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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 12

 photo titanepisode1213_zpsb8a26bb8.jpg
I would reconsider that plan if I were you....
YAWN! What is this thing called work? Silliness. Am I an adult? Such nonsense. But in between that anime must get watched and blogged. Before I head off to bed here is at least one episode. Shingeki no Kyojin episode 12 time. Spoilers for Eren taking his sweet ass time not....really helping anyone. Also here is the spoilery of spoilers thread in case something sparked anyone's interests.
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In case you didn't notice we were blaming Eren for this one. Be a martyr next time gosh.
Episode Summary: The rest of the team watches in horror as Mikasa barely dodges Eren's blow. She tries to reason with the Titan Eren but he tries to swat at her again. Unfortunately Mikasa was on his face at the time and he slams a hole in his head. He falls on the ground and sits next to the huge rock. Rico immediately sets off the flare that signifies a problem has occurred in the mission. This is all super unfortunate as most of the Titans have been gathered against the opposite wall at the cost of 1/5 of the soldiers. Pixie is dramatic and says he can be branded a murderer if all works out. When everyone sees the flare morale really drops down to next to nothing. Armin immediately takes off to see what the problem is while Pixie tells everyone to keep on gathering the Titans and trust into the elite. But the elites are arguing with themselves on what to do. Rico leads to the charge in running away and living. Mikasa is like um no bitch you will stay here or I will chop you into pieces. Ian the leader decides that Eren must be rescued and protected if humanity is to have a chance and orders everyone to take out the nearby Titans as Eren recovers. The team is broken up to fight nearby Titans and Mikasa is grateful for this turn of events. That is until she realizes that Eren the Titan is not really regenerating himself. Mikasa spends about 5 seconds worrying about this weird thing that is Eren's life but decides to kill Titans instead. There are quite a few as they keep coming through the hole. But since Mikasa is there everything is amazing. She rushes back to see how Eren is doing but Armin has arrived. Mikasa tries to warn Armin but he wants to do his part. He decides that Titan's dying from neck wounds and Eren coming out of this Titan's neck. He changes the angle a bit and stabs at the Eren Titan. Eren the human is hit on the arm and momentarily looks confused. He was chillin in his house with his mom and dad and Mikasa. It was warm and nice and wonderful. Armin appears at the “window” and tries to explain to Eren what is going on, that Titans killed the momma and Eren wants revenge. Eren is like mom is right there dude. After much work Armin reminds Eren of that conversation they had a long time ago, that they were going to go to the outside world together. That gets Eren to remember what is going on and Titan Eren starts to regenerate. After getting in a pointless fight Connie, Jean, and Annie go out and gather the Titans together. All seems to be going well until Jean's gear breaks. Connie and Annie make it to the wall as Jean hides himself in a building thinking it is the end. He sees a down soldier and thinks maybe I can steal that gear? THE END!
 photo titanepisode128_zps64ef5ba4.jpg
Well that's...attractive.
X__________________________X I have changed my mind. This is going to be a 5 season anime at this rate. We can all stop panicking, if we have read and been up to date on the manga. When the manga finishes in like...10 years we still won't be at that point in the anime. Everything must be animated, down to every word of conversation. 

Mikasa is a pretty strong person. Maybe too strong. I think if I was chillin at home and my parents were killed I would have just laid down and died. But Mikasa was able (with words from Eren) to kill her attackers. Every character on screen has had a rough day but for Mikasa I am sure it has been worse. She has the capabilities of being a strong warrior and it seems she puts aside her emotions to keep on fighting. I am sure the dead affect her and maybe later when she has a moment alone she will blame herself for all this death and mayhem. She has gone from thinking her only family was dead to being reunited with him to being threaten with death again to being rescued again to Eren the Titan turning on her and all hope being lost. And yet Mikasa still is trying. Holding it together a lot better than most adults her age.

