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Karneval episode 8

Karnavel? Is that you? Do you remember me? It's me Tenchi. The sad panda blogger of anime, manga, and life. I know I watched you all the way on Wednesday of last week and I am now just blogging you but I am sorry. :( Poor snow bunnies and snow men and sad Yogis. Having to wait all that time....
 photo karnevalepisode810_zps608f8cca.jpg
A little....fabulous? And slightly familiar.
But yes! Finally some anime blogging weeee! And yes it is Karnavel that is up. Episode 8. Episode 9 is being downloaded as we speak. Spoilers for snow and cold and Yogi's sad feelings.
 photo karnevalepisode8_zps7077d655.jpg
Mansion?! All I see is snow!
Episode Summary: Yogi, Tsukumo, Gareki, and Nai are placed in the middle of nowhere. Heavy snow and wind surround them as Akari's assistant Azana tries to explain the mission without floating away. Yogi thinks back to Hirato telling him and Tsukumo that First Ship was grateful for all that they did with the performance...even if things didn't go so well. So Hirato wants them to go on an easy mission as a reward. Yogi looks around at the snow and realizes it was all a lie. Before Azana runs away from the snow he gives them a gift from the First Ship. It is a snowman named Yukkin that can keep you warm. Yogi is touched and confused by this action. Gareki seems to accept this is all a trap and they are the bait but that's fine as he wants to take down the person in charge of all the Varuga drama. After some brief....words over who should hold Yukkin off our group goes towards the mansion. Elsewhere Hirato, Akari, and Tsukitachi are having a meeting with the higher ups on what to do with Nai. The higher ups want to chop him into pieces. Akari and Hirato both word things correctly to protect Nai without putting suspicion on themselves. Despite all this protection Akari gets offended, Hirtao fights/flirts with him and Tsukitachi is called rude for the hell of it. Tsukitachi tries to bring up the reason why the higher ups are pissed about Nai is that they are having a hard time figuring out Karoku's notebook and want to hide their failure. This goes unnoticed and back to the snow that Nai is having fun playing in. They eventually go into the creepy mansion that Yogi does not like. They are unable to find anything except a gun that Gareki keeps on the down low. In the end they find nothing except the fact that Gareki might be adorable.
 photo karnevalepisode811_zps27ad115b.jpg
Um protecting myself? Duh.
As they walk back to the ship they realize that they have lost Yukkin. Gareki suggest that Nai use his super hearing to find the snowman but it is too late. A pair called Kagiri and Kiharu have found the thing. Kagiri seems to be very interested in its rare item status while Kiharu is like Circus is here LETS KILL THEM! They work for Uro so clearly they are not on the up and up. Gareki and the others happen upon the hole that Nai thinks he hears something in. At first Yogi and Nai jump down to investigate but Gareki decides to join them, leaving Tsukumo to guard up top. The boys walk along and find that this is a man made hole that leads to the mansion. Upon further inspection they find a way inside the mansion from this path. Tsukumo was chillin on the top making snow creatures when Yukkin appears to her crying. Kagiri and Kiharu let it to go it could lead them to Circus. The boys appear and Kiharu smashes the ground to destroy the path the boys are in. Yogi uses his powers to protect them and Gareki comes up with the plan to use items in the mansion room to make an explosion. The boys make it to the top and a fight ensues, even if Kagiri rather steal their clothes than hurt anyone. Yogi eventually tells Tsukumo to leave with Nai. Gareki gets offended when Yogi goes out of his way to protect him and says he can protect himself. This makes Yogi sad as he wants to be Gareki's friend but the boy has never even said his name. Kagiri and Kiharu allow the boys to have this heart to heart and wait to attack until they are ready. Tsukumo and Nai also take the time to have a heart to heart too. But back at the battle Kagiri and Kiharu decide to make things serious and start to turn into Varuga. They use an attack that temporarily blinds the boys and Yogi is pushed into the ground, the bandaid on his face coming off. Yogi falls to the ground and his vines go out of control in the snow. He eventually stands up to the surprise of everyone, declaring it fun time. His hair and facial expressions change and Gareki is slightly worried. THE END!
 photo karnevalepisode815_zpsee2c9d1a.jpg
Can we get some hot cocoa first?
XO Snow? It is almost summer. Of course there are some areas in the country experiencing really cold temperatures. How much longer does my grandmother have to burn wood at the fireplace? It is JUNE! Perhaps this episode was suppose to cool people off?
 photo karnevalepisode82_zps3f5c6385.jpg
Worst break ever. :(
First things first. Hirato is probably a little evil. I think this trip was a bit of a lot of things. Punishment for making the show go so horribly, a lazy to make sure the previous job was done right, and a trap to get more of the Varuga issue down. So many tiny birds with one stone. Now I really don't think anyone deserves to get punished as the broken bunny getting away was really no one's fault. I didn't see anyone from Ship One there and their plan to solve the show issue was pretty special. The boys were just following through while Tsukumo slowly drowned. :( Hirato lying about how the mission/vacation would be was cruel too. Are you bored Hirato? Yogi is fragile enough as it is.
 photo karnevalepisode86_zps0f2cbc0a.jpg
Please lead us sparkly green tings in the sky!
But before we get too invested in yelling at Hirato and calling him cruel...he does seem to be looking out for Nai. Or at least keeping him alive. It is hard to tell with Hirato though what is going on in his mind. Maybe he is keeping Nai alive for person reasons, that maybe he wants to get revenge on the organization that they are hunting. That it mutually benefits him to keep Nai alive and it just appears as if he is being nice. But maybe Hirato is really nice deep down and feels bad about what he has to do and sees Nai as innocent.
 photo karnevalepisode87_zps36361afd.jpg
I think you both are on the same side so why so angry?
