Saturday, May 25, 2013

Karneval episode 7

Hello there my lovely readers! I have not fallen off the face of the planet! I meant to post this episode last Sunday, before our super fun trip to Orlando. But I got caught up in packing and other things. Soon it was time to go and by the time we came back it was off to work!!! Work with no AC and the energy being sapped out of me. :( So....sorry for the delay on posts. Going on vacation can be exhausting. XD But that means I will have lots of picture posts soon and I have lots of anime to catch up on.
 photo karnvelepisode712_zpsfd81827c.jpg
Thanks for keeping me waiting!
For now that means here is Karneval episode 7. XO Sorry I couldn't get you blogged before I went on my trip. But you were not forgotten. Spoilers for...Gareki having fun?
 photo karnvelepisode79_zps5924734d.jpg
BOOOOOO! No one likes you!
Episode Summary: As Gareki takes a grey shower Yogi feels the need to tell Nai and Tsukumo that Gareki is still depressed about the events concerning the twins. I mean it happened last week, what is his problem?! They decide that they need to get Gareki's mind off things and that seems to mean allowing Nai and Gareki in the parade that Ship 1 is hosting. Ship 2 has been asked to help make the crowds happy in light of recent events. Nai is happy with his costume and Gareki wants everyone to die. Yogi dons his cat outfit and for some reason Tsukumo wears some ugly horse outfit. They take part in the parade and Nai is very concerned that Gareki is not having a good time. He then thinks to himself that he really doesn't know what the term family means or why he gets upset with Gareki is upset but he wants to be by his side no matter what. Gareki and his horns are a hit with kids but Gareki hates kids. Yogi tries to distract said annoying kids but Kiichi comes out of nowhere and says one of the defense rabbits (like the robot sheep on Ship 2) has broken down and run away. She wants Yogi to go with her and find it. Yogi can't bear the thought of not entertaining the little kids so he forces Gareki to wear the suit. Nai has no idea that Gareki is in the suit and scars the kids for life with his unhappy cat performance. Yogi is nursing some injuries that Gareki gave him while putting on the suit and Kiichi talks about how much of a loser Yogi is. Then they set off to find the broken defense bunny. Tsukumo is still donning her horse outfit while rehearsing her play with Jiki. Jiki finds it hard to stay in character and be really in love with Tsukumo while she looks like a hot mess. The defense bunny is seen in the theater where Tsukumo and Jiki are practicing.
 photo karnvelepisode77_zps164182df.jpg
That Yogi, always ready for action.
Outside Yogi and Kiichi can't find said bunny and talk about how it is broken and might accidentally hurt people. Oh and Kiichi has to talk more about how Yogi sucks at fighting and will eventually put people in danger. They realize it will go to the place with the most people and that would be the theater. Tsukumo changes from her horse costume to don a mermaid outfit. They start the little play, with Jiki being an insane person capturing a mermaid. The broken bunny comes by and sees the tank Tsukumo is in and decides it needs to be fixed. This leads to her being locked inside the tube. Outside Gareki has thrown off the cat costume and is yelling at Iva. Nai is pretty shocked since he didn't know that Gareki was in the suit. Soon Nai hears Tsukumo crying for her help in her tube. Both Jiki and Tsukumo don't want to break the glass as they are afraid the audience would get hurt. Everyone eventually ends up at the theater where Iva is told of what is going on. She decides everyone needs to play a new part in the play, with her being Jiki's lover and the boys being Tsukumo's sister. The boys take the tube backstage while Kiichi walks away with the rabbit. Tsukumo is free and Gareki beats up Yogi for causing him all this trouble. Apparently this violence is acceptable as it means that Gareki is back to his old self. Back on one of the ships Akari is trying to figure out why the little bunny thing is attached to him. Tsukitachi and Hirato arrive on the ship to have a meeting with Akari but they end up getting the man drunk. They talk about how they might have handled the drug situation that Gareki was connected with and soon talk turns to investigating a super cold area of the world. Insert people being sent on the super cold mission. THE END!
