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Karneval episode 11: All over the damn place!

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I am also one hell of a butler!
So much yawn! Fading fast! But I needs to get caught up one post at a time. Up now is Karneval episode 10. Spoilers for everything in this entire series happening in one episode.
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I am not sure if Hirato is being sarcastic or not...
Episode Summary: It is a wonderful the neighborhood. Hirato and Tsukumo are hard at work while all the other boys have a day off. This work consists of meeting with a the president of some company. Compliments are exchange but the meat of the conversation is that man thinks that some of his employees are or are using Varugas as people are going missing or turning up dead. Hirato is like thanks for this magical information and we will look into it. During the meeting the man gets a message that his child has gone missing which Hirato and Tsukumo also promise to handle by contacting the rest of their team. Said team is out on a double decker bus enjoying the sites. Jiki soon leaves them though to do things on his own. These things include getting his hair cut and finding the perfect soil for his plants. Yogi is temporary sad that Jiki has left but remembers his true love Gareki and partner in crime Nai are still there. Together they go shopping and get their hair did and nail painted while Gareki tries to kill himself. The final straw seems to be when Yogi drags them to the Nyanperona store. Yogi is going on and on about the lovelies while Gareki rolls his eyes and basically says Nyanperona is fake because Yogi is in the suit. Yogi drags Gareki out of the store and says that the hopes and dreams of all the children who heard Gareki have been smashed on the ground. Before they can clap their hands three times and bring the fairies back to life a kid named Yanari walks up, holding Yogi's....card information or something. In exchange for returning this piece of paper Yanari wants the group to take him to a shop with such and such roof and what not. They agree, even when google fails them. They walk around, Gareki wanting to kill himself extra hard while Nai talks to the boy and tries to bond with him. They end up in a park like area when the town's mascot Rissun. She greets herself warmly and seems to know the exact spot Yanari is talking about. They skip off wonderfully even if Gareki threatened the costumed one. They continue walking, Yanari saying he never had a friend before and Nai being adorable.
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Quick don't bring up the plot!
The group seem to reach a certain point and Rissun appears again. Only this time it is a robber or kidnapper and they try to hold Yanari hostage. Well that doesn't work too well for the man and Yogi and Gareki make quick work of him. Hirato, Tsukumo, and some back-up arrive as Yogi has received the message that Yanari ran away. Seeing the situation Hirato pretends that Gareki is also a kidnapper while Yogi escapes with Yanari and Nai. They make it to a house, a house that is not a noddle shop and Yanari is like this is the place. He runs in to greet his mom only to be told by the 8 year old groundskeeper that she died a month ago. Turns out that mom couldn't take living with the father anymore and just left. Yanari cries and Nai has no idea what he feels inside is sadness for his friend. Yogi coax Nai into comforting Yanari. Gareki is waiting for all of this to go down when Hirato sorta invites him to join the crew. Also Akari is trying to get to the bottom of this spy nonsense back at his place. You know, as a shady person lurks in the background. Nai has to bid Yanari goodbye as they have to go and find Karoku. Yanari thinks that name sounds familiar and calls later to tell Nai that he knows a girl named Erisyuka that knows a Karoku. HOW CAN THIS BE! That night Gareki is thinking of what Hirato said about adoption or joining the crew when Nai the kind comes in with juice. But Karoku starts talking to Nai in his head, giving him awful visions. He basically tells Nai where he is and if Nai doesn't hurry he will die. Gareki helps Nai recover and they tell Yogi, Tsukumo, and the old dude what they know. It is mentioned that the location in question has been mentioned before but they never had enough evidence. Yogi and Tsukumo both threaten to quit Circus to help Nai get to his mansion. Hirato appears and says that is not necessary, as he will take them all there to help Nai. YAY FRIENDSHIP! THE END!
