Saturday, June 29, 2013

Karneval episode 12

Hello there my lovely readers. Hopefully patient readers. And not angry readers. My first week of work is done and without many mistakes I was allowed to close the store alone! Success yes? So with my first week of work behind me I think I will have a better handle of how my schedule will work and when blogging can take place. Just a lot of changes this first week kept me from getting much done. Apologizes for these late posts but I shall do my best to catch up and maintain a better schedule.
 photo karnevalepisode1210_zps1b7333d0.jpg
Um...your security sucks. Also my bandwidth is a hater too.
Since some blogging got done at work hopefully I will have 4 posts between right now and Sunday night. Here is the first of hopefully many posts. Karneval episode 12 time. Spoilers for....Uro having the lamest crew ever.
 photo karnevalepisode122_zpsdca3c8ba.jpg
I don't want to quit you Gareki!
Episode Summary: Nai looks worried as Tsukumo tries to tell the Pikachu Dragon all will be well. Akari is pissed at Hirato and Tsukitachi for even suggesting to go to Smoky Mansion to save Karoku. Well Hirato and Tsukitachi then list all the dirt and reasons why they have to go to said place. Considering all the good reasons they list Akari has no choice but to say yes. He insists on going and there is much rejoicing. While everyone is getting ready for this “minor” operation Gareki asks Yogi hat it means to be a child of the ship. Yogi is surprised but lies and says he doesn't know. So after we see Tsukumo taking a shower Gareki goes to talk to Hirato. But instead of asking Hirato what he meant by the comment Gareki works himself into thinking he is useless and Nai fits in just fine. So Gareki tells Hirato he wants to leave. Hirato has his poker face on but says yes and invites Gareki on this mission. Everyone is assembled, all main characters and tons of cloaked Circus members who have no names and apparently no faces. Gareki and Yogi go to the gate and demand to see Karoku. No one gives chase to the two when they break in nor do they notice Gareki has stolen their bracelet with maps and such. After kicking some people in the head Gareki hacks into the computer and takes down the security system. This makes Yogi sad because he heard that Gareki wanted to leave Circus. Gareki is like what are you talking about, we got work to do!
 photo karnevalepisode1213_zpscee508ed.jpg
So Karoku's real soul is talking to his body? I see now.
Once the system is down all the Vagura come out to play. The entire force, bunny and sheep robots included, start to fight. Jiki has Nai who is supposed to find Karoku with his super ears. Nai gets upset when innocent robots are dying even if Jiki doesn't see the point. Nai sees everything as important and special and starts to get upset. Kiichi is instead handling Kagiri and Kiharu as others continue on. Erisyuka is being told to escape by Uro but she won't leave until Karoku does. Earlier Karoku had said that someone special was coming for him and Erisyuka assumes it's Tsukumo. So when Tsukumo and Iva arrive Erisyuka loses her damn mind. Uro promises to chop them up into tiny pieces so Erisyuka and her grandfather escape. Uro thinks he has the upperhand in the extended battle but really Tsukumo and Iva were waiting for Hirato to come and trap said baddie. Gareki and Yogi end up fighting a rather large Vagura and some little bats. Gareki holds his own for a while but eventually Yogi has to save him. Clearly that means Gareki is useless. Inside the ship Akari is working hard on saving the info Gareki hacked into. He notices that Azana has started erasing all the files. Azana is the traitor. Apparently he tried to contact the mansion earlier but it was blocked. Azana is a sad broken person. He says if they were righteous they would be the ones winning. Thus since they were losing they must be the baddies. Akari is clearly shocked. Nai and his sadness has had too much and....he screams? Something about his voice and the entire area sparkles. A protal of some kind opens up while all the main characters watch. THE END! 

