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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 8: Something has the angers....

Hello there my lovely readers! Post number 2 of the day! Finally right? Gotta catch up on things. I am not sure about Red Data Girl though. I wasn't very impressed with the first 6 episodes I watched. Doesn't seem very...entertaining nor does it explain what is going on very well. But I have plenty of other shows to watch yes? Plenty to keep me busy.
 photo titanepisode810_zpsd8554634.jpg
Um...yeah. This is their best option guys. X___x
Up now is Shingeki no Kyojin episode 8. Yes I just posted episode 7 like 5 seconds ago. GO ME! XD Spoilers for Mikasa not becoming a pancake. For those who want to talk about spoilers here is the Spoiler and Speculation thread. Again a few little things were added in this episode that should help people better understand what is going on a lot earlier than in the manga.
 photo titanepisode8_zpsb4b4defe.jpg
More recapping weee!
Episode Summary: Jean continues to look on in horror as his comrades are eaten. He thinks it is his fault and closes his eyes as to give up. Then he is like...GO EVERYONE GO! He decides to use the fact that some people are being eaten to escape. It takes a few moments to everyone to react to this command but off they go, dodging Titans and not fighting them. Jean has a close call but manages to cut off the Titan's fingers and crash into the building. A few other comrades are lost but a great deal of cadets fly through the glass. Jean starts to have a meltdown thinking he has killed more people when he sees a few people under the desk. He starts screaming at them for not having their back but clearly they are alone and there are Titans inside the refueling area. Jean soon realizes that they have made it to the tower only to become trapped inside. Outside Armin is ready to be left behind when Mikasa is like um no. Connie also takes Armin's arm, as if he was going to carry the boy to the tower. Armin starts freaking out as Eren died protecting him. Armin tells them to stop and says he has a crazy plan that will probably not work. He thinks that if they kill all the normal Titans in the area the abnormal Titan Killer Titan will then go to the next area populated by Titans, the tower. Connie is like how can we do a plan based on a crazy abnormal plan and a bunch of maybies?! Mikasa, the girl who was going to kill all the Titans last episode, says they are going to die anyway and at least this way Killer Titan can do some of the work. Apparently this plan works as Jean is about to give up hope and Killer Titan smashes the two Titans peaking in the window/smashing their heads in the wall. Everyone is equally as surprised as Mikasa with Armin and Connie come in as everyone thought they were dead. They try to explain they are using the Killer Titan to take out the others. Despite the fact that Killer Titan IS in fact killing the other Titans Jean and the others are a bit....hmmm about the situation. Reiner seems to want to know more about this Killer Titan but everyone is like um maybe later when aren't being surrounded?
 photo titanepisode811_zps846a4201.jpg
That would be Annie being amazing.
Armin, the king of plans, decides to do the following. All the gas is in the bottom floor. Said bottom floor has 7 smaller Titans in there. No one has any gas left. Everyone will get an old fashion gun and get inside a lift minus the 7 best people. Everyone will wait until the 7 Titans surround them. They will shoot their eyes out and wait for the 7 armed people to hack off the necks. Everything has to happen perfectly and it places a lot of pressure on the 7. Everyone gets in position, after Marco gives Jean a pep talk on how awesome he is of course. Marco is then placed in charge of the lift people and gives the order to fire. With all the eyes popped out the 7 go to attack their Titans. The 7 are most of the main characters and they seem to do a decent job with killing the Titans. Connie and Sasha, the weakest of the 7, both fail to kill their Titans and back up, getting for mercy. Annie and Mikasa save them and make it look easy. Sasha and Connie react differently to being rescued but everyone fills up their tanks. Everyone starts to make it to the walls but Mikasa and Armin stop to watch what happened to Killer Titan. They see that it is being eaten by the other Titans and is having a hard time regenerating. Jean is who cares. Reiner, Annie, and Bertholt join Mikasa and Armin with their assessment that this Killer Titan should be spared, that maybe it can be studied and the war can be turned. Before they can run in and protect it Armin points out the Titan that killed Thomas is approaching. Just then the Killer Titan loses its damn mind and runs towards the Thomas killer despite having no arms. It bites at the Thomas killer and flings him around