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Suiseu no Gargantia episode 8

 photo suiseinoepisode812_zps04335fec.jpg
You. Are. An. Asshole.
As promised back to back episodes of Suiseu no Gargantia. X__X We are already on episode 8. Does that mean it is time to look at the Summer Anime Line-up for new things to watch? Where does the time go? In any event here is episode 8. Spoilers for MENZ, especially Pinion, sucking.
 photo suiseinoepisode815_zpsd41c672c.jpg
Amy has the sads most of the episode.
Episode Summary: Fairlock is rushed to Doc but it is too late for him. Ridget begs Fairlock to stay with her but he hands her the “keys” to the vessel and tells her to do a good job. He flat lines and dies. All the menz in the room are pretty upset that Ridget is the one to inherit the fleet. Who else is having a bad day? That would be Ledo. Besides the fact that he killed their whalesquid/Hideauze Chamber has located where they are in the universe. Ledo gets so excited until Chamber explains that he cannot reach the Alliance without the Enterprise and the first distress beacon won't arrive until forever. Ledo realizes there is no more home ever. The next morning the funeral for Fairlock starts with everyone wearing their black little caps. The elders/captains talk about how Ridget sucks and has boobies and girls have cooties. Ridget appears and wants to talk business/how ships want to separate. Some of the men reprimand Ridget for not showing more respect since Fairlock took her under his wing. One man Krown gets the other men to attend the funeral while telling Ridget it will just take some time. Meanwhile Pinion has hunted down Ledo and finds out that Ledo can never return to his....Alliance. Pinion pretends to cry and then asks Ledo to join him by promising lots of Hideauze to kill. Ledo is like yes kill Hideauze. As this funeral is going on many people are leaving on Flange's ships. Ridget is begging him to stay but basically Flange calls her weak and that Pinion's find might be super important for their future. He does wish her luck but he still sucks. Amy and Saya run to find Melty and question if she is leaving too. Melty nods, saying since her grandfather is going with Flange. Melty seems happy about the situation, that maybe she will meet a hot guy. And since Ledo is coming too maybe it won't be so bad. Amy chops Melty into pieces and feeds her to Piranhaconda. Or not.
 photo suiseinoepisode89_zps72574ee2.jpg
But who will replace you in the dance?!
The funeral of longness continues the casket being taken throughout the ship and people placing sand on Fairlock. After Flange does his sand he turns to Krown and says maybe things would be different if he was in charge. Krown points out he is old too and it is his job to teach Ridget and the next generation. Flange wishes them luck and starts to head out. Ridget is in her new office looking at all these separation papers and is getting frustrated. She looks at pic of Fairlock, Doc, her, and apparently Dead Dad. She leaves the room to pull herself together. Clearly a good time for Pinion to ask to leave the fleet again. Sadly she does not feed him to a Piranhaconda either. Amy flies off to find Ledo who is hard at work drilling holes in Hideauze teeth. Saya flies up to Amy and tells Amy to go with Ledo. Amy gets sad...then pissed. She will not leave Bevel. Saya gets happy as she didn't want Amy to leave anyway. Bellows visits Ridget and they bond over the fact that men suck and hate them for they are woman. Bellows talks about how she tried to do too much when she first took over her father's business but a near death experience later she learned that being in command means knowing who to ask for help. How to divide up the work. Bellows wishes her luck and not to work too hard.
 photo suiseinoepisode817_zps2b58f06d.jpg
I don't think he knows how to do anything else...
Amy returns home and tries to make Bevel dinner. All he wants to talk about is Ledo leaving. Amy starts to cry but pretends that everything will be okay, even if Ledo sucks. Ridget takes a break from being sad to go outside and see how things are going. She learns that some people from Flange's ships are choosing to stay. She thinks back that Fairlock gave her the duty to handle the Ledo situation. Bevel has run off and tried to handle that for Ridget and Amy. He asks Ledo why he is doing this, that he doesn't have to be a soldier anymore. Ledo explains that he believes the Hideauze are the same as the ones in space. That even if you leave them alone they will eventually want more and more space and that is when war will break out. He wants to protect Amy and everyone by taking them out before that happens. That is why he is leaving. Ridget runs to catch the tail end of the funeral. She makes sure she takes part of the sand funeral thing, then turns to the people. She says while she is the leader now she can't stop the people from leaving and asks everyone for help. After a huge pause people start speaking up, that if they can't stop people from leaving, they will just rebuild. Ridget seems happy with this answer. Ledo goes to say goodbye to Amy and Bevel. Bevel says that Ledo gave him his....flute tooth he is not going to keep it forever, that he will return it when Ledo returns. Ledo agrees but Bellows and Amy still declare all leaving a bunch of fools. THE END!
 photo suiseinoepisode816_zps25c63f45.jpg not everyone sucked...but still!
Eff you men. ALL THE MENZ! All the menz everywhere. Okay that might be over dramatic. How about Eff a lot of the men on the boat? Sounds more fair yes? Can't be going to the other side of the extremes yes?
 photo suiseinoepisode82_zps36ee3c52.jpg
X___X Well goodbye to you too!
First off Fairlock didn't waste anytime dying did he? None of this clinging to life and people wondering what to do crap. I guess had he had more time maybe things would have been easier for Ridget. That Fairlock could have said HEY this is the year....THE FUTURE and sexism is out of style. This is my legacy, you treat her well. But Fairlock was old and in failing health. At least he had time to pass on the key or that would have been a whole different mess.
 photo suiseinoepisode85_zps95254ff6.jpg
Um what about the people who are LEAVING during the funeral?! HELLO!
