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Arata Kangatari episode 9

Well then. Who knew the control button on my computer is so important when regards to blogging. I didn't. But apparently it is and without that button it takes 50 times longer to do anything. Thankfully the husband was able to fix it after work today. ALL IS WELL!
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Yes yes, keep up now.
Let's get right to where I left off yesterday. Arata Kangatari episode 9 time! Spoilers for Masato being super fast. He should have stayed on that track team!
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...Are you are who you say you are?
Episode Summary: Kotoha, Hinohara, and Kanate are walking around like this is the best journey ever with Kannagi the pissed off following them. Without warning Masato appears on a nearby cliff. The others recognize him as being one of the Shinsho 6 (and 12) while Hinohara is @___@ how can this be?! Everyone wants to know why Hinohara is beyond upset when Masato and Hinohara start bantering back and forth. Hinohara wants to know why Masato is there while Masato accuses Hinohara of coming here and apparently having a blast trying to become King. Masato calls him a loser who looks down on people. All the while that image of Masato and Hinohara running that race plays over and over and OVER again. Masato shows off his amazing god sword which Kannagi recognizes. Hinohara uses his to protect everyone. As Masato goes on and on without ever explaining why he is mad at Hinohara....well Hinohara gets pissed. Obviously. Like he should. And apparently that is super bad business. Hinohara starts to glow black as well as his god sword. Everyone recognizes this as Hinohara demonizing himself and said god sword. When Hinohara attacks he nearly kills Masato as the weapon's power has changed. Kanate tries to talk Hinohara down but it is Kotoha who hugs Hinohara and reminds him I am sure. He calms down and looks guilty for what he has done. Masato is like no attack me some more but the rest of the Shinsho 6 tell Masato to retreat. Masato then wakes up later in the Shinsho 6's flying ship where he meets his new...maid and has anger issues over Hinohara again. Ms Handmaid giggles and is like you must really like Hinohara if you talk about him all the time. Surely she will be dead soon.
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Please feel free to take all your anger out on me!
In his sadness Hinohara drops his god sword so Kannagi grabs it and runs off into the night. Kanate runs after him while Kotoha takes Hinohara into some random shelter she finds, probably after all the rain. As they sit there Kotoha questions how Hinohara knows Masato and what this other world talk is about, like she has NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE! So Hinohara explains it LIKE SHE HAS NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE! Kotoha then realizes that Hinohara is not her Arata and gets upset. Hinohara decides to go outside in the rain and feel sorry for himself. He is just like Masato and Akachi, having a dark side and giving in to it. Woe is him. Kanate has caught up to Kannagi and is going to club him over the head like a caveman when Kannagi turns around and decides to go back on his own. They find Hinohara under a tree being depressed and Kannagi returns the sword, saying the burden behind it is too much to bare. He basically man handles Hinohara into taking responsibility and the sword back. Hinohara seems to sorta recover and the next day Kanate and Hinohara resume sparing. Kannagi gets tired of watching and decides to take over as teacher. He explains that Masato must have taken over the spot of one of the other Shinsho Six. Kannagi then throws the god sword off the cliff, saying that Hinohara isn't trying hard enough since he is scared of demonizing again. He tells Hinohara to get the sword back before sunset or....or else. So Hinohara goes and looks for said sword. A wolf has found it first and this leads to a dramatic chase and Hinohara thinking of himself and Masato. Hinohara returns before nightfall and better. He knows that he can win back Masato' Everyone is like you can do it Hinohara!!! THE END!
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....Sudden change of heart...
Well that was 19 kinds of special. Do I have enough time in one post to discuss it all? I guess I will find out. Also while I realize the manga is much more detailed I am going to still pose questions that are not answered by the anime. But I really do like all the insight from manga readers on what SHOULD be going on. Honestly this is going to have to be a 2 season (at least) anime right? I am not sure why so much is being left out! We anime only viewers shouldn't be left in the dark, for the manga readers to clue us in on. The creators should do a better job of explaining things.
 photo arataepisode92_zps84eaec4d.jpg did you get here so fast?
Like finding Masato. I am quite certain there was a bit more of an explanation in the manga. Like Masato talking more with the 6 Shinsho, getting on the airship, and finding the group. I mean...maybe people have been talking and know what happened with Kannagi and all his underlings. And maybe these airships are super fast and can track people and it makes sense that Masato found them in under 5 seconds of being in this new world. For me it was a...what the hell moment? Just lala OH LOOK MASATO! I think there should have been more leading up to this moment.
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I guess the director told Kannagi to step up his game.
I like how Kannagi is just around for the free snacks apparently. Like oh you know this guy. Hmmm I will just sit back and watch. It is almost like Kannagi is really used to the high life ( know having some humble moments when he lost his country) and he looks out of place. Now I know him and Kanate really couldn't have done anything as they don't have god swords but it was sorta odd to watch. I guess Kannagi was just sizing up the situation as Kotoha and Kanate were trying to be...the morale support?
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This fight between Hinohara and Masato is getting old. Like super old. It seems as if the following happened. Hinohara and Masato met due to being on the track team. Masato had a rough home life and threw himself into the spot. Hinohara was naturally good at running. Masato finds happiness in doing his best against Hinohara, even when he loses. But Hinohara decides he feels bad that Masato barely made it in the finals and slows down so Masato can look better? CUE THE INSANITY! RAGE AGAINST THE FURNITURE!
