (but not agree) with people who can't be soldiers aren't as useful I still think they can be helpful in that world. I need people to make this technology right? You can do that from a wheelchair. So don't throw out someone for being a little different.
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode410_zps2f570047.jpg
Thanks for that amazing information.
I am not sure why Ledo needed to talk to Doc Ordum. Did he really think by talking to the smartest person on the ship he was going to find a way back home? I hope he didn't think that either. Instead he asked Doc why all these kids were running around and not being helpful. That everything seems off. And to Ledo it really is. I would argue that as well. They have no land and limited resources in this new world. Not sure where they are getting all these veggies from but yeah. All those kids running around and causing problems...GO LEARN TO BE USEFUL! Kids these days....
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode412_zps9aab057a.jpg
Err hello to you too?
Enter the Bevel. Someone that Ledo really can't understand. And that means by anime logic he will be the person who touches him the most. Well besides Amy because Bevel will die some horrible death when the aliens show up but still. For now it is spacemen and what not. I kinda felt bad for Bevel. He had this picture in his head of what space was like and what Ledo could be like and was like meeting your hero and they have a beer belly and smell like puke. Disappointment. Also it must have been o so much fun to learn in this brave new world Bevel would have been turned into fertilizer for the pouch o food things that apparently grow there.
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode413_zps75cc1d8c.jpg
The look of someone maybe getting it?
Still Bevel had his role as positive kid and played it well. Also he is probably the most...well not logical...but common sense character Ledo has come across. Like well I am useful to my family, I give them meaning. How are you useful? Oh a soldier just like everyone else? And what will you do Mr. Soldier once all the aliens are gone? Oh you don't know. HMMMMMMMM. I thought Ledo's head was going to explode this all this information. Like I am nothing what is my life?!?!
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode4_zps2a016835.jpg
Ledo used to smile!
The final nail in the coffin was when Bevel pointed out that Ledo was making flues with the alien teeth and played a little tune. I really didn't think that was going to amount to anything and BAM it sparked a memory with Ledo. I think they should have done a better job....showing who this person Ledo was thinking about. Obviously we are supposed to think brother as we are normal human beings. But Ledo has already stated there are no families. What if that was a Ledo clone, younger than this Ledo? I don't know, it was a brief flashback and I wonder if it will amount to anything. Just to show what happens when people are deemed...unsuitable I guess. But Ledo had so much FEELING! It is coming out of my eyes in the form of water.
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode414_zps00f5aa50.jpg
Not enough freaking out. :(
Speaking of water...Ledo really should have lost his little mind when it started raining. He should have made Chamber shoot at it and acted like he was dying or something. That would have been really entertaining to watch. Yeah I get that water is important but watching that crazy face would have been more entertaining. Woe is me and this lost opportunity.
 photo suiseinogargantiaepisode43_zpsf744589d.jpg
Rope is hard folks. They don't have it in the future.
The episode ends with Ledo having many thoughts in his head and Chamber trying to tell him none of this really matters, war is all they need. I think this change in Ledo is coming a bit too fast but with Amy and her shiny limbs I guess it makes sense. We got to get to the happy so when things come and bite off people's heads it will be all the more sad. But Ledo...he is feeling. Feelings thing! XO


Eternia said...

I am starting to get bored with all these peace, seriously. What do you think you are doing, Urobuchi Gen?
The space snails should have traced Ledo's journey and followed him to the earth. Then we can finally see some more violence; like, the space snails assaulting Bellow and Amy with their tentacles. Oh, no. That sounds wrong, either.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Eternia

Oh don't worry about the peace. I'm pretty sure Gen Urobuchi will start writing off almost all the cast towards the end. Also, he will probably drive them all to despair first and then off the characters; you know, Gen's typical writing style.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Gen only is only doing the actual scripts for the first and last episode, BUT he is in charge of the series composition which basically sets out the main plot and it’s progression. So yeah .. it’s his and the directors baby

I'm guessing that it is likely his brother (?) is/or later become "chamber".

Like how they are handling Ledo transition to speaking their language. It’s still rough and he needs help from chamber from time to time which makes great

Speaking of Chamber, I want a Chamber Application Software for foreign translation software.
I would rather use that than Google Translator.

Christina said...

Eternia- I am thinking this is either going to be a fluffy show or all this peace is here to show just how horrible it will be when it is taken away. I mean if Earth was an awful place to live it wouldn't really effect the viewers much once the aliens or Alliance comes and ruins it all.

Anonymous- Brother dearest better watch it, he is totally being set up for...horrible things or Chamber finding a way to heal him.

Anonymous 2- Hmmmm did not know that. I mean I guess he could kill all the characters in the last episode. But maybe he is like M. Night and not EVERYTHING will have a twist/end in a horrible way. Maybe this man has a sweet side to him bursting to come out. XD Or he needs a break from gruesome things.

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