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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 10

Hello there my lovely readers. No I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. Since my place of exemployement is so professional they refused to send me the remaining of my money and I had to go and pick it up. And knowing me...yeah it went awful. So Much Drama!!! All over the place. So yeah, the husband was in charge of a cheer up Tenchi day. Which apparently includes getting a new bag. New purses help wipe away my years I suppose!
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Faith. They don't have it.
But today needs to be anime day!!! So far behind! Lets get started right away. Up first is Shingeki no Kyojin episode 10. Spoilers for a very dragged out episode of lineyness. Here is a link to the spoiler/speculation post. Although the latest chapter did not please me folks. Not in the slightest.
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Armin is stuck in a state of WFTness.
Episode Summary: A cannon has been fired at Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. So naturally we need to rewind the episode and see how the other cadets are doing. A ugly looking kid has gone past liney face and has broken into tiny pieces. Marco is trying to pull this kid out of his....moment of crazy by pointing out Sasha is being strong. Sasha then clutches her stomach and says she is too sick to go on. Marco is like is this real life as Jean and the others are trying to cope with the fact that Eren is a Titan. A cannon then goes off and all the cadets/soldiers over the wall are scared. Has a Titan appeared? They see Titan smoke and people start to lose their mind more. Annie, Jean, Reiner, and Bertolt take flight and whoosh over to the cannon explosion. They and the other people in the area are in shock to see...half an Eren Titan/skeleton that has stopped the cannon. Both Mikasa and Armin have liney face going on but Mikasa recovers a lot faster than Armin. Kitz and the other soldiers around him are not so happy with this development. A few soldiers speak up and talk about how maybe they shouldn't shoot these people into tiny pieces of confetti, that maybe they could be useful. Even though there is dust in the air Kitz orders the cannon to be reloaded because attacking with guns and swords is silly. Eren...pulls himself out of the half Titan gross thing, getting slightly stuck as his arm, the one he bit, is still all fleshy. But he jumps down to talk to Mikasa who has decided all of this is normal and Armin the ever liney one. Eren is like yo dudes listen up. Remember that asshole of a father I had, the one who never came back for us after the walls fell? Well apparently he loaded me with Titan serum and the truth about all this Titan mess is back in my basement. Since they are going to be blown to tiny pieces in 20 seconds Eren decides to go over the wall and find the basement. Mikasa wants to follow Eren no matter where he goes. This plan seems foolish as Eren is not looking so good from his 1 and a half transformations.
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I don't think anyone is thinking of that right now.
As the Titan skeleton begins to break down Armin starts to feel really upset. All his life he has depended on Mikasa and Eren to protect him. Now they are leaving him behind and he sucks. Suddenly they both turn to Armin. Eren says that this crazy plan that will lead to their deaths is his second plan. The first one is for Armin to convince Kitz and all these soldiers they are not a threat and will help with mankind's war. Armin then is touched, that all this time Eren and Mikasa have thought of him as the brains of their group. Armin decides yes, I will convince then to let us live. Armin is nervous but addresses Kitz and all listening saying that Eren is human and has valuable information on how to stop this...well war. That Eren can help take back this town and all will be well. Armin continues to talk brilliantly but Kitz is too scared to listen. Armin notices this is going well and makes a last ditch effort to look patriotic while Eren tries to appear harmless but ready and Mikasa is like no we should leave. As Kitz gives the signal to fire Commander Pixie finally arrives and tells Kitz to back down, that Armin and his speech are so tear worthy. The three kids are given room to breath but soon are taking to the top of the wall as the rest of the troops are gathered. Eren and Armin explain the situation and Pixie nods, saying he will think this all over. Armin then says he was half serious about Eren taking back the city. He gestures a giant rock that is now in the middle of the city and suggests that Eren transform and take it, despite the earlier nose bleeds. Eren says he will do it...even if he has no idea how this is going to be done. THE END!
