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Arata Kangatari episode 5

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Um.....spoilers for the art being iffy a times too.
So much YAWN! I meant to post this earlier but clearly catching up on reality competition shows distracted me. But I must get this posted before I close my eyes and go to bed. To get some zzz's before a lovely Friday at work.....but now it is Arata Kangatari episode 5. Spoilers for the word trust not being said...once? XD
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You have no missed calls because you are in another world DUMMY!
Episode Summary: Kannagi and his questionable fashion sense self is still thinking about Tsutsuga and his god sword submitting to Hinohara. And what does this creation sword to rule them all mean? Hinohara was trying to be a badass on the boat, thinking about how he I supposed to be the Sho over them all. But a boat made by kids isn't really safe. It sinks close to shore but all on board live. Their map is made of water proof material and Kanate shows them that they are here and the capital is THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE. Yay for walking. Kanate explains to get to the capital they have to pass Kannagi's territory. Hinohara is given a brief history lesson since he “forgot”. There are 12 Shishos who rule over 12 areas of the country and the Princess ruled over them. They see a campfire and automatically assume it is Kannagi. So they go over to investigate/get captured faster and TADA it is Ginchi's entire village including his mom. It is a tearful reunion while Kanate looks conflicted. A man explains that they are all fleeing before war breaks out. Kanate tells dumbass Hinohara without a princess they the 12 Shinsho are going to war to see who will be King. But enough of that now, lets go weeeee. As Ginchi's people are crossing over during a break in the waterfall Kotoha and Hinohara say goodbye to Ginchi and Kanate. Only Kanate lets go of Ginchi's hand and lets the waterfall close up, leaving Ginchi crying on the other side. Kanate explains that his “friends” kidnapped Ginchi so he is a bad person and can't go with them. Hinohara gets upset that Kanate is talking bad about himself and decides Kanate is coming with them.
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Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!
In the “real” world Arata is...being Arata. Hinohara's family thinks he has broken into pieces because of the bullying and are going along with his “delusions”. Arata just keeps talking about his home and the mom and dad agree while the sister is like what the hell?! At school Suguru looks guilty that Hinohara is not there while Masato is just super pissed. While Kanate, Arata, and Kotoha are walking along Arata starts feeling crappy. Kotoha gives him something that looks like beef jerky and explains it is muru. Suddenly a muru walks by but it is explained that they are friendly creatures. They take off running and leave Kanate to fight it alone. It turns out that girl named Honi stole its egg to give to her master's wife who is expecting a baby. Master Ohika shows up having rescued Kanate. Hinohara then passes out. He wakes up with Kanate stealing his cellphone and taking care of him. Well I guess Kotoha healed him and Ohika brought them to his house. Hinohara gets a little sad when he looks at his cellphone and it reminds him of losing his friend. Kanate is like shut your mouth we got problems. Apparently Ohika is a sho under Kannagi. Kanate explains the whole sho/sword god process. Nervous faces. Speaking of Kannagi....he is flying to his country to visit a monument of someone....trapped inside. He kneels down and promises that he will become king and save them. He then goes home where apparently everyone has been killed. By Akachi! Ohika and his wife are in danger! But Kotoha and Honi are too busy playing dress up since Honi has a crush on Ohika. Kanate and Hinohara are busy walking around with Ohika. Ohika talks about how his life is wonderful with Kannagi as his boss and how he would never want to leave his perfect life. Earlier he restored Kanate's weapon as if it was a god sword too. Then Ohika starts talking about Hinohara's deeds in this land and how he has been set up. Before things get too deep the gang is told to leave. But before they can Hino shows them that Akachi has showed up and wants to talk to Ohika. He wants Ohika to become his Sho instead. Kannagi is on how way to save everyone but will not make it in time. THE END!
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I wonder who he could be talking about....
This looks like the longest summary ever. Hopefully it just looks long as this is on scrap piece of paper I found at work. XD Typing it should be smaller yes? Yay for words and work.
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Thanks for the help!
I am very glad the boat fell apart. Actually I am super glad someone took the time to explain to me about the boat. Guess Ginchi and Kanate can see into the future. But yes they are still kids with limited tools so sink boat sink!! Glad no one died but I can't have too many unbelievable things going on at once. Glad that Hinohara and Kotoha helped.
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What a magical miracle!
