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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 7

Hello there my lovely readers! Anime posting has been slow coming. Lets just say there was some major drama at work on Friday and...well I guess you could say Saturday. So my friend took me to the mall on Sunday for some retail therapy/making Tenchi poor. Duffy apparently needs new clothes and so do I if I am going to Disney lots this year. XD Now my wallet is sad but my face is happy.
 photo titan717_zpsfad9e12b.jpg
Well someone is ready for action...
Now there are anime posts being downloaded and one already watched. Time to get this blog back on track. XD Most of the Duffy Adventure posts are waiting in the wing but I don't want to post all....6 of them at once. Gotta break it up. So up now is Shingeki no Kyojin episode 7. Spoilers for Mikasa trying to be a badass and a bunch of “15 year olds” looking heartbroken. Here is the Spoiler and Speculation post for those of us up to date on the manga. A few things happened this episode that....well make things a bit more obvious. When a reveal happens anyway.
 photo titan79_zps6e2f96d8.jpg still will save us right Mikasa?
Episode Summary: After another brief flashback about how the Titans came to be the actual episode starts. Mikasa is trying to make her way to where she thinks Eren is. In a tower several cadets are asking their commander to stay with them, that they are the support squad and they need to get the gas to their teammates. The commander says he needs to see the evacuation of other soldiers but it is clear he is just running away. Thus the building is surrounded by Titans and the support team cannot leave. The remaining support squad is further traumatized when one boy blows his brains out with a gun. This leaves most of the cadets stranded on roof tops, not enough gas to make it to the walls. Connie tries to figure things out while Jean and the others slowly start to lose the will to live. Sasha tries to get everyone to fight together to make it to the tower but Armin and the others have scary eyes on. Mikasa finally makes it to the group and questions where Eren is. Armin bravely cries and states his entire squad including Eren died. Mikasa tells Armin this is not the time to be emotional. She then gets up in front of the entire group and says that she will lead them to the tower and kill all the Titans. She then whooshes off. Jean and Sasha taunt the others into following. Mikasa does a great job of taking out Titans but Armin realizes a second too late she is using way too much gas. So she crashes into a building.
 photo titan76_zpsc65c2aaf.jpg
Well what about the rest of us?!
Armin and Connie go after Mikasa which apparently leaves Jean to lead the rest. Mikasa has made it to the ground safely but is just sitting there looking at her sword. She realizes she has no more family left and that there is nothing worth fighting for. Elsewhere Jean is trying to lead everyone to safety but when one cadet is captured by a Titan several more go to help him. All of them die and Jean is frozen in place, believing it to be his fault. Mikasa closes her eyes and waits for the nearby Titan to kill her. But when it reaches for her Mikasa fights, as if her body wants to live. Mikasa thinks back to Eren telling her to fight when the men were trying to kill her. Mikasa decides she wants to live on so she can remember Eren. Another Titan approaches and it appears Mikasa is done for...when the new Titan attacks the one attacking Mikasa. It looks sorta like the Colossal Titan, a weird face instead of a derp one. Mikasa watches as this other Titan, Killer Titan, stomps the hell out of the other Titan, targeting the weak point on the neck. Connie and Armin show up to save Mikasa but get caught up in looking at Killer Titan beat up another Titan. They think this might be useful but they need to go for now. Armin gives Mikasa all his gas, after making her promise to be more careful this time. He requests one sword when they leave him behind. Mikasa throws that blade away, saying she will never leave Armin. She realizes her mistakes and has decided that weird Titan has given her the hope and will to live. THE END!
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XO No cut aways for this violence?
Well then. That was paced rather slow...I thought we were going to get further in this episode but that's fine. Or I guess it has to be fine. It is what it is. XD Just thought it was going to end at a certain point and it didn't. There was a bit more violence in this episode but clearly there is going to be a reason for that too.
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We get it! Don't remind us every episode!
First things first. 2 minutes was spent on back story stuff. A recap. I think by episode 7 people KNOW that Titans are ruling the Earth and humans have been pushed back into three walls. One of those walls was lost 5 years ago. And 5 minutes ago the second wall was breached. WE GET IT! No recaps each episode okay. We get it Armin. Life is bad. Super duper bad.
 photo titan73_zpse6e1d5c4.jpg
Eff you old man!
As awful as the Titan situation is, most of them don't seem to hold malicious against humans. They look like stupid animals, not really out for revenge. Just...eating people and moving along in live. But the humans themselves have been cruel to other humans. Case in point...the gas cans. Some of the young cadets were trying to deliver gas to those in the field but their commander was like pull back. When they explained to him the situation he made up shit on the spot. I am following protocol. More like he was picking and choosing. Like I am sure in THIS situation running and leaving everyone behind is not proper human protocol. But what could the cadets do? Without leadership and most of the elite members running away or eaten they couldn't make it to the field to help supply the others. A very helpless situation.
 photo titan75_zps1a36fcb2.jpg
Just...very, very sad.
