Sunday, May 5, 2013

Karneval episode 5: Something is off...

Hello there my lovely readers! It has finally stopped raining in my neck of the woods. I think it rained straight for 4 days. Roads were flooded, ditches filled to the brim. Yet people still think that we can deliver a pizza to them as if we have a boat service or something. Like um it will be 90 minutes take it or leave it? SO much crazy in the world.
 photo karnevalepisode5_zpsf79ba776.jpg
The episode of standing.
Sunshine time though. Also anime. 3 days in the making this episode. Karneval episode 5 to be precise. Spoilers
 photo karnevalepisode53_zps9b6bea98.jpg
Episode Summary: Yotaka continues to lick the blood off his fingers while everyone looks on in shock. Gareki thinks that he can reason with the boy while Yogi is like um no and uses his bouncing around magic to keep them from being destroyed. While Gareki is being protected a series of flashbacks are shown that Gareki was not really down for the family. He liked Tsubaki (who named him) just fine but he tended to ignore the twins. He stayed to himself even though Tsubame kept trying to bring him into the family. Yotaka always looked at him with suspicious eyes though. During some undetermined time Yotaka had caught Gareki off doing something dangerous with a gun. Yotaka tried to get Gareki to come back home but Gareki manhandles him and says they were never siblings. Yotaka leaves upset and Gareki sees that the boy had brought food with him. Back in the present Yogi has manged to get everyone to safety but tells Gareki and Nai to run anyway. Gareki doesn't want to leave but it is clear that Yotaka is out for blood and Gareki is making it worse. Yogi and the semi transformed Yotaka take to the sky to battle. Yogi himself thinks that maybe he can save the kid since he is only partial transformed. Yotaka proves to be very powerful himself as Yogi never ever wants to fight. Nai is sorta standing there wondering why they are not okay when Gareki tells Nai to hide himself. Nai says he wants to go with Gareki to ensure he doesn't break. Gareki gives Nai his jacket and says that Nai wants to find Karoku and he must stay alive and use Circus to do so. Gareki runs off with his weird shirt to help Yogi and or find Tsubame. Nai sorta...stands there some more until his ears pick up something weird. Tsubame has woken up and is covered in blood again. A man approaches her just as Nai finds her. Nai the man unconscious and runs off with Tsubame. They decide that they have run far enough and stop to have a serious conversation. Like hey things are bad and Gareki is trying his best. Tsubame starts to get sad but Nai tries to cheer her up, saying she is pretty and not a monster. It is almost an AWE moment..until creepy guy shows up again, surprising Nai and Tsubame.
 photo karnevalepisode512_zps12bc736b.jpg
Look at me being evil and stuff.
Gareki is racing to the battle between Yogi and Yotaka, thinking to himself he left these twins behind so they would be safe and look how things turned out. Gareki gets there just in time to see Yogi crash into the ground defeated. He put up a great fight but Yotaka transformed more into a Varuga Gareki and Yotaka have a stare down, Yotaka obviously pissed at what has happened in the past. Creepy guy shows up with Nai and Tsubame in tow. Creepy guy starts talking to Yotaka and it is revealed that creepy guy is the one who gave the twins the medicine and that the first time Yotaka transformed into a Varuga he accidentally killed Tsubaki. It also comes out that Yotaka realized what was in the food and took Tsubame's share, explaining why she is not a monster. Creepy man commands Yotaka to kill everyone but he refuses, as Tsubame's presence is keeping Yotaka grounded in humanity. Creepy man tries to blame Tsubaki's death on Yotaka but Gareki says he is the real killer. Well it turns out that Creepy man is also a Varuga and has been using the twins for some other reason and goes to attack...well everyone because they are just standing around. Yogi manages to get up and protect the group from the Creepy man but he has just wounded the beast. Creepy man starts cackling that Yotaka will never become human again and HAHAHA his plans. Yotaka begs Gareki to kill him. At first Gareki is really against the idea of killing his family but sees that Yotaka trusts in him. He picks up one of Yogi's swords and...Hirato comes out of nowhere killing Yotaka who dies in a smiling sparkle haze. Tsubame is clearly upset and everyone...stands around again. THE END!
 photo karnevalepisode510_zps4b04291c.jpg
Um...the people around her are the ones in danger, not her.
Well this episode....was weird. And I think my summary is off. Probably because I watched this episode Thursday night but was too tired to blog about it Friday. :( Hopefully my memory isn't that bad....
 photo karnevalepisode59_zps41dfe046.jpg
I am turning into a monster CARE NOW!
But yes this episode is off. I don't really know if the manga is different but I really don't care about the twins. I barely know Gareki and I am supposed to care about these random kids that barely got any screen time? I mean of COURSE deep down Gareki cares about these people and was just being an asshole to protect them. But Tsubame barely comes out of nowhere to say she killed someone and we are supposed to care about her and her brother? Just...I wasn't feeling the emotions behind it.
 photo karnevalepisode55_zps1b448009.jpg
Look how much I don't care about you.
Gareki wasn't helping matters either. He is hard to read at times. I know it was supposed to come across as him trying to be hard and tough even though deep down he cared about his adopted family. I don't know, this series seems complicated and full enough without meeting Gareki's family in episode 4 and killing some of them off at the end of episode 5.Almost like they are trying to force a reason on Gareki for staying with Circus. I think that Nai being there was strong enough but apparently we needed more. Cue the sad back story and Varuga monsters taking all that Gareki loves. Motivation!!!
 photo karnevalepisode54_zps34582d19.jpg
So much closeness.
Through all the flashbacks we saw just how close....Gareki was with the twins. I mean clearly it was Tsubame driving the lets be friends and family bus. Yotaka was there to make his sister happy. I am assuming that once your parents sell you off you become cut off from FEELING and Gareki was down for family number 2. Maybe that is where the disconnect is. We are SHOWN that they were not close but deep down everyone wanted to be family because they are telling us. Me thinks we got cut short on this plot. That and Yotaka meeting up with Gareki later in life seemed out of place. Like that was supposed to show us the Gareki being tough and protecting his family when really...there was no grounds for this to happen. Rushed.
 photo karnevalepisode58_zps1e8b6533.jpg
Save him? Save yourself first!
As funny and...caring as Yogi is...he seems rather useless in battle. Yotaka was only partial transformed and he was getting his ass kicked. Also what happened to working in pairs? Where is our stoic girl of few words? Not there? Well that sounds safe for all involved. But yes...Yogi doesn't have great fighting skills. Or really he doesn't have the will to fight...anything! I mean he wasn't fighting the Varuga last episode well when Gareki was INSIDE of them. So we can't just say Yogi doesn't want to fight Yotaka because it would make Gareki sad. Since we don't know much about Varuga we can't really say if someone can come back from this but...Yogi seemed confused or doubtful about the situation. Like oh you can come back from it if it's only a partial transformation.
 photo karnevalepisode513_zps7f38a1ca.jpg
Does this really matter? Confused.
I guess I feel that way because we don't know much about Varuga. I mean...why were some people trying to force evolution anyway? I need to know more of this history, why Circus is involved and are the members of Circus also Varuga but more controlled ones? And why are Varuga trying to make more Varuga, the twins? It just seemed odd. Mr. Creepy wanted to see what would happen with twins? Like this was actually scientific and it could help him out somehow. I don't know, weird.
 photo karnevalepisode56_zps580e6496.jpg
I need attention! Don't leave me!
Nai was Nai this episode. Like for real. Stay here. He is the worse dog ever. Or bunny dragon thing. I think in the long run it would be better to take Nai WITH whoever is around and then telling him to stay low. Granted he will probably not listen to that either but at least you can see the danger that he is in. Instead Nai is off finding trouble on his own. Oh hi Tsubame. Where are all these people that the twins are eating?! I think it is funny that Mr. Creepy was able to find them so fast and apparently....was able to pretend that Nai was able to take him out. As if. But you look pretty Tsubame, it doesn't matter that you ate people.
 photo karnevalepisode511_zps4920bcf9.jpg
Don't mind the unconscious Yogi over here.
So besides all these flashbacks a lot of the episode was dedicated to...standing around. Like someone is talking we can't move at all. We all must stand around and watch and hear the bad thing happen. When it is our turn to move we shall move. I just think there should have been a lot more chaos and mayhem going on. People trying to break away, someone checking on Yogi, and trying to get Tsubame away from her twin who is looking pretty harsh. Just so much standing around in this episode.
 photo karnevalepisode514_zpsc3a6e83f.jpg
Well this would probably be sad...if we knew the twins better.
In the end it is Hirato who saved the day. Like BAM I will take out Yotaka so Gareki doesn't have to have the guilt. Which was nice, even if Gareki and his weird shirt was about to do it. But still he was able to do something harsh even if that meant Mr. Creepy got away. Like hello what is up with everyone NOT PAYING ATTENTION. This episode was just off to me thus it took me forever to write it up and I am sure none of it makes sense. Maybe next time. X___X


