Monday, May 13, 2013

We interrupt your regularly scheduled anime post to bring you this breaking news: DISNEY!

 photo Duffy023_zpsc2705881.jpg
Being in this room is like being at an anime convention! But why am I in a suitcase?
Today (well technically yesterday but you know me) was Mother's Day. And since me and the momager haven't had a decent...civil....well ANY type of conversation in the last year or day was spent doing other things. Watching an anime episode, partially blogging it, and then going out to spend some time with the husband. Mainly having him take me out shopping and what not. XD Little did I know an off the cuff sentence would have my husband spilling the beans on what he gotten me for our anniversary and I would spend the rest of the night going BAWWW and looking things up.
 photo Duffy026_zpsdecdc4fe.jpg
Meh means yes right?
Our 7th wedding anniversary is next week and I suggested a bit back that we should take advantage of the current deal offered to Florida residents by Disney. 4 days for $129 dollars or 3 days for $119. Or maybe even less and see what Sea World had to offer with the penguins since we get a free pass to that park or Busch Gardens since the husband is in the military. I asked the husband what he wanted to do and he was like meh. A few days later he came back and said everything was set and not to worry about anything. I asked what was up and I got no answer, only that I would open one present before our actual anniversary.
 photo Duffy019_zps707d2783.jpg
This bear officially has more shoes that I do.
So today I didn't want to spend all day at the house and have a pity party for my inability to "celebrate" this day properly. I was like husband I think you are taking me to Disney, we must make haste to the outlet store and buy some pins. Also Duffy needs a black pair of shoes so to the mall. Since I am the most spoiled person on the face of the planet off we went. There were NEW shoes for Duffy, not the black ones I had in mind and the husband bought me more pins after I had already made my purchases.
 photo disney2_zps67158284.jpg
XO My main Duffy has never been to any Disney park!
At the Disney Store there was a super cute child's size Cars suitcase. Small enough to be dragged around at a theme park but big enough to have tons of Duffy outfits and accessories in it. We won't talk about how....special it is to buy a suitcase for a stuffed animal. Embrace my insanity. I put Duffy in the suitcase and wheeled him around the store wondering if I really could buy this and what not. I decided that no, I would really only use this suitcase on days if I was taking tons of pictures at Disney and not riding many rides. And that would mean I would need an annual pass. Since we are saving for Japan that was a no go this year so I put the suitcase back. Then the husband put the suitcase back in my hand and said that his present to me this year was an annual pass to Disney and that is why I was supposed to open it before we left for Orlando, so I could pack all the Duffy stuff I needed.
 photo disney_zps2f10d528.jpg
Can't wait to get my real card. XD One week to go!
BAWWWW! BAWWWW folks! The girls at the Disney Store called him a Prince, Duffy got his suitcase, and I spent the rest of the evening trying to write about dead Titans in between listing all the fun things we could do this year. My husband in the past has spent a lot of money on gas going to and from work. But in the past month or two he has formed a car pool with people who now live in our area and has apparently saved a ton, enough for annual pass payments and hotel stays every once in a while. So Japan will not be affected and I can spend this next year having a blast at Disney. To fill the void between me and Japan and have a lot to look forward to when work gets tough. XD conclusion I am a crazy girl with a suitcase for a stuffed animals and super spoiled, thus your anime post didn't get posted today. XD Sorries.

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