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Must fight the demons inside me! RUN!
I get it. Or at least I think I get it. I am not a boy so I don't think I can ever get it. Sorta like how men can never understand half of the things women get. Because if my friend slowed down I might have been a little upset. Like hey we need to try our best, don't pity me!!! Then she would have cried that she just loves me so much she just wants me to win. I would have cried and said I want to win on my own power and watching you win makes me so happy. We would have hugged and cried until a nearby boy would have accused us of having PMS in which we would turn around and punch him, then going out for ice cream. All over in an afternoon.
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This is pretty dramatic....
But this is obviously not the pattern boys follow. Because in life girls are usually more complicated but not in this instance. Man pride. It is quite deadly. That is the only thing that can explain away this much insanity. And the fact doesn't seem that Masato and Hinohara were friends for that long. If they met in junior high and Masato quit the team his second year well...yeah. But I guess if Masato was having such a horrible home life and seeing Hinohara run with a passion was his only joy in I still can't understand the insanity. It is too much to watch. Man pride. So much of it it is overwhelming.
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Mess him up!!!
I might understand Hinohara though. He was probably brought up in that loving house and join a team/club he was good at. Maybe didn't have any close friends but enough to be happy. Then Masato is like lets make friendship bracelets and stay up all night talking about cute boys. So when Masato was having it hard at home Hinohara thought he was being nice and let Masato win. Or maybe...Hinohara unconsciously slowed down and has no idea why the hell Masato is acting like this. That is probably the most plausible explanation. So for the next 2.5 years (0r longer) Hinohara is like why is this person who was my friend torturing me? Either was he being nice consciously or unconsciously and doesn't deserve this treatment.
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So Sho's can't be angry?!
I am not too happy about the demonization of Hinohara. I don't think it is very far. Remind me of another anime where nature and expected feelings equals disaster for the characters. I think all that Hinohara has gone through he deserves to be this angry. I mean....Masato is way too over the top to be believable. But Hinohara....yeah he deserves to be pissed. This situation is already pretty awful without Masato coming and spewing his hatred. So Hinohara got a little worked up. So what? That doesn't mean Hinohara deserves the stigma of being “evil”. Because he isn't.
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...Are you saying this is 1st grade and Masato actually likes Hinohara so he throws mud on him?
So now the Hinohara took a step on the wild side we won't hear the end of it. It will be like the word trust all over again. He thinks he is just like Akachi and Masato. Which he isn't. Everyone gets mad! Hell I am probably more pissed than Hinohara. Have I actually done all the hateful things in my head? No of course not. People are allowed to vent and such. Owning a god sword is way too complicated. Watching Hinohara go woe is me for weeks on end won't be pretty to watch.
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Then why did you have him attack now?!
I think Masato still could have taken Hinohara. I am not sure what was up with the retreated. He was winning. Hinohara had his moment of RARW but felt bad about his actions and backed off. He could have still battled. Instead the Shinsho 6 (of 12) are like no lets take a magic carpet ride in our flying ship. There Masato can brood more about his situation in life and maybe meet a romantic interest. But instead of looking at the hot girl it is more of the same stuff. Awful home life, Hinohara letting him win. It is hard to be Masato. Rest in peace furniture.
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Now twist the mustache!
It was almost comical how fast Kannagi took the sword once Hinohara dropped it. Like haha and a little sand cloud follows him as he runs off. I have to hand it to Kanate, he was like get your ass back here and took off. But it really didn't matter as Kannagi decided to return on his own. I really wasn't buying any of those excuses either. I mean...I don't see how stealing someone else's god sword would help. Won't it only recognize one person? So Akachi just has Kannagi's sword so he won't use it against him right? So Kannagi's plan was doomed from the start. Maybe Kannagi realizes that and was just trying to save face.
 photo arataepisode99_zps82d647fe.jpg
You lied to me!
Kotoha asking the truth about Hinohara was just odd. Like really odd. Didn't Hinohara insist from the start he was not HER Arata and only Granny was listening. Now Hinohara is acting like he kept some horrible secret from her and lead the girl on. Kotoha just wasn't listening!!!! Now Hinohara is going to be WOE IS ME again!!! And Kotoha is all wait a minute which Arata do I really love. Really it seems much to do about nothing. Listen with your ears next Kotoha. Hinohara was trying to tell you from the start.
 photo arataepisode919_zps8c4b69ad.jpg
Such close bros. Until Kannagi starts bullying him.
I am not sure when Kannagi and Hinohara became bros. It is like Kannagi watched Mulan or something during that walk in the woods and decided that he needed to make a man out of Hinohara. It sorta came out of nowhere. Like okay I stole your sword so I am going to train you. By throwing your sword off a cliff and hoping you don't die getting it and no one steals it in the meantime as we are in someone else's country. Kannagi is strange.
 photo arataepisode918_zpsd17b22b6.jpg
How many more times are we going to have to see this? :(
Hinohara and his magically ability to scale cliffs found his god sword. From a wolf. While running and thinking of Masato. Of course Masato was thinking a lot about him too, what with his new maid saying well you really must like Hinohara if you want to rip his guts out and wear fashionable necklaces made from his ears. In the end Hinohara is more determined to get Masato back and Masato is more determined to kill Hinohara. Ah...this anime is crazy.

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