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Longest 15 seconds ever.
Well then. I see this show is going to go as slow as possible. Probably because the manga is still ongoing WITH NO ANSWERS EVER and it seems that the writers want to make this a two season (at least) anime. Which will be easy to do as about 2 minutes passed in this show. I mean....this is a 22 minute show but according to the characters this was all happening in SLOW MOTION! Like a dream. Quick Armin you have 10 seconds to decided......and that will take 5 minutes.
 photo titanepisode102_zps4a9e0e71.jpg
You got to save me Freckles!
But a little rewind is needed obviously. So negative 2 minutes!!! Well after the blag blah three walls and Titans came and destroyed things. Most of the troops are not facing Armin the liney face, Mikasa, and half Eren Titan. No most of them are on the other side of the wall having different levels of freak out. Some are numb, like Jean and the awful truth about Eren. Some are trying to keep it together like Marco. Some are like Sasha and are on the urge of breaking down. And some are like that really ugly kid who is crying his eyes out. Maybe the Titan started to bite down on his head. Or the budget isn't big enough to make non important characters look...well human.
 photo titanepisode103_zps066f6a6b.jpg
Well at least we get to see what is going on!
The point being a lot of these reactions are normal. Some kids want to play war and look tough but when push comes to shove the reality is hard to accept. Probably more so when your best friend is having her limbs torn off and half a guy is thrown at the building behind you. is hard to make fun of any of these people. They deserve to have their moment of grief and freak out, especially when the cannon/Titan smoke appears. Of course, like I have said a million times before, they should be expecting the Armored Titan to appear and be ready for battle but...I guess I am just silly. Psht why would the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan just not...take out all the humans at once. DUMB! But I will question why it was only Annie, Jean, Reiner, and Bertolt that went to investigate the cannon explosion. I mean Connie and Sasha and Marco are important too right? All CANNON FIRE! Everyone should have went to investigate.
 photo titanepisode105_zps8c867954.jpg
With my determination I can become the mighty Eren Titan!
As the important characters go to investigate my face looked like X__X. Not liney face but close to it. This half Titan is creepier than the full one! It seems to be explained later that Eren was only focused on stopping the cannon and not KILLING TITANS thus he was able to conjure up a full Titan before and just...this thing now. HMMMM! Does that mean Eren can become a huge, GIANT Titan, like the one who likes to smash through walls? Like does the determination of the person in the Titan determine what they look like and how much they can control them?
 photo titanepisode107_zpsd9a87abb.jpg
They would all be derpy Titans. For sure.
This might be an important clue. I am not sure what the hell is going on with the other derpy looking Titans. If humans have been fighting these things for years they would have come across the people inside the Titans right? Eren keeps emerging from the neck. Humans are told to kill Titans at the neck. Even if they sliced the human in half wouldn't the body still be there once the Titan shell poofed? That is what I think should happen if things are to make sense. As much as things can make sense in this show. But Eren being a...not derpy Titan with a sizable body makes one thing. Were the rest of these Titans just normal people. Like District 7 or 8 that never have any victors and die at the bloodbath? They didn't have a strong will to live thus they are looking crazy? And the ones jumping around or running around insane...well maybe they were insane before they turned into Titans? Just a thought.
 photo titanepisode104_zps456049a0.jpg
Her expression is angry though...why is that?
Putting that aside for now because that is all speculation...I would be freaking out if I found myself IN a Titan skeleton. Or looking at one. Most of the people's reactions in this situation were understandable. Not Mikasa. Besides that brief moment where she cried at Eren being...all she has been back to tough girl mode. Like Armin, we can only be liney face for 5 seconds before we go back to looking serious. Most people were shocked. As much as a dick face as Kitz seems to be he is trying to protect the most people. A human being turning into the Titan is not something he has come across before. And not knowing about Titans means that it could be anything. Maybe they are unicorns! Aliens. Either way it is best to blow up now, ask questions later. The one soldier who half hearty tried to bring up the point that Eren might be more useful alive than dead...I liked him. He was still scared out of his mind, didn't want to be turned on next, and tried to think logically.