into other Titans. Everyone looks on as the Killer Titan fights and eventually falls to the ground. Everyone is ready to finally go since it is toast when Mikasa notices something. At the neck of the Killer Titan...a human body seems to emerge? Mikasa takes off as the figure starts to look familiar. As she approaches the Killer Titan she starts to cry and grabs the human figure who is revealed to be Eren?! Or a being that looks like Eren? She cries as she holds him and pulls him out of the goo that is the neck of the Titan. She takes him to the top of the roof to join the others and cry some more. Armin starts to cry as well, touching Eren's arm that he been regrown as well as his leg. Jean realizes it was Eren or the being who looks like Eren that took out the rest of the Titans. What the hell?! THE END!
 photo titanepisode812_zps75014cc3.jpg
Err....what is this?
WELL THEN! WELL THEN! I guess I should start at the beginning. And also keep in mind we don't really know what is going on so before there is a party we should wait until next episode. You know, before we take away Armin's main guy character plaque.
 photo titanepisode85_zps3b5ce2d8.jpg
Of course it is time to go. GO!
First things first. Jean. Jean. I know seeing (or not seeing as it has to be censored) your comrades turned into Titan food is upsetting. But since they are beyond saving...GO! Maybe it just felt like forever watching you decide this and wrestle with the decision but GO! Go faster!!! And don't feel guilty about it. It is not like you push down your twin sister so she could be killed by some demon monster and you could “escape”. They were already dead. You didn't cause it but instead of letting their deaths go to waste escape while you can. And don't act like you got anyone killed once you reach the tower. Because it was Mikasa's plan and it was the only one that would work. You had to tell them to go, no one died on your obvious orders. They would have died had they stayed in place.
 photo titanepisode88_zps4b4bb955.jpg
More punches!
Once they reached the tower the anger that Jean felt towards the support squad was also acceptable and natural. Once Jean found out about the truth of the situation, that it was the man in charge who ran to fight another day, I am sure he calmed down. And that brainless comrade on the ground probably lessened the blow. But at the moment Jean and the others were outside in need of the gas and these people were inside not trying to figure out how to help. In reality (the sad reality) there was probably nothing they could have done with such few people but in the moment it is upsetting and full of rage. Which I understand.
 photo titanepisode87_zpsf5caa1d7.jpg
And the gas is...below them. Great.
Then things got worse for Jean. I am not sure what they were thinking was going to happen when they reached the tower. They saw it was pretty much surrounded before they got there. Now that there are more soldiers in the area....what did they think was going to happen? That the Titans were going to give up? So yeah...perhaps in the future the gas stations should be ON THE TOP of the tower and not on the bottom? Just a suggestion. Poor Jean and his sad reality face.
 photo titanepisode82_zps8d73c9d8.jpg
I would hope not!
Back outside Armin is ready to die which is dumb. Mikasa has recovered from her brief breakdown and is not going to let Armin die like Eren. Connie seems to be one of the kinder cadets and doesn't want to leave Armin alone. Which might have equal suicide for the both of them. Jean was nearly caught and he was by himself. So it was probably a good idea Armin came up with his super poor idea. Mikasa might have been the only one to make it otherwise.
 photo titanepisode86_zpsdd94777e.jpg
Well apparently it works...still crazy though.
Armin's plan did seem rather special. They saw this Killer Titan for about 5 seconds before deciding that this plan would be a good idea. Maybe Killer Titan was just momentarily confused and was like lala going to kill the things that are easy to reach. Humans don't seem to know that much about Titans. Just the neck thing, the not needing to eat human things, and the back of the neck thing. They call a lot of Titans abnormals but what is the cause of that? Is it how they look or move? Either way...yeah Armin. The Killer Titan is taking out a lot of other Titans. But maybe it wants all the food for himself. Like look at all the humans weeee.
 photo titanepisode89_zps52597dac.jpg
I still don't like this plan even if it works! Jean finds out this plan works. I am glad that Jean was like what the hell when they were explaining to it. lead another Titan to this area to kill other Titans. Okay. But given the day they were having I can see how some of the others were like who cares Mikasa is here to save us yay! But yeah...I am glad that people weren't accepting this as logical and with open arms. That the situation still sucked and was crazy and that Mikasa and company were crazy for going along with this idea.
