Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin episode 5

Hello there my lovely readers! Today.....I exercised. For like 30 whole minutes. X_____X I think I spent more time recovering that exercising. XD I am so out of shape it isn't even funny. How can I be on the internets AND be in shape at the same time? But if I am to go on lovely adventures with my husband I probably should be able to take long days at theme parks and what not yes? But still...I hate stairs. HATE THEM!
 photo titanepisode52_zps522af65a.jpg
Will the outcome be any different?
But yeah. Now that I have drowned my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream it is anime blogging time weee. XD I am the best role model ever. Up now is Shingeki no Kyojin episode 5. Spoilers for things...going down in a blaze of glory.
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I am thinking this isn't working too well.
Episode Summary: After explaining once again what happened 5 years ago with the attack on the outer wall Eren is brought back to the here and now. The Colossal Titan is looking at Eren and the massive hole in the wall he just created. Eren springs into action to take out the Colossal Titan as he saws more signs of intelligence by taking out the canons. Eren has some difficulty but moves himself into position to take the Titan out. A quick flashback tells the viewers that Titans are basically regenerating monsters with little points that can bring them down permanently. That area is the back of the neck. A huge section of flesh has to be cut out and the Titan is taken down permanently. But before Eren can take out Colossal Titan...it disappears. Eren is in shock but is told by a senior member that he and the other trainiees need to get back to headquarters to get their orders. In a safe place out in the country a nobleman and officer are playing a game and things seem great. But when news come of the invasion the nobleman demands this high ranking officer stay and protect only him. The officer is like....no thanks sir bye. All the newbies have made it to headquarters and have learned which group they are going to be in. Some people like Jean are pissed as the next day they were going to be transferred to the inner wall as military police. Some people have really lost their minds and are puking on the floor. Armin is unable to fuel his gas cans he is so nervous.
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Also eff you.
Eren steps up and does one of his inspirational speeches that seems to calm people 1%. Mikasa also joins in the nervous when she learns the elite squad will be focused on the back protecting citizens evacuating. She cannot personally protect Eren so she tells him to disobey orders and find him if things get bad. Eren basically bashes her head in and tells her to focus on the task at hand. Eren manages to pull Armin together and they group together with some of their other trainees including Thomas. Eren sees this as a possibility to shine and join the Scouting Squad as heroes. The others in their group laugh, saying they are going out for Scouting Squad too and they won't let Eren take all the glory. They all decide to make it a contest who can kill more Titans and off they go. As they are flying around they see an abnormal Titan. They all scramble to warn the others but Thomas is unable to escape and is eaten alive. Everyone is shocked and watches in horror. Then without warning Eren decides he is going to avenge Thomas and takes off without realizing that another Titan was under neath him. His leg is bitten off and he is thrown into a rooftop. That sends the rest of the members into a panic and in their efforts to protect Eren they are all eaten. Armin is the last to be eaten as he thinks to himself how useless he was while everyone else was killed. As he slides down the Titan's throat Eren wakes up and remembers that they were going to go outside the walls and see the world. He climbs into the Titan's mouth and throws Armin out. Armin reaches for Eren, both boys talking about how they will kill all the Titans. The Titan then closes his mouth, swallowing most of Eren as his arm hits the ground. Armin screams his head off and Mikasa looks behind her, as if she knows that Eren just died. THE END!
 photo titanepisode56_zps469d7969.jpg
So Attack OF the Titans then?
Okay....so is there a translation problem? Because shouldn't this show be called Attack OF the Titans and not Attack ON Titans? Because yeah humans are getting their asses kicked. Maybe there was a problem getting that specific name due to infringements but yeah. ON. ON drugs more like it.
 photo titanepisode57_zpse575a960.jpg
They are doing a good job of it so far?
Also congrads Armin! You have now been promoted to main character! Who would have thought that was going to happen. Rejoice Armin. Well....maybe. Until next episode as he seems to be out of commission for the time being. Details details. Seems as if this anime has pulled a fast one on us. You think that someone is going to be front and center and POOF they pull a Mami on us. But lets go back to the beginning of the episode.
 photo titanepisode53_zps51401ba9.jpg
And huge. Don't forget huge.
So at this point I am just going to assume at this point all the humans left in the world are insane. Or have to convince themselves they have a chance if they are going to get to the next day. Maybe saying things out loud makes it scarier? Because what the hell is stopping the Colossal from knocking this wall down and waiting for his buddy Armor to knock the next section and they take a leisure stroll to the last wall? Nothing you say? Because it's true. The fact that humans keep on running is a natural reaction but at some they should realize....this new Titan really does spell the end for us.
 photo titanepisode54_zpscdf67e41.jpg
So what do we see here?