Now I think a lot of people are going to say that Ridget brought a lot of her problems upon herself. That she came off as hard and cold. I mean the guy died 5 minutes ago and she didn't even put on her mourning cape! She was all business. Well let me explain this to you boys. This is how the harsh world works, the reality world. And I am glad they portrayed it realistically in this anime. Woman.....can never get things right. Ever. This is still a man's world. And Ridget (and later Bellows) knows it.
 photo suiseinoepisode88_zpse82b10f1.jpg
So the pirates can tell that Fairlock died and Ridget is a sucky leader from far away?
Lets say that Ridget did what most people would do when a loved one dies and broke down and cried. But just for a day or two. Perfectly natural and acceptable right? NOPE! Ridget is now in a position of power. One that most of the MENZ didn't think someone of her age/gender should have. Yes age could have been a factor but had it been a young man I doubt the older men would have called him a little boy. Really there. So yes had Ridget broken down and cried because Fairlock died she would have gotten all that crap and more. Look at her weak woman tears, she has to lead us now and she can't even pull it together. WEAK! Must be on her period. Way too emotional!
 photo suiseinoepisode810_zps42ac74ac.jpg
And I want you to shut the hell up.
Ridget knew that was going to happen so she went the tough route. Like okay we need to get things together. And any other time I would have agreed....probably way too much too soon. The dude just died. But the boats were leaving THEN! Did anyone else get yelled at for not showing respect to Fairlock? Have some sand, peace out we are leaving. So Ridget was forced to try and fix the situation as it was happening right now. Had everyone been told okay lets have a day of mourning and then we will get back to business tomorrow Ridget could have still been stoic but proper.
 photo suiseinoepisode811_zpsa68e538e.jpg
So....when Ridget's dad died they made someone older in charge? Err...shouldn't the training of the replacement started then?
Since that didn't happen Ridget got the WHOA don't you care about this man at all?! Because in the world of reality if a man had done this it would have been...well probably more okay. Like that is just how men are, down to business and a nod of respect. But since us WOMEN are more emotional to begin with if we aren't then we are cold hearted bitches. What great choices Ridget had, weakling or bitch. WOOHOO! So I can go and killz all the menz now yes?
 photo suiseinoepisode814_zps76b69585.jpg
See?! What did I tell you!
Despite all of this nonsense I like that Bellows came in and talked to Ridget. It hasn't been shown much but I thought these two had a friendship. Then I thought oh maybe they both like Pinion and have a friendly rivalry going on. But now it is back to true friendship as Pinion can go drown in the ocean. She tells Ridget that doing everything on her own is probably not going to end well for her. That sometimes we woman get a little too caught up in trying to prove ourselves we become our worse enemy. It is true, that sometimes woman have to work twice as hard to be seen as equals. As that changes slowly it is time to back off and ask for help. Because preconceived notions are just that. If people already think that about you might as well as for help and not look like the fool right?
 photo suiseinoepisode819_zps4e17ce8f.jpg
The braids are down....that means something important I am sure. A woman of the people.
In the end Krown was on Ridget's side. Especially know Ridget's DAD was the commander before Fairlock. Like what the hell people. What the hell indeed. But maybe Krown was a relation too. I don't think Krown was all that old but I like that he supported the decision and decided to make the best of it instead of being an asshole and commenting on Ridget's leadership skills. Some people were blaming Ridget for the other ships leaving. Like hello this was happening BEFORE Ridget took over. How was she supposed to stop them? Guys I haven't ever lead the entire fleet before so place your fate in me? No people were using that as an excuse to leave even faster. So I glad that Krown had Ridget's back. Also maybe not all the MENZ in the world need to be destroyed. It seems the higher ups weren't that thrilled with Ridget but a lot of the day to day men had her back. So maybe I was a little overdramatic.
 photo suiseinoepisode813_zps2e72692c.jpg
But not that Melty person though!
What else happened in this episode besides sexism? Melty is leaving. :( Well I am sure that makes Amy and Saya sad. Well I guess later the girls prove they are better friends with each other and not Melty. But still Melty was so up beat about it. Like yeah it will be an adventure and maybe I will meet a cute boy. Like what the hell, it is going to be the same people you see all the time now, just less of them. I know she had to go to be with her family but a little bit of sadness would help. Oh and not throwing Ledo's name low.
 photo suiseinoepisode818_zps40deaf00.jpg
I like your sister and destroying all those enemy by myself is surely the best way to protect her.
I think....Bevel is not that sick if he can run around the ship like that. XD No seriously I don't think that Ledo is really doing all of this whalesquid killing for Amy. I think he thought about it later and came up with that decision but his first reaction was must kill the enemy. Must destroy the enemy. Then later came the Earth will be overtaken and I don't want Amy to suffer all this sadness. Like okay dude. You saw a dance and have decided to protect this girl. I see what you did there. Also not buying the real Ledo is the one who had fun with Amy the other day. That is who HE COULD BE but not who he is now. Just...a lot of forced feelings and explanations of situations. Ledo's end result can be protecting the Earth/Amy but I think that would have taken a bit more time on Earth for him to think like that and not be on autopilot.
 photo suiseinoepisode8_zpsbfa48f7a.jpg
Just how foolish will they prove to be though?
In the end I feel bad for Ledo as he has been told he cannot return to his home. Pinion is an opportunist who is probably going to suffer the consequences later. I am glad that Ledo and Amy said goodbye to each other even if Bevel says this is not forever. Like we are both stubborn people but be okay. I am still not sure if this will end in a bloodbath though. It could still end in a feel good way. That Ledo finds out that the whalesquid are heading to the main fleet and he goes to protect them all. Yay for everyone. But then again...Pinion's treasure really could be the Hideauze making plant that eventually destroyed Earth. Death for all! I guess we will find out soon?

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