It is also hard to tell Akari is thinking as well. Does he just see Nai as some sorta of super experiment that is much better alive than dead? I mean Akari isn't showing much love to the overly cute bunny right? And he does seem himself and to his work. But later he has to get in a fight with Hirato about the methods they used to save Nai? How dare you take life! I don't know about those two. Flirting, fighting? Who knows. It felt like foreplay to me guys. Get out of the way Tsukitachi! You are ruining the mood! Or maybe you already did...homewrecker.
 photo karnevalepisode85_zps79e06d01.jpg
Oh you hurt me so good Gareki!
But back to Yogi and the cold. I probably would have melted in the snow if I had to walk in that. The jackets/coats, despite being special items, did not look warm enough to me! Oh so Hirato doesn't hate us? He sent us a snowman that is actually warm? Carry on. Of course one must think about the whole...warm snowman business. Does Hirato like cute things?!??!!
 photo karnevalepisode88_zps0981c693.jpg
The entire episode for this scene. I am sure of it.
The whole mission was boring and nothing came from it. Which I think was the entire point. If someone already came in and investigated this mansion why send other people to investigate after the fact? Simple just to punish people. And make them into bait. I am sure you can say that maybe Hirato wanted fresh eyes but.....yeah. The chances are that while the first investigation was going on the owners/underlings of the mansion were around. So of course they would come in and get the hidden stuff. Circus, you are slacking.
 photo karnevalepisode89_zpsed6a5f57.jpg
Maybe you should ask him on a date.....
I know I see the world with yaoi colored glasses on he love Gareki? Because he seems very, very interested in the boy. Cute? Gareki is cute because of snow? Hug the Yukkin because I don't want you to be cold Gareki? I mean come on folks! It is all there. Add in the fact that Gareki hasn't known Yogi all that long and be my friend stuff seems odd. Tsukumo likes Nai in a normal way I think, also factoring in he is an animal. I thought that Nai was going to be in love with Gareki with how things were going but no. It is all about the Yogi. And how Gareki's goggles turn him on.
 photo karnevalepisode812_zps2fc56eaa.jpg
I think Yukkin is more important than a jacket...or at least interesting.
Poor Yukkin gets lost in the snow and since it is not a creepy sheep or rabbit it can't find its way back. Which is helpful to keep the plot going. Insert the worst henchmen ever weeeeee! Kagiri and Kiharu for the lose probably. Kagiri seems like a crazy idol collector. Rare items, lets get rare items from Circus! Kiharu seems more like the normal kind of henchmen, who is stupid and focused on what should be done. Kill kill kill! Now leave the poor Yukkin alone.
 photo karnevalepisode813_zpscc0984a6.jpg
But I just want to protect you!
I was okay with Yogi going down the hole with Nai. But once it turned out that the hole was really a long path...nope time to go back up and call it a day. Or explore alone. Not let Gareki come down with them and leave Tsukumo all alone. Very bad plans indeed. Yogi did a great job protecting them when the pathway did cave in but seriously....telling Tsukumo to run away with Gareki?! Isn't Tsukumo apart of Circus? Isn't Tsukumo the fighter? CAN TSUKUMO PLEASE FIGHT?! I know Nai needs to be protected but maybe the two people from Circus can fight the baddies and Gareki can help Nai escape when that fails? Just maybe. Maybe.
 photo karnevalepisode814_zpsb85ca8f0.jpg
And then Yogi died a little on the inside.
But if that happened how could Yogi complain about Gareki's lack of love towards him? Why doesn't Gareki love me back!!!!! Um probably because he is basically being held against his will at Circus but that is fine with him as long as he gets his revenge? Maybe? Just maybe that is why he doesn't consider you guys friends? I don't think Gareki is mad about the twin drama as that wasn't really Yogi's fault but I can see why he doesn't consider the people aboard Ship 2 to be his friends. But Yogi realizes they are in an anime and that when people come together they instantly become friends for life and he wants to know what that isn't happening for him. It really hasn't been that long. Even if Gareki wasn't made of harsh material it would still take a whole for the whole friendship thing to happen. Woe is Yogi for having his feelings hurt again and for Gareki...well being Gareki and not understanding what he did wrong.
 photo karnevalepisode816_zps3be8cd34.jpg
Maybe you should attack him now.
After Kagiri and Kiharu decide to get their heads in the game and transform...well apparently something happened to Yogi. Apparently the little tiny almost nonexistant band-aid on his face actually matters. Who knew?! It gets taken off in the snow (really, this thing must have super glue on it) and POOF it appears that Yogi has turned into a Varuga himself. HMMM now things are adding up Mr. Grey Hair. No wonder you feel guilty about killing victims of this monster mayhem. You appear to be one too! So why has Circus decided to keep him alive? Because human Yogi doesn't seem to be all that...well powerful. It might be that Varuga Yogi is a super beast, amazing in battle. But then he should be out more often......also I thought once you turn, that is it? It seems that Yogi is able to remain human as long as he has the wound covered? A small wound indeed.
 photo karnevalepisode817_zpsacce994e.jpg
Um.....I know Yogi's voice could get a little special at times but...not liking this?
So putting aside that Azana must be a Varuga too and that Kagiri and Kiharu are not lackeys I would want on my side....Yogi should be happy! Gareki said his name. Now only...if he wasn' know...out of his mind. :( Poor Yogi, he can never catch a break!

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