Maybe on some level Eren realized that too. Like I need to stop this asshole Colossal Titan or there is no point to anything. Or Eren just wants to get revenge and this Titan is to blame for everything. I think there should have been more veterans around that section of the wall instead of newbies. That way Eren would have had more back-up and maybe they could have taken out this threat once and for all. Or at the very least...maybe someone could have seen there were only a few footsteps around the wall. As if the Colossal Titan just POOFED, attacked the wall, and POOFED again. Whereas all the other Titans seem to walk. HMMM!
 photo titanepisode59_zps1f7f0aba.jpg
Everyone who is older than 15 looks like this. Like war has tried to eat their eyes or something.
After Eren doesn't defeat the Colossal Titan he and the other newbies are sent to receive their orders. Now some of this is a bit confusing. They are broken up into teams to help the citizens escape. They had the veterans at the broken gate, the newbies in the middle, and the elite in the rear. But....wouldn't the top 10 of the class all be considered elite and not just Mikasa? I am not understanding why people got broken up the way they did, just to cause drama? There should have been more to that though so it made more sense.
 photo titanepisode510_zps2479c78d.jpg
Tell him what is up Eren!
As usual people were freaking out and losing their minds. These kids did just graduate a few days ago. Now I would argue they really should have thought more about the dangers of this job. The ones who died 5 years ago took the job thinking it was going to be easy street and three meals a day. These kids...knew what could happen. But still these ARE kids. And the fact that something so huge out there can break down their protective walls in an instant is a hard thing to swallow. So the throwing up and having second thoughts and saying goodbye to people is understandable. Even Mikasa, the girl with no expression, got really worried. Like don't die Eren, maybe I can break rules and save your ass too.
 photo titanepisode511_zps4529b471.jpg
I just love you and stuff...that's all.
Now that Armin is the main character things make a little more sense. Eren and Mikasa has been...well amazing all their lives. Mikasa had the ability to be amazing and Eren has the great desire to...well try really hard. But Armin has always doubted himself. Someone who fell behind in the class. Sure Eren was not super great at balancing himself but he has always had drive and determination. Armin mainly was interested in seeing the outside world because of his parents and from what he read in books, not from long desire to kill Titans. Even though his parents and grandfather eventually died because of Titans he didn't have the same level of anger as Eren. He did have some no doubt about it. But his fear at this point is greater than his willingness to fight the Titans. Thus he has more to show us that Eren perhaps.
 photo titanepisode512_zps744acb30.jpg
Also this was a super important point, probably more so than the neck=death thing.
I am glad they showed the training before this incident. It really gave you a sense of how close these kids had come. That they spent YEARS together training and graduated together. So when there was small banter about who was going to kill the most Titans it made sense. They were actually friends trying to one up each other and not strangers trying to get the same position. Such friendship, so a great team. We are going to go and kill all these Titans together woohoo!!!
 photo titanepisode514_zps52c50e17.jpg
Um...that would be zero kills for this team?
Or every single person was killed on that team minus Armin. And 4 of the 5 were killed before a single Titan was killed. Now is it fair to say all that training was for nothing.....I don't know. I don't think this is spoilery but there are several types of Titans. There are the normal ones with the DERP face that move like they are drunk. There are the ones like the Colossal Titan that seem to move with purpose and have intelligence. Then there are some that are...I don't want to say in the middle but don't act like the normal ones. They are more unpredictable and are capable of...well more? So had the team encountered a few normal ones first I think they would have been successful, put a little confidence under their belt. But since they did encounter that one first and Thomas was eaten in a flash...it really brought the team low before they even started.
 photo titanepisode515_zps3a336a41.jpg
And he was the star of the team.
I mean is Eren to blame? Thomas had no chance clearly. And the entire team froze instead of taking that...chance while the munchin was going on to attack. To wait until after the attack is over makes no sense. The guy is already dead, use his death to avenge him. But together. TOGETHER Eren. If you move together as a group you have a better chance. Instead Eren rushed in without seeing the hidden danger and lost a leg. That meant the others really were panicking and went all over the place. They really were overwhelmed and...well they all died. And it actually meant something since we saw the training first. Like my gosh those kids trained and fought so hard and in the end they didn't do anything.
 photo titanepisode516_zps211a7044.jpg
We will make it!
Well except Eren. Armin did absolutely nothing in the fight. And he was aware of it. Like why am I standing here watching this all happen? He did nothing when he was picked up and dropped in the Titan's mouth. He was just going to die. But Eren has this deep desire in him to do something. To save his friend, to avenge the others, and to kill all the Titans. So missing a leg Eren was able to save his friend. He had an anime moment, where he told himself everything was going to be okay because he was the hero. He was going to overcome this and see the outside world and CRUNCH.
 photo titanepisode5_zps63156c00.jpg
And then there was Armin.
I suppose Mikasa is the real one to watch next episode. Will she break into a rage when she realizes that Eren is dead? Will Armin even live long enough to tell Mikasa as he has checked out and there is no one left to protect him? I mean Attack ON Titans indeed. Everyone is going to die aren't they?