Case in point...the bullet to the head boy. Can you really blame him? Of course there are blades all around so that might have been a dramatic point, having to find a gun and pack it full of powder. But that wouldn't be an immediate death. So while everyone is looking at the Titan taking its time breaking down the building this kid decided he would go out his way. Which totally traumtized the remaining members of his team. It is one thing to watch your friend being eaten by a giant Titan. It is another to watch them blow their brains out all over your face. Just...awful.
 photo titan78_zps6469f9ed.jpg
Aren't you all already in a big group?
While the cadets trapped in the gas tower thingy has a right to be scared out of their minds so did the ones on the outside. They were trapped on roof tops, not in buildings. They could see the danger all around them. They knew they could escape if they just had more gas. And they could see partially why they weren't being rescued. Dying while sitting around and doing nothing must a worse way to die than in battle. So I understand why there was frustration and anger and hesitation. Why can't they save us, we can't save ourselves.
 photo titan710_zpsd4f51f51.jpg
Thanks for the reminder?
Given that we saw Mikasa's sad backstory and that she was saying Eren was getting her through this tough times...I was expecting some tears. But Mikasa clearly was losing her mind on the inside. Because why would Armin would be in the corner with crazy blood shot eyes crying rivers of tears if Eren was okay? Someone was in denial. Deep down the river. But Armin stepped up and managed to make all the deaths sound as amazing as possible and Mikasa....well she turned into Katniss 2.0 . Like no time for tears or songs or flowers. Eren is dead and despite him being my whole world it is not the time to be emotional. Which is true but probably very impossible to due since PEOPLE ARE BEING EATEN!
 photo titan711_zps384a5e84.jpg won't leave the people very far at this rate.
But Mikasa decided that it would be her to lead the people....well to the tower of gas cans. I thought she did a good job bringing people up but I guess Jean was expecting more. Not that him or Sasha had much better people skills. XD But she was like listen up. I am the most amazing person ever. I am going to kill all the Titans by myself. All you need to do is following me and live. Let's go. Also if I die...I die. Time to fly. Now I might have empowered people to do some fighting on their own but you know Mikasa.
 photo titan712_zps879f986a.jpg
There is the breakdown we were waiting for. By we I mean me and Kira of course.
Or do we? Because as Armin has reported Mikasa was not as cool and calm as she seemed. More like she had given up the will to live. She was going to take out as many Titans as possible but being strategic was not part of her plan. There was no plan. Just kill until there was no more Mikasa. Had Eren still been alive Mikasa would not have acted that way. It would have been Eren doing the epic speech and Mikasa would be the one making sure he stayed alive by coming up with a plan. But he wasn't there, he is Titan food, and Mikasa has no more family. It would have been nice if Mikasa could have pulled it together to help Armin, whom I am sure is like family but there is a lot of grief in her heart.
 photo titan714_zpsbe14514d.jpg
Guess she doesn't want to die!
But as Mikasa fell to the ground and accepted her fate....she pulled it together pretty fast. Like okay I am going to die. I had a nice life. Let me sit here and wait for the pain. But I think her body reacted out of instinct. And when she saw herself jumping around and dodging attacks she realized that she didn't want to go out this way. That she really should have taken into account how the others would react to her....basically throwing her life away. She took on the responsibility to lead the cadets, she needed to be more careful.
 photo titan716_zps98b2beb7.jpg is some violence?
While Mikasa was ready to fight for her life she was probably going to die. Until some crazy ugly Titan came out of nowhere and stomped the shit out of the normal Titan. This Titan looked like the Colossal one, with some of its teeth showing and that gross....flesh around the jaw. Just....not the derpy derp ones. This one clearly had some level of intelligence as it took on a fighting stance as the other ones just...well walk and smash into things and eat people. And knew about Titan weakness. And seemed to enjoy the death of the other Titans. Mikasa and Armin/Connie noticed all of these things with different degrees of caring. I think it is important to note that the other Titans, even if they have no intelligence knew it was different? Did it sound different when it screamed? Can they tell it is different because it looks different? It can't be if they aren't intelligent right?
 photo titan713_zps9cdd40c4.jpg
How was this your fault?!
As Mikasa is not leading the group Jean is trying to pick up the slack. It is interesting as there are others I think are better suited for the role. Like Annie or Reiner. No no, they were just chillin and waiting even if I think they are better soldiers than Jean. Who is an asshole. He was waiting for Mikasa to lead them and someone gets caught by a Titan. Then jean blames himself for others deciding to play hero. I don't think that he should blame himself for not stopping the others. That gear makes you whoosh around pretty fast, how could he stop them? So yeah....maybe he is in shock and doesn't know what is going on. It is one thing to be awesome in training and another to be awesome on the field. He better get a move on though!
 photo titan7_zps39498feb.jpg
You can't be left behind Armin! We don't want Jean as a main character!
So...we have Armin giving up his pack to help Mikasa leave the others to safety. Only she isn't going to leave him behind. Me thinks he is going to be carried by Connie as Mikasa is the fighter. Or Connie will give him one pack. Jean will probably lead some people to safety. And....well can Mikasa really defeat that many Titans? I guess we will find a few minutes! GO ME! Oh. And in case you didn't see....showing Titan blood and guts it okay. So there is the violence guys. Cut aways when people die but beheading and stompin on Titans is okay! WEEEE!

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