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Arata Kangatari episode 10

Hello there my lovely readers. For the past...I don't know 2 weeks it has rained every single day here in sunny Florida. This is actually a good thing since we usually are on fire watch and fireworks tend to get cancelled if things are way too draw. This 4th of July we will obviously be wet enough for fireworks but will it be rained out instead? Mean weather, how dare you do this!!!!
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Someone is in danger?! Hurry to help Hinohara!
Putting aside the fact that there is millions of drops o rain...time for anime!!! Up now is Arata Kangatari episode 10. Spoilers for Hinohara seeing his problems in everyone and things not being perfect.
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Oh yeah I forgot about that....
Episode Summary: The gang is walking around until they meet a fork in the road. Kannagi says that this way to Yorunami's palace. Everyone starts marching but Hinohara. He wants to learn about said Shinsho before he....”kills” them. Kotoha thinks this is the best idea ever. Kanate agrees but later comments to Kannagi that Kotoha and Hinohara seem close now. They walk to the nearest city under Yorunami which turns out to be the massive Suzuhura. They are told it costs money to get into the city AND to leave. The gang doesn't have enough so the guard suggests quarry work for the men and textile work for Kotoha. Before anything is decided Suehiro comes up and tells the guard he will handle it. Suehiro seems to be either in charge of the city or super important. Suehiro takes them around the city, with all the beauty and lights and what not. There are tons of places to shop and Kotoha is taken in from some items. Suehiro tells her to shop later as he shows them where they will work. Kotoha is off with the woman to wash clothes while the men hammer away at rocks. Kannagi is content doing the least amount of work as possible while Kanate is ordered to work harder. Hinohara sees a really young kid working way too hard and worries. Hinohara takes a break with Kotoha where they talk about how he is not her Arata and how it is strange for her. Later that night Hinohara purchases the hairclips Kotoha saw. Suehiro sees Hinohara and they walk around the situation. Suehiro talks about how this is the best city in their world. Hinohara seems more concerned about what kind of person Yorunami is. Suehiro makes Yorunami sound like a person who wants perfection in everything and everyone. Hinohara doesn't seem to pick up on Suehiro's sadness.
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Oh such a sneaky person....
The next day the boys are working at the quarry when the little kid, Ruka, has an issue with his cart. Well it breaks. It has been done by some adult men who have nothing better to do in their life than torture some kid. Ruka is still blamed by the supervisor and is struck in the face. Ruka is also fired which enrages the boys (well maybe not Kannagi) and Kanate goes to attack when Suehiro appears. He dresses down the supervisor but that is about it. The men take Ruka back to his shack. The others are shocked to see how awful things are behind the big, beautiful buildings. Ruka says that people like him can't afford to leave and that he wishes he could just disappear. Hinohara obviously thinks about how this situation reminds him of his sad life and is...well sad. Kannagi sheds some insight on how this town is really run when he sees Suehiro spying on the conversation. Kannagi confronts Suehiro who knows that Kannagi is...Kannagi. The headband apparently was not the best disguise ever. They talk about Hinohara being the Super Shinsho and Kannagi says not to underestimate Hinohara. All 4 members of the ground come together and decide they will help Ruka get out of the city. Apparently that means breaking him out of the city and not paying for his passage. Suehiro stops them out of the gate and reveals that his real name is Hiruko. XO That would be Yorunami's Sho! Everyone is XO as Hiruko sorta attacks them...with flaming money. All Hinohara does is block it and suddenly Hiruko thinks that Hinohara is good enough to save Yorunami. Well that and all the conversation spying he did earlier. See once upon a time Yorunami saved Hiruko, sorta when no one else saw Hiruko as a person. Now Hiruko wants the city back to its former glory even if that means going against Yorunami. Hinohara is touched and accepts this mission. Too bad Yorunami was listening to the whole conversation. Elsewhere one of the Shinsho 6 shows Masato a clip of Masato killing a whole bunch of people. Masato is like take me to him! Masato makes it to Akachi and wants to form an alliance so he can crush Hinohara into the tiny bits he obviously deserves to be smushed into. Akachi is like no thanks loser. Masato starts to beg for his help so Akachi is like...well first we must get rid of your handicap, that glint of friendship in your eye. So Akachi stabs him in the eye. THE END!