 photo titanepisode108_zpse8d3d0f2.jpg
Do you know how far your house is?!
Eren is kinda a bonehead with a one track mind. Like okay this entire situation is crazy. But I need to put that aside because my crazy father told me there is something in the basement that will explain EVERYTHING going on. Now...there is a lot going on. Cannons being pointed at his head, feeling sick from multiple transformations, and the fact there are actual Titans around waiting to eat people. But....does Eren really think he can just transform into a Titan and walk ALL THE WAY BACK HOME without being killed by other Titans? Because Eren's house is the furthest possible way from where he is now. That is a lot of walking. And hoping nothing bad happens to you. So....why not do something semi impossible and not super impossible? You know, find your dad?!?! Since he knows what is going on he could just oh I don't know TELL EVERYONE! Granted he is probably living in fear in a cabin in the woods but still....there are a lot of questions that need to be answered and Eren has seemed to push out all the thoughts of this being insane to focus on the crazy.
 photo titanepisode1012_zpsea7b7224.jpg
I think that sums up everyone's feelings right now.
Before Armin can cry away all the tears that go along with losing your main character status Eren and Mikasa confirm his importance within their group. A little assurance goes a long way, especially with someone who has low self esteem like Armin. Now I think that Mikasa is kinda smart too but we got to give Armin something. But all of them must be very fast talkers as all this is going down within 20 seconds. Armin decide if you should talk the man with permanent liney face or if we should hop over the wall and make it 20 feet before we are all eaten by Titans. SUCH DECISIONS!
 photo titanepisode1011_zps525e7e6d.jpg
Err how did you come across this information?
Armin decides to go for the talking of the crazy person. I mean...I really didn't expect Armin to get very far, even if he tried hard. Kitz was just too far gone into drama and death and crazy land. Plus it sorta made Armin sound....wrong. Like oh so you all had this information beforehand and weren't sharing? OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! But at least Armin tried, even if he almost peed his pants in the process. Glad to see that Eren and Mikasa put their trust in Armin but don't blame him when things go south and are ready with their own fail plans.
 photo titanepisode10_zpsab9e4f8d.jpg
Um I guess I have to?
The episode ends with the trio not getting their heads blown off. Pixie finally shows up. That might not be fair. The dude might have been far away. The Titan attack did happen suddenly. But Pixie threw his weight around and actually listened to the crazy story Armin had to tell. Pixie seems to be thinking whether or not this is all a bunch of crap. Scared kids not making much sense. But since Titans don't make any sense I guess it is okay. Or believable. I think Pixie could care less for one controllable Titan when there are tons roaming around trying to eat them. So yeah Armin, talk about how you can get Eren to plug the hole in the wall up. That will save everyone (until the Colossal Titan arrives) and put more trust in Eren's side. Proceed with this plan o nosebleed boy!


Eternia said...

What happened in this episode:
"The loser wanted to fire another canon, Pixis stopped him and decided to trust the kids. The end."

The latest manga chapter is really bad, Tenchi, even by SnK standard (that is snail pacing). My first reaction after reading it was rage. Seriously, what the hell? 46 pages and there was zero plot development. All we got to see is Eren spouting nonsense such as "I am going to see you die as gruesome as possible." I can't help but shake my head. A main character behaved like this?

Anonymous said...

Eren Jaeger: the only character in anime to get a nosebleed when not aroused.

Christina said...

Eternia- Well if you want to limit 22 minutes of screen time in one sentence....XD How dare you make things easier!!!! No no, surely it is better to type all of this 2 minutes in "anime time" out. Seriously. Even the characters were talking about how time was basically standing still.

As for the latest manga pissed. I guess I was really expecting answers. But no it really was Eren looking angry at...that person for all those pages. OPEN YOUR FACE HOLES AND TALK! About the plot, not how one day you will explain things!

Anonymous- I never thought about it that way. XD I was like...well a nosebleed verses being dead...XD Of course given all that Eren has been through he probably should be in a coma.