 photo titanepisode818_zpsd4b6d952.jpg
This plan...much better. Much better indeed.
Armin wasn't out of crazy ideas yet. But idea number 2 was much better that idea number one. They have guns. The Titans in the gas tank room were small. Titans can't be killed except by the nape of the neck. But they can be injured and take time to regenerate. So take out their eyes and while they are growing back have.....7 people become ninjas and take them out weee! I mean really, no one had a bit of gas left so Mikasa could fly around the room? Guess there wasn't enough space for this. Despite the fact that Connie and Sasha weren't able to pull their weight if they had died I still would have deemed the mission a success. Good job everyone. Time to get the gas and go home.
 photo titanepisode83_zpsd5233dc4.jpg
Or....or we could stop and look at the Killer Titan getting his ass kicked. Truly Killer Titan was stronger and smarter than the other Titans but he was outnumbered. I understand how some of the cadets felt about wanting to keep this Titan around to see how they could use it to better their lives. But something felt off. Mikasa and Armin understand this was a scary thing happened. Jean was like what the hell. But then Annie and Reiner were like yes we need to learn more about this Titan. We need to kill the Titans attacking it. Well maybe next time Annie and Reiner can do their part and help out when everyone was being attacked. Jean leading the way, indeed!!!! I would think that everyone would need to stay behind and watch this happen. Like we all need your help to do this, not just us main characters.
 photo titanepisode817_zpsf293d87c.jpg
Can someone point me in the direction of Jean's leadership please?
I would talk about Marco talking up Jean but in light of what happens next you can tell it really doesn't matter. If Armin can't be the main character neither can Jean. That and I didn't really see him being this great leader that Marco saw. Mikasa is the one who got everyone's asses into gear. And it was just going to take one person to realize HEY people are getting eaten, lets go. It wasn't some really complicated plan. Me thinks that Marco wants Jean. HMMMM!
 photo titanepisode815_zps27f1834e.jpg
Still winning with no arms. X____X Titan sees the Thomas killer Titan and takes off running. Beats him with no arms. Amazing. But then it appears to die. And when Titans die they sorta...melt. More like evaporate. And when Killer Titan started to evaporate something happened. Some say that the Grinch's heart grew 2 sizes that day. Or you know....Titans are actually giant robots with people operating them. HELLO EREN! Welcome back. WHAT THE HELL?!
 photo titanepisode813_zpscef17cc5.jpg
I think Mikasa's brain just exploded.
No seriously what the hell. First off....Eren was in the neck of a Titan. Why wasn't he covered in more blood and goo?! None of this is real, that isn't Eren. Mikasa should have been covered in gross bits, not accepting it. Wait that isn't the point? Okay. So....Eren is alive? Or is that just something that looks like Eren? Because last time I checked these Titans were living beings. As Killer Titan showed us they have guts and blood in them. So they can't be robots right? But other Titans have been showed in different states of dying and no humans have been popping out of them. Oh and EREN WAS EATEN! His leg was gnawed off and right before he was lost forever he...well lost his arm. Yet here is Eren or an Eren like being with both limbs back. How is THAT possible? Get eaten by a Titan and you get it ride around in one? If that is the case where is everyone else?
 photo titanepisode816_zpscc7a6b18.jpg
Jean is like what the hell is this madness?!
Clearly Mikasa is too happy to think straight. Armin thinks this is a miracle. Jean has decided everything in his life is a lie and probably wants to blow his brains out. The other three could have looked more shocked but given how two of them are maybe the shock is on the inside. Where are the tears Bertholt? Maybe that is for know when it is decided that is Eren and not some Titan trick. Maybe that is why most of the Titans look stupid, because the real intelligence is in the neck? But then why haven't soldiers picked up on that fact yet?
 photo titanepisode814_zps24714e9a.jpg is looking like it?
There is some confusion going on here. But by the looks of the next episode Eren or the Eren like creature is not going to be accepted with open arms. Which is dumb. Even if this creature just looks like Eren it was taking out the other Titans. I say use it. But it seems to be Eren as it was going after certain Titans, protecting Mikasa, and well....looks like the boy. Who knows though. Clearly not the humans who know jack about Titans after all this time.


