Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Hollywood Studios here we come!

 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip139_zpsfcda16b3.jpg
The breakfast of champions. Guess which one is moms.
YAWN! We did a lot of walking day one of our trip. But now it is morning and time for day 2! Mom is actually getting up early, is she okay? Must be excited for all the fun.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip143_zpscfa8bca5.jpg
It seems you got to ride the tram a lot at theme parks. But this one wasn't full so there was room for me to sit.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip144_zps9b974158.jpg
Welcome to Hollywood Studios! I see you magical brooms.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip145_zps08da1f6b.jpg
Hurry run run the park has been opened for 7 minutes. First up is the Tower of Terror.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip164_zpsca0ed81f.jpg
This would be mom not riding the ride. She got to see a lot of special get off the ride spaces at Disney. Note...they are not themed at all. XD
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip167_zps4de60f0c.jpg
Waiting for dad to get off the ride. This is where you see your pic that is taken on the ride.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip171_zps82583cbe.jpg
Some lady thought I was left behind and went to take me to the lost and found. Like mom would leave me behind PSHT!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip172_zpsbbcaa589.jpg
Duffy is not a monkey! Got fast passes to Toy Story Mania as the lines are always so long.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip174_zpsf08d5ce0.jpg
Now I look even smaller!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip179_zpsebd01706.jpg
Mom loves Orlando Bloom. FIRE AWAY!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip181_zps96e99381.jpg
Can I have a pirate costume like Muffy and Scruffy?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip186_zps7f729385.jpg
Time to ride the Backlot Tour ride.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip196_zpse053c99a.jpg
Planes from some movie I have never seen.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip222_zps993a7d20.jpg
I'm gone with the wind fabulous. Now twirl!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip223_zps8934a363.jpg
We demand more movies!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip225_zps92c7b641.jpg
Does he have to get this dry cleaned?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip232_zps59b8dd60.jpg
I saw this movie!!! So there is new and old stuff at this park.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip240_zps3fdcaeec.jpg
Mom says this movie is very important and basically made the Disney Parks possible. Yet all she watches is Tangled. XD
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip243_zps18197dcb.jpg
I see scary rides.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip245_zps6130faab.jpg
To my room good sir.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip247_zps5958851e.jpg
Are we going to watch a show now?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip267_zps8655432a.jpg
An Indian Jones show. Another movie mom hasn't seen. Wait the last one she did.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip301_zps596bac9e.jpg
I see a trashcan full of frogs. X___X
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip303_zpsc253fe66.jpg
Time to shoot things weee!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip314_zps44679f2b.jpg
Dad wanted to see a stunt show...and look who showed up! Yay Cars!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip322_zps0c46e565.jpg
Go get them McQueen!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip353_zpse2d972a5.jpg
One Man's Dream exhibit. Time to learn about Walt Disney.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip355_zps3e7b6060.jpg
Dad loves this movie.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip356_zps68e787d3.jpg
Maybe one day we can go to California and see their park.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip360_zps31963512.jpg
Time for dinner. Pizza Port closes early!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip367_zps2d6d91bd.jpg
One last ride. Lets shoot things again, its fun!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip040_zps2d9e2989.jpg
Is that your blankie? I am tired too. Lets go back to the hotel so Day three can be lots of fun too.

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