Monday, June 24, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Monsters University Fun!

Poor Duffy! During my three weeks as a sad panda he was slightly neglected. Just sitting sadly on the couch, no love for him. Hey I wasn't going on adventures either! But now that I might have a new job (I think I will say actual new job when I am there for a month...) it was time to go out and celebrate. And take the Duffy along for some fun.
 photo Duffy001_zps89353318.jpg
Do you like my new shirt from Build a Bear? The jacket was too big though...
So where did Duffy finally get to go? Why to see Monsters University! Disney/Pixar have been advertising all over the place so it was hard to miss it. Duffy had lots to do to get ready for this movie date though.
 photo Duffy002_zpsb03cb19c.jpg
These are my new little friends. One is squishy and one is like a figurine. Monsters, Inc. was coming on TV on day so Mom got us all set up to watch it. So we would know what wasn't going on in the prequel. XD
 photo Duffy003_zpsaf6860cc.jpg
The big TV worked. But the small one is good enough for me.
 photo Duffy004_zps28978b6b.jpg
Some of these monsters seem scary. But mom says that when we go to Disney in August I will get Sulley. Like A blue fur suit. Great for Florida weeee!
 photo Duffy016_zps4118a00b.jpg
Maybe I should read up on what this movie is about before we go and see it.
 photo Duffy017_zpsf20fc8c3.jpg
HMMM! These monsters seem to be serious business. Mom gets scared when dad screams boo. Will she be okay with this movie?
 photo Duffy005_zps69b8196e.jpg
It is finally the day of the movie! Dad took us to the mall first to look around. We always go to the Disney Store on our adventures.
 photo Duffy006_zpsa98749d1.jpg
So many plushies. But I'm your favorite right mom?
 photo Duffy007_zpsbf70501f.jpg
Go team go!!!
 photo Duffy008_zpscd05d9d3.jpg
We saw this at Epcot, with the flowers!!!! I can honorary go to college?
 photo Duffy009_zpsb38e90e0.jpg
At the movie theater. There was a little photo-op, probably done just for me. XD Sulley is huge....makes me and Mike look tiny.
 photo Duffy010_zps8726bc6e.jpg
While Dad was getting snacks mom took me around the theater to take pictures. Planes? Is that like Cars? Copy faces!!!!!
 photo Duffy011_zps4f03f2f3.jpg
Scruffy's owner and Muffy's mom didn't come to the movies with us this time but I think they will when we go to see this movie. Can I have a minion shirt?
 photo Duffy012_zps2c545bac.jpg
We can't think about minions now though. It is time to see this movie! Then minions. Then poof we will be at Disney yes?
 photo Duffy013_zpsc9ce9d33.jpg
Second people in line weeee! Dad likes to get certain seats in the theater. XD Mom has trouble getting...well anywhere on time. Silly mom.
 photo Duffy015_zpsfc38ba61.jpg
Finally time to sit down and watch the movie. My what a big drink you have!!!!! It's a bit dark but of course it is a movie theater. If you haven't seen this movie maybe you should. Everyone in my family loved it. XD


Eternia said...

Christina, did you know that episode 14 will be a recap of episode 1 to 13? I hereby declare this anime as the pinnacle of slow pace anime! I will probably grow old and stop watching anime / reading anime already, before AoT reaches conclusion.

NB : Your photobucket quota is used up once again.

Christina said...

Eternia- I almost flipped out when I read that. I know I was super behind on anime and this actually HELPS me but what a load of crap! All it does is recap the entire series at the beginning of each episode so what the hell. How can the anime POSSIBLY be slower than the manga?! Is this real life?

Photobucket hates my soul. Me thinks I need three accounts now. :(