XO It is hard to tell home much I have written. I got to write at work so I am using my tiny notebook of work facts to blog. Such a naughty new employee. Just hope the paragraphs aren't crazy long when I type this all out.
 photo karnevalepisode126_zps19f32171.jpg
Why didn't you tell him earlier crazy person!
First things first. What is up with Yogi?! Why didn't he tell Gareki what that child of Ship 2 meant? I assume it meant he would become a member of Circus? Maybe I am wrong. I don't think I am though. Perhaps Yogi didn't want to pressure Gareki? seems odd. Maybe it was more like adoption and Yogi didn't want to treat Gareki like a kid. WHO KNOWS!
 photo karnevalepisode124_zpse0ae65cb.jpg
What....what is this?
Putting aside my yaoi colored glasses for Yogi and Gareki...HOT DAMN! Akari and Hirato obviously need a room. And a weekend getaway. And maybe some rings. I know there has been some tension going on between the two but what was the practically holding hands? Did you see that moment? Me thinks that Akari protests too much. In denial!
 photo karnevalepisode123_zps32915137.jpg
Then why didn't you stomp in there before this?!
I really didn't think that Circus had that much dirt on Gramps and Big Rock Candy Mountain. I thought Hirato was being more giving of the situation and was being nice towards Nai. Um it sounds like all that Uro and his people had left to do was set up the neon sign announcing their evil plots. I didn't know Tsukumo knew her location. I mean, Karoku being held by Erisyuka isn't enough for anything. But all the other disappearances and what not and really...Nai was the cherry on top. Poor Nai. Hope he doesn't think he owes them forever when it was inevitable. Also is Akari in charge?!
 photo karnevalepisode125_zps34b34bc6.jpg
Gareki needs to sing his Disney song already.
While everyone is getting ready for the “small” scale operation Gareki has to talk to Hirato. Maybe he is interested in a love triangle...square...poor Nai. He is just the cool pet everyone wants to buy things for and take to Disney. But yes Gareki talks to Hirato. Only Gareki...well he has a moment. He seems to have a lot of these moments. Self doubt. Why oh why can't I be as special as these people wearing magical bracelets! Why can't I be a magical creature/human who can do amazing things? WHY OH WHY!!!!! So Gareki...the cool and calm one of the group, basically turns into a junior high girl with no self esteem and decides he will leave. You will all be better off without me! Hirato seems to think that this is a phase and once Gareki goes on this last mission he will change his mind. But for now Gareki is content on being a pity party of one.
 photo karnevalepisode127_zps7ebe7b27.jpg
So many people we don't know weee!
So....I am glad....that in this final hour...the entire Circus family has come together to help out Nai. Like really people. REALLY!!!! All those people? Where the hell did these faceless people come from? Extras they picked off the street? Went to the mall and asked people for help with their plan for 50 whole dollars? Of course Circus needs to have more people. How else could they keep order? No no we have only seen the important ones so far and these are....well...the not important people. Clearly they are in danger of dying. Red shirts for all.
 photo karnevalepisode128_zps46d02b24.jpg
Oh no! That boy ran passed us. Guess he broke in forever....
I am really not impressed with Gramps and Uro. I think their security system is a joke. From the guards to the house to the computer is like these losers were asking to be broken into. Why was Circus having such a hard time finding evidence against them yet? Still waiting for the neon light? Gareki demands to see Karoku, someone being held against his will and that people shouldn't know where he lives, and the guards just let Gareki and Yogi run to the mansion. Where was the chase? The rest of the guards were jokes, getting kicked once by Yogi. If this mansion really did hold so many secrets and what not you think it would be super protected at all times, not when it is breached by a 15 year old.
 photo karnevalepisode129_zps76fe7663.jpg
Just ask him to marry you already.
Gareki continued to have self esteem problems throughout the episode. Yogi is all feeling that goggle wearing boy but can't bring himself to say STAY WITH ME! Instead it is toe in the are super good with computers and Circus needs someone who is super good with computers. Gareki refuses to acknowledge what he is good at and just focus on the fact he can't fight supernatural creature monster things. Yogi has to rescue me again and what not. Poor Gareki. Contributing in ways that he can and still not thinking that is enough.
 photo karnevalepisode1211_zpsed26fd03.jpg
Look at me being amazing!!!!
The rest of the fighting going on in the mansion and outside was just okay. Kiichi seems to be pretty hardcore. That or I just thought Tsukumo was awesome and Kiichi is the real deal. The fight with Tsukumo and Iva isn't that magical as they were “waiting” for Hirato. Because if Hirato came from the start and helped that would be insanity. No no, we got to play around with our victims. That is how the best do it folks! But yeah the bunnies getting destroyed and the faceless people winning against everyone...a bit boring.
 photo karnevalepisode1212_zps8cf5dc66.jpg
How can this be happening?!
Erisyuka lost her shit and it was amazing. AMAZING! Like is this girl for real? Since this mansion is run by incompetent people no one was able to get Karoku out of the room. And since this place is run by people weaker than Minions no one was able to get Erisyuka out themselves. Instead she had a grade A insane attack. Karoku is mine...MINE BITCHES! It was okay when Karoku wanted a special boy (Gareki in Erisyuka's mind) but Tsukumo? No. That is unacceptable. People are breaking into the house and things are happening outside but Erisyuka needs her Karoku! What the hell did this girl do before said Karoku was kidnapped? Was she blinded to the fact that Karoku was kidnapped? Dumb girl. XD
 photo karnevalepisode1214_zps68b3de4d.jpg
Didn't see that coming at all!
What else what else....hard to remember since I started blogging this like Wednesday. OH! Yes. I would not have guessed that Azana was the traitor face. Never ever. We saw that other guy sneaking around but apparently that was too obvious folks. Guess they had to spice things up. Now Azana doesn't seem totally bad and with how this show is going he won't be killed or really punished for this crime. Azana just is...tired of losing. Probably drove him into crazy town. I suspect that Azana will injury Akari in some way but both men will be rescued.
 photo karnevalepisode12_zpsf71fe9fb.jpg
Err....well then...
The episode ends with Nai being a strange little PokemonDragon. He and Jiki were having some bonding while not fighting the Vagura at all. Just sit here and listen to Karoku not make a noise at all. Way to go there Karoku, don't you want to be rescued? But this battle is too much for Nai. He is seeing poor innocent robots being destroyed. Each one is unique you know. Everyone fighting. Just too much sadness. So...Nai creates a rainbow portal to...where? Oh that is the end of the episode? By all means Nai....just scream and use new powers to do something amazing. I guess I will find out next time what this all means. Goodness.