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Oh snap? A Hinohara/Kotoha baby?
This would ALMOST be a feel good, wee adventures are fun show...if there wasn't a pile of dead bodies rotting in the corner. The big cherry on top would obviously be the dead pregnant woman. But from how everyone is acting all the time...this is all in the past. It is all good, this diluted show.
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Thanks for being our guide weee!
Maybe I am just bitter because I will never be good at walking around without a map. Heck I probably would get lost with a map in an unfamiliar area. But Kannagi is like oh this is where we are. HOW DO YOU KNOW!? I am supposed to learn how to navigate by the stars in case of a zombie apocalypse. If I don't apparently I am being left behind. So maybe I am bitter. Helps set the tone for the episode. Look guys, we are here. This random place in the middle of nowhere told me so.
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The result is still the same hommie.
I am not sure I understand Hinohara. Then again I might just miss the point of him entirely. But....he does realize that everyone he meets and is a Sho (or Shinsho) will have to become one with his sword. You know...cease to be their own individual human being. So I am not seeing the point in knowing your enemy. Unless it is to learn their weakness and cut them into tiny Masasto pieces late in the night. I think that Hinohara thinks it will set his heart at ease but they don't even know what will happen once Hinohara becomes King. Who knows if everyone can come back to life? These people will still cease to exist. I don't think submitting and being alive in a sword is amazing.
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I had to just throw this in somewhere. XD SO HELPFUL!
However Kannagi is like well...maybe this will be helpful battle wise and goes along with it. Kanate goes along with it because Kotoha did. Not sure why he thinks that Hinohara and Hinohara are closer. They had like one day of sadness before Kotoha went back to normal, perhaps being a little freer in how she expresses herself. Not a completely different person. Kanate is just jealous. A loyal friend but jealous.
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Maybe this makes more sense than I thought...
I think the way the city works is a bit special. I can see maybe having to pay to leave (you know, to trap people inside) but if you have to work once you get inside why does it matter if you have the cash to get in? It's not like you are getting anything for free once you get inside. Maybe this is actually fair. That they only want people who are serious about working and bettering this town and this down payment keeps people motivated. Like we got to save up to move to this awesome place. Maybe this is like a tax that keeps things looking great. I don't know but our travelers seem super poor.
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Looks like a nice city to me.
Suehiro is confusing. Really this entire episode was lacking in many details to me and I haven't read the manga. I can just tell things were...well not well explained. Suehiro seemed like he didn't want to show our gang around town. Like he is tired of keeping up this facade. the episode went on...I really didn't see what was wrong with the city. No really I didn't. All cities have their ugly points and beautiful ones. Okay maybe I did see what was wrong with the cities. I guess if people didn't want to be there anymore or couldn't work/find a job they could leave. However....there are always poor parts of cities. Maybe because it was panned as a perfect city that was bothering people? Maybe it was different when it first was constructed. But since I didn't see that backstory what I see now looks typical of...well most of these cities in Yuu Watase's universe. A lot of poor people or orphaned people. But in this city there seemed to be some places to work, not well the crops failed everyone dies.
 photo arataepisode1010_zpsccb1cfd4.jpg
Yes. I can see why you are so unhappy....
I don't know. I just think that Suehiro should have done a better job explaining how things used to be. Or maybe I suck and am jaded. Yes that little kid should have been taken care of instead of thrown to the wolves. Maybe some of the entry/exit taxes should go to helping those elderly/injured citizens who have put in their years of working. There was always sadness in his voice but he was quick to get onto the person who hit the kid, that seems fair. Like he was trying to keep things on the straight and narrow. This just seemed rushed. I needed to see more of the seedy parts of this city to understand Suehiro's sadness.