Anonymous said...

If that Old Man lives, does that mean I will have to see his sh*t face again?! I have a feeling he is going to be x2 size of @sshole than he is in this ep......

As for "Red Data Girl", Tenchi, drop it. You are not only behind the anime schedule, + more trips and family time + work, but also not interest in it. So drop it, before you slack off even more.

Anonymous said...

Just ram your blade up their assholes.

And later, they find out Eren’s a titan-shifter… irony? Coincidence?

And then the fanfic writers rejoiced. xD

Anonymous said...

Jean: “My! What big eyes you both have!”

Parents: “All the better to see you with, my dear!”

Jean: My! What big ears you both have!”

Parents: “All the better to hear you with, my dear!”

Jean: “What big teeth you both have!”

Parents: “All the better to eat you with!”


Anyway, joke aside, so, every time an attack kills a Titan…they are killing........other humans?

Eternia said...

Thomas eater was able to jump like a Spiderman, wasn't he? But now he simply stood there and asked to be killed...

Anonymous said...

yeah you said in the last paragraph that it was dumb ?

yeah you can trust the monkey that looks like Eren that came out of the titan if you want to, you are like every person that gets killed quick in every horror movie i have ever seen, better keep your distance and keep your eye on The Thing unless you want to be killed next. throw him a dungeon and observe is how those situations are handled!!

Christina said...

Anonymous 1- Poor Red Data Girl, a causality of many factors. Tenchi's slackerness and...well being boring.

Asshole In Charge Dude....his face...This condition seems to happen early in people's careers though. In episode 7 Armin had a pretty X___X face. I am guessing that man really isn't that old, just this job ages you. He is probably closer to 40 but after seeing 100's of people muchin makes your eyes want to run away into your face.

Anonymous 2- I have seen a few fanfictions since this anime debuted. I thought the obvious pairings would be Mikasa and Eren or Eren and Armin but no! A mysterious....pairing has appeared.

Also do Titans even have assholes. I see no penises and vaginas. Given how Connie takes directions very literally I can see him standing there looking for the asshole. Well before he gets smushed anyway.

Anonymous 3- I am not sure about that. They have been slicing Titans on the necks since...well before the walls came up. So if there had been other humans inside other Titans wouldn't they have seen that by now? A Titan dying on the ground and POOF the human emerges? I mean I guess you could argue this is all crazy and someone is making humans attack Titans and that the attack point is actually killing the human "driving" the Titan around, leaving no evidence at all. But I think before now something should have become a little more obvious. However....most of the other Titans look derpy. Only the Colossal and Armored Titan seem to be in control, like the Eren like Titan.

Eternia- The Thomas Eater wasn't be very fabulous this episode. More like he heard something was going on and was like I want in on the action too. He should have been more spider like. :(

Anonymous 4- Me thinks that a lot of the soldiers in the next episode will think like you. Mikasa is usually more composed than this. I think that given that people are being nommed left and right. A Titan is killing other Titans. Crazy in the streets. So it doesn't make sense that Eren or an Eren like person as emerged from a Titan. I think the person with the most correction reaction was Jean. Like um.....yeah this is crazy.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but Christina, I think you forgot to reply Arata Kangatari ep 7.

Christina said...

Anonymous- My sad panda self has neglected so many comments lately. Time to catch up!