Anonymous said...

According to the anime, so far, no Titan has been killed, so how did that person know/tell, and sure about that that the weakness is the back of their neck?

I wonder if Eren will be poop out (LOL)

As for Thoms, ;_______________; rest in peace, man, RIP.

Anonymous said...

The titans swatted them out of the air like flies. The entire team died, and I still can’t believe Eren is dead. Was he the MC at all in this show? O____o

Definitely one of the way better series out there. I DID not see that coming, and damn they’re good for setting it up that way.

As for Eren, couldn't you say that saving his friend costed Eren an ARMIN’d a leg! ^^

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen a jaw lying around? I believe I dropped mine at the end of this episode.

Eternia said...

Oh yeah, MC is dead, lo lo lol. Or so it seems. Also, the anime maker has created an original scene which is non existent in the manga. A scene of ugly people playing chess. I don't see the purpose of this scene. Are they trying to tell us how corrupted the nobles are. Isn't it already obvious from how they sent the refugees to their doom? A pointless additional scene.

Christina said...

Anonymous- There have been no Titans shown on screen being killed but the walls have been up for 100 years and Titans have been around before then. I am assuming that a cannon might have taken out the neck area once accidentally and that became the main focus with the scouting legion.

Titans don't potty. He can be thrown up though.

Anonymous 2- Armin is now the main character weeee! For 5 seconds. As Eren only saved him from that one Titan. Armin had no will to fight when Eren was bleeding to death, I am thinking things won't be any better if Eren actually dead. XD Your jokes are funny. Armin'd a leg. XD

Maybe Armin will be recused by Homura! Because you know...Ms. Main Character Mami was all a lie.

Anonymous 3- No jaws, but plenty of half eaten humans!

Eternia- I thought that extra scene was dumb as well. They already showed the entire third wall's refugees being killed off due to food storage. I think that showed enough of how...humans can turn on each other too. Or make the main characters look even more awesome by sticking together.