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That is Gareki trying to run away from his life. an odd little episode. Like really where do I start? It feels like 10 manga chapters were shoved into this episode. Not reading the manga myself I am just guessing at that. But that is what it felt like to me. Almost disjointed. Yes that is how to describe it. Disjointed and all over the place, ideas and such. Hopefully this all makes sense. 

Hirato and Tsukumo go and meet with some dude from a major business. It is weird seeing such different places in this universe. There is just a real contrast between the rich and poor. I guess that is naïve thinking of me, it is like that in the real world. Just.....all the horrible conditions Gareki grew up in verses these spots of pure wealth and awesomeness. Throw in all these areas of animal sanctuary and this world seems weird.
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Innocent or guilty?
But yes Tsukumo and Hirato. Apparently this man thinks that there are Vagura in his company. People who work with them or are there. Just a lot of people have gone missing and its all horrible. At first I was like thank goodness, someone noticing what is going on in this world. The typical person seems so unaware of what is going on, even when things look obvious. So I was like WOOHOO this man knows when to ask for help. As the episode progressed I then assumed this was all a trap set to get Circus lured into a false sense of security. But then by the end of the episode ADD had set in and now that point didn't seem to matter either. Now I am back to thinking this guy had nothing to do with anything.
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Why did you bother coming with us then?!
As usual Tsukumo and Hirato are the ones doing the work. Hirato because he is the Captain and I guess Tsukumo is the best he has after that. That and maybe he is upset that Tsukumo nearly died a few days back and he needs to keep an eye on her. But yes. That means Yogi and Jiki have off. Because that is why Jiki is on Ship 2, to have fun with everyone else and not work. YAY FOR DAYS OFF! Maybe Circus needs to hire more people so things can look more safe to me.
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Maybe Jiki could have gotten that kid in shape.
I don't know why Jiki is with this group. I thought that he was interested in these people. Not that he sees them as people, just interesting chess pieces or what not. Only when Nai or Gareki saves his life will he see how amazing they are and rejoice in their friendship. But for now I am questioning why he is on this ship if he is just going to get his hair cut and get soil for plants. So helpful that boy.
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We don't need Jiki! More cake for us!
Of course Jiki leaving the group makes Yogi sad. Because he needs friendships ALL OF THEM! In as little time as possible. Good thing Nai understands that way of thinking. Really this anime only exists to torture Gareki. Being dragged all over the place and made to have fun. Really life is horrible. Have I mentioned that I am thrilled this show actually allows it characters to have more that one set of clothes. ONWARD TO FUN!!!!...Okay it's good Nai is here so Yogi can have one piece of happiness.
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And then Yogi died...
I think it was a bit...odd that Yogi wanted to take Nai and Gareki to this store. Like look a store all about the character I dress up as! Woohoo the cat costume and all its merchandise glory! Almost self serving. Nyanperona for life! I don't know, I felt as if a lot of this episode was forced, to get to one thing after another and it didn't flow well. I can see Gareki not wanting to be in the store seeing he has to live this reality everyday.
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Kids these days...
Because the gang went to the Nyanperona store it made Gareki mad. Since Gareki was mad Yogi dropped a super important paper with his info on it. Because the paper was on the ground some random kid named Yanari picked it up and blackmailed the group. Like really? I know that Yogi hates conflict and loves kids but no one could just snatch the paper from the kid? Really this episode is just one unbelievable thing after another. I am with you Gareki, leave the kid. But Nai and Yogi have huge hearts made of gold so we have to help this kid.
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Good thing you were standing right there random mascot.
Yanari wants help finding a place. Because the internet has failed our heroes and Yanari's best bet in finding said place is to ask strangers who have never been to this city before. Oh okay. Why didn't Yanari walk up to the scary mascot Rissun for help at first? I miss Japan...having mascots everywhere. But I guess that is not the point. The point was like this was an episode of Barney or Seasame Street. Or Blue's Clues. Onward to wherever this mascot pointed us to.
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What about the noddles?!