That was a lot of talking I just did. XD But yes. Mikasa was at least trying to connect with Eren the Titan instead of throwing in the towel like Rico. Like um it has been 30 seconds since Eren has turned into a Titan and he hasn't moved the rock, clearly the mission has failed. Time to light the flare. I mean....given the situation tense is high and emotions are on edge. But at least let Mikasa try to talk to Eren Titan. No one knows how this...transformation works. To throw in the towel when all is riding on this is...well not behavior from an elite soldier.
 photo titanepisode12_zps6211a288.jpg
That seems really, really, REALLY high!
When the flare is lit most of the other troops started to lose hope. I would too if 1/5 of the soldiers were killed during this operation. That sounds kinda high to me. People were just supposed to whoosh around and get their attention right? Well later we see some people running on the ground....but still. There was supposed to be minimum fighting. Dodge and weave. Get out of the way. 1 in 5 people dying just sounds super high for me. How were the casualties when people were actually fighting? How much of the population is in the military? X___X 

I know that this show has...well shown limited technology thus far. As in no phones and suchies. But must have been super demoralizing for everyone to see the flare, a sign that something has gone wrong. A lot of these people wanted to separate and go above the wall (putting aside that the Armored Titan has yet to make an appearance). In their mind this plan was doomed from the start. Still everyone came together and tried. This might be one of the final nails in the coffin in regards to morale. I wonder what vantage point people have from the wall. Would they able to see Titan Eren? If so I guess they would have known the plan failed sooner or later.
 photo titanepisode1211_zps37d99c03.jpg
What do you mean I will never be the main character?!
Still Pixie fights on, saying that the elites will eventually pull through. That means everyone has to have their 5 seconds of screen time and then go back into the trenches to gather more Titans. This plan needs to hurry up and happen as Titans will continue to go through the hole in the wall. Connie and Jean fighting seemed....well odd. Like they had all this anger/aggression in their heads and they needed to say things out loud despite the fact they both were right. Perhaps this was just to build up tension later, for when Jean's equipment fails. Jean will try to save himself and Connie will be there as back up. We will fight with each other but always back each other up. Because we are bros.
 photo titanepisode129_zpsc858d762.jpg
Um Eren turning into a Titan three times in one day was a bad idea. Who knew?!
Back at ErenOnlyHasHalfAFaceRUs...well it isn't looking so good. Mikasa wants to help Eren, Rico wants to declare this all for nothing, and the other two boys are like um what should we do? I think for all purposes Mitabi is the least confident/important in terms of this elite team. That or the other two have a stronger personality. He would go along with whoever had the better plan. Rico's idea was to leave as Eren is a useless piece of crap and everyone died because of him. Really, really harsh obviously. Eren didn't ask for this responsibility and it was like an hour or two ago he realized he could do this. Asking him to shoulder saving humanity was a bit much and pinning all the deaths for this mission on him is too much. I know Rico is upset but damn. She is bitter, like Eren is the one who accidentally opened the gate and let them in.
 photo titanepisode126_zps6e40e1c5.jpg
Given all that has happened today...yeah we might need this Eren Titan later. So shut up Rico.
While Rico is like EFF YOU EREN Ian has decided to go through with the plan. I am not sure which plan though. Did he want Mikasa to get Eren out of the Titan or make Eren come to his senses? I am thinking it was the first option, get Eren out and alive and we will go over the wall and come up with a new plan one day. While Eren the Titan was failing now maybe after some rest and research he could become useful and that is where Ian was coming from. Good thing he was in charge instead of Rico.
 photo titanepisode1210_zps37c777ba.jpg
Thanks for all the help Armin. Really. I mean it.
Mikasa is not the one who shall reach Eren though. Which is probably good know she is the best fighter of them all. Better she go and slice things up and Armin talk to Eren. I am surprised no one joined Armin on his run at the wall or that no one stopped him from breaking ranks. Still Armin is better than words that Mikasa. She can protect them as without many humans around Eren seems to be the Titan bait.
 photo titanepisode1212_zpsfc67488a.jpg
Don't you want to kill all the Titans with me bro?
Will Armin's words make it to Eren though? Armin has decided that injuring Eren inside of the Titan will help them communicate better. But who really knows what is going on inside that Titan. None of this human to Titan transformation has been explained. If Eren's focus is required to kill the Titans why did it fail now, even though he has a clear goal of moving the stone. Eren instead of trapped inside of his head, when things were wonderful and simple. I find it odd that Armin couldn't connect with Eren in regards REVENGE for the momma. Instead he reached Eren through reminding him of the outside world. I guess whatever works.
 photo titanepisode1214_zps9ba6544d.jpg
I got this everyone!
In the end it appears that Armin has reached Eren. Somehow. Maybe after all the violence and blood and guts is over there will be more of an explanation. But we got people killing Titans, running from Titans, and being Titans to move large rocks. Yay for...well....regenerating body parts and maybe Eren saving the day?

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