This episode felt really rushed. Like quick we are only giving this show 12 episodes cram cram cram. Like if they were only going to give Arata 5 seconds of screen time why bother? Of course it was entertaining. His poor family. Really the poor sister. What was up with Masato being so pissed? No one to pick on? Insane. And then there was Arata....just lalalaing. And then the 5 seconds were over.
 photo arataepisode56_zps5eb97a8d.jpg
War? We got to get rid of this Ginchi kid first.
I say it felt rushed because of the whole Ginchi family situation. Like really? I mean it was too special for them to think it was Kannagi. Like this nation is 3 miles and you run into everyone all the time? But then it was Ginchi's people? Just....hmmmm. Like there should have been more traveling to the family. Not we landed and poof there they are! So much rushedness that I felt. Not that I wanted Ginchi to be a sad panda. Just...when too many special things happen I roll my eyes at the anime magic.
 photo arataepisode57_zpsd9a755d0.jpg
And goodbye Ginchi. Okay now time for war?
Obviously from the opening theme song of cheerfulness (not to be confused with the ending song of yaoi angst) Ginchi was not sticking around. But at least this way he was with his mom, not....well dead or left at the first village they came across. Which is what I assumed was going to happen since geographically I didn't know Ginchi lived 5 minutes from the island prison. But yeah.....this went down rather smooth. No yelling, no I hate you, begone so you can be safe. Ginchi really didn't get a goodbye but Kanate's reason was special for not going. I am sure he would have been accepted by those people. Hinohara picked him up from that funk rather fast though so all is good.
 photo arataepisode58_zpsc0abdd67.jpg
Well that was very......special.
The humor part of the episode....was special. Like rush rush here is some muru jerky. Oh look there is a muru. No worries they are not nice. Well not this one so run. What is art quality?! Peace out! Kanate, nice knowing you. Hello random egg girl? Will you keep that muru as a pet? Yeah super rushed. Bu at least there is some fun moments right? Especially since death is on the way.
 photo arataepisode512_zps046aadc3.jpg
How can eggs look delicious inside the shell?
So after that nonsense it is time for more actual plot stuff to happen at the speed of fast. I thought it was...well Kotoha is special. Like part of her brain might be missing. But playing dress up with Hino was...special. Like hello tiny girl who does not have the same proportions as me. Wear my dress. I see. But at least she is having some fun. Even though Kotoha seems to be having a great time despite being in danger and what not.
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Wait is Kanate a sho too?
After Hinohara has his fever reduced more of this actual god sword and sho business is explained. Well apparently having a god sword doesn't make you amazing. They are all over the place. One for you, one for you. Everyone has a sword with a god in it. But I is not that detrimental my mental state. In some religions there are “bigger” gods and lesser ones. Not sure how people figured all this out but as it was explained later there were lots of wars and fighting before. Probably a lot of god sword stealing too. Maybe there is a connection between a sho and the sword so it makes it harder to steal? But yes after all this explaining (in the episode and in previous comments) things are starting to make a little more sense.
 photo arataepisode510_zpse3822937.jpg
Also he might be in love with him too.
While I understand that Ohika is under Kannagi...that was a bit much with the he is so wonderful bit. I think I might have liked a more subtle approach. Slowly introduce the viewer to the fact that Kannagi isn't as awful as we think he is. Well I guess we already had doubts about him really killing the Princess. Maybe he just wound her a bit so he could save his person then make it right again. Maybe anyway. I guess it is not out of the realm of possibilities that someone can be evil yet be nice to others. I can't be a horrible person all the time if you have minions you know. Well you could torture the minions but still. We get it. Kannagi must be a misunderstood person. He killed the Princess for good reasons and Ohika is such a pure hearted person his words must be true.
 photo arataepisode515_zpsef886c67.jpg
You look oh so friendly, of course I will join you.
Akachi on the other hand is apparently the REAL villain. Like okay the 12 were down with killing the Princess but maybe the other 11 have good reasons, people they want to help. Akachi was running around killing people left and right. Like hot damn....I mean if this is a war between people with god swords take them out, not the innocent people around them. But I guess if you want to weakend one of the Shinsho you got to take down the lesser ones around them. Just... having flashbacks of little kids on the ground missing limbs and such. :( Fushigi Yuugi.
 photo arataepisode516_zps57533632.jpg
Me thinks you are too late dude.
The episode ends with the gang being told to run as Akachi has showed up. Me thinks...that Kannagi is not going to make it in time and that Ohika is going to die protecting his pregnant wife. Lets just hope his death is not in vain. No doubt this will rock Hinohara to his core and maybe make him take on Kannagi as an ally? We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I didn't say anything for episode 4 so I'll my piece in this blog as well as this new episode.