Somewhere along the way Yanari and Nai became best friends. Yanari has never had a friend guys. Life is horrible. :( Where are the cute muppets teaching us a life lesson? Oh wait some random criminal has a Rissun costume laying around the house and KNEW Yanari was going to go to this random noodle shop? Carry on. OH WAIT! They didn't even go to a random noodle shop. It was at a house. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????!!! Did a 5 year old write this episode?
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What took you so long?! We needed you 3 seconds ago!
The would be kidnapper was quickly dispatched. But then another situation occurs. Because usually people who go through the trouble of stalking a kid and dressing up as a mascot the kid has previously interacted with needs back story. The kid is actually the son of the super nice company man that Hirato and Tsukumo were talking to. DUH! All of this had to go down in front of Hirato and Tsukumo. So they could rush and allow Yogi, Nai, and Yanari to escape and do...whatever it was they are doing. Ask questions later and pin this all on Gareki. X____X Does any of this make sense? It feels more like a omake episode!
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Poor Gareki. Too many feelings!
So while Gareki and Hirato have a bonding moment over Hirato either wanting to adopt Gareki, put him to work, or make him his lover Yogi, Yanari, and Nai get to the place Yanari wants to go. Apparently Yanari's mother just up and left the father as his work was too demanding (or evil, yet to be seen). Just left. And didn't take Yanari. HMMM! I can see being upset that the husband ignores the family and what not but hommie did send someone out to look for the kid, he seemed quite worried. And if he is to be believed he doesn't want these monsters in his company. So....why didn't the mother try to get partial custody of the kid?
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We will spend 2 minutes of the episode mourning mom. Nothing more.
Not that it matters. Mom is dead. The kid went to this shop to buy mom a present and she is dead. Saddest Seasame Street episode ever. An accident? A month ago? HMMM does this have something to do with Dad's business? Again this episode doesn't get very deep with the details. Just that Yanari is sad and alone and mom was not allowed to ever call her kid so she had to record her sentiments on a robot. I know that Nai is an animal that doesn't have parents but isn't it obvious why this kid is cry?
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I don't think you should try making friends with a face that sorrow.
I think this is a new record when it comes to making friends. Or getting over your mother's death. Like the more the episode played the more my eyes went X___X at all these things happening. Clearly it was all happening at the speed of fast with no rhyme or reason just to get to the point that Yanari knew a girl that knows Karoku. I mean...everything was just so farfetched it wasn't even funny. Like this whole episodes was just to get to the point that Erisyuka has Karoku. That they know where he might be. But the fact that there is only one person named Karoku in the world and that Yanari even knows Erisyuka give she is so much older than him....that is almost as crazy as getting over the fact your mother died all alone in the world in a 4 hour time period. Why would Erisyuka be talking about Karoku as he seems to be a prisoner there. Is she that dumb?
 photo karnevalepisode1017_zps4eb32a88.jpg
I think you should stop looking for this jerk...
I am just guessing that Karoku and Nai have a special condition since Nai is able to hear him. Yet it seems as if Karoku is torturing the kid rather than trying to bring him closer. So in reality this episode was pretty much useless as Karoku tells Nai where he is. So no of this over the top drama was necessary. Poor juice...he threw it on the ground!!!! But yeah I am not sure if Nai needs to go find Karoku, he seems unstable. Maybe that is just the abuse talking.
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We are not worthy great and powerful Hirato.
The episode ends with all of Circus saying they would quit to help Nai find Karoku. That seems a bit over the top (again) with their train of thought. I mean I know they have known Nai for 3 week means true love in this universe time but how will that help anyone if they quit? So far Hirato really has gone above and beyond to help out Nai and Gareki. Just take a deep breath and tell him what is going on and see if he can plant some evidence or what not. Then go in with guns blazing. So dramatic. XD But yeah.....time to go rescue the Karoku. Hopefully he will be worth it?

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