 photo karnvelepisode78_zps9d346690.jpg
Are you having fun yes?!
Well that was certainly a little episode of crazy. A bit of drama, some over the top situations, and a bunch of whiny kids who aren't very appreciative of what they have in life. The Circus, it be crazy.
 photo karnvelepisode7_zps0b91f562.jpg
He totally needs to get over it!
First things first. A week? A WEEK?! All the nonsense with the Vaguras and Gareki losing another family member and the remaining one volunteering to be a test subject for Ship 1 happened one week ago and people are worried that Gareki has not bounced back fast enough. Of course Gareki didn't seem that close to those “family members” anyway and Gareki is usually guarded and hates the bright energy that is the Circus. Almost like Gareki is just one slight degree more upset than usual. But I guess that is an important degree. And for bright/happy people...or people trying to be bright/happy this just won't due. Still rolling my eyes that it's been a week though.
 photo karnvelepisode76_zps22ba25bc.jpg
Is this cheering you up yet?!
Of course the plan to cheer up Gareki was going to be special. Special considering it is Gareki needs the cheering up. Gareki! Would you like to wear a costume and walk in a parade and have tons of fun in public?! Yeah that would be like my husband trying to cheer me up and taking me on a mountain hike or something. Like really, really? This is supposed to cheer me up? I rather stab my eyes out! So yes much happy. But maybe deep down he really did have fun. He seems the kind of person to roll his eyes and hate life but maybe he likes that people are trying to cheer him up. And that seeing Nai happy makes him happy too. Not that he can admit it.
 photo karnvelepisode75_zpsca53c2e2.jpg
....I probably need to buy this.
Nai and his adorable costume self are still trying to figure out all these things called feelings and emotions. I guess that makes sense....maybe. Nai doesn't understand FAMILY. If he doesn't understand family why didn't he ask when he met these people? Why doesn't he ask Yogi why his heart aches? Nai seems to be thinking these things out in his head but if he doesn't understand concepts he can't really teach himself right? But Nai is a cute little Pikachu Dragon thing and he seems rather young. So these questions are natural and for Nai to just trust and want to be with Gareki is natural too yes? My cat doesn't really know that she is apart of a family but I would like to think she knows when I am sad and that she can count on me to take care of her. Same concept.
 photo karnvelepisode710_zps8fabcee8.jpg
Leave Yogi alone. :(
I am really not a fan of Kiichi. She is way over the top mean. I thought she was going to be Tsukumo's rival but clearly she only has eyes for saying hurtful things about Yogi. Maybe because she likes him, like how Jiki likes Tsukumo? But then I would hate her even more. Pulling hair and kicking dirt at people you like is so 1st grade. And words hurt. HURT! I am sure that Yogi knows that he really does need to step it up and not be so...upset at what he has to do. I mean it is an upsetting thing, to kill those who had no choice in the matter. But if the end result is more people dying.....why is Yogi in Circus if he feels this way? HMMMM! So while Kiichi is right and Yogi needs to man up she can shut her mouth after the 44389 time she has brought it up. THE GREAT AND POWERFUL KIICHI!
 photo karnvelepisode711_zpsfea59864.jpg
Gareki taking Yogi's place in the cat costume was scary. Those kids were brats though and deserved to have the crap scared out of them. Like please. There is a parade (well more like a procession) going on, watch that. There will be a show going on later, watch that. But no they must be entertained now. Of course Kiichi could have waited like 5 seconds for Yogi to wrap things up as it wasn't a Disney line of kids waiting for his attention. Just....brats and craziness.
 photo karnvelepisode716_zpsfb05afca.jpg
HEY THERE! Do not promote the violence!
If the theme of the day was to cheer up Gareki putting him in the cat costume was probably not the way to go about it. Had this been real life Gareki would have refused and gone back to the ship hating everyone. That is what I would have done. But since this anime Gareki puts up with this nonsense and tries to be a cat person. Only later he slapped Yogi for putting him in this situation. Not really fond of that moment. I think Gareki could have gotten big and yelled down at Yogi, but done it with a smile so everyone knew Gareki was kidding or was putting up with this nonsense since he knows their intentions were good. None of this slapping thing please.