Anonymous said...

Clearly there are no rainbows or tea parties to be had this time around.

To clear some of your misunderstandings:

Yogi does not know any magic, it has more to do w/ the Circus ID; as long as you have it you can fly, teleport, do “magic” trick/attack powers. It really has nothing to do w/ individual.

Yogi does not want to fight for a reason; it has something to do w/ his past/face-bandage.
Hint: in ep 4, the Doc tell/keep remaining him to “change his bandages”.

I think these Vargua want to make more Varuga is to understand better of themselves, OR to create more obedient servants/slaves that are easy to control.

As for Nai, like all other animal, they seems to use their instinct to differentiate dangers from people. Like, I like this one better because the others give me an uncomfortable vibe or feeling. One of my friend’s cat like me (sleeps on me a lot) more than its owner, even though I never feed it. We never found out why either……………………So, it is not because “Tsubame is pretty and what not” Nai just feel less frighten near her than that Mr. Creepy.

About Tsubaki, I believe she was selfish and just wanted an easy way out. Do they not have jobs in this world?!

I think Gareki was left the twins to make money for them and not just himself. That's why he steal money/stuff. He had to do some dirty stuff and didn’t want them involved. So at the end, it’s only more tragic that Gareki actually gathers his will to go through with it before Hirato beats him to it.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Thanks for that explanation. I assumed that all the Circus people were some sort of Vargua's gone right with their powers. Gareki needs to slap that bracelet on.

If Yogi doesn't want to fight he is probably in the wrong line of work. I was wondering about the bandaid but I have seen other anime characters wear bandaids forever so I was waiting to pass judgement on that.

Nai probably needs to become a better judge of character. XD Also if Gareki was earning the money for the twins they didn't do a great job of showing that. It seemed to me he was getting money to find the killer. Which is sad as you should focus on the living but you know.

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