Sunday, June 2, 2013

Job? What job?!?!?! Apparently I don't need no stinkin' job!

So....for the past few days I have been a sad panda. Like sitting on the couch just moping around hating the world and wishing ill on people. Clearly I need to express myself a little better because I told my husband I was a sad panda and thought I wanted Panda Express for dinner. Or maybe that was his way of trying to cheer me up. Silly husband. But at least he is trying.
 photo anger_zps43fb12a1.jpg
The feelings of my heart.
So why is Tenchi full of woe and staring at the TV screen not blogging anime even if she watched an episode on Wednesday? Well...because I went to work on Thursday and the minute I walked in the door was told I was fired. HMMM! Insert rage and hatred and anger. And any other words that describe my feelings right now. Note when I looked up anime angry girl I got quite a few strange pics. Like um thanks for the boobies, because I am not angry enough!
 photo anger2_zpsf34ee585.jpg
How did this happen!??!
But yes. After almost 5 years at “Mike's Pizzeria” they tossed me out like yesterday's breadsticks. You know, to the raccoons that we feed at night. Or used to I say. It was usually my job to feed the critters behind the store. Someone started doing it but stopped for a while but the raccoons and cats were used to it so I made sure they were taken care of. Hope they are okay now.
 photo anger3_zpsb632398d.jpg
Taking everyone down with me!
Clearly I am in angry shock, not wanting to accept that this has happened. As all the important people in my life have pointed out this job was really the bottom of the barrel and I deserved better. A quick history of posts about my job will confirm this. However it doesn't change the fact that I don't deserve to be fired. I deserved to have a dramatic I QUIT moment, with bells and whistles. I deserve to go AHA try and get along without me. I don't deserve to be treated this way, especially given how everything went down. Obviously there needs to be more explanation but for now...rage. RAGE! Must pet the cat to channel out all my rage. Just weird...not going to work this week. Weird indeed.


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I'm so sorry you got fired. :(

End comments

Eternia said...

I will be honest. Usually, I skipped all the post real life stuff. But this one is a shocker, so I have to read.

I am sorry to hear what happened to you. But this is the cruel reality of our world. Our company did it too. They tossed / fired the security / cleaning people as soon as they get older and becoming less useful. There is zero consideration of how faithful they have worked over the years.
Saving up money is important, really. One day I am going to quit my job, start my own business and wipe the floor using those companies which have nothing but geezers as their leaders. Will it be that easy? There's nothing wrong with dream/ambition.

Anonymous said...

I've read your previous posts about your coworkers, and how some of them seem incapable of filling out an order. It's a shame they fired someone who was competent at their job. I say to hell with them though. If they rather have people who half-ass their job than somebody who actually works hard, then they deserve the comeuppance they'll inevitably get.

P.S.--Since you were fired, at least you can collect unemployment until you find another job. I know unemployment pays crap, but it's something in the meantime.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I really wish I was given the option of quitting. Of course knowing me that would have been a bad idea. I have delusions of crazy most of the time, imagining what I want to do to these people on a good day. On a fired day...yeah the store burnt to the ground in my head.

Eternia- XD No problem skipping the posts that don't interest you. I like to read some blogs but when it comes to baby talk or food recipes I check out. XD I just wish in this post I was more....well detailed. I just felt as if I had to type something to explain the current anger/absence in my head. I might write a sorta detailed post out explaining things but I appreciate the concern.

It really is sad how people can treat others, especially when it comes to work. Thankfully I have a husband with an income that can support us if need be but overall it really can be cruel, this world. People with three kids and one income getting fired? Then complaining when people have to go on social welfare programs?

I have dreams too. Only currently they involve putting potatoes in certain parts of cars XD Not the happy ones, like running a Sanrio franchise. Ah, that would be a dream job for a girl like me. Or you know....finding some magic dream job that lets me stay home, away from rude customers and co-workers.

Anonymous 2- I sometimes take out details of stories, that could point to where I work and who I am. And those details actually make my co-workers sound worse! I am not the kind of person who looks down on anyone's work (well in most cases, I ain't supporting drug dealers up in here and I don't like people getting exploited) so I don't automatically assume that working at McDonalds means a person is lazy or dumb. Work is work and it all needs to be done Everyone is human and deserves respect. But when I used to look around my was like all the stupid of the universe had gathered in one spot and I could understand why minimum wage was the way it was. I am CONVINCED one of my co-workers could not read. And while I understand that doesn't make someone stupid I don't think that person should argue with me that THEY are in charge when the owner and manager is not around.

And...without saying in too many words...if my boss is the kind of person to run this kind of business and fire someone who was capable of counting to 10 and dressing herself correctly in the morning...that unemployment is not a legal option. Thankfully the husband makes enough that we will be fine for a bit. Well a long bit but savings are important!

Eternia said...

Errr, a car decor? I know a dream job. Become a mahou shoujo!