Episode 4 (previous episode): It was nice to see Reality Arata develop as a person and gain friends. Though it was incredibly rushed for obvious reasons and, according to some fans, they skipped an important character who's responsible for Reality Arata's growth. Also, they should have shown more of Fantasy Arata and his situation back on modern Earth. That's not fair to Yuu Watase (author) that this show receives only 12 episodes! Yes, I'm still bitter that Little Busters has 26 while this show gets 12. >:(

Episode 5: This episode basically had plot progression and exposition. Also, it was rushed on how they needed to remove Ginchi from the story with convenient "finding his family in the next episode" plot device. And in this episode, what was the point of showing Fantasy Arata for a brief moment? All he did in this episode is act like a fish out of water. At least they should have showed more of Fantasy Arata being important to the plot and, according to the manga fans, being awesome in the real world. As for Kannagi, I wouldn't feel sympathy for a murderer who framed me for a crime I didn't commit. Quite the opposite, had I been Reality Arata, I would have used my god sword's powers and punch him in the face or beat his ass within an inch of his life. I don't know, folks. That's just me. I guess he did deserve that betrayal by Lord Akachi for attempting to murder the princess and sentencing an innocent person to prison.

That's all.

Eternia said...

This shouldn't count as spoiler since the anime has skipped it, yes? Fantasy Arata was being awesome since he took out Reality Arata's bully in one kick. You know, that guy who has named Kadowaki, the one with white hair.

Anyway, Arata Kangatari really reminds me of another Watase Yuu's manga which I read when I was still very young. It's really somewhat similar, not a surprise, since it's written by the same gal. In that story, the protagonist got drawn into a Fantasy World through a story book. Later, the Fantasy Baddies tried to invade the Real World and our protagonist fought them. I can't remember the title. Is it Fushigi Yuugi? After checking Wikipedia just seconds ago, it seems so.

It's really unfair that this only got 12 episode. It has more than enough material to be made constantly airing anime such as Uchuu Kyoudai and Panda Cafe.

Anonymous said...

Just some clarification, a Shinsho can have many Zokusho, who is also a Sho, and the boss of many men (who are NOT Sho). So when Kannagi saw all his other Zokushos, alone w/ his/her men are dead, (he definatly know how many Zokusho he has) the only one left is Ohika, who has a pregnant wife................well since you saw ep6 preview, so..........yea, it didn’t end up too well T_T

Kanate is not a Sho, but he is the only boy that has his weapon up at that time, so Ohika mistaken him as one. Also, as you can see, not all Sho are fighting types, in fact there are Sho that can summon salt, do make-up, and make money, yes, all that jazz. xD

Anonymous said...

That Akachl is treachorus. I find it hard to believe kannagi didn't know this would happen. Even the people knew war would break out.

As for Arata, poor mom and dad they have no idea what to do. LOL

Christina said...

Anonymous- A show with so many potential characters really should get more than 12 episodes. Why with the main 12 and both Aratas that is 14 right there. Plus the first two episodes are usually about the premise of the show and don't focus on one person. Hopefully this will get more than one season.

Hinohara really....feels bad for people. Like I wouldn't have felt bad for Tsutsuga. Like one person betrayed you and you did awful things to people long after that. How fair is that? But Hinohara was all crying all over him so it makes sense that Hinohara might see the light with Kannagi sooner rather than later. Personally I cut him into tiny pieces and then feel bad that he had a great reason to "kill" the princess, like save his sweetheart, knowing the princess could save herself later.

Eternia- It seems like a lot has been skipped in order for Hinohara to say the word trust a million times!

Fushigi Yuugi is awesome. I mean Miaka was slightly annoying at times ( I think hommie got kidnapped 6 times) but still pretty epic. First anime to make my husband cry. And I am talking like 30 minutes later he is still sobbing in the pillow tears. Just don't tell him I told ya'll that. XD

Anonymous 2- It would be neat though if that scene foreshadowed Kanate being a Sho too. Maybe I am just too familiar with Yuu Watase's works and anyone who is near the main character is also part of that inner circle.

I wonder why Akachi took out Kannagi's people first though. I would have made an alliance Hunger Games style with Kannagi and maybe take out the others?

Anonymous 3- Mom and dad are hilarious. The sister might run away from the insanity though.

I think Kannagi thought that war would happen between other members of the 12 before it hit him. He probably thought he was further up the food chain than he really was. Or since he did take out the princess he was considered the biggest threat.

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