 photo karnvelepisode713_zps52362125.jpg
Do you hear what I hear?
Where did Nai think Gareki went? Insane little dragon Pikachu fail. But his super sonic hearing was able to get them to the theater a little faster than it would have happened otherwise. So while Nai is being confused about shrinking cat costumes and other things in his life he can hear you scream. Maybe in space.
 photo karnvelepisode714_zpsac999dc8.jpg
Take your time guys. Take your time. I am fine apparently.
While I think the crazy robot rabbit was crazy...and over the top I think the entire premise of what happened to Tsukumo was dumb. They have curtains in this world yes? So something happens with the show and you don't want to the audience to know. Pull the curtain down and break the glass that way. Then play it off as the mermaid tried to escape. I much glass was going to go flying and how dangerous would it have been? No Tsukumo should drown to save people from cuts. I see indeed.
 photo karnvelepisode715_zps9a98de69.jpg
Less talking more saving!
Instead Iva comes up with some insane plan to make the show way over the top, torturing Jiki, and rescue Tsukumo at the same time. Did I mention that Tsukumo can hold her breath for 15 minutes? XD Maybe I am just not understanding this Circus thing as they should be able to solve situations like that faster. They can fly in the sky thanks to Circus. Creating a bubble for Tsukumo to breath out of should be easy yes? Also did we pick up on Nai and his sad little acting skills?
 photo karnvelepisode717_zps4026a93f.jpg
No bunny hate please!
So with Tsukumo rescued and the broken defense rabbit captured all is well in Gareki world. He is back to his normal self. Which is angry at the world but able to live in it. We see on the Ship that Akari has made a new friend. I hope that he comes to love that little bunny creature! It seems to love him tons. Like please give me attention Mr. Human! Do not neglect this little creature! Hugs and love.
 photo karnvelepisode718_zps67bddf41.jpg
Flag? Is this a video game?
The episode ends with the two Captains Tsukitachi and Hirato trying to talk to Akari about what is going on. Well Akari was supposed to talk with them too but apparently the man can't hold his liquor. Which is fine since Hirato and Akari cant' stand each other. Things have gone well in stopping more of the drugs from becoming available. But in Circus there is no time for a break. Well except in this episode. XD Next week...the freezing cold!


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Welcome back, Christina! I was beginning to think that you were sick or something. But since you were on a trip to Orlando, everything's all well and good.

About Karneval:

Why do I have the feeling that pink bunny will transform into a beautiful woman?

I don't know, it's just a guess. Would be interesting though.

End comments

Anonymous said...

>Why is Yogi in Circus?<

Oh, you will find out in the next mission, yes, I am talking about the cold one w/ lots, LOTS snow! This also include Yogi's special little twist. In other words, you will learn more about him. ^^

Christina said...

Anonymous- I really should have posted this episode before we left on Sunday. X___X Such a slacker, didn't mean to worry anyone. I think though Orlando trips are going to be internet free for the most part. I just need to make sure I post things in a more timely manner before and after all of the fun.

XO A friend for Nai? They can be all confused about life together? It needs more attention for sure though!

Anonymous 2- I think Yogi is a nice person but it seems as if not everyone is able to handle this job. Killing creatures that used to be humans but were tricked/forced against their will...not sure if I could do it. But if a reason is coming I welcome it. His shipmates can get upset with him but perhaps at this point helping him out would really help the team more than constant yelling. Or he can come work at my pizza place where you can mess up 4839483 times in a row and me getting upset is the wrong thing! XD

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