Sunday, May 5, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy Cinco de Mayo

Hello there readers of anime and Duffy lovers. It is I the half Mexican reporting in on this day of national drunkness. XD Cinoc de Mayo people!
 photo Duffy025_zpsb6c3197b.jpg
Where are my shoes?! XO I can't leave the house without shoes!
Of course if one reads about this holiday they realize that many years ago Mexico won a BATTLE not a war on may 5th. That the independence day doesn't come until September 16th. I am just guessing that doesn't roll of the tongue as well as Cinco de Mayo. However this battle defeat did help the Union out as Mexico had won against the undefeated French who in turn were not able to fund the Confederate Army. See how Mexicans are important?! Wait everyone is too drunk to read about history? well...lets go eat tacos then Duffy.
 photo Duffy026_zps9b12f10b.jpg
Since Disney hates all Duffys and no longer makes the international outfits mom went to the Build a Bear in Orlando and got me this mariachi outfit. Cute yes?
 photo Duffy027_zps692eb675.jpg
There were lots of people inside so the next time mom got take a picture it was after we got our food. But every time someone walks in the door they scream WELCOME TO MOES. X___X So loud.
 photo Duffy028_zps41b27abd.jpg
In honor of Cinco de Mayo mom got....NOT CHICKEN AND RICE! Rejoice!
 photo Duffy029_zpsb14fabaa.jpg
The cheese dip is quite good. Yummy. XD
 photo Duffy044_zps53c59ddc.jpg
What is this? One of the first Disney pins mom ever bought. Cinco de Mayo Stitch pin. XD I believe mom got this on her honeymoon trip almost 7 years ago. I would wear it but I don't want to ruin my nice outfit.
 photo Duffy042_zpsc785fecc.jpg
XO Taco day part two! Look at what mom slaved over?!...This blog post. XD Because in this house dad does all the cooking. Thank you for the lovely tacos dad.
 photo Duffy043_zps213bb017.jpg
Cinco de Mayo in mom's house. Code Red instead of beer. XD So tasty. Did you enjoy my spiffy new outfit? Have a safe Cinco de Mayo people of the world.

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