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So much helpfulness.
The boys have just a few comedy moments before things got sad and orphany again. I love how lazy Kannagi was being. He has been shown in the past to be a hard worker but when it comes down to it he probably thinks he is better than everyone else. Maybe next time he could work a bit better on his disguise as you know...a headband is not the only thing different about him. That people in this town might have been to the capital or from his own country and maybe...just maybe would recognize him. Special. Kanate is constantly being picked on. That is just his role. The relief of the show. Like Kannagi is doing basically nothing and I am getting yelled at? I will work twice as hard to show them. YEAH that's it!!!!
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Say it ain't so!!!!
After 5 seconds of that fun it was back to everyone in Yuu Watase's universe having the worse lives ever. Meet Ruka!!! The sad little orphan that can't. :( I mean it really is awful that everyone quit his family's business after one parent died. Like lets work together and just make this work. It kinda doesn't make sense either. If the dad died the mother could have worked to run the business, hired someone to take her husband's face, and not much would change. But everyone left and Ruka was not looked after by an important person in his parent's business. Woe is him. Woe is everyone in this sad universe, having no parents and living in sad conditions. But really Hinohara needs to stop making everything about him! Hot damn!
 photo arataepisode1013_zps8e9eb998.jpg
Did Kannagi seriously not know who this dude was?
The group decides to talk loud and not check their surroundings when they realize this place is not all sparkles and rainbows. I like how Hinohara only wants to save the one person with problems instead of everyone after acknowledging this is probably a wide spread problem. I thought that they were going to work Ruka's way out of the city, I really did. Like come on guys, lets push ourselves so we can get this kid out of the city so he can go live...somewhere else...where he will have a hard time getting a job because he is a kid woohoo!!!
 photo arataepisode1016_zps81c97939.jpg
So Hinohara can make it perfect again?
Suehiro being Hiruko, Yorunami's Sho is not a shocker since we viewers saw him creepin around. I think his power being money was more surprising. Like if this dude doesn't want to see this city suffer give out some money to the poor ones. Like not TONS of money to get used again and feel sad. Just like you know what that person is working hard and is still not making ends meet, have some flaming cash. I thought the exchange between Hiruko and Hinohara is odd. Hiruko wants the city to be perfect again and Yorunami to be the person who saved him many years ago. How the hell is that going to happen if Hinohara makes Yorunami submit? Yay my master's heart was healed right before he was absorbed! That will surely make the town better. Not understanding at all.
 photo arataepisode109_zps4f473b1d.jpg
Um...I totally do not want to be on that dude's side in a battle with ONE WINNER!
Nor am I understanding what went down with Akachi and Masato. First off...Masato sucks. He will never not suck. I don't care if his parents never gave him hugs and blah blah. What Hinohara did hurt his heart but was not the source of his anger. Now he is this insane person who wants REVENGE on someone trying to help him. Watching Akachi kill all those people and what not should have scared Masato, not sent the man running into his arms. Like really...really..
 photo arataepisode1014_zpsce1948ac.jpg
A bit on the whiny side...
Then after 5 seconds Akachi decides to help Masato out. Why the hell was he even entertaining this boy? Attack him and get it over with. Instead the two talk for about 5 seconds where Masato just repeats he wants help, revenge, and generally acts pathetic. Not sure why Akachi agreed to take ANY of that on. Masato didn't prove himself or anything! This scene just didn't make any sense!!!!! Well maybe help is too strong of a word. Poking out Masato's eye out might not seem like help to use but maybe it works in this universe. Just...this was an odd scene and made little to no sense to me. Akachi helping someone? He has no problem stabbing his friend in the back and now he will help Masato get his revenge? Oh lord how many more people are going to hold onto grudges during this show? Guess we will find out soon!

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