Friday, May 31, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Star Wars Weekend....sorta?

 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip017_zps3958e068.jpg
Take me to your cash register.
Due to Dad having to work we technically didn't make it to the official Star Wars weekend. Since Mom hasn't ever seen Star Wars I don't think she was too heartbroken but she did want me to show off my outfit. XD I am a little Jedi. But Dad hopped into the car the second he came home on Sunday and off went to Orlando. We managed to make it my first theme park ever, Hollywood Studios!!!! Then when we returned Tuesday I decided to wear my Jedi outfit again. So here are all my "Star Wars" related pictures. XD
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip018_zps6d0297dc.jpg
Is he a super model or something?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip020_zps6b58aa2f.jpg
Um...can we not to do this to me? My outfit is too cute!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip023_zpsa1017e2a.jpg
Inside the mall. Since we barely made it before the park closed it wasn't super full. But there were still people buying things and hanging around. I wonder what it looked like in the morning.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip026_zpse248eca2.jpg
I think dad has legos of those people.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip027_zps36afbeb7.jpg
Some questionable fashion choices....
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip031_zps365fdfde.jpg
There are a lot of monsters in space!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip035_zps36027c3e.jpg
My first theme park adventure and I am being hugged by a villain. HMMMM!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip041_zpsd5b34e33.jpg
I am sure the park is super full during the event yes?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip176_zps63ded0c8.jpg
Back to Hollywood Studios on the Tuesday part of our trip. Mom kept calling the park MGM though. She must be old.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip285_zps9c278899.jpg
A ride called Star Tours! Finally my outfit can come in handy!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip289_zps7daf7b2d.jpg
People were running through the lines. Hello, mom is trying to take cute pictures of me. You can wait!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip293_zps8136744e.jpg
After the ride there were some advertisements to places in the Star Wars universe. Can we go there please?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip297_zpsdf985847.jpg
Jedi Academy? They should pick me!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip298_zps3c174bf3.jpg
These people look cool. Can I get a souvenir of them?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip299_zps16453de4.jpg
Time to ride....whatever it is. People need to wait their turn in line! Do not cut off Duffy! Well I guess it is time to do other rides and things at the park. Thanks for stopping by.

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