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Off Topic:

It's good to hear that you're adapting well to your new job at the dry cleaner. Let's hope that there won't be any drama and/or craziness like the pizzeria.

What was wrong with your previous pictures on this blog? We can't see them because they said that your bandwidth wasn't large enough. Anyways, I can see the pictures for this episode, so I assume you have fixed the problem. It's just no fun without your pictures. :(

Are you planning to go to any anime conventions this summer? You would like it, but I'm not sure about your husband. I'm guessing he's more of a Comic Con type guy. You know, a convention for super heroes like Avengers, Justice League, Spider-Man, Wolverine, X-Men, etc.

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- There have been SOME hard to handle customers. I mean if people get upset about consumable food I can see them getting upset over clothes they are supposed to use again. It has been mainly been prices and stuff that is out of my control thus not my fault. But so far the crazies do not compare to the ones at the pizza place. Plus I only have one real co-worker now. XD

Apparently my attempts to have two photobucket accounts have failed. I suspect that it might be the Duffy pictures putting it over the edge. I might have to get that little guy his own photobucket account to fix this from happening again. I hope it gets fixed soon.

We usually go to at least one anime convention a year. But this year the husband gifted us with Disney World annual passes so all the fun money is going towards that expense. The husband isn't as big of an anime fan as I am but he does like going. And he likes those super hero shows as well. I think he has seen most of them whereas I stick mostly to Spiderman, X-Men, and...well zombies who eat other people's faces. XD

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